[Updated] STGCC 2013 Is Back This Weekend!

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Hi Huneybees,

STGCC the yearly games and comic con in Singapore is back this weekend and yesterday I was at the media preview, where the vivacious cosplayer, Vampy Bit Me joined by Korean cosplayer AzaC.B. Cebulski, Marvel Comics’ international talent scout, Marvel Comics book writer/artist and game developer Joe Madureira (Joe MAD), Hideo Baba, the brains behind the Tales of series as well as star toy designers Angry WoebotsLuke Chueh and JRYU from the Army of Snipers; addressed the members of the media to give us a lowdown on what's to expect this weekend.

The talented artists and cosplayers shared their past experiences as well as their future plans and one of the highlights would have to be Aaron of Angry Woebots who actually drew his famous angry panda LIVE on stage using black paint brush and water in just 10 minutes!

At the event The Army of Snipers also gave away their work - Army of Monkeys, which representing each of their works for See no Evil, Hear no Evil and Speak No Evil.

Next up, we have Vampy Bit Me as the sexy Psylocke, Joe MAD as well as C.B. Cebulski.  He is here again to talent scout comic artists, so if you have some good works and want to be a comic artists, meet up with him with your portfolio in STGCC this weekend. Hint: His favourite villain is Sabertooth.

The 2 Cosplayers - Aza and Vampy was the hottest at the press con with the boys crowding around them. Is it obvious? We are talking about Aza and Vampy! Do look out for them this weekend at the stage area~

Other than the artists, there were also some toys previewed...

Figurines of Captain America, Superman (Evil Version), Iron Man (MIDAS Mark XXI) and  Bruce Willis as Joe Colton in GI Joe are some of the not to be missed collectibles from Hot Toys.

Besides having the 1/4th scale Ironman, Play Imaginative is also producing the Drones from Ironman 2 the movie. There are Army, Navy, Air Force and the Marines. 

Ugly Dolls as super heroes of Hello Kitties are simply irresistible. Don't ask me which one to get but all I know is that the Hello Kitty versions are already not available for pre-order online...

Something for the Minion crazy fans as well!

The Love Bomb By Phunk From Mighty Jaxx might just steal your heart away...

I fell in love with SIDEWAYS by Yoskay Yamamoto.

Then comes the range of toys from the guys of Army of Snipers.

Luke Chueh would be doing customization of the bear head at the event which you can purchase it.

I so wana get this tote bag by Angry Woebots!

The Army of Monkeys are exclusively sold at STGCC.

I also got to get a photo with each of the artists, together for an autograph and some of them were so sweet to draw on the canvases. I will be putting them up in my study room together with the rest when I get them over the weekend. Stay tune for the update!

STGCC will be starting this Saturday (30 Aug'13) 10am at Marina Bay Sands till this Sunday (1 Sept'13).
If you are interested, get more details at STGCC websites!

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