VIP Fashion Night - Vedure Nail Bar

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Hi Huneybees,

So in my previous blog post, I mentioned that there was a nail bar that night. I hung around a little, left my name on waiting list, but time was tight and I didn't get to get my nails manicured by them that day. 

However, I did move around the nail bar for photos and saw some interesting things that make me wana "pay" them a visit soon....

Nail artist busy at work...
I guess alot of you would have known Vedure for being popular for their use with Minx nail strips. Oh man~ Why I didn't get to try it?! Anyway, here are some of the designs that Minx have...

Don't you just want to have one design for each nail?!
To tell the truth, I thought Vedure's all about Minx nail strips, so guess my reaction when I saw these templates of super beautiful nail art designs on the table~ Now I even wana "throw" my toe nails in too!

I like the "Measure Me" from above and "i Love Shoes" from below. What about you?

Guess I'm gona make a trip down to Vedure and I'll definitely let you guys know about it soon?


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