[Giveaway Closed] Happy MidAutumn Festival my Huneybees!!

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Hi Huneybees,

The last time I was at Chinese Garden celebrating MidAutumn Festival...

Today is the MidAutumn Festival (中秋节). What have you guys planned with the family? I will be home for dinner before heading out to Chinese Garden with a couple of friends and hubby....

Actually, I was asked about the Chang'e story yesterday and I jammed. I forgot! So I came home to Wikipedia and thanks to technology, I got the story again....

Houyi was an immortal and Chang'e was a beautiful young girl, working in the palace of the Jade Emperor (the Emperor of Heaven) as an attendant to the Queen Mother of the West (the Jade Emperor's wife). Houyi aroused the jealousy of the other immortals, who then slandered him before the Jade Emperor. Houyi and his wife, Chang'e, were subsequently banished from heaven. They were forced to live on Earth. Houyi had to hunt to survive and became a skilled and famous archer.

At that time, there were 10 suns, in the form of three-legged birds, residing in a mulberry tree in the eastern sea. Each day one of the sun birds would have to travel around the world on a carriage, driven by Xihe, the 'mother' of the suns. One day, all ten of the suns circled together, causing the Earth to burn. Emperor Yao, the Emperor of China, commanded Houyi to use his archery skill to shoot down all but one of the suns. Upon completion of his task, the Emperor rewarded Houyi with a pill that granted eternal life. 
Emperor Yao advised Houyi not to swallow the pill immediately but instead to prepare himself by praying and fasting for a year before taking it. Houyi took the pill home and hid it under a rafter. One day, Houyi was summoned away again by Emperor Yao. During her husband's absence, Chang'e, noticed a white beam of light beckoning from the rafters, and discovered the pill. Chang'e swallowed it and immediately found that she could fly. Houyi returned home, realizing what had happened he began to reprimand his wife. Chang'e escaped by flying out the window into the sky.

Houyi pursued her halfway across the heavens but was forced to return to Earth because of strong winds. Chang'e reached the moon, where she coughed up part of the pill. Chang'e commanded the hare that lived on the moon to make another pill. Chang'e would then be able to return to Earth and her husband.

The legend states that the hare is still pounding herbs, trying to make the pill. Houyi built himself a palace in the sun, representing "Yang" (the male principle), in contrast to Chang'e's home on the moon which represents "Yin" (the female principle). Once a year, on the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Houyi visits his wife. That is the reason why the moon is very full and beautiful on that night.

This is always a great time to spend time with you loved ones and I wish all of you a very Happy MidAutumn Festival! Share how you spent your MidAutumn Festival ya? :)

And according to tradition, during MidAutumn Festival, there's always a riddle time (猜灯谜).

Can you answer this? "兩間屋子真稀奇,大門常開也常關,屋裡可容千萬人,難容沙粒住裡邊。 (猜一人體部份)?". Crack your brains and I'll reveal the answer tonight.... The first person who gets it right will receive a little goodie bag from me.... Have fun!

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[Teaser] Arthur's Guinness Day

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Hi Huneybees,

Last night, thanks to Guinness, I got to catch some of my favourite Canto/Manto-pop artistes performing LIVE right in front of my face! I took tons and tons of photos and it's gona take me some time to upload all.

So stay tuned. And here's Cheers to Arthur!!!

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Panda Wave set to crash over Singapore!

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Hi Huneybees,

In October, a black and white wave is set to crash over Singapore with renowned local and international artistes, designers and retailers pledging their support to the Black & White movement - a public education movement that is helping Chengdu Pambassador raise awareness and support for the endangered giant panda.
The movement will kick off on 13 October with The Panda Rock Out - a concert and fashion show that will officially mark the opening of the Chengdu Pambassador 2012 Asia-Pacific regional semi-finals. 
*Admission will be limited to the first 3,000 adults that show up at the Sentosa Wavehouse wearing black and white.

Rising star Cher Lloyd (famous for her No. 1 debut single “Swagger Jagger” and appearance on Britain’s version of The X Factor) will headline the event.
"Giant pandas are endangered and that's unacceptable.” --- Cher Lloyd.

Alongside Lloyd, English singer and songwriter, Juliet Simms, who has been touted by MTV as the next female rock star in the likes of Fiona Apple or Alanis Morissette, will be performing at the event.
“I am very excited and proud to be a part of this. I have always cared deeply about animal conservation and it's truly amazing to be involved in the fight to keep the panda species from extinction.” --- Juliet Simms
Other artistes include DJ Enferno, DJ Daniel Yeo, and Singaporean sensation The Great Spy Experiment. DJ Enferno is known for his album the Ultra Dance 11, which hit the Billboard Charts as the top 10 albums for Dance/Electronic, while DJ Daniel Yeo, resident DJ with Attica since 2006, has played alongside industry heavyweights like Jesse Saunders and Jay Zimmerman.

The Great Spy Experiment

The Great Spy Experiment has been featured in internationally renowned events such as the Baybeats, Mosaic, ZoukOut and South-by-Southwest festivals.
“We are stoked to be able to play a part in a worthy cause like this." --- The Great Spy Experiment.
Kenny Lim and Andrew Loh of DEPRESSION.

Singaporean designers DEPRESSION and Dresstronomy will be showcasing exclusive black and white pieces created in support of panda conservation during the event.
“The panda is an iconic symbol of Asian culture and should be protected and cared for.” --- Kenny Lim and Andrew Loh of DEPRESSION.
Patricia Teo and Tylda Tan of Dresstronomy.
"Dresstronomy is thrilled to support panda conservation efforts in any way we can. With too many gray areas in life, we are hungry for black and white.” --- Dresstronomy.
The concert cum fashion show will officially mark the opening of the Chengdu Pambassador semi-finals for the greater Asia-Pacific region. 24 panda lovers and conservation activists from all around the region will be competing in the semi-finals in their bid to become a Chengdu Pambassador and participate in the “Global Panda Protection Tour” in 2013.

The competition is organized by the Chengdu Panda Base, the world-renowned breeding and research base for giant pandas, and co-organized by WildAid and Yao Ming Foundation.

In addition to the artistes and designers, key retail and corporate partners have come on board to help spread the word about panda conservation by both supporting Chengdu Pambassador events in Singapore and encouraging Singaporeans to learn more about panda conservation. These include 7-Eleven, DFS and Redken. 7-Eleven will be introducing a 16oz limited edition panda cup at the event, in addition to hosting in-store promotions in Singapore starting 3 October.

The recent arrival in Singapore of two giant pandas from China has sparked increased interest in panda conservation, making the country ideally suited to help increase awareness of the need to protect the endangered species.

For more information, please visit www.facebook.com/ChengduPambassador and to know more about the Chengdu Pambassador competition, go to my blog post here.

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Vote For The Winners of Fall Fashion Campaign Happening At 313@Somerset & Stand To Win Vouchers!

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Hi Huneybees,

As September slowly creeps away, the fashion style slowly changes to Fall collections and at 313@somerset, an inaugural mystery hunt began for the next cover model of a leading lifestyle magazine - CATALOG.

‘Are You Our Next Cover Model’

From September 7 - 9, live “mannequins” were planted at 313@somerset and along Orchard Road to spot and select males and females between 18 – 28 years old that showcase cover model personality and qualities.

The 12 chosen frontrunners enjoyed the privilege of a complimentary fashion consultation with an appointed fashion stylist for their hair and make-up on September 19 and 20. Additionally, a photo shoot was also conducted for all 12 finalists on September 21 and 22, after which they will have an opportunity to strut their stuff on an exclusive runway show on October 7, where one male and one female cover model will be crowned.

The winners will walk away with a cover page model contract for a leading lifestyle magazine and attractive prizes and 313 shopping vouchers worth $1000. Shoppers will play a part in selecting the winners as they can vote for their favorite male and female cover looks via the 313 Facebook page, from September 26 - October 6. Three lucky voters will each stand to win 313 shopping vouchers worth $100. Shoppers at the mall will also get a closer look at cover looks of the 12 finalists through a photo panel display from October 1- 6 and cast their votes for their top two favourite looks.

‘Bid me a Cover Look’
In conjunction with the Cover Model Search, 313@somerset is also organising a ‘Bid me a Cover Look’ fashion auction which will be held at 313’s Level 1 Atrium on September 29 and 30 at 2pm, 4pm and 6pm daily. Those who aspire to don a cover model ensemble can experience a unique fashion event where shoppers can pick out a runway-ready outfit from six “live” mannequins – four stunning female models and two saucy male models. All shoppers can participate in the auction bidding process by signing up at the registration booth at 313 Atrium on both days.

“Being a cover model has always been the dream of every young fashionista. With our upcoming fall fashion campaign, 313 wants to present that opportunity and engage with our shoppers, providing them a platform to explore fashion and express their styles” --- Amy Lim, General Manager of 313@somerset.

‘Sure-Win Fashion Spin’
From September 7 – October 14, shoppers can have a go at the sure-win fashion spin to receive over $20,000 worth of food and shopping vouchers when they spend a minimum of $150 (Maximum of 3 same-day receipts) at any 313 outlet.

With each spin, the shopper is also entitled a chance to win the new iPad (worth $958) in their lucky draw on October 15. This is limited to the first 80 shoppers per day on a first-come-first-served basis, one spin (i.e. One redemption) per shopper per day. CLUB313 members, who meet the minimum spend for the 313 Fashion Spin, are guaranteed one spin per day. They will also receive double chances at the lucky draw.  
*313 reserves the right to replace the 313 Fashion Spin gift with a 313 shopping voucher worth $10.

On September 29 till October 6, shoppers who spend $150 at any 313 outlet are invited to discover what their Aura Colors say about them, their fashion statement and lifestyle! The Auramatherapy shop introduces the Aura Video System (AVS), harnessing real-time imaging technology to capture a person’s full-body Chakras and Aura (or the emotional and energetic states of the user). This is a great chance for shoppers to uncover their inner well-being in minutes with the revolutionary Aura Video System (AVS) by The Auramatherapy Shop at 313 Atrium.

For more information, shoppers can enquire or call the Concierge Desk at 6496 9313 or log on to the 313@somerset Facebook page.

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Legoland Malaysia is Opened!

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Hi Huneybees,

I was recently invited as a media to Legoland right before it opens the next day! It was a great theme park, not only did I have fun, I relived my childhood days of playing with LEGOs! I took a super lot of photos and it takes me forever to edit. Wahahahaha! Up till today I am still super excited and I seriously think you guys should go there at least once!

Here's my little about LEGOLAND and preview of the theme park. I will be uploading more photos as I edit, but nothing is like the experience itself! Spot all the little LEGO characters everywhere!

When I arrived at LEGOLAND, the burst of bright colours shocked me and woke me up from my slight sleepy stupor. The first thing we did was heading over to the Market Restaurant to meet up with the organisers and we had a chat session with Mr Siegfried Boerst (General manager of LEGOLAND Malaysia), Mr John Jakonsen (Managing Diretor of LEGOLAND Parks, Merlin Entertainment) and Mr Muhammad Zainal Ashikin b. Muhammad Rejab (Chief Development Officer of Themed Attractions & Resorts Sdn. Bhd.).

After some food and interviews (which I will feature in the next blog post), we were treated to a performance by the Billund Marching Band which only performed for the opening day. Oh! So privileged! 

The band presented a LEGO band to Mr Siegfried Boerst and Mr John Jakonsen. Super adorable!!!

Off we go explore LEGOLAND! It's huge, so be prepared to some hours there. I would say go right in the morning and stay till closing! Wahahahaha!

Maps are everywhere in the Park, as well as super friendly LEGOLAND staffs. You will never get lost.
First LEGOLAND Park in Asia Reveals 76 Acres of Theme Park Fun!

LEGOLAND® Malaysia is a family theme park designed for families with children aged 2 to 12 years old with more than 40 interactive rides, shows and attractions. It is the first LEGOLAND® Park in Asia is that is strategically located at the heart of the Iskandar region. It is accessible to both local and Singapore residents and international visitors and is only 10 minutes from the Tuas Second Link and 45 minutes from Singapore Changi Airport.

On 15 September, Asia’s first LEGOLAND® Park is welcoming the public to enjoy all of its 40 rides, shows and attractions as LEGOLAND Malaysia opens to the public. The first international theme park in Malaysia spans 76 acres.

Future plans are already in place for LEGOLAND Malaysia to be the largest family destination resort in Southeast Asia with a Water Park and Hotel already under construction for opening in 2013 and 2014.

LEGOLAND® Malaysia has been created as an ideal environment for a whole day of family fun. Both nteractive and educational, the attractions are developed to be enjoyed by adults and children together to reate an opportunity for families to bond over play time. For the LEGO® fan, the Park will be the ultimate EGO “clubhouse.”

Little kids also got their playtime and their own little section to play with their parents!

Strategically located at the heart of the rapidly developing Iskandar region, the Park is accessible to both
local and international visitors. The excellent transportation network enables visitors from Singapore to
arrive within 10 minutes from the Tuas Second Link by road and 45 minutes from Changi Airport. Similarly,
the North-South Expressway provides easy access for local travellers.

About LEGOLAND® Malaysia

LEGOLAND® Malaysia is the sixth LEGOLAND to be built in the world and the very first in Asia. Targeted at families with children between the ages of two to twelve years, LEGOLAND Parks are based on the universally popular LEGO® construction toy range. They offer families the opportunity to bond, learn and push the boundaries of their imaginations through LEGO experiences. At LEGOLAND, families can practice their imagination and creativity, have fun while learning, and understand the importance of caring and

Families will be immersed in a unique mix of kid-powered rides, building challenges, spectacular LEGO models, interactive attractions, family-friendly coasters and shows that pull the audience into the action. LEGOLAND Malaysia will feature more than 40 interactive rides, shows and attractions when it opens.

Other LEGOLAND theme parks across the world are situated in Denmark, United Kingdom, Germany and USA with Florida and California locations. There are LEGOLAND Hotels in the Parks in Denmark and the UK; with a hotel scheduled to open in California in 2013. LEGOLAND Malaysia is located at Iskandar Malaysia and is made possible through IDR Resorts and Merlin Entertainments Groups, the world’s second largest visitor attraction operator.

Let in show ya around LEGOLAND's MINILAND! It's the located at the heart of the park and you be around the world in just hours! There's so many details involved with building the MINILAND, you must never miss it!

LEGO Singapore Flyer....

India! I'm coming!


PSA and Cruise?

China. Don't forget to spot the pandas!

Cambodia - Ang Kor Wat

There are lots more activities to do and I will be updating more. Do go over to LEGOLAND Malaysia today!

  • Direct coach from Singapore Flyer to Nusajaya with regular services.
  • Direct shuttle service operating from Tuas 2nd Link starts on opening day.
  • More than 3,500 parking bays available next to the Park.
  • For large group visits and tour operators over 100 bus bays are available.

For more information on routes, schedules and prices please also see www.LEGOLAND.my
More photos of Legoland can be viewed here in my album.

P.S. Stay tuned for my exclusive interview with Mr Siegfried Boerst. =) 


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