Free Hagen Dazs Ice Cream

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Hi guys,

Fancy an ice cream from Hagen Dazs? There's this promo with CozyCot, just follow the instructions and wait for your free ice cream. Hurry before 18th Dec 2010!

*Terms and Conditions:

1. CozyCot members must login and make a post on this thread with the exact words: CozyCot ♥ Ice Cream!

2. CozyCot members must "like" the official CozyCot Facebook: page and make a wall post with the same words: CozyCot ♥ Ice Cream!

3. CozyCot members must email the following at this address: on or before December 18, 2010.
a) Screenshot of the wall post in the official CozyCot Facebook: for verification. For instructions on how to screenshot:
b) Mobile number (CozyCrew will send an SMS that will be shown to the Haagen Dazs representative)
c) CozyCot Username
d) Blog URL (If applicable)
4. CozyCot members can redeem their ice cream as soon as they receive the SMS from CozyCrew.

5. One redemption per mobile number only.

6. Valid for first time redemption only.

7. The SMS will be sent on or before December 19, 2010.

8. Redemption will end on December 31, 2010.

9 Complimentary scoop is valid only for Häagen-Dazs™ Limited Edition Pomegranate, White Peach & Orange Blossom Sorbet.

10. Complimentary scoop valid only in a cup and for takeaway.

11. Visit for more information on outlet locations.

So hurry get clicking and enjoy your free ice cold dessert!

Christina aka Huney
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[What's New] Eucerin Samples

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Hi Huneybees,

Redeem your Eucerin sampler kit for FREE!

This sample kit consist of:
- 1 sachet of Eucerin Dermopurfiyer Scrub
- 1 sachet of Eucerin Dermopurfiyer Cleanser
- 1 sachet of Eucerin Dermopurfiyer Crème Gel

Ever dread wasting your money buying skin-care products which doesn't suit your skin? Fear not! Redeem your sample to try first for FREE!

Limited to first 1500 redemptions! Grab yours before its gone!


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Behind the scenes

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Hi guys,

There's been alot of talking about Rapunzel on my blog recently, but I hvn't had the chance to introduce a little behind the scenes to you guys. So here goes....

Synopsis of the movie:
“Rapunzel” is an action-packed, swashbuckling, animated musical comedy about the girl behind 70 feet of magical, golden hair. A princess stolen from her parents’ castle as a baby, Rapunzel is locked in a hidden tower longing for adventure. Now an imaginative and determined teenager, she takes off on a hilarious, hair-raising escapade with the help of a dashing bandit. With the secret of her royal heritage hanging in the balance and her captor in pursuit, Rapunzel and her cohort find adventure, heart, humor, and hair… lots of hair.

You can read more about the Directors and Producers here -->

Below are some Movie stills, I got from the website -->

Lots and lots of hair.

Both the female and male leads played by Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi.

The opening scene of the Empire.

The tower that held Rapunzel.

Rapunzel's always looking out of this little window.

The squabbling couple.

The evil witch, who only love Rapunzel's hair.

The adorable Pascal the Chameleon.

The wonderful Flying Latern scene.

One more for the beautiful works of art.

Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale Movie
starting from 25th November (3D only) & 2 December island wide
and join the official Disney Studios Singapore Facebook & Twitter page!

P.S. Don't leave the cinema so soon. Stay for the beautiful credits at the end of the movie.

Christina aka Huney
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Rapunzel : A Tangled Tale Movie Premiere

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Hi guys,
I just caught Rapunzel the animation movie today @ Orchard Cineleisure. All thanks to the premiere tickets I won from Nuffnang's contest. Thanks Nuffnang!

Image via Wikipedia

I totally recommend the movie for erm, everyone! Fairytale lovers, animation geeks, kids, mums, dads, couples, etc, etc, etc.....

Why? Coz everything's so magical in the the movie! Ok! To be honest, ever since studying about animation in poly, I see cartoons in a total different perspective. I highly recommend the movie, coz I can feel the heart and blood the crew behind the movie has put in. One aspect that I fell in love with was the texture of the hair, they really did put in alot of effort to make the hair flow like crazy, especially Rapunzel's bunch and the other thing that I love is that there are new aspects of lighting and camera angles.

In all, I would say it's a beautiful love story but with a little twist and adventure. And who doesn't wish to hear Mandy Moore's lovely voice again? I give the movie a 10 out of 10! Totally a Monday-blues-be-gone movie~

So enough of the talk and here's a little synopsis and pictures. Do go catch the movie!

I was greeted by the massive lot of Rapunzel's poster when I reached the top of escalator.

The official poster for Rapunzel:A Tangled Tale.

What's the princess pulling?

What a fun way for date eh?

Prince Charming all tangled up.

Then, we were told to deposit our devices, in case, someone decides to produce some pirated DVDs.

See how strict they are? I've never tried any bag checks at a movie premiere.

Did my hair for the movie. I'm a little black haired Rapunzel.
Wana noe how I got my hair so curly? Stay tuned.

Princess is leaving after the movie...

Check out the official website:

Christina aka Huney
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Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.

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Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair, so that I may climb the golden stair~
Hi guys,

I'm sure most of you are familiar with the line above. It's the sentence the evil witch will say when she visits Rapunzel as the tower she stays in has no door or stairs.

But now, Walt Disney Studios has given the fairytale a twist and came up with an all new animation called Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale! Yipee! It's definitely good news for moi. The animation geek!

I caught the trailers in cinema and the first thing that came to my mind was: "How I wished I had that beautiful luscious hair too!"

Now what would you do to bring your hair to life? I've come up with this faux Mohawk look and gave it a little poof on the front.

There's also some other looks that I tried out and I'm pretty happy with them.

A Lady Gaga inspired ribbon hair.

 I call these the atomic bombs.

And lastly, why not try on some hair accessories?
So, what about you? Bring your hair to life now at
Stand to win exclusive movie premiums when you submit your most creative hairstyle to the website!
Don't forget to catch Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale Movie starting from 25th November (3D only) & 2 December island wide and join the official Disney Studios Singapore Facebook & Twitter page!
Christina aka Huney
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[What's New] A Helping Hand

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Hi guys,

It seems like the monsoon season is here again! And I am more than happy to have a super cooling weather; re-shuffling the wardrobe, bringing all the hidden long sleeves clothing and scarves to the front. I'm already getting inspiration for the so-called Winter looks.

Some looks from Topshop this season.

And I'm considering getting a faux vest for myself.....

Ok. So I got myself all ready for the cold weather, but I forgot the most important thing before I left house today. Guess what! The UMBRELLA! Then I thought: "It's alright, the rain will pass. Maybe I should just head to the library for a while." But the rain just wouldn't stop!

So I decided to brave the rain and run across the street to get to my shuttle bus. But there was simply too slippery to dash. Luckily, a kind lady offered me to share shelter under her umbrella and you know what, it was the lady from China and not the other locals who were standing around. Can you believe it?!

Where is the love?????? Ok, now I got to say I've got little lesser bad things to say about the foreigners. Think I even have to take some words back. All thanks to the nice lady. Hehehe.

So here's another note to everyone. Remember your umbrella when you leave home!

Christina aka Huney
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On the MRT

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Hi guys,

I haven't been taking much of public transport specifically the MRT, due to having a BF who drives. So today I was on my day of MRT riding and so many things had happened which made me furious and also laughing in my mind.


Scenario 1:
Notice the arrows and yellow line on the floors? It's to direct us to stand behind the yellow line and allow the passengers from train to 'unload' first before you 'load' yourself in.

But what happened was almost everyone stood on the either sides of the door, then comes and 'auntie' who conveniently chooses the spot with no one standing in (Note: Center, right where everyone rushes out when door opens).

So what happened was, when everyone was gushing out of the train, 'auntie' starts to get blocked, she screams "Oei! Auntie lehs, I'm so old, don't know how to give way ar?!" Then everyone just stares at her, but still give her way to be the first to board the train.

So what? You're old, you get to scream at everyone and 'jump' queue? Then why not have a carriage that caters specifically to elderly lor?

Scenario 2:
I got my seat on a super crowded MRT and 'nestled' myself next to a pregnant lady after standing for 6 stops (and 6 more to go). Then, in comes a nicely dressed lady or some might refer her as an OL.

She came in and stood in front of me and starts "pinching" on her Breadtalk toast as soon as the train started moving again. Then when the train stops and opens the door, she stops and starts again when the door closes. This went on for 3 stations and I guess she got tired of having to keep stretching her arms, she conveniently pulls out the transparent holding bag from the plastic bag and started tearing bits of the bun to eat. Conveniently dropping crumbs on my bag!

I was staring at her and many others were too, but she kept on eating. It's like "Miss, we have the strictly no eating on train sign and do you know you are dropping crumbs?! Are you that hungry?! This is not China you know?"

Till now, I still kinda regretted not having to take her video and post it to STOMP. Dang!

Scenario 3:
This is the one that got me laughing. I was on my way back from a gathering with friends and I noticed this Indian guy standing by the door. I guess he's in his 30s and he was checking out some floor plan drawings, making notes as he checked them out.

Normally things like this doesn't catch my eyes, but is just that he had a huge tummy. Not the ordinary beer belly, but something even bigger than a pregnant lady's.

You know how people always say girls with big boobs tend to rest them on table when seated down? This guy was using his tummy as a table to support his drawings! Talk about portability! Apple definitely can't beat this eh?


I simply love people watching on MRTs, so many things happening and you simply can't finish right? I was with my friends and we started talking our little incidents on the train and everyone had so much to say, talk about never ending stories man!

Do you guys have any ones to share? Tell me!

Christina aka Huney
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[What's New] M.A.C. A Tartan Tale (Chapter 2)

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Hi Huneybees,

I "braved" through all obstacles and (was having flu and fever) headed down to Vivocity for M.A.C.'s launch of Chapter 2 of the Tartan Tale collection. So here's a little of what I've seen and bought.

Chapter 2 has launched! Check out the colours!

They have also changed the deco.

These are what I bought.

I got myself Follow Your Fantasy eyeshadow, Glamora Castle eyeshadow, The Family Crest Frosted Pigments &
Style Clan Frosted Nail Lacquer.

Taking the products out of their boxes.

The eyeshadows. You can try picking up the thin (brown & blue) colours with angled brush, but the staff did say it's meant to be used mashed.

That's the only pigment I could lay my hands on.

I LOVE this sparkly nail polish. Am so gona use it once I remove my Tartan nails!

So ladies, here's my little update on the M.A.C.'s collection. Stay tuned tonight when I update my look when I use the colours! Hurry down to the stores to grab your little year end collection too!


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[What's New] M.A.C. A Tartan Tale (Chapter 1)

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Hi Huneybees,

After the much talked about M.A.C.'s Venomous Villians, here comes their year end collection that's launched every year. This year they have came up with a collection that revolves around the Tartan pattern.
So what's Tartan?

Here's a little explanation I pulled off  Wikipedia:
"Tartan is a pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colours. Tartans originated in woven wool, but now they are made in many other materials. Tartan is particularly associated with Scotland. Scottish kilts almost always have tartan patterns. (Tartan is also known as plaid in North America, but in Scotland, a plaid is a tartan cloth slung over the shoulder or a blanket.)

Tartan is made with alternating bands of coloured (pre-dyed) threads woven as both warp and weft at right angles to each other. The weft is woven in a simple twill, two over - two under the warp, advancing one thread each pass. This forms visible diagonal lines where different colours cross, which give the appearance of new colours blended from the original ones. The resulting blocks of colour repeat vertically and horizontally in a distinctive pattern of squares and lines known as a sett." -

Basically, it's the Scottish inspired plait design and they have incorporated that in their packaging design. Check out the pics I took, thanks to the friendly M.A.C. staffs that allowed me to take little snaps.

Chapter 1: The bags, the sets & the brushes.

The face kits and lip,eye,brush bags.

The very tidy in-store deco.

The magical look they came up with this new collection.

A second look, which I LOVED! Thinking of getting my hair orange now!

The wonderful prints and colours of the collection.

All stand for Sir Teddy - kind benefactor of the M∙A∙C Kids.

I just had to grab a pic myself.

I got my self the Hark the Heraldry Face Kit.

My inspired nail art for the collection.

A closer look at the nails minus the thumb.

I tried hard to re-create the M.A.C. crest.
Kinda messed it up here. Tehehe....

You guys better rush down to the stores to stock up on the wonderful collection 2 more Chapters to launch. So hurry!


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