Aaron Kwok De Showy Masquerade World Tour Live in Concert 2012 郭富城《舞临盛宴》世界巡回演唱会[新加坡站]2012

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Hi Huneybees,

Aaron Kwok is back in Singapore this September to memorise his fans with his De Showy Masquerade World Tour Live in Concert 2012 - 郭富城《舞临盛宴》世界巡回演唱会[新加坡站]2012.

Back from his 17 performances in Hong Kong, Aaron Kwok (郭富城) will be bring his HK$12 million "Transformer‟ stage ( “变形金刚” 舞台) to Singapore for a one-night only concert on 8th September in Singapore Indoor Stadium. 

According to reports, the HK$12 million "Transformer‟ stage ( “变形金刚” 舞台) could produce six trampolines of different sizes, transformed from the bottom of the stage, allowing Aaron to fly two meters through the air, while performing breathtaking dance moves - the climate of the show!!!

Needless to say, Aaron Kwok (郭富城) took less than three weeks to master the feat, which would normally have taken others at least one to two years to achieve!

For ticketing information, do checkout this link to

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Be very afraid this Halloween with FrightFest

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Hi Huneybees,

Singapore Flyer’s FrightFest 2012 returns bigger and better!

Iconic attraction works with Singapore Polytechnic to plan and run month long Halloween event. Early bird packages also launched ahead of schedule (Singapore – June 26, 2012) The world’s largest Giant Observation Wheel continues to brand itself as an iconic lifestyle destination, as it rolls out the city district’s biggest Halloween extravaganza happening this October.

Following the success of the inaugural FrightFest last year, FrightFest 2012 @ Singapore Flyer returns as a three weeks long event. And for the first time, Singapore Polytechnic (SP) is working with the iconic attraction for the latest installment of FrightFest. A strong team of 17 Year Two students from SP’s Diploma in Integrated Events & Project Management will transport guests to a movie-themed Halloween experience.

Making it bigger and better, guests will start their journey with a wander through The Undead Forest characterized into the Asian and Western zone. Over 20 scare crews will be lurking around to give guests a run for their lives. Scream inducing sights at the Singapore Flyer include:

  • FrightFest: With characters from famed horror shows such as The Maid, The Walking Dead, Stephen King’s IT and Friday the 13th in The Undead Forest
  • Halloween Carnival & Flea
  • Waterfront Party zone
  • Kids Corner (For children or the faint hearted)
All is not lost as panoramic views on board the 165-metre tall Singapore Flyer flights will calm your racing hearts. But don’t say we didn’t warn, be ready to confront your fears once you return to ground.
“We are very excited to work with Singapore Polytechnic to present the city’s biggest Halloween event. With this collaboration, we are glad it gave the students an opportunity to be creative, put what they have learnt in school to play, as they train up to be the future of Singapore. FrightFest 2012 @ Singapore Flyer is one of our signature yearly events that extend beyond our scenic flights, further branding the Flyer as an iconic lifestyle destination.” --- Jeff Tan, Singapore Flyer’s Senior Director of Sales and Marketing

So, for Halloween, I have been stressing over what to appear in and Googled a look that was shown during the M.A.C.'s Halloween Face Off with Snooki. 2 makeup artists came up with this look, where the model closed her eyes and she looked like she had no pupil at all. I decided to take up the challenge and tried to replica that look. Click here to see my "transformation" process....

FrightFest 2012 begins to haunt on 12 – 14, 19 – 21 and 26 – 28 October 2012. Choose between the FrightFest Value Pack, which will send shivers down your spine at The Undead Forest, then a respiteful flight up the Flyer. For the strong-hearted, go all out with just admission to The Undead Forest. Early bird prices start from $18. Responding to last year’s requests, group bookings and child prices will be available across the 3 Halloween weekends. Guests can come decked out in their favourite Halloween costumes and be singled out to win attractive prizes.

The meek and the young are welcomed to join in FrightFest 2012 celebrations with special fringe events, such as, the Halloween Carnival & Flea, Waterfront Party zone and a Kids Corner – which  will host activities fit for kids and their families to enjoy.

For FrightFest 2012 @ Singapore Flyer latest updates, contests and chance to win FrightFest 2012 tickets, join them at Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/singaporeflyer.

To book tickets to FrightFest 2012 @ Singapore Flyer, visit: www.singaporeflyer.com

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[Get The Look] Halloween Look - Zombified with Bursting Veins

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Hi Huneybees,

I was looking for ideas to create the scariest Halloween look and I stumbled upon this amazing look that was featured in M.A.C.'s Halloween Face Off Challenge with Snooki. The 2 makeup artists won the challenge and I found it super scary!


The whole idea behind this concept is to create a scary and eerie feel when closing the model's eyes. She must look as though she had no pupil and without the help of crazy hurtful contact lenses, I tried to replicate the look.

Mine's not as scary as what the makeup artists have done. But I think I created my own scary zombified look. This is the result of my sleepless nights! Wahahahahahaahaha!


So here's a video on how I created the look and hope you guys can learn a trick or 2. What's your Halloween idea this year?

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Camera play at Yishun Dam

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Hi Huneybees,

That's a Kampong on the right...
Recently hubby has a new hobby of finding interesting places to take spontaneous photos. He has his gear in the boot of the car and whenever I drive till somewhere beautiful, we would stop for some photos.

So this very day, we went to Yishun Dam. It's a place for family to chill out, BBQ or fish, or even for couples to cuddle up and watch the sunrise/sunset. Hubby got out of the car to take photos, while I sat in the car, hiding away from the mosquitoes.




I watched my hubby "work" and it kinda create a new spark for us. Something about my man engrossed in something, makes me feel like a little girl again, and I had my paparazzi moment snapping pictures of him taking pictures (Wahahahaha! What a mouthful!). Below are some of the photos hubby took that day...

 If you have the time, do head on over to Yishun Dam. It's my favourite destress place... :)

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Hearthrob Boyband The Wanted - Live in Singapore on 16 September 2012

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Hi Huneybees,

Heart-throb The Wanted are coming to Singapore!

THE WANTED - one of Britain’s biggest and most brilliant pop band, will be making their FIRST FULL-LENGTH concert debut in Singapore on 16th September 2012, at Max Pavilion!

The boys will be backed by their full band, and are set to charm fans with a spectacular, high-energy show! It will be the band’s FIRST in Singapore, following successful promotional tours and having attained GOLD status for their debut album. The Wanted have released 3 albums - The Wanted, Battleground and The Wanted (USA Debut). All of which have left their Number One mark on retail charts locally and dominated radio charts! ‘Glad You Came’ and ‘Chasing The Sun’ held the spot as Number 1 downloaded song for 4 weeks on SingTel Amped and are currently dominating the charts! On radio, ‘Chasing The Sun’ locked in over 25 days at Number One on Radio 913’s Hot 30 Countdown and held the top spot for 2 weeks on 987FM Top 20 Chart!

Hot on the heels of their huge summer smash ‘Chasing The Sun’, and numerous dance floor hits like ‘All Time Low’, ‘Lose My Mind’, ‘Gold Forever’, ‘Lightning’ and ‘Glad You Came’, there’s simply no stopping the band! The Wanted have found record-breaking success at every turn, garnering over 50 million YouTube views, touring with Justin Bieber, performing at countless sold-out arenas and tremendous breakthrough success in USA.


Tickets are priced at $128 (Standing) and $98 (Seated).

The Wanted Merchandise will also be available for purchase via Sistic website.

Priority ticket purchases for all SingTel subscribers will go on sale from this Wednesday, 8 – 10 August 2012, strictly at all authorized SISTIC outlets. First 100 SingTel customers will get 10% off ticket prices during priority sales. SingTel subscribers are required to flash the SingTel logo via their mobile phones or present their latest SingTel bill at point of purchase. [Sistic booking fee applies]

Public ticket sales will be available for purchase, from Saturday, 11 August 2012, at all authorized SISTIC outlets, www.sistic.com.sg or by calling (65) 6348‐5555. [Sistic booking fee applies]


Share the news, let's have this concert artwork everywhere on FB and Twitter!

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Crealto - Limited Edition Grand Cru by Nespresso

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Hi Huneybees,

Nespresso once more demonstrates its never-­ending quest to surprise and delight consumers with new coffee experiences as it reveals its latest Limited Edition for Autumn 2012, Crealto.

Nespresso Green Coffee Specialist Alexis Rodriquez was inspired by Michelin-­starred chef Mauro Colagreco’s application of long-­roasting techniques at low temperatures. Uniting the creative strengths of both areas of expertise, Crealto reveals roasted notes that are surprisingly round and a lingering finish, achieved by a long roasting method by Nespresso.

Sealed in a white capsule marbled with brown streaks –
reminiscent of the way chefs decorate their creations. The packaging reflects its refined character.
The name Crealto stems from the combination of “Createur” and “Alto”, referencing the alta cucina (high gastronomy). Crealto is the latest Limited Edition coffee from Nespresso - a one‐off unique blend outside the brand’s collection of 16 permanent Grands Crus.

With an intensity of 8 -­ on a scale of 1-10 -­ and blended entirely from washed Arabicas, the unique character of Crealto allows its rich aroma to be fully appreciated. Whether savoured alone or within a milk recipe its long roasting time cooks all the notes harmoniously, allowing it to develop round-roasted notes that are long lasting.

Crealto is best served as an espresso (40 ml) but can also be enjoyed as a milk recipe. Add a drop of milk to Crealto and it will release subtle nutty aromas – while for those who prefer a cappuccino, notes of wild nuts are revealed.

Nespresso typically introduces innovative and unique Limited Edition coffees a few times a year for a short period of time, offering Club Members an exciting new taste experience and underlining the company’s expertise within the industry.

MAURO COLAGRECO - Michelin‐starred Chef
“My encounter with Nespresso allowed me to experience the various parallels between the world of gastronomy and coffee, such as the importance of the quality of ingredients, the techniques, the passion and precision you apply and the creative routes you explore in the search of new tasting experiences. It was fascinating to  discover how the long and slow roasting technique that I use in my cooking could be applied to the creation  of Crealto”.

A rising star of fine cuisine, Italian-­‐Argentinean Mauro Colagreco displays astonishing creativity in his cooking through his exquisite use of ingredients. In 2012, he was awarded a second Michelin star for his modern and inventive cooking at his restaurant Le Mirazur in Menton, on the Côte d’Azur.

The French Ministry of Culture awarded him the prestigious “Chevalier des arts et des lettres” for his contribution to French gastronomy. Mauro chose cooking as a means of expression in Argentina, his homeland, where he grew up in a family that has always cultivated an atmosphere of good food.

Passionate about traveling, he backpacked through his country, in Latin America and the Caribbean where he discovered different flavors and culinary traditions. In 2006, Mauro took over Le Mirazur Restaurant where after six months, he achieved recognition of Gault Millau with the prize of Revelation of the Year, which was followed by his first star in the Guide Michelin after just ten months.

In 2008-­‐2009 he was recognised once again by Gault Millau when he was awarded the prize of “Chef of the Year.” In 2012, the Mirazur was chosen as the 24th best restaurant in the world according to the San Pellegrino classification. Driven as he is to keep on learning and discovering, Mauro has developed a creative style of gastronomic cuisine, blending with the best of Mediterranean cooking. Mauro has been able to express himself fully within the magnificent setting of Le Mirazur.

ALEX RODRIGUEZ - Green Coffee Specialist, Nestlé Nespresso SA
“At Nespresso we are always looking for innovative ways to surprise our Club Members with unique coffee discoveries that unveil new sensorial experiences. We have worked with world class chefs for a long time, as there are many synergies between Nespresso and the world of high gastronomy, but had yet to collaborate on the development of a Limited Edition coffee. We were inspired by Mauro’s creative spirit and inventive gastronomic techniques, resulting in the unique taste profile of Crealto.”
Alexis Rodriguez, a Colombian native, is the Green Coffee Specialist at Nestlé Nespresso S.A. In his role, he is responsible for Nespresso Product Development and Quality Control. His main role is to create new Nespresso Grands Crus, Limited Editions and single origins. In addition, Alexis is also responsible for defining and maintaining the quality criteria for the green coffee that Nespresso uses in its AAA Sustainable Quality Program™.

Alexis divides his time between tasting the green coffee in the Nespresso Production Centres in Switzerland, and coffee producing countries working on new developments and exploring new varieties. He has spent 20 years, his entire career, solely and fully dedicated to coffee - from the plant to the beverage.

Before joining Nestlé Nespresso SA in 1999, Alexis spent seven years as the head of Quality Control for the Federacion Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia, where he set up a reference laboratory for the organization in Belgium.

Crealto will be available for purchase from September 2012 at all Nespresso Boutiques, via toll free hotline 800-­852-­3525, Nespresso website (http://www.nespresso.com/) and Nespresso app at $11.50 per sleeve.

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I want a Nespresso Coffee Machine!

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Hi Huneybees,

Are you guys coffee lovers like me? Psst, I was recently at the Nespresso 2% Party and we had tons of fun drinking coffee (yes, kept me up all night after that...). I was first introduced to Nespresso, during my wedding. The hotel suite that I stayed in had their coffee machine and the coffee was amazingly fragrant and came in super handy in between the wedding preparations...

At the party, we were introduced to more variations of the coffee and different ways of appreciation...

Did you know, not only the different capsules are of different coffee flavours, they can also be added with different ingredients to create differrent drinks? With the gold capsule - Dulsao do Brasil Grand Cru, milk, rose syrup and white chocolate, I can enjoy a nice warm cup of Cappuccino A La Rose right there in minutes.

Nestlé Nespresso SA is the pioneer and reference for highest-­‐quality portioned premium coffee. Headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, Nespresso operates in more than 50 countries and has more than 7000 employees. In 2011, it operated a global retail network of 270 exclusive boutiques.

This is so cool! Socia Media and Technology has been married alot of times at events and this time with Instagram, once your photo has been hastag-ed, you can find it on the wall almost instantly!

Another challenge was to guess the number of capules are used for this logo design above our heads. For awhile, you can find everyone raising their heads counting the numbers. It was quite fun to see. :)
The coffee martini was a surprise. Not only was it refreshing, it was also a new idea for my parties. With a Nepresso machine at home, I can have coffee martinis, cappuccino-s, latte-s, frappe-s anytime I want them.

We were surprised by a gymnastic act. This lady was lifted above ground and she played in around the hoop with ease. It was so beautiful and every moment was like a piece of art...

Met the amazing local band duo - Jack and Rai and a few friends at the party. It was great fun and thank you Nespresso for the invitation!

For more information, visit the new Nestlé Nespresso website: www.nestle‐nespresso.com
More photos from the party can be viewed here.

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