Spending A Day With Poppy & Branch at DreamWorks TrollsTopia In Universal Studios Singapore

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Hi Huneybees,

It was like a dream when I was whisked into the colourful world of Dreamworks Trolls - TrollsTopia! I was joined by Queen Poppy, Branch and all the other Trolls as we sang and danced, and had tons of fun under the glitterific rainbow Hollywood Lagoon stage.

I got this feeling inside my bones
It goes electric, wavey when I turn it on
All through the city, all through my home
We're flying up, no ceiling, when we're in our zone

So where is the magical TrollsTopia? It's in Universal Studios Singapore! The whole of Hollywood Street has been Trolli-fied, bright colours, dancing flowers and bubbles welcome you, as you step into the premise and you will find yourself dancing to the tunes inevitably. 

Trolls merchandises are for sale along the street, the first thing I knew I had to get was the Queen Poppy headband to go with my bright pink makeup. But I thought that was not Trolls enough, I had to do a little more...

To complete my Trolls modification, I also popped by the Trollify Yourself corner where the friendly artists drew my favourite rainbow and Poppy on my arms! You can also opt for face painting for you and your kids amd don't forget to don on the provided DreamWorks Troll wigs for a picture session!

Call me Queen Huneybee

Now that I'm Troll-ified, it's time for fun and games! I popped into the disco-ready Glitterpalooza hoping to win some goodies home. 30 secs in this mirror house to pick up rainbow confetti only to realise I was suppose to pick those tickets with wordings on. Why?! Why?! Why am I so obsessed with colours?!

Afterwhich, I went next door to the Hollywood China Arcade and painted in the VR world with Poppy and Branch. With the remote in hand, I drew in 3D with the help of the VR Goggles. There was so many different brush styles to choose from and so many colours, I was simply spoilt for choice! When you are done with your drawing, you can bring it home in a form of keychain or photo print out.

There's also another VR experience - VR Beat Feat where I got to travel to the virtual world of TrollsTopia and 'bash the beats' to the tunes of Trolls movie. "Punching" my arms left and right, it was definitely a work out for me that morning. 

After the "workout", I took a break in Starbucks before joining the Trolls and friends of Hug Time Trio at the Hollywood Lagoon Stage for more song and dance session. It was so much fun, I totally forgot about "being adult", that's the whole idea of going to a theme park right?

Of course, since I was already in USS, I stayed on longer to "travel" to other parts of the park and went on to the other rides. As I was strolling around the magical Far Far Away area, I spotted a little trace of Trolls too!

Depending on your direction, just as you exit Far Far Away or enter from Jurassic Park, there is the Goldilocks restaurant and in there, you can find Biggie's Ice Cream Burrito. 

Shaped like Mr Dingles, this dessert is literally Ben & Jerry's ice cream encased in thick blue cotton candy and when cut open, rainbow sprinkles "burst" out in surprise. It's a little costly, but definitely a must for those sweet tooth and for those who are drying out from the hot weather. :)

Before I left USS, hubby also let me buy home some Trolls merchandise to keep, how can I say no to such a sweet gesture right?

The DreamWorks TrollsTopia is here till 29 April 2018, do bring your friends and family members along! The TrollsTopia ecperience is included with regular park admission, where you can also continue to enjoy the adrenaline-filled rides and world-class attractions at the theme park. Additional charges apply for the VR experiences and Trollify Yourself. Singapore residents enjoy online savings on admission at S$72 for an adult one-day ticket (U.P. S$76), along with a complimentary S$5 meal voucher.

More information can be found on www.rwsentosa.com/uss/trollstopia and above is the programme details for your reference. Have fun at TrollsTopia!


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