Need A Lamp For Mood Setter Or Conversation Starter?

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Hi Huneybees,

KŌH Concepts have announced the global launch of its first home design product, the KŌH Lamp. With its warm glow, flexible usage and creative design, the KŌH Lamp is a great mood setter and conversation starter. The KŌH Lamp, offered in eight shades, is all that is needed to transform workspaces and living areas.

A sensory experience with a spiritual dimension 

The concept for KŌH Lamp was inspired during a trip to a village in Africa, where villagers would gather around a campfire each night, to discuss their days. They would also place light bulbs inside an assortment of coloured canisters for complementary lighting. Together with the warm glow of the fire, the coloured lights created a soothing backdrop for friends and family to come together and catch up. 

"I was reminded and touched at how something basic like a campfire was able to bring people together and encourage them to connect. This inspired me to take another basic item – the plastic container – to create a source of light that could transform atmospheres and remind people about the importance of interdependence even in our busy and modern lifestyles, and enable them to reconnect around the primal fire" --- Christophe d’Orey, Designer and CEO of KŌH Concepts. 

A new dimension to your environment 

Who would have thought that an ordinary, everyday item could do just that? The translucent coloured water container has been refreshingly repurposed into a stylish piece of furniture fit for modern lifestyles. With a flick of a switch, the clean, simplistic shape transforms itself into an extraordinary chromo-therapeutic tool to lift moods and soothe souls. 

Just one of the cleverly crafted KŌH Lamps is needed to fill an entire space with the colour of choice to set the mood. Available in eight radiant colours, KŌH enlivens, enlightens and elevates the everyday. -2- The vibrant and energetic glow that the Lime Green and Orange KŌH Lamps emit not only brightens up your day but also enhances your home furniture. The radiant glow of the Magenta and Purple lamps add a touch of sophistication to any interior design while the natural beauty of the Bamboo Green and Green auras are perfect for those looking to connect with their inner peace. The calming Lagoon and Blue illuminators are ideal for those looking to create a tranquil, laidback and soothing environment. 

Endless possibilities of lighting ambience 

The KŌH Lamp is incredibly versatile and can easily adapt to different room areas and countless situations. With its moderate glow, the lamp is easy on the eyes, providing the optimum brightness for movie watching and ambient lighting. The lightweight and easy-to-clean surface also makes it suitable for outdoor use.
The KŌH Lamp also compliments stylish lifestyles with a green conscience as it eliminates the need for multiple types of mood lighting, consumes minimal energy and is easily recycled.

Description:KŌH Lamp
Designer:Chistophe d’Orey
For US & Canada:Orange, Green, Magenta and Lagoon with 110V bulb
For other markets:Orange, Green, Magenta, Lagoon, Purple, Lime Green, Bamboo Green and Blue, with 240V bulb
Common specs:Packaging Dimensions : 31cmX26cmX48cmWeight: 1.7kg (2.4kg with packaging)
CFL Light Bulbs of 7W and 13W.
HDPE Lamp tank
Additional accessories:Replacement light bulbElectrical transparent wire with plug type following standards of UK, US and EU
Distribution points:Online distribution at / Coming soon to your local design furniture shop, art gallery and trend stores
Retail Price:USD 150

About the Designer
Christophe d’Orey is an accomplished independent international magazine publisher based in Asia. He has extensive know-how in design, marketing and sales having worked with major international brands worldwide for more than two decades. Christophe d’Orey has also been instrumental in the urban planning of an entire neighbourhood in Beijing Qianmen District which is now an example of heritage urban renewal. As a keen lover of art and design, he has collected Chinese contemporary art since 1995 and his passion for remodelling apartments and houses in Hong Kong and Beijing has been recognised in various publications.
Currently Christophe d’Orey is involved in marina and public sports facilities projects that he designed for Hong Kong and the launch of KŌH Concepts, a new line of lighting and sound systems with an original twist.

About KŌH Concepts
Founded in 2012, KŌH Concepts is a small dynamic Hong Kong company specializing in the design and manufacturing of home living products. KŌH Concepts aims to build on a famous saying from English poet John Donne: "No man is an island entire of itself". To that end, KŌH Concepts and KŌH Lamp take their names from the Asian word for "Island". The KŌH Lamps, or "Islands of Light", reflect the intrinsic human nature of ‘interKŌHnnectedness’. Although we each project a different and unique light in our lives, we reverberate in each other and together create the world we live in.

For more information, please visit our website

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Yvonne Lim At The Grand Opening Of Origin Luxe

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Hi Huneybees,

We always look after our face, our body, but one place that we always forget to look after is our scalp. It's always nicely covered by our hair, but with the tremendous hair styling and products we use, we tend to abuse the scalp. Origin Luxe would be the solution for you

Mediacorp Artiste - Yvonne Lim (林湘萍) was the at the opening. She is the brand ambassador of Origin Luxe and because of her, the whole shop at the newly opened Chinatown Point was flooded with people who wanted to catch a glimpse of her.

It was a big affair with lion dance troupes invited to celebrate the opening. After a ribbon cutting session, Origin Luxe is officially opened for business!

I understand there are some hair treatments out there in the market that involves some chemical, but at Origin Luxe, it is all about being natural and they only use premium herbs to help you in your problems.

Using natural Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs, Origin Luxe's uniquely formulated herbal blend will treat all your hair problems. They 
believe in creating miracles with the perfect combination of massage and natural herbs.
Unlike products found in the market, they offer their very own formulated recipe specially concocted with premium herbs.
This unique preparation method differentiates thrm from the market. Herbs are slowly and carefully brewed for two hours to allow thorough extraction of essence and nutrients. The treatment masks are then immediately packed into individual sachets to ensure freshness and avoid contamination.
Upon customer’s arrival, the herbal mask is heated up to further prevent contamination. It also facilitates the penetration of the herbal essence into the scalp and helps stimulate healthier hair roots.

If you are someone who are always "destroying"your hair, go give it some TLC at Origin Luxe... 

133 New Bridge Road
02-28 Chinatown Point
Singapore 059418
(Beside link bridge)

10am – 8pm (Weekday)
10am – 7pm (Weekend & Public Holiday)



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Lavish Your Mother with Meditteranean Dishes This Mother’s Day

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Hi Huneybees,

Mother's Day is coming. What have you planned for your mummy? Where are you gona bring her? Well, to celebrate all the great women out there, Food Junction's MEDZS came up with their Mother's Day menu with 3 delicious platters (French Family Meat Platter, Greek XXL Seafood Platter and Desserts Platter) for you to share the love...

MEDZS’s Mother’s Day Special Promotion is available on 12 May 2013 and here's the menu...

This is a special drink ONLY for mothers on Mother's Day.

Mother’s Day Special Promotion
On 12 May 2013
(Family Sharing Platters)

French Family Meat Platter --- $48.80

This is a combination of Pan-fried Duck Confit, Crispy Pork Belly, AUS Wagyu Beef Rump, Roasted Pork Ribs with Sides - Roasted Wild Mushrooms, Roasted Potatoes & Green Leaf Salad.

I would recommend this to the meat loving family. The portion's not very big though. It's a little more for 2, but I like the idea of getting to taste everything without having to spend big. I love the Wagyu Beef Rump most. It pretty much melts in the mouth, and the special marination, really tantalizes my taste buds!

Greek XXL Seafood Platter --- $49.80

Mixed Seafood Platter with Butter Grilled King Crab, Salmon Head, Sea Bass, Sea Bream, Snapper, Blue Mussels, Fresh Live Prawns with Braised Tomato Aubergine, Watercress Salad and Mash Potato.

Seriously say hello to the Meditteranean Sea with this dish. All of the sea's finest is already here, it's so fresh, you can literally taste the sea... There's so many types of fishes to choose from and for prawn fans like me, you will love the fleshy and Fresh Live Prawns. One other thing that I like is the Mash Potato. Although it's not he main dish, but I couldn't stop eating and our table at the food tasting ordered for more. :)

Desserts Platter --- $21.90

Come on! Who can resist desserts? End your platters above with the dessert platter of Lychee Rose Panna Cotta, Churros with Chocolate Sauce, Red Velvet Cake, Earl Grey Creme Brulee & Chocolate Brownie and I bet Mummy dearest would be smiling her way out...

At MEDSZ, it is a card system and if you wana try out other dishes, here is more for you to drool at...

MEDZS @ Millenia Walk 

9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-46/47/55/56, Millenia Walk, Singapore 039596
Tel: 6337 7507 

Business Hours:
Fri-Sat: 11.30am – 1.00am / Sun-Thur: 11.30am – 12am

MEDZS @ Orchard Central

181 Orchard Road, #B2-01 to 03 / #B2-30 to 43, Orchard Central, Singapore 238896
Tel: 6238 9028

Business Hours:
Monday to Sunday 11am – 11pm

Have fun on Mother's Day!

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Samsung Reveals Its Largest LED TV Lineup

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Hi Huneybees,

The Ultimate Luxury TV  (Samsung 85 inch UHD TV - 85 S9)
On 24 April 2013, Samsung announced its largest LED TV lineup with a total of 42 models, ranging in screen sizes as small as 28 inches to a huge 75-inch. Most of them were already revealed during CES in January and at its recent Asia forum, but now its the full unveiling of the entire range.
They created the ultimate lean back experience with first-of-its-kind Smart features, larger screen sizes with breakthrough picture quality and elegant designs that push the boundaries of technology. Samsung also showcased its new digital AV line-up of new devices that easily turn any home entertainment setup into an optimal sound environment, and feature a number of wireless connectivity enhancements. The user interface for the smart TV system has also been redesigned to provide users with quicker access to content, while the higher-end models have also received enhanced voice and gesture controls.
Check out the vibrancy and details of the screen!
Rediscover the Smart TV Experience You Love with the 2013 Samsung Smart TV Line-up
Samsung is providing consumers with a simpler way to embrace the discovery of new content and experiences with a completely redesigned Smart Hub. The 2013 Smart Hub provides consumers with an easy way to organise and navigate personalised content through an updated interface and dynamic thumbnail previews within three newly designed panels:
  • Apps: Easily access and edit downloaded Samsung Apps
  • Photos,Videos & Music: Access personal content stored on various AllShare devices in one place
  • Social: View popular video content shared across social channels 

36 cable TV channels are currently available through the StarHub TV Anywhere VOD app.
More channels will be introduced in the future. 
In addition to the 2013 Smart Hub, Samsung will provide more high quality content for consumers in Singapore with:
  • mio TV PLAY – Brought to you by SingTel, the mio TV PLAY app brings users explosive box office movies, as early as three months from cinematic release, to the comfort of your own home
  • Toggle – Toggle is your personal entertainment service that goes beyond the television set, bringing entertainment, news and information to viewers across multiple devices. The service is available online, on smartphones, tablets and connected TVs, allowing viewers to stay engaged wherever they are
  • TV Anywhere – The StarHub TV Anywhere App gives users access to a Video-on-Demand content and Live TV channel streaming service on Samsung Smart TVs. Users will have access to content such as ‘live’ sports events, movies, TV series and top Asian dramas

For the ES7500 and above 2012 Smart TV models, they are equipped with a more powerful quad-core chip and an onboard pop-up camera, offering both software and hardware updates that include access to the 2013 Smart Hub and other Smart features, and upgrades the TV’s dual-core processor to quad-core, resulting in faster internal processing speeds (a fast 200Hz refresh rate).They can also be upgraded in the future via Samsung's proprietary Smart Evolution Kit.
Smart Interaction:
With Smart Interaction, the new Samsung Smart TV’s Motion Control technology can now recognise two-handed gestures. Apart from navigating and moving the cursor, users can now flip pages, zoom in and out of pictures, ‘Like’ a social media posting and rotate an image – all with their bare hands. There is also an upgrade on its Voice Control feature, where it now recognises 390 commands, compared to 55 commands in the previous models.

          New in 2013, Samsung’s Face Recognition feature enables the TV to automatically scan and recognise a user’s face to log into Smart Hub and Skype accounts faster than before. With an enhanced recognition rate, users can simply log in by standing in front of the TV’s built-in camera, all without the hassle of typing in their ID and password.
Samsung Series 8 F8000 LED TV comes slim and balanced on a semi-circle base, giving the TV a sleek and clean look. 

Something that I personally fell in love with, would have to be the Cyberbike. It is a new app introduced for this year, which allows users to play virtual cycling games using a bicycle accessory. The price of the bike hasn't been confirmed, though. I really hope it won't be a price too high to pay for losing weight... 

Delight in an Exceptional Sound and Viewing Experience with Samsung’s New Line-up of Digital AV Products

The Samsung DA-F61 Portable Wireless Speaker works like any booster speakers, but what's special is that it works with Near Field Communication (NFC) to activate the Bluetooth connection, allowing you to have the music playing wirelessly from your devices.

Samsung today also showcased its new digital AV line-up of new devices - Samsung Blu-ray Home Entertainment System HT-F9750WSamsung BD-F7500 3D Blu-ray PlayerSamsung HW-F751 AirTrack Soundbar and the Samsung DA-F61 Portable Wireless Speaker. Bringing Real 3D sound, Ultra HD and minimalistic design, its new 2013 digital AV line-up easily turns any home entertainment setup into an optimal sound environment.

Do visit their newly opened store at Paragon Shopping Centre as well for more Samsung experience....
Located in the heart of Orchard Road and boasting a space of more than 2,300 square feet, the Samsung Experience Store is set to provide consumers with a unique and diversified consumer experience across Samsung’s wide range of products including smart PCs, smartphones, tablets, notebooks, cameras and selected range of after-market and original Samsung accessories.

To discover more, please visit

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Audi Fashion Festival 2012 - Canon Blogger Workshop

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Hi Huneybees,

As part of the Audi Fashion Festive Singapore 2012, Canon, the official imaging partner, held the "Canon Blogger Workshop" in ION Orchard on 19th Feburary 2012.

It has been an honour to have Russell James, International Celebrity Photographer, to share his experience and thoughts on his passion for fashion photography with an enthusiatic audience.

Other guest speakers include fellow fashion bloggers Laila Lu from and Sarah Swee from took the second session together to share their exprience in blogging and how Canon camera have helped them to enhance their works.

Final session of the workshop was concluded with Elle Awards winner for Photographer of the Year 2012, Joel Lim, who shared tips on good photography using both high tech photography gears and budget equipment.

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