Catch West Side Story Before It Goes

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Hi Huneybees,

Rivalry, violence, blood and bluster with the cliché Romeo and Juliet-esuqe storyline, comes the high energy production of West Side Story production that's heating up the Mastercard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands.

With an all American cast, including those from Broadway, you can the authentic feel of what used to be the 1950s New York with its rival gangs of the White (The Jets) and Puerto Rican (The Sharks) youths on the streets.

A blend of theatre act with the powerful balletic choreography of Jerome Robbins against the beautiful set that's constantly moving to suit the scenes and giving not only ample stage space but also adds on to the dramatic perspective of each scene.

This production comes as a reminder in this troubled times, skin colour difference doesn't mean that we are better or stronger. Everyone has the same body features and each culture can learn and share amongst each other. 

So what if Tony and Maria are of a different ethnicity? It's the difference that drew them together, they found love, they sang of the same tunes, so the age old question - "why can’t we all just get along?"

I've always heard so much of the West Side Story, heard the songs (which I managed to sing along), but have never got to catch the movie, nor the play till this date. I'm happy that I got the chance to do so at an age where I could fully comprehend the message behind this tragic play.

Without spoiling the plot further for Huneybees, here are some of the pictures taken off the play at the media preview for your entertainment. 

The West Side Story is currently showing nightly at the Grand Theatre, Mastercard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands till the 30th of September. (You can still catch it while you can!!)
Tickets are from S$55 to S$185  and can be purchased via Sistic website.


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Enjoy A Cuppa Tea Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Hi Huneybees,

Every Zodiac sign has its own strengths and weaknesses, its own specific traits, desires and attitude towards life and people, carrying specific energies. Just like every star sign and its own traits, Newby Teas' Zodiac Collection is here to celebrate the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival as we enjoy the delectable mooncakes with their tea pairings under the beautiful night sky with our loved ones.

Newby is the most awarded international brand in high-end luxury tea, they are committed to the preservation not only of the character of tea itself, but also its history and culture, with quality as their number one priority.

Using just the leaves of a single estate means standards can vary from year to year. That’s why only the finest leaves from a variety of tea gardens, picked at their most prime season, are selected. Expert tasters sample thousands of harvests, with their recommendations sent to founder and tea specialist, Mr Sethia. Only after he has personally tasted and approved each tea will it be ready to bear the Newby name.

For the Zodiac collection, they have chosen a variety of luxury tea to reflect the personality of each celestial constellation. Each adorned its midnight-blue caddy with Swarovski® crystal elements for a touch of luxe. Not only are the collectible tins perfect for gift-giving, they are also lovely to add to your cabinet display. Check out how pretty the Virgo one is!

Within, you will find 25g of the special tea leaves that will suit your Zodiac sign. Each packed in an aluminum bag, all you need is cut a little hole and pour out the amount needed, when done, roll the bag up and have it stored back in the airtight tin.

For Virgos, we have the Gunpowder tea. It might sound very strong, but it's actually the slight smoky aftertaste that gives its name. It's a light, fragrant taste of finest green tea leaves rolled in the Chinese tradition that makes it a nice pairing with sweet desserts or even a round of Dim Sum. Below are the list of teas for the other Zodiacs.

Aquarius - Darjeeling

A much-celebrated Indian tea, refreshing and invigorating with muscatel notes. India’s steep Himalayan foothills are home to probably the world's most celebrated black tea. The cool, rainy climate shapes the florally aromatic character of Newby’s Darjeeling blend.

Pisces - Green Sencha

Subtly fragant green tea with a note of rice and a pleasing freshness. Carefully plucked in early spring, the young leaves in this green tea have been steamed in traditional Japanese style, preserving their dark green colour and delicate, slightly rice-like taste.

Aries - African Blend

An exclusive blend of the finest African black teas. The bright copper cup has a spicy aroma, and the taste is rich and earthy with a slightly astringent finish.

Taurus - English Breakfast

The Great British classic, full-bodied, smooth and malty with notes of citrus. A classic British tradition once enjoyed by Queen Victoria, English Breakfast remains enduringly popular. An unmistakably malty flavour and citrus tinge add an edge to Newby’s robust blend.

Gemini - Indian Breakfast

A light, refreshing blend of fine black teas from Assam and the Himalayas. While still one of the darker teas, this breakfast blend is lighter than English Breakfast, with a muscatel fragrance.The taste is malty and light, with a refreshing finish.

Cancer - Fujian Oolong

Fujian Oolong’s cup is light-yellow / amber, and has a fascinating orchid aroma.The taste is balanced, if complex; fruity, spicy, and with a sweet finish.

Leo - Assam

A full-bodied, malty black tea from northern India. The region’s reliably warm climate and summer monsoon rains are conducive to producing strong, malty teas such as Newby’s Assam, a classic blend particularly fortifying at breakfast.

Libra - Earl Grey

A fragrant and balanced black tea with a citrus aroma and sweet bergamot hints. A British tradition enjoyed all over the world, Newby’s Earl Grey is characterised by the subtle taste of bergamot, its smooth finish and appealing citrus fragrance.

Scorpio - Jasmine

A smooth and delicate tea infused with a sweet jasmine aroma. Green tea leaves absorb the scent of richly fragrant night-flowering jasmine, lending an unmistakably floral note to Newby’s smooth and delicate Jasmine Blossom.

Sagittarius - Ceylon

A bright, full-bodied black tea with an invigorating light citrus note. Sri Lanka’s mountain monsoons create the character of Newby’s distinctive Ceylon blend, noted for its refreshing taste and subtle citrus aroma.

Capricorn - Himalaya

The Himalayas’ masterpiece, a majestic and memorable black tea. While still one of the darker teas, this breakfast blend is lighter than English Breakfast, with a muscatel fragrance.The taste is malty and light, with a refreshing finish.

This range of tea is lighter in taste, which will pair good with the mooncakes during the Mooncake Festival. I like that it will make good gifts together with the mooncake deliveries for your friends, families and even business clients.

Each Zodiac caddy retails at a special price of $35 (usual price at S$44), only at TANGS Orchard. The entire zodiac collection gift set that comes in a beautiful black box retails online at S$541.30.

Other than the Zodiac Collection, Newby Teas also offer other ranges of tea in teabags other than loose tea leaves with pretty packaging too. I like that the teabags and even the string is made with potato starch instead of the usual nylon, to prevent any toxic exchange.

Newby Teas are all available for purchase at their pop up booth at TANGS Orchard from 18th September to 1st October 2017. There are a few promotions, do check them out. If not, you can also head over to their e-boutique at to make your online purchases.


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Get Your Mooncakes At Compass One This Mid-Autumn Festival

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Hi Huneybees,

It's time to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, enjoy those delectable mooncakes and tea under the moon with your friends and families as the little ones walk around the gardens with their cute lanterns.

Every year, hubby and I will go "shopping" for mooncakes, sample them before making our purchases for both our families. This year, we have somewhere new to check out - Compass One! 

They will be hosting its first-ever Mid-Autumn Celebration from 18 September to 4 October with the St. Regis Singapore and Fu Chong exclusively available here. Along, you can find multiple brands and unique International, Japanese and Halal Mooncakes too!

At the exclusive Yan Ting, St. Regis Singapore booth, you can try their new Reduced Sugar Green Apple Paste with Macadamia Nut Snow Skin Mooncake. I like that it is not overly sweet and has a subtle fruity taste, and the packaging? You can even use it for a special frame deco for this season.

Looking to send the mooncakes as gifts for family or business associate? Check out their Eight Treasures Assorted Snow Skin Mooncakes Premium Gift Set or the Four Traditional Baked Mooncakes Premium Gift Set.

Each set is perfectly accompanied by premium grade Pu-Erh tea along with an elegant teapot set, or a bottle of Champagne with a pair of limited edition Champagne flutes. Cheers!

At Heiraz Bakery’s, you can find halal mooncakes that even our Muslim friends can try. Their signature is the Durian Lempuk where the durian is baked for 6 hours, thus the lighter baked skin colour for the mooncakes.

Though made with halal recipe in mind, these mooncakes tast no different but better than the usual mooncakes that we have...

Fu Chong will also showcase its series of fruit snow skin mooncakes, which are made with fresh soursop, cempedak and mango. They are a little on the sweet side, but the rainbow colours makes them all so delightful to look at. The mooncakes boast pulps that provide a refreshing, crunchy bite. The mao shan wang rendition, with its creamy texture and robusflavour, will wow durian aficionados.

Next to Fu Chong, you can also find Kele. They have the usual baked mooncakes but what I find special is their snowskin mooncakes that come in special flavors like Mao San Wang Durian, Strawberry Cream Cheese, Mango Cream Cheese, etc. I highly recommend the Avocado Macadamia one, as it's a unique flavor and will make a special delight amongst the traditional mooncakes.

If you don't want too much carbo, something different from the norm will be the jelly mooncakes over at Kiwi. They have colourful agar agar mooncakes in fruity flavours or the local favourite durian flavour.

These mooncakes are made with no preservatives, so they have to be chilled. They do make nice desserts and more unique gifts for the new age mooncake lovers. This Tupperware shown above will be gifted when you purchase from them. They come in 4 colours and are whilst stocks last.

Something else that's more unique would be the mooncakes and Usagisan from Minamoto Kitchoan.

These Japanese confectionaries are all bite-sized and come prettily packaged that makes great gifts. They have unconventional flavours like Black Sesame. Green Tea with White Bean Paste, Earl Grey Tea, Yuzu, etc. They are not very sweet and makes very good pairing with tea.

At the bazaar, you can also get these adorable lanterns for your kids to play with, or get them engaged in a fun session of pomelo arts and crafts. Use different crafts to make edible masterpieces, flaunt their artistic flair and stand a chance to win $50 Compass One Vouchers!

Well, I made myself a unicorn pomelo, what you think? Will I win?

During this two-week event, Compass One will be collecting donations for its beneficiary, the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped. Also, if you are spending more than S$100, be sure to make a redemption for these adorable cushions and keychains!!!

Have fun shopping and have a great Mid-Autumn Festival with your friends and families! 😃


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