Naughty Carnival - Attica Too's 7th Anniversary

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*Warning: If under 15 years old, please consult parents before reading on*

Hi Huneybees,

Attica Too's 7! Yippee! I always loving going to this club because of the crowd and the layout of it. 2 storey disco with a garden in the middle for fresh air when it gets too crazy...

And this very day, I was invited to attend their "Birthday Party" and the surprise was that there was a lingerie fashion show by Rondavous Lingerie. Guys! Please prepare tissue as you will definitely experience nose bleed. The models have Va Va Voom bodies!

Check out the deco outside the club. Uniform event and I bet there's something to do with construction eh?

Welcome to Flight Attica.

Friendly bouncer held up the invite for me to take photo. Forgot to take the photo at home. LOL!

Tsk Tsk~ They kept us waiting for the show and so, I went around taking photos...

This babe was having her hens night and her friends 'sabo-ed' her on stage to dance with the hunk...

Girls in uniform get free booze...
Even the DJ was in uniform!

Crowds' coming in and we spotted some babes...

Cute Cheerleader Waiter!

With my man and Francis, a friend we havn't met for some time...

Ok ok! Come nearer to the screen! The show has began!

The pretty brides.

Hunky Doctor and Nurse (sorry all nurse pics blur)

Please arrest me?

If only air stewardess's uniform are all like that?

Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.

What's beneath the Trenchcoat? 

Anywhere needs cleaning Sir?

More sexy nurses...

When this model came out, alot of mouths dropped wide open!

Hunks did the closing with dancing to YMCA!

When we left the club, 2 models were blowing bubbles....

This photo-bomber was too drunk, interrupted every photo of us with the models. Even the models were irritated.

Thanks Attica and Rondavous Lingerie for a great night of fun!


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