Pump Up Your Adrenaline With The First-ever Star Wars Orchestra In Singapore Before The Premiere Of The Last Jedi On 15th December 2017!

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Hi Huneybees,

The worldwide screening of the much anticipated Star Wars: The Last Jedi , the second film of the sequel trilogy, is just weeks away and to pump up the excitement among millions of Star Was fans around the region, Disney Concert has brought the first-ever official Star Wars concert to Singapore and I am so happy to have the opportunity to catch part of the closed door dress rehearsal as well as an interview with orchestra conductor Nicholas Buc.

A passionate music and film enthusiast, Nicholas Buc is one of few conductors in the world that is specialized in bring music and film into Live concert setting as this requires very specific and unique style of conducting to synchronize the music with the picture.

Nicholas has a little video screen in front of him while he conducts so that he could have the visual reference points to make sure that the music hits the right moment with the picture, such as when Kylo Ren strikes with his crossguard lightsaber or a TIE Fighters chasing after the millennium falcon.

With 8 years of experience under his sleeve since started conducting his first film concert - Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock - Nicholas is a big Star Wars fan and picks Rey (played by Daisy Ridley) as his favorite character in Star Wars: The Force Awakens for her strong character and her teeth!

If he has it his way, you might be able to catch him doning a stormtrooper suit and conducting in his favourite green lightsaber in exchange for his conductor suit and baton at the Star Wars: The Force Awakens concert that runs from 29th to 31st October 2017 at Esplanade Theatre in Singapore.

Tickets for this first-ever official Star Wars concert is now on sales at this SISTIC link.

If you are a diehard Star Wars fan, this is definitely a concert not to be missed!
May the force be with you.


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M.A.C Gets Spooky This Halloween Weekend

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Hi Huneybees,

If you are in town and looking for some last minute Halloween makeup ideas or need any makeup service, pop on over to any of the M.A.C stores to find out more about the Makeup Services they have to get you ready for Halloween weekend!

I have created a few Halloween looks on my Instagram feed, but here's a few more by the local and global M.A.C artists...

So, be it looking for inspirations or getting your look done, do head on over to any of the M.A.C stores to get your Halloween mode on. The artists will also be featuring a winning look Alif Alwee shown below. Have a fun time trick or treating! =)

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Christmas Comes Early This Year With Starbucks' Latest Christmas Drinks & Merchandise

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Hi Huneybees,

Have yourself an early start to a merry little Christmas! As of yesterday, we can already start sipping our favourite Starbucks holiday beverages as Singapore is the first to launch Starbucks' Christmas menu globally. We have the returning favourites as well as new offerings, accompanied by an array of gift possibilities and festive treats that will warm your hearts this holiday season!

New & Returning Favourites

Aside from the holiday drinks, here are some other things to look forward to until the end of Christmas season...

Exclusive Merchandise & Special Discount

From 25th October 2017, look forward to a new surprise of exciting special buys and exclusive merchandise each week with Starbucks’ Gift of the Week! For starters on week 1, treat your loved ones to a pair of Christmas Bearista Key Chains and a limited-edition Starbucks Christmas Cup Card at $19.90 a set, available while stocks last. 

For the latest updates, be sure to stay tuned to Starbucks Singapore’s official Facebook page – www.facebook.com/StarbucksSingapore, as we unveil each week’s festive treat!

For the first time, Starbucks Rewards™ Gold and Green Members are invited to celebrate the season with storewide discounts of 15% – applicable from 25th to 27th October. Enjoy first dibs on those Christmas goodies and more. Go all out and treat yourself, even in this season of giving!

STARBUCKS® Christmas Blend

This year’s Christmas Blend lineup includes: Starbucks Christmas Blend, Starbucks Christmas Blend Espresso Roast and Starbucks Christmas Blonde Roast.
Starbucks Christmas Blend's distinct, cedary, spicy layers balanced by a sweet, rich smoothness. It is available in a variety of formats, including whole bean, Starbucks Origami pre-portioned ground coffee with single-use filters and Starbucks VIA Ready Brew, an instant Christmas solution for coffee lovers on the go.

Inspired by the tradition of Christmas Blend, Starbucks Christmas Blend Espresso Roast adds an intense caramelly sweetness that complements the herbal spiciness, perfect with a slice of gingerbread while Starbucks Christmas Blonde Roast is lightly roasted to bring out warm woodsy aromas, with hints of brown sugar, sweet orange and all spice notes. All these Christmas blends are good to go with rich, sweet desserts like the Merry Treats below.

Merry Treats

This Christmas, delight in sweet and savory treats at Starbucks that is sure to satiate your cravings. Tingle your taste buds with the delicious pudding cups – a first for Singapore! Available in chocolate and milk flavors, these mini pudding cups are luxuriously rich, perfect whenever, wherever. 

Some festive food highlights include:

Starbucks Pudding Cups: Rejoice! Starbucks beautiful pudding cups are coming to Singapore for the first time! In chocolate and milk flavors, these mini pudding cups are luxuriously rich, perfect for any time of the day. Starbucks Christmas puddings are available in two exclusive, holiday inspired designs. In the spirit of Give Good, grab one for your loved one and for yourself, and reuse the packaging to create a sweet gift for each other. 

Christmas Tree Brownie Pop: Save a spot on your dining table for these wonderfully moist and chocolatey festive trees.

Mac and Cheese Pie: A crowd favorite that never fails to delight. Turkey bacon and a glorious union of oozy cheeses are housed within a puff pastry. It is then finished with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese

Christmas Merchandise

Get ahead of the crowds and show how well you know your loved ones with gifts from the heart at Starbucks. In celebration of the season of Giving Good, Starbucks introduces an extra-special collection of holiday merchandise. Whether you are looking for a last-minute gift or the perfect stocking filler, you will be sure to find the most thoughtful, adorable options from this season’s Starbucks holiday collection that will be rolled out periodically in the leadup to Christmas!  

From Bearista Bear™ to tumblers and festive mugs, this season’s merchandise is available in two collections: “Night Forest” – featuring whimsical woodland creatures paired with traditional winter patterns, dressed up in rich jewel tones and opulent metallics – and “Holiday Luxe” which come in traditional festive colors and a fun pop of pattern. 

Otherwise, simply give the gift of Starbucks with the limited-edition Starbucks Cards that come in a myriad of designs! A must-have for Starbucks Card collectors and a fuss-free, practical gift for your loved ones. 

So there you have it, the lowdown on Starbucks Christmas treats. Do share which is your favourite beverage and don't forget to check out http://www.starbucks.com.sg/ for the weekly "Gift of the Week". Ho Ho Ho!


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Colourful Makeup This Fall With M.A.C x Rossy de Palma Collection

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Hi Huneybees,

I've been running around like a busy little bumble bee, that I almost missed this new collection by M.A.C. Inspired by the uniqueness of Spanish actress/model - Rossy de Palma, comes this colorful collection that will definitely paint a rainbow for you this Autumn.

Rossy de Palma’s strikingly unique, Picasso-esque beauty and uninhibited, creative soul has made her one of Spanish art, fashion and cinema’s most original muses and collaborators. Now, her joie de vivre is captured in her M∙A∙C colour collection. Special packaging takes on new meaning with inspiration drawn from Rossy’s romantic glamour, and palettes featuring her eyes, nose and lips come together to form an invincible Cubist vision.

Due to Rossy's striking profile, she has always been known as a "Picasso painting come to life", being the muse of designer Jean Paul Gaultier and acclaimed film director Pedro Almodóvar. Her je ne sais quoi has been captured in this collection with a special holographic packaging that draws attention to her unique style and also a Cubist style reminiscent of her gorgeous features.

So, let's take a look at the collection.

For Lipsticks, there are supposedly 4 shades, but 1 special shade is only available online. What's in stores is Rossy (dirty mauve purple), Self Esteem (bright clean red) and Frenesi (bright red fuchsia).

Other than the individual lipsticks, there is also the Indimenticabile Lip Gloss Trio, where you can play with lip colours, mix and match them for different looks. 

Featuring Soft Dream (bright fuchsia pink), Plum Bite (a deep plum) and Velvet Me (cherry red). 

For cheeks, they have 2 daring Powder Blush shades - Pink Desire (dirty blue pink) and Red Envy (dirty red) that will give your cheeks that pop of colour whilst complimenting the eyeshadow shades in the collection.

To achieve those high cheeks and nose bridge, there is the Nose Pose Cream Colour Base Duo. Featuring Africa Dream (soft yellow nude) and Morocco (soft warm chocolate). It is a cream base, so I wasn't very keen on this palette though, but the shade works great for light to medium tan skin tones.

Here's the highlight - Colours on the Verge Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow. There are 5 shades in this palette and I'm loving every single one!

Pinky (bright pink), Money (soft green with pearl), Deep (dark blackened navy), Charcoal (black with multi-colored pearl) and Smoke (soft lilac).

The other eyeshadow palette is the My Moon Eyeshadow Duo, that features Luna Llena (frosty white) and Luna Noire (matte black). 

Luna Llena makes a good highlighting shade and I use Luna Noire for eyeliner too!

Lastly, we have the Glitters that are definitely party ready. Get them either in - Red (vibrant shimmering red) or Reflects Turquatic (sparkling bright blue that's so mermaid inspiring)!

So, which ones are you eyeing on? Be ready to channel your inner chic Spanish actress and indulge in this sophisticated, bold collection this Fall. 💋


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How Many Can You Stack?

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Hi Huneybees,

The BURGER KING®'s Stacker burger is back for a limited time in Singapore and it is gonna excite the palates and imagination of many burger lovers and meat eaters, including yours truly!

From now till 27th November 2017, all of us could feast like a king (and Queen ;) and have fun at the same time by deciding how many layers of patty with cheese to add to our choice of BURGER KING® Stacker burger - either BBQ Turkey Bacon Stacker burger or CHICK’N CRISP® stacker burger.

By adding just SGD1.50, an extra layer of patty with cheese could be added to our choose of the BURGER KING® Stacker value meal, which starts from SGD6.90 and inclusive of a medium pack of thick-cut salted French fries and a refreshing drink.

The BBQ Turkey Bacon Stacker burger is made with layers of meaty flame-grilled beef topped with American cheese, crispy turkey bacon, finished with BBQ sauce and served between a toasted 4-inch sesame seed bun. Burger King’s signature beef patties are made with 100% beef, with no preservatives, fillers or additives and flame-grilled to bring out the perfect summer barbeque flavour.

For burger fans who crave for a flavourful and moist chicken burger, there is the Honey Mustard BURGER KING CHICK’N CRISP® stacker burger. Made with layers of tasty crispy chicken fillet and topped with Swiss cheese, juicy tomato, honey mustard, fresh iceberg lettuce and creamy mayonnaise, this burger is served between a toasted 4-inch sesame seed bun.

There's no better reason to relish delicious and amazing food than with our friends and family; so let all Huneybees feast on the return of the BURGER KING® Stacker burger like Kings and Queens today!

For more information on BURGER KING® and its current promotions, please visit www.burgerking.com.sg.

Let the fun of eating be our way!


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Forever Crazy: Celebrating The Beauty Of The Female Form

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Hi Huneybees,


Forever Crazy started off with 12 gorgeous topless ladies marching out into the stage in high boots, Bearskin hats, and pound symbol suspenders, saluting and greeting their audiences in the Crazy Horse trademark opening show - "God Save Our Bare Skin".

Celebrating 65 years of Parisian glamour and inspired by the endless theme of feminity and sophistication, we are getting to see all the best acts from the legendary Cabaret. Forever Crazy, is a series of highly aesthetic and visual performances presented by a multicultural cast of 10 classically-trained dancers, dressed in textured lighting, projection, extravagant lingerie, body harness, and Christian Louboutins.

Forever Crazy was conceived in 1951 as a tribute to Alain Bernadin, the founder of Crazy Horse. It fully preserves the cabaret's artistic heritage while adding a touch of modernity, humour and sophistication. 

Bernardin's vision for Crazy Horse Paris was to show the different facets of femininity - funny, cheeky, loving, rebellious, sophisticated - and highlight those with great showmanship through music, lights, projections, and costumes.

Yes, there is nudity, 80 minutes of beautifully toned bare breasts and buttocks. But trust me, throughout the show, there is nothing porn-ish; you will only learn to appreciate the beauty of the female body, understand the female sexiness, through the artistic content of the show, the lighting and projection cleverly matched with the dance numbers make every act an art piece I would love to have at home.

A lot of the acts hinges on the lighting effects that are only made possible where all the dancers are of the same height and build (auditions require measurements from nipple to nipple and navel to pubis). The criteria are very strict and out of the annually over 500 applications, only 2 or 3 gets selected.

After the dancers are picked, they have to start mastering the specific Crazy Horse Paris dances, get their costumes fitted, haircuts and colours decided with her stage name once she is ready for the stage.
Through every dance act, you can see these girls go through a strict routine as every girl looks almost identical; and dancing in a 6m x 2m x 3m stage frame is definitely not an easy feat. My favourite act has got to be the "Upside Down", where the ladies dance using mirror reflection, every pause moment is such a beautiful work of art, every girl, so confident, so comfortable, so beautiful in their own skin. I don't even know which ones to filter out, so here's a short gif above.

Each dance act is not related, but for comic relief and also time for stage changes, we have Mr Fantastic to keep us company. He is an American popping-style dancer who became famous on "So You Think You Can Dance".

He's voguing style of dance has definitely got us wondering about the beauty of the human body form. Actually, it would be nice if there were additionally shows of male dancers too, just to balance out the gender game...

Over the past 65 years, Crazy Horse Paris has drawn over 15 million patrons among them celebrities including Elizabeth Taylor, President John F. Kennedy, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Jean Paul Gaultier, Pedro Almodovar, Sting, Beyoncé and Rihanna.
Since its inception, Crazy Horse Paris has acquired an impeccable reputation for presenting women in an incomparable, sensual and sophisticated way. It will be a pity to not catch the show...

Forever Crazy is playing at Grand Theatre, Mastercard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands till 22nd October 2017. Tickets are available at Sistic and the venue's box office, be sure to give the VIP Table a try for the best view too!


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