My First Impression With Sony α7 III (Alpha 7 Mark 3) Full Frame Mirrorless Camera!

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Hi Huneybees,

Sony has just officially launched its latest entry level full-frame mirrorless camera in α7 III (aka Alpha 7 Mark 3 or simply a7 III) and I would like to share my take on this new camera, having the opportunity to try it out during the media session held earlier.

The Look

Not only does the new α7 III (aka Alpha 7 Mark 3 or simply a7 III) shares the same form factor and almost identical in design to Sony's current flagship full frame mirrorless camera - α7R III (aka Alpha 7 R3 or simply a7 RIII) - it also inherit two features, which I feel are very useful for serious photographers.

The addition of multi-selector (aka the joystick or thumbstick) and AF-ON is great for photographer

I'm happy for Sony for finally getting it right when it introduced multi-selector and AF-ON on
α7R III (aka Alpha 7 R3 or simply a7 RIII) and now the new α7 III (aka Alpha 7 Mark 3 or simply a7 III).  Both features in my opinion should have been standard long ago as the multi-selector (aka the joystick or thumbstick) really allows the user to shift the focus point of the subject with ease before shooting while the AF-ON button allows the user to focus on a subject until he / she changes it. These features combine make the work flow of an event or wedding photographer so much efficient!

The performance

Testing Sony's α7 III's low light capability with FE24-70 f2.8 OSS lens

Equipped with a brand new full-frame 24.2MP Back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS Image Sensor and an enhanced BIONZ X image processing enginethe new α7 III (aka Alpha 7 Mark 3 or simply a7 III) is not just fast in data readout and processing, it also is more light sensitive with a wide ISO range of 100-51,200, expandable to 204,800 for still photos!

Impressive Result of a cropped but unedited photo taken by α7 III at ISO 10,000, 1/250 f2.8

What this really means for user is the ability to shoot images at low light, hand held, supported by the 5-axis optical in-body image stabilization, with impressive result!!

Testing α7 III's fast hybrid AF system with its improved motion prediction algorithms inherited from α9 at continuous burst rate at 1/1250 f2.8

The class leading 693 phase-detection AF points and 425 contrast AF points were at work on the model (the subject) while she was turning

An impressive cropped but unedited photo of the model in focus, while she was turning around, taken from α7 III at continuous burst mode

What set the new α7 III (aka Alpha 7 Mark 3 or simply a7 III) over its more expensive cousin is definitely the fast hybrid Auto Focus. With 693 phase-detection AF points, 425 contrast AF points and the optimized motion prediction algorithms, both inherited from Sony's high-end Alpha 9 (α9) model, together with my favourite  Eye AF in the AF Continuous mode, makes the new α7 III (aka Alpha 7 Mark 3 or simply a7 III) every photographer's dream tool as it ensures reliable and accurate focus in just about any scene.

Packed with a big buffer that allows up to 177 shots in standard JPEG format and up to 89 shots in compressed RAW images or 40 shots in uncompressed form, plus the ability to shoot continuous up to 10fps (even in silent shutter mode) for up to 710 shots per battery charge using LCD or 610 shots using XGA OLED "Tru-Finder" EVF is simply awesome for any event or event sport photograpy!

What is even better is the fact that while the data is still writing to the memory card from the camera, after all the continuous shots, the user can still access (and often photographers do) to the menu and parameter to change setting!!

My Verdict

As a DSLR user, I am really impressed with what the new α7 III (aka Alpha 7 Mark 3 or simply a7 III) is capable of.
Through my crystal ball, I believe Sony is going to sell many of  the new α7 III (aka Alpha 7 Mark 3 or simply a7 III) as, in my opinion, this full frame mirrorless camera is anything but entry level and is even better than its more expensive cousin α7R III.  While the majority of the buyer would likely to be existing Sony upgraders (due to α7 III's great technology leap over earlier models),  it would also attract those M4/3 users who are looking to improve photography through technology plus also people from the DSLR world (like myself) who don't mind shifting from traditional viewfinder to EVF or even LCD.

Great job Sony!


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How To Achieve Glass Skin With Problematic Skin?

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Hi Huneybees,

The talk of the town these days is the K-beauty trend - Glass Skin. We are talking about achieving that perfectly smooth and intensely hydrated complexion with an all-over sheen, just like your window pane. It's a sign of healthy and youthfulness, which everyone is dying to have.

When I first saw pictures of the trend, I was thinking, "NO WAY! I have scars and acne, moreover with my eczema patch, there is no way I can achieve that look. Moreover, Singapore's sweltering hot weather will make me melt the moment I step out of the house!"

But being a beauty lover, how can I just give up that way? I tried ways and means to combine skincare with a little play-cheat makeup and I think I've got it. One thing I learned from this is that simply relying on makeup alone will not work, you need a consistent skincare routine, religiously following through with it and together with makeup, then you can show off your flawless skin. This is something that can't be achieved overnight, but patience my dears, in just days, you can see the difference!

Above is how I managed to achieve that Glass Skin look, I hope this helps you all with problematic skin troubles like me, in achieving that flawless looking skin. You can now cancel out those filter and beautifying effects on your smartphone cameras and app.

Products mentioned:

- Etude House Monster Micellar Cleansing Water - Shiseido Senka Perfect Double Wash - Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Scrub - Pixi Glow Tonic - Pixi Rose Caviar Essence - It's Skin Power 10 Formula (YE Effector, VC Effector, GF Effector) - Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moist Eye Cream - Laneige Firming Sleeping Pack - Kanebo Evita Beauty Whip Soap - Pixi Glow Tonic To-Go Pad - Saborino Morning Mask - Ajuste Airy Touch UV Spray SPF50+ PA++++ Sunscreen - MKUP Illuminating Primer - Clio Super Sufur Kill Cover Conceal Cushion - Colourpop No Filter Concealer - The Face Shop Tone Up Cushion Trolls Edition - Maybelline Facestudio Master Contour V-Shape Duo Stick - e.l.f. Studio High Definition Undereye Setting Powder - Colourpop Crystal Liquid Highlighter (Aventurine) - NYX Makeup Setting Spray (Dewy Finish)

Remember to stay hydrated and drink more water too! 

Cheers to good skin!


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Does "A New TV Experience Really Awakens" As Claimed by Sony BRAVIA With The Unveiling Of New 4K HDR TVs In A8F And X9000F?

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Hi Huneybees,

Sony has announced an update to its BRAVIA range of new and expanded 4K HDR television series - A8F and X9000F - designed to  deliver enhanced contrast, colour and clarity, thanks to Sony's proprietary innovations!

The new 4K HDR OLED TV spots a minimalist design that gives it a clean and timeless look that harmonizes with the space surrounding the TV and comes in 65 inch and 55 inch display.

Apart from the above-mentioned, sadly, there were NO notable technological upgrade, following the success of Japanese multinational conglomerate's first OLED TV release of A1E series last year.

While I understand, as a trained engineer, it takes a lots of time and effect for the R&D team to develop new improvement to the already impressive picture clarity and on-screen noise reduction thanks to the its cutting-edge 4K HDR Processor X1™ and the even more impressive Acoustic Surface™ technology that produces sound directly from the screen;  BUT by introducing a whole new model, with an almost identical technical specification, all inherited from XBR77A1E, which is the recipient for CES2018 Innovation Awards under Video Displays category, might lead to potential media backlash and possible product cannibalization. Equally puzzling is the absence of the 77 inch display from the A8F offer.

The other new range of BRAVIA that was unveiled at the same time with A8F was the X9000F. Designed as an update to X9000E series to meet the increasing customer needs for a wider variety of large premium 4K HDR screen TV, the new X9000F series is available in the massive 85 inch 4K HDR LCD display on top of 49 inch, 55 inch, 65 inch and 75 inch option, as in previous series.

The highlight of  X9000F is the improved motion blur management for sports and fast action scenes that is a common problem for large screen TV and thanks to the new X-Motion Clarity technology that was demonstrated at the event, all fast action scenes look smooth, bright and clear.

X9000F series also spots the same cutting-edge 4K HDR Processor X1™ in A8F that promises to reproduce greater depth, texture and more realistic pictures with exceptional contrast and more accurate colours.

While sound bar and the idea of mimicking a real cinema at home experience is not new, the new X9000F series is designed to work seamlessly with Sony's new Dolby Atmos®/DTS:X™ soundbar with Vertical Sosund Engine - HT-X9000F - to bring audio and visual pleasure to the next level at the comfort of home.

Credit goes to Vertical Surround Engine, Sony latest surround technology, HT-X9000F can create virtual surround sound of 7.1.2 that seems to come from all around the user regardless the type of room that he / she is in,

Like the earlier sound bar systems offered by Sony, HT-X9000F continues to support both USB and Bluetooth wireless technology that allows user to play or stream songs from his/her mobile device.

Both BRAVIA A8F and X9000F series will supports Dolby Vision, the latest HDR format from Dolby Laboratories and are second generation of Sony's Android TV.

While the price has yet to be released, both series will be available in Singapore by 2nd Quarter of 2018.

In my opinion, Sony has certainly invested in the right direction in making its BRAVIA smart TV smarter by partnering with Google.

With Google Assistant now built in to all Sony's Android TV, the user can control the TV and its connected Google Assistant compatible devices, by simply press the mic on the remote controller and talk to it! From the demonstration at the event, the integrated system did look responsive and easy to use but I wasn't sure if I would want to introduce more bacteria to one of the dirties home appliance around!!

While the new OLED 4K HDR TV was a let down, overall with the new technologies that Sony has been rolling out this far, I am confident that BRAVIA TV is certainly heading in the right direction in bringing a new TV experience to its users.


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What's It Like To Stay In A Samsung Smart Home?

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Hi Huneybees,

Recently I did a staycation at Orchard Scotts Residences, it was something more than just soaking in the pool and enjoying the day with my hubby. Thanks to Samsung, we got a sense of what living in a Future Smart Home is like.

The spacious apartment was equipped with Samsung's Connect Home system, which comprised of various Samsung's Internet of Things (IoT) devices called SmartThings, that allowed us the convenience to "command" the Samsung home appliances in the apartment from our smartphones.

Being able to control your home used to only happen in sci-fi Steven Spielberg movies, but now in this digital age, Smart Home has now become a reality. The Samsung Connect Home system takes advantage of the advancement of Wi-Fi Mesh Network to realize its consumers' dreams of having a sophisticated and Intelligent Home, just like in the sci-fi movies.

Can you spot the Samsung Connect? It's so small, you almost don't notice it.

Thanks to Connect Home and Connect Home Pro (the latter supports higher Wi-Fi speeds), there was zero Wi-Fi dead zone around the apartment, I could watch my Kdramas without having to pause while I walked from the living room to the room or even toilet. The size of the Connect Home/Connect Home Pro was so small that after the initial setup you would almost not noticing it around your house at all!

The palm-size Samsung Connect Home.
According to Samsung a single unit of the Connect Home and Connect Home Pro could blanket an area of up to 1,500 square feet in Wi-Fi, which should be sufficient for most homes (provided it is positioned in a central location).

But of course, this was just a tip of what the whole integrated Samsung Connect and SmartThings can do. Both the Connect Home and Connect Home Pro supports Bluetooth 4.1, Z-Wave, and Zigbee,  where smart home devices and appliances can be set up and controlled using the Samsung Smart Connect app (available as free download for Android and iOS devices). 

The Smart Connect app also supports Bixby, Samsung's personal voice assistant so you can control your home with verbal commands!

You can now communicate and manage devices such as your refrigerator, lights and even your washing machines and vacuum cleaners! Check out this video of me turning on the Samsung Powerbot Star Wars Special Edition VR7000 robot vacuum cleaner. Even the lighting (via Philips Hue light bulbs) is coordinated to turn red to have the ambiance changed to suit the "Dark Side" Darth Vadar arrival mood.

Samsung has developed a list of SmartThings for the homeowner to choose from and each is designed to address a different situation and security needs. I believe this comes in very helpful for families with kids or elderly at home as there will be occasions where someone forgets to close the door properly or unintentionally leaves water tap running, etc.

For example, placing the Water Leak Sensor would alert you when there's a water leaking from your sink, or there's water flooding in your toilet via the 2 metal leads underneath the sensor. 

You can even set the lighting to change colour to alert you once water leak is detected! This will definitely help you detect water leakage early and help you save the unnecessary waste of water.

Another is the Motion Sensor, as its name suggests, it can detect movement in the home, allowing you to turn on lights when motion is detected or when motion is detected in the bedroom, it will activate the air conditioner to turn on and cool the room. I've also seen on some of the forum threads, consumers also use it to arm/disarm their security systems or activate the heater in colder countries.

The video above shows how almost instantly motion is detected.

The Multipurpose Sensor is my favourite, the ways to use it is endless. It's a 2 part sensor, where it can be used to detect whether doors, windows or cabinets and refrigerator doors are open or closed.

In the apartment, it was used on the kitchen door, when it opens, the light turns on and when closed, the light turns off. It was one of my favourite use coz I'm really scared of touching the light switches. I had a bad experience of electric shock before, switching off the lights with my wet hands and sometimes it's inevitable that hands are wet after doing your chores in the kitchen right? This way, I can stay safe and save electricity too. Best right???

The Outlet SmartThing might seem like your typical electrical plug extension but if you are looking for a solution to help save the electrical bill at home and keep the kids aways from electricity, this is a must have!

Basically, any appliance that requires plugging into electricity can be paired with the Outlet. It can control the flow of electricity, allowing you to turn off or on appliances like kettles, toasters, and lamps, etc, making your home appliances safe for kids. How it works? See the video below...

The last SmartThings I want to show you is the Arrival Sensor. This is just a small little tag where you can hang on your dog's collar, your kids' school bags or even hang it with your keys.

Basically what it does is that it can alert you if pets were to accidentally leave the house, when your kid is home from school or if you tend to forget where you've placed your keys, you can use it as a keychain and it will emit a beeping sound to help you find them in your house.

After staying in the Smart Apartment, I was almost reluctant to go back my "unsmart" home. Life was so much more convenient and even my hubby loves it. He didn't have to get up from the bed to turn off the bedroom lights before sleep and can ensure that the doors are locked just from checking the Samsung Connect app in the comfort of the bed.
The Samsung Connect Home and Connect Home Pro are priced at S$198 and S$298 respectively. For more information, go to The ways to use the Samsung Connect Home system and SmartThings are infinite, below is a video on how else you can have the systems integrated into your homes.


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Spending A Day With Poppy & Branch at DreamWorks TrollsTopia In Universal Studios Singapore

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Hi Huneybees,

It was like a dream when I was whisked into the colourful world of Dreamworks Trolls - TrollsTopia! I was joined by Queen Poppy, Branch and all the other Trolls as we sang and danced, and had tons of fun under the glitterific rainbow Hollywood Lagoon stage.

I got this feeling inside my bones
It goes electric, wavey when I turn it on
All through the city, all through my home
We're flying up, no ceiling, when we're in our zone

So where is the magical TrollsTopia? It's in Universal Studios Singapore! The whole of Hollywood Street has been Trolli-fied, bright colours, dancing flowers and bubbles welcome you, as you step into the premise and you will find yourself dancing to the tunes inevitably. 

Trolls merchandises are for sale along the street, the first thing I knew I had to get was the Queen Poppy headband to go with my bright pink makeup. But I thought that was not Trolls enough, I had to do a little more...

To complete my Trolls modification, I also popped by the Trollify Yourself corner where the friendly artists drew my favourite rainbow and Poppy on my arms! You can also opt for face painting for you and your kids amd don't forget to don on the provided DreamWorks Troll wigs for a picture session!

Call me Queen Huneybee

Now that I'm Troll-ified, it's time for fun and games! I popped into the disco-ready Glitterpalooza hoping to win some goodies home. 30 secs in this mirror house to pick up rainbow confetti only to realise I was suppose to pick those tickets with wordings on. Why?! Why?! Why am I so obsessed with colours?!

Afterwhich, I went next door to the Hollywood China Arcade and painted in the VR world with Poppy and Branch. With the remote in hand, I drew in 3D with the help of the VR Goggles. There was so many different brush styles to choose from and so many colours, I was simply spoilt for choice! When you are done with your drawing, you can bring it home in a form of keychain or photo print out.

There's also another VR experience - VR Beat Feat where I got to travel to the virtual world of TrollsTopia and 'bash the beats' to the tunes of Trolls movie. "Punching" my arms left and right, it was definitely a work out for me that morning. 

After the "workout", I took a break in Starbucks before joining the Trolls and friends of Hug Time Trio at the Hollywood Lagoon Stage for more song and dance session. It was so much fun, I totally forgot about "being adult", that's the whole idea of going to a theme park right?

Of course, since I was already in USS, I stayed on longer to "travel" to other parts of the park and went on to the other rides. As I was strolling around the magical Far Far Away area, I spotted a little trace of Trolls too!

Depending on your direction, just as you exit Far Far Away or enter from Jurassic Park, there is the Goldilocks restaurant and in there, you can find Biggie's Ice Cream Burrito. 

Shaped like Mr Dingles, this dessert is literally Ben & Jerry's ice cream encased in thick blue cotton candy and when cut open, rainbow sprinkles "burst" out in surprise. It's a little costly, but definitely a must for those sweet tooth and for those who are drying out from the hot weather. :)

Before I left USS, hubby also let me buy home some Trolls merchandise to keep, how can I say no to such a sweet gesture right?

The DreamWorks TrollsTopia is here till 29 April 2018, do bring your friends and family members along! The TrollsTopia ecperience is included with regular park admission, where you can also continue to enjoy the adrenaline-filled rides and world-class attractions at the theme park. Additional charges apply for the VR experiences and Trollify Yourself. Singapore residents enjoy online savings on admission at S$72 for an adult one-day ticket (U.P. S$76), along with a complimentary S$5 meal voucher.

More information can be found on and above is the programme details for your reference. Have fun at TrollsTopia!


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