Earth Hour 2012

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Hi Huneybees,

Tonight, 31 March 2012, Earth Hour will be celebrated globally at 8.30pm (per country's timezone). In Singapore, many participating shopping malls will turn off lights and hold some events. One of the highlight events in Singapore, would be the Lights-Out Ceremony at Orchard Road. Details are as follows:


Date: Saturday, 31 March 2012
Time: 6.30pm – 10.00 pm
Venue: Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza, Orchard Road (Nearest MRT: Orchard and Somerset)
Guest of Honour: Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister, Environment and Water Resources
Head down to Orchard Road on Saturday, 31 March 2012 with your friends and family to celebrate Earth Hour with the rest of the global community. Join in the festivities with a live concert and eco-carnival, witness the first 60+ SINGAPORE human formation and count down to the lights-off event at 8.30pm. This event is powered by bio-diesel from Alpha Biofuels.

Stellar line-up of home-grown performers this year:

  • Jack and Rai
  • Tay Kewei
  • Dawn Ho
  • Michaela Therese
  • Jon Chong
  • Darren and Rei (NEA Eco-challenge finalists)
  • Judah Lyne (NEA Eco-challenge finalist)
  • Arts Fission children's dance 
  • Peace Connect Elderly dance

Let's do our part in saving Mother Earth and conserve energy!

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Paseo - The Tissue Journey

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Hi Huneybees,

Wana know how Paseo tissues are made? Come on down to NTUC Fairprice at NEX shopping mall (Serangoon MRT).

There's games and prizes to be won for these 2 weekends: 31Mar - 1Apr & 6Apr - 8Apr. Do bring your friends and family down! Share your love, Share Paseo!

See ya there!
Don't forget to like Paseo's Facebook Page for more updates!
*More photos of the journey can be found here*

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Sipping Authentic Singapore Sling on Singapore Flyer

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Hi Huneybees,

Last week, Valentine and I, as well as some other bloggers were invited up on the Singapore Flyer capsule to learn how to make our very own Singapore Sling with the authentic receipe, while "sipping" up the beautiful night view of Marina Bay.

Hehehehe. Choose from 4 designs of the Singapore Flyer ticket.
 History of Singapore Sling

Mr Ngiam Tong Boon (Credits to
Synonymous to Singapore and one of the nation's best-known cocktails, Singapore Sling was originally developed in 1915 by Ngiam Tong Boon, a Hainanese bartender. Since then, the original 1915 recipe of the Singapore sling, using gin, cherry brandy, fresh pineapple juice and other ingredients, endorsed by Mr Ngiam is kept by Association of Bartenders & Sommeliers Singapore (ABSS) and can now you can find it at the Flyer Lounge.

This is the special themed sky bar capsule
Enjoy Singapore's favourite cocktail on the iconic wheel

At S$69 nett per individual, guests get to enjoy a 30-minute treat in a special-themed capsule while enjoying the nation's all-time classic cocktail, the Singapore Sling.

Possibly the most perfect version of the Singapore Sling - after years of tasting and experimenting by the association - taste how this cocktail stunner is carefully mixed and freshly hand-shaken to perfection onboard the Flyer's Singapore Sling flight. While confortably nestled in your sky bar capsule, the iconic drink complements the charming views of Singapore's cityscape as you ascend to the top. Similar to how the drink is synonymous to being the nation's cocktail; see how Singapore flyer is an icon of Singapore as it offers you a bird's eye view of a once kampong fishing village, transcending in time to a modern cosmopolitan city.

Capsule so beautiful! I wana stay here all night already.
We were given a demonstration on how to do the Singapore Sling, before we proceeded to make our own versions. Singapore Sling is very fruity and you hardly taste the alcohol...

Introducing Alice who has been a bartender for years.
The drinks for Singapore Sling.

Yipee! My turn to mix! Huney the Bartender is up!

Success and enjoying my very own Singapore Sling...
Thank you Alice for coaching me. :)

And definitely thank you to Valentine for sharing the moment with me. 

I mentioned sipping Singapore Sling with the wonderful night view, how can I miss that?!

The signature postcard view.

Beautiful right?
 Well, check out the upcoming events you can enjoy with your family and friends...

Singapore Flyer 4th Anniversary Celebrations (1-30 April 2012)
Key Events
  1. Forest Adventure - 1st 50 full-priced child ticketholders pay $4 (U.P. $15)
  2. Singapore Flyer: A Journey of Dreams Digital Art and Animation Competition 2012 (Apr-Aug)
  3. Sports Fiesta 2012 (14 Apr) 
    - Paper Crafts Garden Shoe Art Competition
    - Street Soccer, Flyer Fun Run, Flyer Sprint 50
  4. Singapore Food Trail: Giant moving screening (1 weekend)
For local visitors
  1. April babies fly for free! (Limited to the first 200 pax per day, please produce IC at counter)
  2. Get a free upgrade to a Singapore Sling flight with every purchase when you download a coupon (via QR code). Limited to the first 400 pax every day.
  3. Spend a min. of $50 & stand to win a lifetime of flight (non-transferable, limited to 10 years).
  4. $15 student flights
Sky, Land & Sea Adventure @ Singapore Flyer (1 May -30 June 2012)
Key Events

School Holidays (Furball mascot to bring out the theme of Sky, Land, Sea Adventure)       
(26 May - 24June)
  1. Furball mascot meet-and-greet session on weekends
  2. Furball mascot drawing competition - Stabilo Swan to sponsor prizes and works will be displayed to allow public voting.
Decor: Inflatable Furball mascot for drawing competition and photo-opp - Snap a picture of your kids with Furball mascot and upload to Singapore Flyer's Facebook page. The photo with the most likes wins a lifetime flights for 4 to Singapore Flyer in the birthday month.

Other activities:
  1. I Love SG roadshow, WOW Lego Project, Amazing Race via smartphones (part of NDP 2012 celebrations)
  2. World Blood Donors Day (16 June)
For local visitors
  1. Sky-Land-Sea Package* (Valid on Sat & Sun only)
  2. $15 student flights

    *Package includes:
    • 1 Singapore flight
    • 1 Singapore River Taxi Cruise
    • 1 Open-top bus tour
    • 20% off participating tenants ( limit to specific timing)

Are you ready for the adventure of your life? Come ride in Singapore Flyer! 

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[Get The Look] China Glaze Magnetix

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Hi Huneybees,

Courtesy of China Glaze
There's been so much talk about magnetica nail polish, many popular nail poish brands has it and Huney got her China Glaze version as not only are the colours beautiful, with the magnet, you can have 3 designs easily done instead of just 1!

There are 6 colours to choose from and I got 4 (highlighted).

  • You Move Me - golden metallic
  • Cling On - green metallic
  • Pull Me Close - crystal blue metallic
  • Instant Chemistry - metallic berry
  • Drawn To You - subtle metallic lilac
  • Attraction - metallic chrome

  • From Left: Pull Me Close, Attraction, Cling On, Drawn To You.
     In each metallic nail polish, there's tiny metal pigments which can be easily manipulated and sculpted with the help of this magical magnet. 

    Simply hold the magnet right above your nails and the small particles will start to move in a way that they'll be able to form a fabulous pattern like the ones illustrated above.One trick is to make sure where is the center of the sunburst design as well as the arrowhead design.

    Here are the photos...

    Pull Me Close
    Cling On
    Drawn To You
    Do share if you guys bought the nail polishes too ya?

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    My Apologies

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    Hi Beautiful readers of Colour Huney,

    Due to my negligence, I've realized super lots of blog posts were missing.
    I scheduled them to be posted but apparently they did not, technical glitch or not, I think I've kinda resolved it. So, bear with me as I will be blasting blog posts these few days.
    Don't worry, they are all wonderful products and videos not to be missed.

    Stay tuned!

    Christina aka Huney
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    [What's New] Redeem your free RoC HYDRA+ UV 15 sample today

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    Hi Huneybees,

    My mum introduced me to RoC is I loved their moisturiser, especially when I'm travelling in super cold countries and you skin tends to peel, go for RoC. This is a great deal I just got and I'm sharing it with you guys. Hurry grab it! Click on picture to link or click here.

    Have fun!

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    [What's New] Kiehl's Dermatologist Solutions Clearly Corrective White - Part 2

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    Hi Huneybees,

    Remember I wrote about the all new Kiehl's Dermatologist Solutions Clearly Corrective White? I've been religiously using the routine and I definitely found "light" in my skin! My face is now all so smooth and is definitely fairer than I started using and my friends have been asking if I went to do some cosmetic surgery, laser or chemical peel. *Hehehehehe! I literally photoshopped myself in real life!*

    This is the range I've been "depending" on.
     You won't believe me until you see this video I made. I take a picture of myself everyday for 2 weeks (I swear there's no photoshop play in this) and see this "tranformation" for yourself.

    Thank you Kiehl's!
    Have you gotten your samples for the Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution yet? Do you like it? Don't forget to write a review for it too. For those who havn't, why not?  Go to this link to go find out how you can get it! You can stand a chance to win a $200 product hamper weekly! Hurry! It's till 31st March only...

    Woohoo! Camwhoring after realizing how easy and effortless makeup can be! I don't event have to conceal anything!!

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    The Icing Room’s Delicious High Tea Indulgence Menu

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    Hi Huneybees,

    *Before you procceed on reading, let me warn you that this post will make you drool after reading and that's what's happening to me now - writing the blog post my tummy growls for some dessert after dinner!

    Are you guys ready to entice your taste buds with a delectable selection of Heavenly Creations from The Icing Room's High Tea Indulgence Menu? I was so happy to be invited down to 313@Somerset for a Media Tasting and now I'm introducing the all-so yummy desserts to you guys!

    The Icing Room introduced their dreamy additions for an afternoon delight for you and your friends, family and loved ones. Exclusively available at The Icing Room at 313@somerset and Junction 8, these desserts are perfect for those who fancy sitting down to a session of pampering the taste buds.

    Sushi looking cakes!
    The Icing Room has always been known to be selling sweet desserts and famous for the personalised D.I.Y. cakes. 

    From gloriously luxurious macarons to special creations of dessert shooters, behold and embrace a
    selection of mouth-watering delights created by The Icing Room’s pastry chefs.





    Double Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream. Ice cream on top of a hot chocolate cake is definitely my to-die-for dessert!
    Brownie with Chocolate Ice Cream.
     This year, the menu introduces a boon to chocolate lovers such as the Double Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream ($6.80) and Brownie with Chocolate Ice Cream ($4.20). These
    offerings are baked to perfection with the finest ingredients and will satisfy the most intense of
    chocolate cravings.

    Who can resist a Crème Brulee? I love the sugar coating on top and this time instead of just a small cup, you get it in a plate almost triple what you can find out there! Sweet right?!

    A magnificent sweet indulgence such as the Crème Brulee with Berries ($4.80) is a classic
    must-have dish that is served in gratifying portions to satisfy the hankerings of the sweet tooth.
    Laced with the juiciest of berries and flamed to meticulous perfection of golden caramelization,
    this dessert is a perennial favourite to relish. 

    Adding on to the new menu is the iconic Ice Cream Cookie Puff with Pistachio ($3.80). A nutty accent of rich pistachio complements the mouth-play of textures as creamy ice-cream is tucked into crisp fluffy cookie puffs adding pleasurable sweetness to any tea-time session.

    Top: Cherry Crumble and Lemon Cream Crumble
    Bottom: Mixed Berries Crumble

    With a playful twist and a careful blend of intricate flavours, selections from the Ice Cream on
    the Rocks assortment are lip-smacking delights that bring a gratifying interplay of textures. One
    can choose between Cherry, Lemon Cream or Mixed Berries Crumble ($3.50) freshly baked
    in the kitchens of The Icing Room and pair it with smooth vanilla, chocolate or strawberry ice
    cream. So good, licking remaining smears is an assured end-note.

    I had the Lemon Cream Crumble. I love how big and chunky the crumbles are, you can totally much them on their own or just sink your teeth into the ice cream with their specially made Lemon Cream. I say give me 10 of these and it's still not enough!

    Accept nothing but luscious silky goodness with each decadent mouthful of dessert shooters
    from The Icing Room. With a harmonious pairing of velvety custard base and chunks of fresh
    fruit toppings, this enchanting treat packaged in petite shot glasses are refreshingly luscious treats of choice. One can choose among the Blueberry Panna Cotta, Strawberry Panna Cotta and Peach Panna Cotta ($3.50) to enjoy.

    Blueberry Panna Cotta, Strawberry Kirsch Jelly and Lychee Jelly.
    Panna Cotta's my thing, it's milky, it's creamy and with the blueberry on top, it makes it less sinful and definitely more refreshing on your palette. As for the Jelly's, other ladies at the table were loving it as they said it's light, cooling for a warm day, and also less sinful. I can see it as the ladies top favourite already.

    Perfect for those with a penchant for saccharine crystal pleasures, the Strawberry Kirsch Jelly
    and Lychee Jelly ($3.50) shooters are irresistible treats.


    The Macaron Ispahan ($3.50) is crowned with an enchanting macaron and deliciously paired with silky custard and strawberry infused jelly.


    The Icing Room presents three indulgence sets for a variety of choices during high tea
    sessions. A range of delightful macarons, cookie puffs, sliced cakes, muffins, dessert shooters,
    coffee and tea are available for customers to choose from.

    • Indulgence Set A ($13.80) Comes with a cookie puff, two macarons, cheese bar, choice of sliced cake with coffee or tea
    • Indulgence Set B ($5.80) Comes with a choice of sliced cake and coffee or tea
    • Indulgence Set C ($4.30) Comes with two muffins, a cookie puff with coffee or tea

    Tempted? Let's make a date and indulge ourselves ~!

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