Brighten Those Yellow Stained Teeth With The Y10 System By BrightTonix

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Hi Huneybees,

I simply love to smile and laugh, but I've been super conscious of it these days and shying from that for fear of showing you my coffee stained teeth. I needed the help of apps to 'whiten' my teeth and pray hope that those whitening toothpaste out there helps.

Well, if you have the same problem as I and find that there are too many cons to teeth bleaching, why not try out the Y10 Mouth Rejuvenation System? It's launched by BrightTonix Medical LTD. with the partnership of Cambridge Medical Group of Medical Centers in Singapore, with the hopes to provide a pleasant, safe, pain-free and refreshing experience while achieving immediate teeth whitening results of several shades brighter.

I gave the Y10 Mouth Rejuvenation a try and I went 4 shades lighter. The results may vary from person to person; some who went that day went up to 7 shades lighter (Why my stains are so stubborn?!).

Y10 toothpaste does not contain any Hydrogen, Carbamide Peroxide or any abrasive ingredients. Here’s an FAQ

So, it works using the low power radio-frequency (RF) technology, combined with the special Y10 toothpaste and the medical grade silicon mouth piece, all I need to do is bite down on it and sit there by the machine for 30 minutes.

It's totally painless, no discomfort, with only a very slight warmth to the gums. I could sit there, play games on my phone, take selfies and chat (through hand actions) with my hubby. The only downside is the taste of the warm toothpaste combined with saliva. I was told that I could swallow that "combination", but I rather keep it in my mouth and spit out when the session ends.

Current teeth whitening procedures like bleaching can cause pain and a burning sensation during and post procedure, whilst those Instagram raving LED home whitening kits are not HSA approved due to high peroxide levels. But even though the Y10 System might be a little more costly than both, but I still prefer a safer method to whiter teeth, healthier gums and better breath.

Go on and try it yourself at Cambridge Therapeutic’s Centre for Cosmetic Rejuvenation & Surgery, 
1 Scotts Road, #03-03, Singapore 228208. Do share your results after! SMILE!

About BrightTonix
BrightTonix Medical Ltd, is an Israel based medical device company focused on developing innovation medical solutions for dental practitioners, aesthetic physicians and beauty professionals. The company is led by world-class professionals from the aesthetic medical devices industry, experienced engineers, and supported by leading dental professionals worldwide.


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There Is More To A Bigger Infinity Display On The New Samsung Galaxy Note8 Than Meets The Eye!

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Hi Huneybees,

I'm so excited to be the first few in Singapore to try out the new Samsung Galaxy Note8, some twelve (12) hours after it was unveiled at the Galaxy Note8 Unpacked Event in New York, USA!

My immediate thought when picking up the new Samsung Galaxy Note8 was it has a BIG screen!
Indeed, featuring a 6.3-inch Quad HD+ Super AMOLED Infinity Display that allows users to see more and scroll less, the Galaxy Note8 has the biggest screen ever on a Note and S-series device yet.

Interestingly, while the new Note8 is slightly bigger than the big Galaxy S8 Plus, measuring at 162.5 (Length) x 74.8 (Width) x 8.6mm (Thickness) and weights 195 grams, its narrow body design actually creates an impression that the phone isn't THAT BIG at all to hold comfortably in one hand.

The new App Pair feature allows the user to customise and launch Two Apps on the infinity display from Galaxy Note8 Edge Panel. Image Credit: Josh Miller/CNET

While a bigger Infinity Display on the new Galaxy Note8 is certainly a welcome news to Note users, who have always been able to do more with the Multi Window function, the introduction of the new App Pair feature on the new Galaxy Note8 is going to take multitasking to a new level - in the blink of an eye literally.
What the App Pair does is it allows the Note8 user to simultaneously launch any two apps at the same time with just a single touch and both apps will each take up 50% of screen space on the new Galaxy Note8's bigger Infinity Display.
With up to TEN (10) custom pair of apps to be created on the Edge panel, users of the new Galaxy Note8 can now watch and draw or read and text at the same time with ease! A very practical scenario for me is to have an App Pair that will launch both the Phone App to dial into a conference call and the Memo App with the number and agenda in front of me!!

Samsung Galaxy Note8 will come in three (3) colours - Orchid Gray, Midnight Black, and Maple Gold - and will be available islandwide from 15th September 2017 at a Recommended Retail Price of SGD1,398!

For Huneybees who are eager to become the first few in Singapore to own the new Galaxy Note 8, you can pre-order and register your interest from 25th August 2017 with the three major telecommunication operators - M1, Singtel, and StarHub.

Pre-Order at Samsung Store online/Samsung Experience Stores  Consumers can also pre-order their Galaxy Note8 (without contract) via the Samsung Store online or visit the following Samsung Experience Stores from 25 August 2017 during opening hours.


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Top 10 Reasons To Watch The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses

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Hi Huneybees,

The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses opens this Saturday, a not-to-be-missed for the fans of the Nintendo's video game series. 

The show will feature an all new movement from Skyward Sword, a much-anticipated Breath of the Wild arrangement, and the return of a classic that might just make some wishes come true! 

Brought to life as never before, witness as 30 years of video game history unfolds, complete with a stirring cinematic video presentation, synced with the game's sensational, thematic and action-packed soundtracks played live by a full orchestra and choir. 

If that is still not enough to entice you, here's 10 reasons why you should head on over...


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Make Your Choice : Black Or White ?

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Hi Huneybees,

The tiger has once again been uncaged unexpectedly, and this time round, it's either Black Or White!
Please do not be alarmed as I am referring to Singapore's first locally brewed beer - Tiger Beer! *ROAR*

Unveiled to an excited crowd in a wild street party at Holland Village recently, Tiger Beer gave us two new refreshing flavors - Tiger Black and Tiger White - to its list of world class lager selection.

While the Tiger Black may look like a stout in appearance, it is actually less bitter and dry, thanks to the black rice - a rare commodity once served only to the royalty - used to brew this new creation.
Tiger White, on the other hand, looks like just another pale-lager except that the cloudy wheat beer provides a light crisp refreshing experience with a hint taste of coriander, cloves and citrus with an all-round refreshing finish, reminds me of drinking a cider with a lot more complexity or depth.

Personally, I prefer the Tiger Black as the taste started off with a dark toffee taste on my taste bud that eventually led to a dry alcoholic finish, just like Tiger Beer quoted ‘Be Bold’. It was evident to see most people shared my humble opinion as the Tiger Black often disappeared in seconds (no kidding...) the moment 2 buckets of both choices were delivered to my table.

Do try these new creations from Tiger today and let me know your experience and your pick between the two. Remember to drink responsibly. #UncageTheUnexpected


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Be At The Edge Of Your Seat With Cosentino: Anything Is Possible

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Hi Huneybees,

Fans of the magic realm, be fascinated and captivated as BASE Entertainment Asia brings in the magnificent "Cosentino: Anything is Possible" show. We caught the mesmerizing International Magician of the Year - Paul Cosentino, on his opening and had a little chat with him before catching his show later in the evening.

He had a Johnny Depp, Captain Jack Sparrow vibe as he walked towards me, dark, mysterious but it was a surprise to find him all chatty and humourous throughout the conversation. I delved into the magical scene and came out charmed and excited to catch his show. Here's the lowdown...

Yes, do not blink your eyes, coz every moment, something is happening!

The multi-award winning performer, Cosentino is definitely more than just your usual street magician. With an increasing list of achievements (currently holding a Merlin from the International Magicians’ Society, the Levante Award and three Australian Award Winning Magician), his show is not to be missed.

I've seen his performance before at an RTL CBS event, but for this show, we can see Cosentino's evolving and perfecting his act with more death defying acts. I was holding my breath and held my mouth at the 'WOW' position through the show. No wonder he is hailed as the 21st century, Harry Houdini.

I loved that there was audience interactivity throughout his show, he was like a Harry Potter and Michael Jackson, integrating dance with his magic performances; everything was so well thought and planned, not one act was a seen before. 

And I do agree with him, my favourite part has got to be the time travelling bit, it was so intricately done to transition between the first half and second of his half show, no matter how much magic trick busting shows or books you have read, you will definitely have a hard time trying to break "the spell". 

There's so much I don't want to spoil it for you, you have got to see it! With just a few more shows left, be sure to catch it before it ends. A big shout out to BASE Entertainment Asia for this magical trip. 

Cosentino: Anything is Possible
Season: From 17 August 2017
(The entire show will run for 110 minutes, with a 20 minute intermission.)Venue: Mastercard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands
Performance Times:
Thursday, 17 & 24 August – 8PM
Friday, 18 & 24 August – 8PM
Saturday, 19 & 26 August – 2PM & 8PM
Sunday, 20 & 27 October – 1PM & 6:30PM
For bookings via:
Internet: or
Phone: +65 6688 8826


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Travel In Style With Moleskine’s Classic Bag Collection & Smart Writing Set

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Hi Huneybees,

Evolving from their minimalistic yet practical notebooks, the Moleskine Classic Bag Collection has finally launched in Singapore. 

Sticking to their curved edges, sleek and portable notebooks, the bags also take on a slim profile, whilst keeping your bag organized with great functionality and ergonomics. There are a few models to choose from - sling bags, backpacks and shoulder bags, all set to match your everyday needs and outfit. 

Plus, the signature time-honoured “in case of loss” notice ( that is also found on the very first page of every Moleskine notebook) is also available within the bags’ interiors! The base of the bags comes with a rigid shell to keep your valuables protected while keeping the bag in shape and not shaggy when you have heavy items in the bag.

Singapore will get the latest Fall/Winter  2017 collection which will feature the bags in Steel Blue, Myrtle Green, and Slate Grey. Below are what you can expect to find in stores...

Classic Backpack (S$239)

Colours available: Classic Collection – Black, Steel Blue, Myrtle Green and Slate Grey

This smart Classic Backpack is an elegant and practical travel companion for urban nomads. Its lightweight structure allows you to stay mobile for longer, while several pockets make space for everything you need on the move. Organize and carry your portable workspace and creative tools, and use the padded device pocket to secure a tablet or laptop. This backpack is made to store and sort everything you need as you navigate your day and connect with the people, places and passions that populate the city unfolding before you.

Classic Vertical Device Bag (S$185)

Colours available: Black, Steel Blue, Myrtle Green and Slate Grey

Carry your digital devices and mobile workspace in notebook-inspired style. Neat, lightweight and made using soft, tactile materials, the Classic Vertical Device Bag also features a variety of pockets to store and protect your preferred mix of analog and digital tools. This popular vertical format, designed to embody the legendary look and feel of the Classic Notebook, is a discreet and functional professional companion. A smart device bag for your smart mobile workspace.

Classic Tote Bag (S$178)

Colours available: Classic Collection – Black, Steel Blue and Myrtle Green

This versatile Classic Tote features understated, clean design and is made from soft and supple materials to ensure a tactile, lightweight feel. It has a choice of compartments to store your belongings, including a padded area to secure a laptop or other digital device on the move. The tote makes space for all the things you need as you connect with the people, places and passions that populate the city unfolding before you.

Classic Foldover Backpack (S$148)

Colours available: Black, Steel Blue, Myrtle Green and Slate Grey.

A slim and essential backpack with a distinctive foldover closure to store and protect your everyday essentials. The Classic Foldover Backpack is a smart yet functional bag, the ideal space for organizing and carrying everything you require as you navigate your day. 

Classic Foldover Tote (S$178)

Colours available: Black, Steel Blue and Myrtle Green

Neat and discreet, the all-purpose Classic Foldover Tote is made using soft and supple materials to give it a tactile, lightweight feel for extra comfort as you carry your belongings around town. Organize and protect your things inside and keep them secure thanks to the distinctive foldover closure. It makes space for everything you need as you connect with the people, places, and passions that populate the city unfolding before you. 

Classic Weekender Tote Bag (S$250)

Colours available: Black,  Slate Grey and Myrtle Green

A large and multi-purpose tote that's roomy enough to carry any combination of belongings, the Classic Weekender Tote is the ideal companion for both XL days out and about, and weekends away. Different compartments separate your things inside, including a padded pocket designed to securely fit a laptop or other digital device. It has a distinctive and neat foldover top and offers lightweight comfort on the move, wherever you go. 

Classic Duffle (S$279)

Colours available: Black, Steel Blue, and Myrtle Green

Business or pleasure? Wherever you’re going, the Classic Duffle is a flexible and discreetly elegant travel companion with a variety of pockets and plenty of space to carry, organize and protect everything you might need for an overnight stay in the city or out-of-town. A refined carryall for classic out-of-town adventures. 

At the launch, we have also introduced the MoleSkine Smart Writing Set. It has been on the market for awhile but paired with the Moleskine bags, it makes a perfect companion for those on the move. 

Sold at S$359, it might be a little costly, but seeing how the grid notebook, pen and app allows you to work in tandem to digitise your notes, doodles and writing. I might just consider getting it too.

Simply pen down your ideas/drawings onto the pages of the notebook and watch it transform into a digital version on your synced smartphones, tablets or laptops. You can colour, edit, export and share it via email and other apps on your digital devices. I think this makes a great way to share your thoughts and drawings, without having the need to scan and also works as a great backup for your drawings and notes, just in case you have spilled drinks all over your notebooks!

Well, go ahead and design the bags, paint them or even get an engraving done at the FabCafe at the lobby of the ArtScience Museum.

All of the abovementioned items will be available from late August onwards at Takashimaya Level 3, Tangs at Tangs Plaza Level 3 and all Moleskine stores in Singapore. More on


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Finally There Is An "All-In-One" Restaurant That I Have Been Searching For!

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Hi Huneybees,

We all know that planning for a group outing can be such a hassle, don't you agree?
Even in a food paradise like Singapore, it can still be an uphill task when it comes to satisfying everyone's tummies within ONE cafe / restaurant since everybody has their own dietary requirements....

Thanks to my friend Emily, I was introduced to the place - Social Square at Parkway Parade - that might just solve the sticky problem faced by many of us from time to time!

With the addition of Ju Hao into Social Square at the beginning of this month, we can now all have Northern Chinese fare, amidst the tantalizing array of European-Japanese gourmet delights that Social Square is already serving currently!!

The decision to place the cooking counter of Ju Hao near the entrance of Social Square is a smart move as it allows the patron to be quickly introduced to this latest member of the MOF family; And in my case while walking into the spacious restaurant space, I was already welcomed by the aroma of steaming hot Xiao Long Bao-s, that immediately tickles my appetite. Yummy!

For Huneybees who are not familiar with Ju Hao's Northern Chinese offer, a glance at the menu will quickly set you on familiar ground with its widespread of La Mian Noodles, Fried Rice, Stir Fried Vegetables, Soups and even desserts!

For starter, I would highly recommend having the Pork Belly Roll With Crushed Garlic (蒜泥白肉). The slight spiciness matched with the juicy pork belly and the sesame sauce was just enough to tantalize the taste buds and get ready you for the main dishes.

Since Ju Hao's signature is the Xiao Long Bao-s, and there are a few options to the traditional minced meat version, me and my friends decided to switch things up a little by ordering the special 3 classic favourites in 1 basket.

Within the traditional streaming basket, there are two Xiao Long Bao -s of each flavour - Original, Salted Egg and Chilli Crab - that could be easily identified through the coloured tip on the top of the dumplings' skin.

I was trying to learn a skill or two through the open kitchen concept, but sadly, the lady was working so fast, she had no time for me. LOL!
Being a BIG fan of Xiao Long Bao (aka XLB), I have tasted many and I must say the offering by Ju Hao is good. Every soup dumpling is made just right as they can be easily lifted off from the steam basket by chopsticks and yet their skins are not too thick but decent enough to hold the soup and minced meat within.  

My favourite has to be the Chilli Crab ones as I give credits to Ju Hao for adding a little local flavour into this delicacy. Being the "redder" soup dumpling to its relative, you can see the redness from the shredded chilli crab peeking from underneath the skin dough and I couldn't help myself from popping the whole dumpling into my mouth after taking a little bite and sipping the delicious broth. It doesn't even require the dip into the ginger vinegar sauce!

Moving on to the main course, I would suggest trying these two dishes to fill your tummies - Prawn Fried Rice (虾仁蛋炒饭) and the Triple Treasure Signature Noodle (聚豪三宝招牌面).  

In my opinion, the prawn fried rice was so well fried that the sweetness of the fried egg, accompanied by the juicy fresh prawns, were greatly enhanced by the aroma of the fiery wok in every grain that I chewed in my mouth!

To end the meal on a sweet note, we had the Red Bean Chocolate Dumpling. It is like XLB but this time, you get bursting chocolate sauce instead of soup. The sweetness of chocolate, paired with red bean, makes me want to go back for seconds!

Currently Social Square is running a 1-For-1 promotion, so you can also make use of the chance to mix things up and try from their Western-Japanese menu too. I've tried a few with my friends too and here's a little sneak peek...

Sashimi Juu - A platter of sashimi on top of sushi rice.

Mango & Avocado Dragon Roll - Fried prawn wrapped in suhi rice with mango, avocado and fish roe.
Honey Sweet Turnip Premium Pork Ribs with Parmesan Fries and Garden Salad.

John Dees Ribeye with Wedges and Baked Potato - Angus beef, grain fed 180 days, aged 4-6 weeks, super gold marbling with a minimum scored of 3.

All in all, I love the "All-In-One" concept that can satisfy everyone's appetite. 
With the cozy internal deco of Social Square, one tends to forget he/she is in a shopping mall due to the beautiful spacious dining hall with garden setting, tall trees, teak wood tables with comfortable seatings. And not forgetting the open-concept kitchen, that allows you to check out the food in preparation whilst chatting with your friends and families. 

Social Square, with the addition of Ju Hao, is definitely the place I will recommend for next my all-girls gathering!

Parkway Parade Social Square is the 11th Ju Hao Xiao Long Bao outlet to join the MOF group. For more information, go to .


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