That Day I Got Tipsy By Midday ~

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Hi Huneybees,

I love my Italian wine for its broad variety and I am always looking forward to attending the annual Gambero Rosso’s Top Italian Wines Roadshow in Singapore. This year, with about 300 wines from over 70 Italian wine producers to be appreciated at CHIJMES Hall, including the valuable Masterclasses hosted by Mr Marco Sabellico, who is also Gambero Rosso’s wine expert, it is no wonder I got tipsy by midday that day!

Mr Marco Sabellico, the Senior Editor-in-Chief of Vini d’Italia, conducting a Masterclass

A list of Italian wines selected for one of the three (3) Masterclasses conducted. 

The one-day roadshow held on 22nd May 2018 was opened by the Ambassador of Italy to Singapore, H. E. Raffaele Langella, together with Mr Marco Sabellico, the Senior Editor-in-Chief of Vini d’Italia; and Mr Lorenzo Ruggeri, Editor of Gambero Rosso Top Italian Restaurants in the World.

What is a Italian Wines Roadshow without Amarone?!

Entering Gambero Rosso’s Top Italian Wines Roadshow at CHIJMES Hall was like stepping into the history lesson of the nation's wine-making journal, which dates back many centuries, and has been producing a wide array of quality wines - Amarone, Barolo, Brunello, Barbaresco, Chianti, etc. - highly regarded by wine connoisseurs all over the world.

Ruffino Modus is one of those blended Italian red that I really love to drink on its own.

The roadshow, which was usually attended by trade visitors and wine lovers, served as an insightful expeditions for the attendee to discover the characteristics of signature wines from the participating Italian wineries while presenting an opportunity for the unrepresented participating wineries to strike a local distributionship.

One of my recommendation: Castel del Monte Riserva DOC "Vigna Pedale 2014

Another of my recommendation: Lugherino Rosato Vallepicciola 2016

An unrepresented Italian winery at Singapore roadshow that produced great 2009 Bolla Le Origini Amarone and Cavicchioli 1928 Rose Sparkling Wine

Carrying an empty wine glass moving from one column of tasting tables to another, I found myself quickly lost in an exquisite selection of around 300 wines for sampling as I was trying an abortive attempt to pick my favorite wine that day; there were simply too many!

I finally had my welfie with Marco and Lorenzo!

At the end of the day, while I walked away empty handed due to my indecisiveness as well as the thought of two cases of Ripasso and Lambrusco (purchased last year) still occupying in my packed cellar, I must admit my palate was definitely fully satisfied!

About Gambero Rosso’s Top Italian Wines Roadshow

Established in 2007, Gambero Rosso’s Top Italian Wines Roadshow has firmly become a strategic platform for penetrating emerging markets and grasping new business opportunities. Italian wine offerings are so rich and have a wide selection. To address this, the selections at Gambero Rosso represent a guaranteed way for promoting knowledgeable, attentive and curious developments of Italian territories. The basic framework employed comprises an extremely rigid selective criteria of quality used for decades by the Vini d’Italia guide. Now in its 31st edition, the guide is the result of a year of work by an expert team of 53 tasters who tasted 45,000 wines and interviewed wine producers at wineries across Italy, including Ticino in Switzerland for the first time this year. In this edition, 22,000 wines from 2,485 wineries were awarded scores ranging from 0 to 3 Glasses, with 436 wines receiving the highest, prestigious rating of Tre Bicchieri.


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America’s Got Talent Is Back With The Sacred Riana Taking Center Stage

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Hi Huneybees,

Thursdays will never be boring again as we wait for the weekends to arrive. America’s Got Talent is coming back to our screens tonight on AXN (Singtel TV Ch 304 and StarHub TV Ch 511) at 6pm.

Creator Simon Cowell is BACK together with the vivacious panel of judges - Mel B, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel joined with Supermodel and TV personality - Tyra Banks will be back for the search of the most unique performers from around the world.

With the search open to acts of all ages, America’s Got Talent is a true celebration of creativity and talent, featuring a colorful array of singers, dancers, comedians, contortionists, impressionists, magicians, ventriloquists and hopeful stars, all vying to win America’s hearts and US$1 million.

We have already seen the amazing acts like ventriloquist Darci Lynne Farmer, singer Grace VanderWaal as well as magician Mat Franco and dancer Kenichi Ebina. And if you have caught AXN’s Asia’s Got Talent Season 2, you would be familiar with The Sacred Riana.

Riana was crowned the winner of that season with her spooky persona and terrifying illusions throughout the series made. She was a viral sensation with a whopping 100 million views on Facebook and YouTube and tonight, she will take center stage as she takes on America’s Got Talent. I wonder what acts will she be performing. Let's tune in tonight and see what other new surprises will this season bring...

America’s Got Talent premieres tonight, Thursday, May 31 at 6pm on AXN (Singtel TV Ch 304 and StarHub TV Ch 511), within 48 hours of the US telecast and encores at 10pm. From June 7 onwards, America’s Got Talent airs every Thursday at 6pm and encores at 8pmFor an exclusive first look at America’s Got Talent, visit our AXN Asia’s YouTube channel.


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I'm Amazed By The Results Of The ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus Sheep Placenta Extract

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Hi Huneybees,

As I slowly step through the doors of what you call "middle age", I'm becoming more and more aware of my body, my lifestyle and especially my skin. My body is definitely not how it used to be compared to my teenage years and even my skin is showing signs of aging. Though I have my usual skincare routine and tried many ways to stay frozen in age, there are still many other factors out there affecting our cells.

I've long heard about taking sheep placenta to help in the anti-aging process but upon hearing that it's placenta, I always shunned away, thinking that it's so dirty with all the fetus, blood and all. But it's all wrong thinking on my side.

After speaking with the consultants at ZÉLL-V, I realized it was all my imagination. Sheep placenta extracts that the company uses are all extracted fresh with the big molecular fat, protein, hormones and blood removed, further filtered to remove damaged weak cells and then cultivated by cell culture with the end results of active cells separated and purified. They are thus very pure and do not contain any other unnecessary ingredients.

Moreover, the sheep are bred using the "close colony" breeding method, where the sheep are separately bred in groups by high-tech laboratories of New Zealand. Each group is tended by a specialist within a confined are, so they can effectively prevent infections and diseases whilst ensuring excellent quality ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus Sheep Placenta Extract.

The ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus Sheep Placenta Extract has gone through a 2nd generation enteric coating that prevents stomach acid from destroying the active cellular materials encased in each softgel capsule. The enhanced formula also uses the ZÉLL-VTech advanced extraction method to obtain 600mg extract from 30,000mg of fresh sheep placenta, giving each capsule double dosage power of anti-aging effect. It takes only 6  minutes for the ingredients to be absorbed into the body and provides you with 24-hour rejuvenation of the cells!

Ok, I shall not bore you with too much theory information, everyone is concerned about the results right? When I first stepped into ZÉLL-V after the talk, I did a blood cell test, where a drop of my blood is put under the microscope to be analyzed. As you can see above there is a drastic difference in cell pattern for each stage and mine was far from healthy cells.

So, you can see my horror when the screen popped up my cells all tightly packed as shown in the Stage 2 Degeneration. When you are healthy, the cells are supposed to be in perfect round shape, each one rimmed with sufficient oxygen levels and "swimming" around freely. See my results below, the consultant was saying I'm super stress and unhealthy, I definitely need ZÉLL-V and a healthier lifestyle. 😓😓😓

Scary right? When the body is already showing red alerts, I decided I really had to do something about it. So I took the ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus Sheep Placenta Extract, one capsule every day, first thing in the morning. There is no taste or smell to it, easy to swallow just like a pill and I went about my everyday as per usual, not changing any skincare routine or lifestyle coz I wanted to see its true "powers". How did the 10 days go? Check out my Vlog below...

OMG! 10 days and my cells already looked so much healthier! My cells are not so coagulated as before, I have free moving round cells and definitely with more oxygen! As mentioned in the video, I am having better sleeping habits, more energetic in the day and also I can feel that my skin is smoother and has a natural glow. 

I'm loving this new me and I can already feel younger, lesser complaint of being tired and more energy to go about my chores through the day. I'm definitely continuing on taking the ZÉLL-V Platinum Plus Sheep Placenta Extract coz the benefits seems endless. Do stay tuned as I update my journey with ZÉLL-V and you can go to http://sg.zell-v.com and for more information.

ZÉLL-V Singapore outlets can be found in Ngee Ann City and Marina Bay Sands. Do let the consultants know you heard about ZÉLL-V from here, Huney'Z World and share with us what you think of their products.

391 Orchard Road, 
Ngee Ann City Podium Block,
Singapore 238872.
Tel +65-6737 3588
Fax +65-6737 3688

L1-66, Bay Level,
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands,
2 Bayfront Avenue,
Singapore 018972.
Tel +65-6222 5667
Fax +65-6225 8659


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Satisfy Your Spicy Tastebuds At Spice World Hot Pot 香天下

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Hi Huneybees,

This post came a little delayed due to some family matters but that aside, for those who are fans of spicy food like me and love challenging your tastebuds with Ma La Hotpots, I have a new eating spot to recommend to you - Spice World Hot Pot (香天下).

Spice World Hot Pot has opened their inaugural Singapore branch within Clarke Quay. Hailing from China, founded in 2003 and is one of China's top ten global brands, that even former U.K Prime Minister David Cameron had to make a special visit to this hotpot restaurant when he was in China.

What drew him and many of their fans (me included) to this restaurant are not only because no artificial flavouring, MSG or flavour enhancers are used in their dishes; the meat are all served fresh but also the iconic Teddy Bear or Hello Kitty "figurine" that's sweeping through social media.

Don't be shocked when you hear commotion around the restaurant, it's most probably because the Teddy Bear or Hello Kitty is served. Everyone will definitely stand around for photos and go "Awwww Nooo..." when they get melted into the hotpot...

So, what's this mysterious teddy or kitty? They are actually shaped out of mala soup and beef oil, which will melt with the broth to give you the perfect mala soup base. They are only available at an additional SGD$9.90 and remember to make a reservation for them first hand as they are limited to 8 per day.

Dining at Spice World is as though a trip to China, outside you have the modern clubbing scene at  Clarke Quay, but as you walk closer to the restaurant, the fragrance of Sichuan peppercorns and chilies will tickle your noses; and then you are greeted to the restaurant's takes on an old world meets new modern design. 

With the first half of the restaurant set as modern and chic, with a warm red setting, mirrors on the ceiling, modern seating with iconic Chinese graphics greet you as you settle down on the seats. 

But the magic is at the second part of the restaurant (where you can go get your mix of sauces), traditional Chinese wood is used for the architecture and in the middle, you can find and dine within a pavilion. It is inspired by the view in Mount Qing Cheng, a UNESCO world heritage site in Sichuan province known for its magnificent landscape and scenery. It's literally a piece of art by itself, designed by world-renonwned cutting-edge architectural space designer Shen Lei, Spice World was conceptualized, built in China and later re-assembled in Singapore.

And speaking of sauces, there's a plethora of them, you can create your very own concoction or ask the waiters/waitresses to help you create a sauce that's to your liking. My favourite is just a simple scoops of sesame paste, sesame oil, soya sauce and vinegar.

Be sure to get a can of the Zanthoxylum Oil (Sichuan Pepper Oil), which will numb your tongue as you dip it with your meats. It's a magical experience when having it with the mala soup base or chilli sauces. Give it a try, I was told this oil is good for lungs and also good for a good night's sleep.

Ok, back to the hotpot. There are 7 different soup bases to choose from - mala, which comes in 3 varying degrees of spiciness (mild, medium and hot), pork belly and chicken, three-delicacy (pork, chicken and duck), wild mushroom, tomato, tom-yam, and curry.

A single serving broth is priced at SGD$6 or for those going in big groups, go for the Yin Yang Broth (2 different soup base) at SGD$22.90 and Benz Triple Flavour Broth (3 different soup base) at SGD$25.90.

The soup bases are first brewed in Sichuan China using the most carefully sourced deep forest peppercorns from Hongya farmlands, chilies from the mountainous origins of Guizhou and Sichuan, before being air-flown to Singapore where it goes through a secondary preparation. All soup bases are brewed for at least 4-6hours, so every sip you take is soaked with essences from the ingredients.

The dishes are all Insta-worthy, plated beautifully for all your social media postings. Take the Australian M8 Wagyu Beef, for example, the meat is all nicely draped over a doll to form a dress that even Lady Gaga might say yes too?

There is also the Australian Mutton Slices that are served on a meter long plank, as well as the Prime Minister's Pork Balls (former U.K Prime Minister David Cameron's favourite dish) made from pork belly and parsley. For seafood lovers, don't miss out on the Shrimp Pastes served on bamboo sticks, made from 100% shrimp meat and tobiko, it's super bouncy and chewy, a good pairing to go with all the meat dishes.

At Spice World, be ensured that all these dishes are freshly sourced and prepared. Meats - beef, pork and lamb, and seafood are all hand-sliced as opposed to those frozen and machine cut ones.

All in all, my experience dining in Spice World has been a delightful one. The ambiance is very relaxing and pleasant, the staff is very friendly and every table gets a dedicated waiter/waitress to help make your dining experience an enjoyable one. 

Not only did they provide aprons in case we dirty our clothes, the waitress for my table also offered to help me make the sauce, help serve us so we don't have to stretch too far and also at the end of the meal, offered to help us get fruits for us. 

Thank you Spice World for the great experience and if you are drooling for some mouth-watering Hotpots, for the month of June, Spice World Hotpot is here to satisfy those late night supper cravings of yours.

From 1st to the 30th of June 2018, all soup broths will be complimentary from 10pm till closing. You can choose up to 2 different Yin-Yang combinations from the 7 broths available (Spicy Mala, 3 Delicacy, Pork Belly and Chicken, Wild Mushroom, Tomato, Tom-yam, and Curry). Additionally, you can also receive a voucher for use on your next visit. 

Spice World Hot Pot (香天下火锅)

Clarke Quay, Block B, #01-06/07, River Valley Road, Singapore 179021

Tel: +65 6265 9777

Opening Hours: 10:30am – 4am (Sun – Thurs), 10:30am – 6am (Fri – Sat)

Open on public holidays

Instagram: @spiceworldsg


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5 Reasons Why ARTBOX Singapore Is Better In 2018

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Hi Huneybees,

Singapore largest pop-up creative market, Artbox Singapore, is back for its second edition and this time it promises to be bigger and better than before.

We made a trip in advance to Marina Bayfront to confirm that the organiser has indeed learn from the mistakes that blemished what was an highly anticipated local rendition of Thailand's acclaimed creative night market - Artbox Bangkok - in 2017.

Here are the five (5) reasons why we feel that Hunybees should make a beeline for this year's Artbox Singapore:

#1. Artbox Singapore 2018 is almost THREE (3) times bigger

The area for the second edition of Artbox Singapore that spreads across the Bayfront Event Space is now over 140,000 square feet, which is almost 3 times bigger that its inaugural rendition in 2017 of mere 50,000 square feet. What we really like about this is that the organiser did not simply monetize the bigger space by filling 3 times as many booths/stalls but actually created more spaces between each roll of stalls to allow for Huneybees to walk or queue up at their favourite stalls more comfortably.

What is more captivating is the fact that more space has been allocated for dining zones ( three (3) of them in total) where Huneybees could enjoy their freshly prepared meals without having to fight for space with those who are moving around.

#2. Artbox Singapore 2018 is NOT your usual Pasar Malam

The 400 vendors operating the booths/stalls at Artbox Singapore 2018 are carefully selected by the organiser to ensure product diversity and novelty, while maintaining the element of the original Bangkok night market atmosphere.

Exclusive Artbox X Happy Soaks are only available only at Artbox Singapore

Of the 240 non-F&B stalls, compared to the 192 stalls last year, each weekend will bring a different set of vendors offering unique and creative lifestyle and fashion products from Thailand and Singapore

Check out creative snacks created by our local retail-entrepreneurs such as "Roasted #WickedMillows" at Artbox Singapore 

My favourite Thai snacks like the authentic Mango Sticky Rice and BBQ Pork are available at Artbox Singapore!

What is Artbox without Thai Milk Tea?

While you may still be able to get your fill of Ramly Burger at this year's Artbox Singapore, it is just a familiar minority out of the 160 F&B stalls that is offering a wide variety of delectable food that are not available at your usual Pasar Malam, a common feedback from last year's patrons.

What's more, there is a fun zone where Huneybees could enjoy carnival rides, indulge in old-school arcades, escape from the summer heat in Artbox's unique "foam pit" or accept a challenge at MTV FearFactor VR Challenge. Also present is an official Artbox container store for Huneybees to grab some limited edition Artbox Singapore 2018 merchandise ranging from T-shirts, tote bags, water bottles and more. 

#3. Artbox Singapore 2018 is also about Sustainability

While the iconic 20-foot containers may be a distinct feature of the wildly popular Artbox, this year's edition goes beyond just decoration or served as a platform for viewing deck.

Some of the retail stalls such as this run by Gryphon Tea is recycled from shipping container.

Lavatories at Artbox Singapore such as this is made from recycled shipping containers!

More than 20 shipping containers of a mix in 20-footer and 40-footer have been recycled as make-shift lavatories, activities stations, and retail outlets. This is double of what has had been used last year.

For Huneybees who prefers a guilt-free and social conscious shipping experience, there are twelve (12) such social enterprises at this year's Artbox Singapore, thanks to its partnership with DBS foundation.

#4. Artbox Singapore 2018 promises an Enjoyable Experience

To avoid the unpleasant experience of overcrowding that undermined last year's event, this year the organizer has a plan to "lock-down" the event if overcrowded occurs again. In such situation, Huneybees are not allowed to enter the venue until overcrowding situation has eased.

Also with the increasing security threat happening around us, the organiser has also deployed a team of twenty (20) security personnel for a secured and controlled entry into the venue, so that Huneybees could shop and dine with a peace of mind through the unique knick-knacks, latest fashions, and innovative snacks offered by both homegrowth and Thai retail-entrepreneurs.

With the security and overcrowding management issues addressed, Huneybees can now let your hair down and groove to a series of live music performances by local musicians under an Instagram worthy venue that features Artbox Singapore's signature fairy lights as well as a fleet of vintage cars, kombis and an original artwork by local artist @Feedbeng on a 40-foot container. 

#5. Enjoy the experience of Artbox Singapore 2018 and DBS Marina Regatta 2018 ALL at one venue

Both Artbox Singapore and DBS Marina Regatta, which host the biggest dragon boat racing in the region, are expected to draw a huge following to Marina Bayfront area during the same period. Instead of having to navigate through crowds between the two venues, Huneybees could soak in the actions of the pulsating dragon boat races while enjoying a creative lifestyle of retail experience, all at the DBS zone within Artbox Singapore 2018, thanks to the partnership with DBS Foundation.

These recycled metal sheets with expression were freshly flown in from Artbox Bangkok

Artbox Singapore 2018 will be held across two weekends from 25th to 27th May 2018 and 1st to 3rd June 2018 and is located at the Marina Bayfront Event Space, next to Marina Bay Sands - The Shoppes.

Have fun shopping and hanging out with your friends, see you there!


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