Melt The Heat Away With Leeu SG's Merlion Ice Pop

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Hi Huneybees,

When it comes to Singapore representing food, one might think of Laksa and Hainan Chicken Rice, now we have a new iconic dessert to call as ours too! Something to cool down in the sweltering warmth comes the Merlion Ice Pop and Esplanade Ice Cream by Leeu SG.

So, the Merlion Ice Pop (S$4.80), is endorsed by the Singapore Tourism Board (Of course right?!) and just as its name is a patriotic Merlion shaped strawberry and vanilla-flavored ice cream on a popsicle stick. It is not overwhelmingly sweet and reminds me a lot of strawberry cheesecake slurpie style!

My favourite ice cream would be the Esplanade Ice Cream (S$11.80), inspired by Singapore's durian shaped building - The Esplanade, where Leeu SG resides. Instead of being on a popsicle stick, this special ice cream comes in a pie crust base and it's made from fresh durian and shaped like one too!

Leeu SG - which means “lion” in the South African language of Afrikaans is the baby of husband-and-wife team of Jenn Wei Yeo and Valerie Liu. Leeu SG's creations are carefully hand-crafted using top-grade ingredients and are made in small batches to ensure quality and consistency throughout.

Aside from the 2 mentioned signature items, another eye-catching item on the menu is the strikingly pink and blue hued Fish Tail Soft Serve (S$6.80). You can choose from plain or charcoal flavoured taiyaki (fish tail) base - that has mochi inside, making it so chewy and yummy to pair with the soft serve on top. What's special is the blue ice cream. It is made from the trendy health food - Blue Majik. There is a very subtle hint of saltiness, that I find goes well with the sweet, warm fishtail bite base.

If you are looking for some thirst quenchers, Leeu has also a variety of milk or soda-based ice cream floats (S$6.80). 

A mini sample version of The Purple Fantasy

The Sentosa Breeze and The Red Dot features fizzy fruity soda base topped with soft serve; The Zouk-Out Cure has a yuzu lemon ginger soda base that can shake that hangover from last night; The Purple Fantasy is a taro smoothie served with the most adorable sprinkles on top of the soft serve, whilst The Old Timer is pandan milk topped with beancurd instead of a soft serve. It definitely brings back loads of childhood memories as well as a ton of Asian flavour.

In celebration of Leeu SG’s official opening, all visitors to the store can enjoy the signature Merlion Ice Pop and Esplanade Ice Cream at promotional prices: the Merlion Ice Pop is available at S$3.80 (U.P. S$4.80); while the Esplanade Ice Cream is available at S$8.80 (U.P. S$11.80). Unicorn floats are also available at $1 with every drink purchased!

Leeu SG
Address: The Esplanade Mall, #02-07, 8 Raffles Ave, Singapore 039802
Opening Hours: 12pm to 10pm daily
Instagram Page: @leeusg
Facebook Page:


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Pizza Buffet Fiesta At Pizza Hut From June Till August !

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Hi Huneybees,

Half the year is gone and I'd say it's time to let your stress hair down, gather your friends and families together and spend some quality time together. I mean, when's the last time you've truly sat down and enjoy your meal with them? Either you are rushing through your meals or in this modern world of technology, letting your mobile phones "enjoy" your meals first, making sure we get the best #foodie social media posts right?

If you've seen the ad above before, you will know something new is brewing in the kitchens on Pizza Hut. Well, no messy customizing menus, fuss aside, the classic Pizza Hut Pan Pizzas went through a round of customer feedback and intensive brainstorming within the restaurant teams. Now served up are the all-new Pan Pizza versions of familiar favourites such as the Hawaiian, Super Supreme, Pepperoni and BBQ Chicken with a crispier crust, improved signature sauce and topping closer to the edge.

Pizza Hut wants to bring back the simple pleasure of a slice of piping hot and delicious pizza in this complex world of foodie fads with 90-minute pizza buffets in selected outlets each week from 25 June to 26 August 2018.

Yes! Infinite amounts of pizza slices within 90 minutes. 6 flavours to choose from and each buffet will start off with Breadsticks and Soup of the Day with 1 Soft Drink choice. The pizzas served up are:

An all-time favourite. Tender chicken ham combined with sweet and succulent pineapple chunks for a taste of the good ol' days.

Chicken Supreme
Sink your teeth into a generous spread of savoury chicken ham, spicy chicken chunks, roasted chicken, topped with onions, capsicums and mushrooms.

Curry Chicken
Italian classic meets local favourite. Spicy chunky chicken, potatoes, onions and diced tomatoes come together for an authentic flavor of rich spices.

Super Supreme
Always a house favourite, combining juicy ground beef, smoky cabanossi sausages, beef pepperoni, chicken ham, and a luscious mix of capsicums, onions, olives, mushrooms and pineapple chunks.

Meat Galore
The perfect meat lover's choice. Chicken ham, pepperoni, minced beef and cabanossi sausages, with tomato mozzarella melt.

BBQ Chunky Chic
Spicy chicken chunks, onions and pineapple chunks, baked on a smoky BBQ sauce.

Check out all the cheesy goodness, I'm already salivating as I try to complete this post. So gather up your friends and families for this yummy treat. It's advisable to make a reservations at before heading to the restaurants. Here's the schedule of the Pizza Hut Buffet Fiesta:

  • 25 June to 8 July: Bedok Mall, Harbourfront Centre, Jurong Point, Lot One Shoppers' Mall
  • 9 July to 22 July: Bukit Timah Plaza, Causeway Point, The Seletar Mall
  • 23 July to 5 August: Ang Mo Kio, Eastpoint Mall, NorthPoint City (North Wing), West Mall
  • 13 August to 26 August: Bukit Panjang Plaza, Plaza Singapura, Sun Plaza, West Gate

Buffets are available in 2 sessions on weekdays (6:15 pm to 7:45 pm, and 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm) and 3 sessions on weekends (4:30 pm to 6:00 pm, 6:15 pm to 7:45 pm, and 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm).

Adults can enjoy the buffet at $19.85 on weekdays and $22.20 on weekends, while children, age 5 to 12 years old, can enjoy the buffet at $12.80 on weekdays and $15.15 on weekends. Prices are inclusive of 10% service charge and prevailing GST.

Chomp on my Huneybees!
I'm definitely planning one buffet outing this weekend 😋😋😋


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Cyndi Lauper's Kinky Boots: JUST BE Campaign Comes to Singapore

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Hi Huneybees,

Kinky Boots is all about embracing who you are, and they've taken it to the next level with the Just Be Campaign. Check out the video below to learn more...

Such a positive message to go with a high number of musical - Kinky Boots. Who do you think will be the next Just Be ambassador?

Anyway, have you gotten your tickets to Kinky Boots already? It will be in Singapore this October and for more details, go to -


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MAMMA MIA! Here We Go Again ~~~

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Hi Huneybees,

Are you ready for the sunniest musical ever? MAMMA MIA! The Smash Musical is coming to Singapore this November and you can get your tickets here -

The Story

A mother. A daughter. Three possible dads and a trip down the aisle you will never forget! That is the premise of this smash-hit musical.
The sunny, funny tale of MAMMA MIA! unfolds on a Greek island paradise with Sophie’s quest to discover the father she’s never known. This brings her mother face to face with three men from her distant romantic past.
It is an enchanting story of love, laughter and friendship, which has captured the hearts of over 60 million people from around the world. And it is brought to life by the timeless, toe-tapping hits of ABBA.

Since premiering in Dublin in September 2004, this international tour has visited 85 cities across 38 countries and sold over 5 million tickets, and is one of only five musicals to have run for more than 10 years both on Broadway and in the West End. Get out your ‘Money Money Money’ and come dressed as a ‘Dancing Queen’ for some hot summer nights, as Mamma Mia! returns to our shores this November!

Mamma Mia! plays at the Sands Theatre at Marina Bay Sands from 3rd – 18th November. Tickets available from SISTIC.


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mc2 Is Having World Cup Promotions too!

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Hi Huneybees,

Pinning yourselves to the TV lately for the 2018 FIFA World Cup? Who do you think will be the winning team? Why not put in your answer and stand a chance to get 50% cashback when you shop at mc2?

For this World Cup season, mc2 is throwing in huge budgets to benefit its customers who correctly predict the winner for the World Cup this year! From now until 30 June 2018, all mc2 customers will stand to get 50% cashback for all purchases. This applies to every customer, who correctly guessed the winner, without any limits in amount to be given back in cash!

For customers and especially homeowners who are on the lookout for solutions for balconies and outdoor blinds, indoor curtains, accordion doors, wallpapers, flooring, audio solutions and more from the top brands in the market like ALTEX, Hunter Douglas, TOSO, SONOS etc., do not miss out this chance to get all these purchases at just half the price!

To get 50% cashback at mc2, simply:
1) Shop at mc2 4,200 sqft showroom
2) Settle your purchases by 30 June 2018
3) Correctly predict the winning team this World Cup by 30 June 2018
Do take note that the 50% cashback applies only for normal-priced merchandises, cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions. 

mc2 Facebook giveaway
On top of that, mc2 is also running a Facebook giveaway for 3 lucky winners on their Facebook for the latest all-new Sonos beam smart, compact soundbar (worth $699 each).

4 simple steps to win the Facebook giveaway:
1) Like mc2 Facebook page (
2) Like mc2 giveaway post (
3) Share mc2 giveaway post to your page and set your audience to “Public” for verification purpose
4) Let mc2 know who you predict as the winner for World Cup in the comments to the giveaway post, and tag 3 or more friends in the same comment.

I'm definitely holding my breath, catching the World Cup season, I'm looking at France or Russia to win. What about you guys?

mc2 Showroom
Address: 33 Ubi Ave 3 #01-28, Vertex, Singapore 408868
Tel: 6634 7333
Operating hours: Weekdays (11am to 7pm) & Weekends (12pm to 6pm)


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10 Things I Love About The 'Marvel Studios: Ten Years of Heroes' Exhibition

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Hi Huneybees,

It's been 10 years since Iron Man first popped on to our cinema screens, spawning one after another movie, creating one of the biggest movie franchise out there that now it's been named as a universe - Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Photo Credits: The Indian Express

Jumping out of the Marvel Comics, are the superheroes we know as the Avengers. Whilst the cast who plays the superheroes assemble to get their very own commemorative tattoo, we the Marvel fans here in Singapore, get to indulge ourselves in the World of Marvel at the 'Marvel Studios: Ten Years of Heroes' exhibition.

10 years, 19 movies all compacted into a gallery space within the ArtScience Museum with 10 themed sections for you to step into the MCU. I was there for a media preview, took a plethora of photos and here's 10 things I love about the exhibition...

1) Movie Posters Gallery
Every single Marvel movie poster featured alongside with a little playback, summary and categorized according to order will bring you down memory lane. Which ones have you watched before? Did you miss any of them? If I could have a special room for mementos, this dream room will definitely be the one.

2) Light Projection Iron Man
Entering the Stark Tower, stands a white Iron Man statue. The Hall of Armors pop up on the screen behind and light projection via mapping is cast onto the statue to show you the evolution of armors Iron Man has worked on. Going from Mark I to Mark XLVI, you will get to see how the pieces come together and what upgrades have been made. 

3) Thor's Hammer
Stepping out of the Bifrost, brings you to the Sakaar's gladiator scene where the iconic battle between Thor and Hulk from 'Thor: Ragnorok' happened. That may be a magnificent scene to marvel at but what's hiding at a corner is the Mjolnir. I tried, but guess I wasn't the chosen one, it's your turn now...

4) I Am Groot
One of my favourite characters from the MCU, makes an appearance too. I grooved to the soundtracks from the Guardians Of The Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1 and dance along with Baby Groot!

5) Opening Portals with Doctor Strange
This might just be as close as I can get to Benedict Cumberbatch! That charming Doctor Strange vibe makes him so mysterious~ Not only did I get to take endless pictures with "him", I also got a chance to practice Alchemy, bending reality and opening portals to some of Singapore's iconic tourist spots!

6) Wakanda Forever
Yes, you can travel to the secretive Wakanda without the need for your passport. At this gallery, you can enter the Panther Cave to meet Black Panther himself and explore their tech. I do love the whole setup but if there was a section for Shuri's tech lab, it will be perfect!

7) Microscopic World
I was tracing the little ants on the floor and popped into this space, wondering what is there to see. Then I noticed 2 magnifying glasses which behind stood Ant-Man and The Wasp. So, this is how small they are?! I could pinch them with my fingers! Well, prepare your microlens for this gallery (don't be like me) coz they are very detailed and you wouldn't want to miss it.

8) Thanos
At this last section of the exhibition, stands Thanos and his Infinity Gauntlet, where you can activate it with each of the Infinity Stones via an interactive display. Though he is being named as the villain of the MCU, I can't help feeling in awe for this character. He had a mission and spent all his efforts to fulfill that; all the determination and "discipline" in improving and empowering himself, is definitely the kind of spirit I look up to and hope to have.

9) Group Photo
Remember that famous Oscar Selfie by Ellen DeGeneres? Top that at the photo wall upon exit with an epic MCU wefie. The whole cast of the Marvel movie series, joined with the director and even Stan Lee have all lined up for that shot with you!

10) Exclusive Merchandise
Don't rush out of the exhibition just yet. The souvenir store is there waiting and right at the middle, you can spot these black t-shirts with a number 10 printed on the back. These are sold exclusively to commemorate the 10th anniversary MCU and you can choose different designs that feature a silhouette of your favourite superheroes like Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, etc...

So there you have it, these are the 10 little things I love about the 'Marvel Studios: Ten Years of Heroes' Exhibition. There are so much more for you to explore and photo spots for all your social media sharing. Be sure to head on over to the ArtScience Museum to check it out.

'Marvel Studios: Ten Years of Heroes' Exhibition will run from 9 June till 30 September 2018. Tickets are not available at all Marina Bay Sands box offices and website. For more information, please visit

Ticket prices are as follows:

SGD 19 - Standard Ticket
SGD 16 - Singapore Resident

Senior (65 years and above) / Student / Child (2-12 years)
SGD 14 - Standard Ticket
SGD 12 - Singapore Resident

Family Package (2 kids & 2 adults)
SGD 54 - Standard Ticket
SGD 45 - Singapore Resident


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