[Get The Look] Goodbye Mr Lee Kuan Yew Nail Art

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Hi Huneybees,

Last week was a tough week to get through as the nation waves goodbye to our founding father - Mr Lee Kuan Yew. He was cremated last Sunday and aside from dressing in black, I also did a set of monochrome nails as a tribute to him.

This black ribbon image was circulated around social media within a few hours, so I wanted to do my set of nail art, revolving around the image. But getting the image drawn right is definitely not easy to do freehand. So, I wana show ya my little trick, this might be able to help those who find it difficult to draw with your left hand (if you are right handed) too.

  1. After measuring nail bed size, I got the image shrunk down to around that size and did a tracing of the image (you can draw instead of tracing too!).
  2. Find a transparent file and slot the drawing in between, or you can use a plastic bag as well.
  3. Paint a layer of the topcoat on the plastic file, covering more than the drawing.
  4. Using acrylic paint or nail polish, start painting and draw up your image.
  5. Once dried, paint a layer of topcoat again, covering more of your drawing dimension.
  6. Let the image dry. Normally it takes up to 2 hours, but I like to let it dry over night.
  7. Using a tweezer, slowly pull up the image, starting from the corners and work your way in. Do not pull too hard as you might break it.
  8. After painting your base nail colour, apply a thin layer of top coat for the newly made "sticker" to stick on.
  9. Press down to remove bubbles and trim the size if it's too big.
  10. Once done, apply topcoat and you are done!

    Note: I did a little touch up on the drawing after sticking on, so that the image fills up the thumb. 

Voila! This is a close up of the other fingers. I did a PAP symbol as well and freehand drew on those black ribbons and Singapore Flag. Hope this little trick helps you to perfect your DIY nail art, bringing your work to another level. 

Do you guys have any other tricks to share? Would love to hear about it. :)

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Unboxing Juicy Couture's Spring 2015 Collection With Global Social Influencers

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Hi Huneybees,

Bring out your bikinis and shades! Spring is coming and get ready for the hot, hot weather!

This Spring, Juicy Couture has a "Couture Oasis" to share with you. Everyone has their very own little oasis, and it comes it different styles, what would be yours?
Keeping with the cinematic-theme of its Spring 2015 campaign, Juicy Couture has enlisted a series of global influencers to share their “Couture Oasis” on JuicyCouture.com, and across social media, with new video content launching every few days. 
The program, Juicy Couture Unboxed, provides curated packages from the Spring 2015 collection – each partner will document their personal “oasis” as they embrace and showcase their effortlessly cool style sensibility.
The elegant Hollywood style embodied with a fun and carefree spirit, is represented by the selected influencers across the globe to connect with their fans, ultimately encouraging them to find the perfect “couture oasis” in their everyday surroundings. The list includes:
  • Atlanta De Cadenet (U.S.)
  • Leah Ho (Taiwan)
  • Julia Sarr Jamois (United Kingdom)
  • Calandra (China)
  • Tamta (Greece)
  • Zelia Zhong (Hong Kong)
  • Sofia Graniello (Qatar)
  • Vivien Ong (Singapore)
  • Kryz Uy (Philippines)
  • Zahra Lyla (United Arab Emirates)
  • Joumana Soufi (Kuwait) 

The "Couture Oasis" features floral and palm trees prints, not forgetting to glitter and glam with sequins, lace and gold accents.I have picked out a few as shown above and my favourite has got to be that pair of holographic shades! You can see more of the collection at JuicyCouture.com.

To get more updates and follow the program, go to JuicyCouture.com. You can also join the conversation on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with @JuicyCouture using #JuicyCoutureUnboxed, #CoutureOasis and #FindYourOasis.
Be sure to see our very own Singapore's representative - Vivien Ong's presentation, (@yaxenduff) on Instagram to find out What's her Couture Oasis on April 3, 2015!

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Can't Wait For "KINGDOM" To Start - Hot Bods And MMA Fights Galore ~~~

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Hi Huneybees,

I always thought Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) was a guy's thing, but my opinion changed when my hubby and bro introduced me to it. Behind all the chunky, nicely built bodies and heavy punches with blood, there's alot of hard work and stories behind it all.

Well, "Kingdom" would be one that digs deep into the whole MMA story, following behind a family business between a former MMA champion dad - Alvey Kulina (played by Frank Grillo) and his sons - Jay Kulina (played by Jonathan Tucker), Alvey’s eldest son and Nate Kulina (played by Nick Jonas).

Alvey owns Navy St. , an MMA gym based in Venice, CA, with his girlfriend - Lisa Prince (played by Kiele Sanchez).

Cameo performance by referee Mike Beltran with Nick Jonas as Nate Kulina.
I guess the selling point of the drama would be ex-boyband member - Nick Jonas performance as Nate Kulina, an up-and-coming 155-pound fighter competing out of his father’s (Alvey Kulina) camp. It's amazing to see how much this little dude in curly hair, growing out of his singing roots and acting tough on TV screen.

Cub Swanson and Nick Jonas in fight scene.
Nick's body is definitely the talking point of the town lately with some rumours regarding the rainbow supporting community. But all I can say is that his hardwork has definitely paid off with that pelvic V bone peeking out to say hi to the audience. A well sculpted body like his doesn't just happen. It takes a whole lot of hard work in the gym and serious discipline at the dinner table (especially for him,  he's a type 1 diabetic).

During the debut screening of the first 2 episodes, we have already seen certain scenes of nudity and profanity but the most impressionistic scene has got to be the one where Nick fought with professional fighter - Cub Swanson. Being his first fight, injuries were bound to have, but it was so real, you will inevitably start rooting for Nick....

Of course, we will also be able to see other stories like the family strain between the Kulina-s, their strained relationship between a MMA proud father and a bad-seed brother, with Nate stuck in the middle.

The other budding storyline would include a potential love triangle involving a former UFC fighter - Ryan Wheeler (played by 
Matt Lauria) who has just released from prison. He was the ex lover of Lisa Prince but was also recruited under the Navy St. gym. At the end of episode 2, we were left with a cliff hanger when the trio met in the gym and Lisa having her concerns...

Though I've only watched 2 episodes but its potential is limitless. I love the The small details are what make the show for this viewer. The fighting scenes were spot on, angles and style of filming makes us feel us though we were submerged in their world.

I believe the plot has promise and can develop further with more drama with the hopes of even more fight scenes and cameo fighters. I will definitely be tuning in for more of the episodes!

"KINGDOM" premieres on RTL CBS Extreme channel on April 7 2015, Tuesday, 10pm (9pm JKT/BKK). RTL CBS Extreme is on Singtel Ch 335 and StarHub Ch 428. 

Photo Credits: ©An Endemol Studios Production for DirecTV

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Is Zayn Malik Taking Us On A Rollercoaster Ride?

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Hi Huneybees,

Photo: www.mercurynews.com
On Wednesday's trending list, I was tinkled pink as Zayn Malik was on the top of the list. This ex-One Direction member has quit the chart-topping boyband after 5 years to "live the life of a normal 22 year old, out of the spotlight"

This news got his fans doing a major meltdown with crying videos and even a petition for compassionate leave. I was baffled with ten thousand "HUH?!"in my head, wondering what spells he has casted to get such a response???

Making amends: Zayn publicly apologised after being pictured with his arm around Lauren Richardson and told his fans, 'I'm sorry for what it looks like'
Zayn's decision to leave the band came after he was signed off the current tour with 'stress,' in the aftermath of cheating rumours that surrounded viral pictures that saw him cuddling up to a young, blonde holidaymaker Lauren Richardson in Thailand last week.

But after today's latest update, all those tears might prove to be in vain. Zayn himself just confirmed that he WILL be embarking on a solo career. Speaking to The Sun just six hours after saying that he wanted to be 'out of the spotlight', Zayn confirmed that his plan was to: 'Be myself for a bit. Write and relax and chill.'

Photo: http://www.eonline.com/

He expressed that he had 'never felt more in control in my life' and was seen heading to a recording studio in London the very next day, with reports that he's already working on his first solo release with a chart topping music producer - 
Naughty Boy

I'm feeling a little cheated and misled.
Wonder if this is a new marketing strategy or his way of playing an April Fools' joke. 
What do you think?

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Divergent Star - Shailene Woodley Is Receiving The "MTV TRAILBLAZER" Award At This Year’s ‘MTV Movie Awards’

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Hi Huneybees,

Shailene Woodley, the young and well built, 23-year-old Hollywood star from the Divergent series has been chosen to receive the "MTV Trailblazer Award" at this year's "MTV Movie Awards". She will be the fourth recipient of the award following Emma Watson, Emma Stone and Channing Tatum.

The award will be presented to her by her "Insurgent" co-star Miles Teller on the LIVE telecast of the 2015 “MTV Movie Awards on Monday, 13 April from the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, California

Over the past few years, she has shot to fame, tackling all sorts of roles after a breakout performance acting across George Clooney in "The Descendants" in 2011, and then going on to "White Bird in a Blizzard", "Divergent", "The Fault in Our Stars" and her latest performance - "The Divergent Series: Insurgent".

“Shailene Woodley is one of the most talented actresses of this generation. Whether baring her soul in emotionally charged roles in “The Descendents” and “The Fault In Our Stars” or igniting our imagination in sci-fi blockbusters like “Insurgent"; Shailene has raised the bar for actresses navigating diverse and challenging roles professionally, while personally remaining down-to-earth and accessible to her fans.” --- Stephen Friedman, President of MTV
Among the many accolades, she received for her work in the film were a 2012 Independent Spirit Award® for Best Supporting Actress, the National Board of Review Award for Best Supporting Actress, a Golden Globe® nomination and a Critics Choice award nomination.
Just prior, Woodley starred in “The Spectacular Now” opposite Miles Teller. The co-stars shared the Special Jury Prize for Dramatic Acting at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2013; and Woodley was nominated for a Gotham Award, and an Independent Spirit Award® for Best Actress. She also starred in the dramatic film “White Bird in a Blizzard” for director Gregg Araki, which premiered at Sundance in January 2014. 
Up next, Woodley will appear in Oliver Stone’s untitled drama based on the life of Edward Snowden.

The 2015 “MTV Movie Awards” will be hosted by the super funny Amy Schumer and it will once again officially kick-off the summer movie season, promising to deliver yet another epically funny, unpredictable, over-the-top show that features fan favourite films, actors and musicians, whilst honouring the best films and performances from the past year, while featuring exclusive, never-before-seen moments from some of the most highly anticipated upcoming films. 
2015 “MTV Movie Awards” will Air Live on Monday, 13 April at 7am (TH/WIB), 8am (PH/SG) and 9am (MY) from the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles, California. It repeats on the same day at 6.30pm (WIB), 7.30pm (SG) and 8.30pm (MY).

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[What's New] To Gel Or Not To Gel - Etude House Enamel ting Gel Nails Collection

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Hi Huneybees,

Etude House has recently joined in the gel nails trend in K-beauty and launched a new affordable series of nail products - Enamel ting Gel Nails collection, allowing you to have your very own nail salon at home! 

Though it is available in the Etude House branches around Singapore, but I still prefer to have mine ordered and delivered right to my door step. All thanks to Qoo10, I've got my items shipped right from Korea and most of the time, even faster than the local stores can stock up!

The whole collection includes a Enamel ting LED gel lamp, Enamel ting Gel Nail Cleanser, and Enamel ting Gel Nail Remover together with 35 brilliant gel nail polishes, that allows you create all sorts of nail art and manicure.

The gel lamp is slightly cheaper than what you can find out in the market, portable and easy to use with 36 LED lights, letting you set your gel nails in 45 seconds flat. It has an internal timer that will auto turn off after 45 seconds, so that you know it is time to add another coat of colour.

I've gotten 2 colours - #5 Apple Bite (Red) and #17 Coating Jean (Blue) to try out the nail polishes. The colour payoff is amazing and it is very easy and smooth to apply. With just 1 application, you can get full shiny coloured nails. My nails are ready with 10 minutes with just 2 coats of the nail polish.

But, getting your gel nails done is not as straight forward as your usual nail polish of applying the colours coat after coat. You will also need the help of the Enamel ting Gel Nail Cleanser. Removing the gel nails is also not that fast too! Here's the steps to it...

But purchasing these gel nails materials were with an initial struggle. I was weighing the pros and cons, reading up more of gel nails manicure before deciding to get them. In fact, I still have my reservations doing gel nails again. Why? Here's my list of them...


  • Affordable and easy on the pockets
  • Manicure that lasts 2-3 weeks
  • Chip-free
  • Fast Drying
  • Easier to create nail designs without smudges


  • A health risk as you are constantly baking your nails under UV lamp - cancer, increased photo-aging, more wrinkles
  • Hassle for gel nails removal 
  • Filing down of the nails to break the top coat, might lead to over filing, thus making the nails thin and weak
  • Soaking in the gel remover makes nails dry

Some tips when applying gel nails at home...
  • Apply sunscreen on your hands before application
  • Buff your nails to get a better surface for the gels to stick to, ensuring your gel nails last longer
  • Be sure not to paint your cuticles and wipe off any that gets on your skin before curing
  • Apply cuticle oil and hand lotion once you are done.

So, what do you think? 
Would you consider giving the Etude House Enamel ting Gel Nails collection a test drive?

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Being A Guest With Belle And The Beast ~~~

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Hi Huneybees,

A tale as old as time, as beautiful as Beauty and The Beast is definitely worth to be told over and over again. The Disney animated version has come true and made into a real life Broadway Musical version and now, they have finally come to Singapore for its 20th Anniversary with the original Broadway creative team!

Based on the Academy Award winning animated feature film, this musical spectacular has won the hearts of over 35 million people worldwide in 13 countries. This classic musical love story is filled with unforgettable characters, lavish sets and costumes, and dazzling production numbers and the beloved title song.

This elaborate theatrical production has come to life on stage on 21 March 2015, at the MasterCard Theatres, Marina Bay Sands for a limited season. And before I caught the show on its opening night, I got to sit down with the 2 leads - Hilary Maiberger (Belle) and Darick Pead (Beast) for a upclose interview...

The Beast might seem a little scary on the stage, but after the interview with the suave "beast" - Darick Pead, all I could think of is "NEVER judge a book by its cover". Though his looks might make us fear him, but under it all, you will find a fun and charming character underneath.

Darick might just be playing a beast character but they bear alot of similar characteristics like his pranks of scaring the crew backstage, especially when he has his costume all on!

Here's more of my chat with Darick...

So Darick, tell us a little about yourself.
I landed the job of acting as The Beast just one year after moving to New York when I finshed my acting degree. And since then, I've been touring around US for Beauty and The Beast for 2 years, going to different states and some of the places, I've never heard of. It's really exciting to be on the international tour for the very first time.

How is it working with the team?
It is an amazing blessing to be working with such great and talented crew and cast with such a beautiful set design to perform in. Stan A. Meyer is the guy behind it and a little secret to share, he simply loves glitter. It's like raining glitter all the time!

How is the process like transforming into the Beast?
Actually, it's pretty fast to get dressed up - 10 minutes to get into the costume and 15 minutes to get the makeup done. I normally tend to be sweating inside the costume, imagine wearing a snowsuit in Singapore's weather, but it is a great experience to be wearing a costume made by a Tony Award Winning costume maker - Ann Hould-Ward.

How is the arts culture in Singapore compared to US?
It's really nice to see that the audience here are extremely fun and very receptive of the musical. It has been a nice experience so far, doing the tours.

Do you believe in true love?
Totally!  True love may come in different ways, but as long as you as open to it and accept it, it can definitely happen!

Left Photo: Joan Marcus/PlayhouseSquare

Hilary Maiberger is simply Belle herself. All the poise, captivating eyes and the sweet little voice of hers, she's definitely who I would imagine a real life Belle to look like. She is the one to melt all the beasts' hearts out there.

She also shares the love for book, exactly like the dorky Disney Princess herself. Moreover, playing Belle has been her childhood dream when she was watching the broadway production at 10 yrs old! Getting this role was her dream come true...

How did you get started in theatre?
I started singing since 7 and during high school, I had the popstar dream and went to participate in the American Idol. It still felt kinda wrong , so I went on to getting my Masters and when I was 21-22 years old, I fell into theatre, acting as MrsCratchit in the Christmas carol. I fell in love with it and have never turned back since.

Wow! So, you have been performing for so long, how do you keep the passion alive?
Playing Belle was a dream come true, I have always loved Belle and when I was 10 years old, I went to the Broadway show and I remember telling my mum that I want to be Belle one day. She is so real, so relatable and so cool!

Do you share the love for books like Belle too?
YES! I've been an awkward kid growing up and book reading is my favourite past time, I love the smell of books and it is like Belle is part of me! I love fictional books and my current favourite author is John Green. I've read all his books!

Other than the love of books, are there other similarities between you two?
I'm as passionate as Belle and I can be pretty quirky and dorky too. I would also like to think myself as smart and witty too. But I wish I'm more adventurous as Belle, jumping into anything with no fear.

How long do you take to get into character?
I'm given an hour to get ready, but my dressing up and makeup are done within 30 minutes, giving me 30 minutes to stretch and "tune" my voice. But it is also amazing to see the Beast (Darick) getting ready, he gets his makeup done even faster than me!

How is it like working with the team and coming to Asia?
The cast is wonderful! We are great friends and some of us have been performing together for 3 years already. We even celebrated Christmas together since we won't be able to be back with our families. It is great working with them.

Coming to Asia is a special experience, I love the people, culture and food, in fact, I want to go back to Thailand again! But something that really touched me was when I was in Manila. A little girl with anxiety came up to me and told me after watching my performance, she is now not afraid to meet people anymore. It is really overwhelming to see what I did made a difference.

Do you believe in true love, that love transcends it all?
Absolutely! If you love someone for who they are, all their quirks and imperfections, that's true love and true happiness!

DISNEY’S BEAUTY AND THE BEAST INTERNATIONAL TOUR is already performing from 21st March 2015 at MasterCard Theatres, Marina Bay Sands. I bet you will enjoy it as much as I did! More details here...

Tuesday – Friday 8:00pm;
Saturday: 2:00pm and 8:00pm
Sunday: 1:00pm and 5.00pm

From $65 
Excludes the booking fee of SGD$3 per ticket

www.BASEentertainmentasia.com, www.MarinaBaySands.com/Ticketing or www.sistic.com.sg

:   +65 6688 8826
Marina Bay Sands Box Offices (Museum, Theatres, SkyPark, Retail Mall and Hotel Tower 1 Lobby). For more information please log onto - www.MarinaBaySands.com

For exciting ticket package options including accommodation at Marina Bay Sands please visit: www.marinabaysands.com/packages. Corporate and Group Bookings are available via Showbiz.  Email: corporate@showbizasia.com or call 6688 1029

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