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Hi Huneybees,

Yes, I intentionally posted this picture upside down. I'm doing my part to help turn things around for the wildlife, hoping to cease extinction and you can also do your part. How? Read on...

Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, Speaker of Parliament and Deputy Chairman of Mandai Park Holdings and Mr Mike Barclay, Group CEO of Mandai Park Holdings flagging off the 'Walk for Wildlife'.

Last week, we did a little walk with Mr Tan Chuan-Jin (Speaker of Parliament and Deputy Chairman of Mandai Park Holdings, the holding company of WRS) around Singapore Zoo as part of its World Wildlife Day's 2018 Conservation Campaign - 'Together For Wildlife'.

The animal kingdom is such a fascinating world on its own, every animal has its distinct survival skills and features, they are everywhere in our daily lives, we have so much to learn from them and it's wonderful to be to co-exist with them in this Earth.

But sadly, as the world progresses, the wildlife is also at risk. A lot of them are facing extinction and in order for our future generations to continue seeing and living with these lovely animals, a new conservation campaign  - ‘Together for Wildlife’; by parent company Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) has been launched to call on communities, businesses and individuals to come together to protect the future of wildlife in Singapore and around the world.
“Our planet is under immense pressure today as a result of human impact, and wildlife is more at risk than ever before. Through raising awareness for the importance of conserving wildlife and biodiversity amongst our younger generations, and educating them on the ways they can take action, we’re putting our best foot forward for a chance to really turn things around for wildlife in the future.” --- Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, Speaker of Parliament and Deputy Chairman of Mandai Park Holdings (holding company of WRS).

‘Together for Wildlife’ lines up a year-long programme of events and community activities, encouraging everyone to play a part in protecting wildlife from the growing threat of extinction. It launched last week when over 200 preschool children marched resolutely together on a conservation education ‘Walk for Wildlife’ at Singapore Zoo, held in conjunction with World Wildlife Day (3 March).
“The world is facing what scientists term the sixth mass extinction event, with the prospect of many species going extinct due to mankind’s impact on their habitats. The problems are complex, and we believe that only a coordinated effort by diverse stakeholders can mitigate the crisis. For years, WRS has been working with biologists, academics, and government agencies on a myriad of conservation projects. Through Together for Wildlife and the various events and in-park activities that we will be running in 2018, we are encouraging schools, communities and businesses to also get involved and learn how they can take action too. 
Small choices we make individually can collectively have a major impact, from recycling and reducing demand on certain unsustainable resources—the farming or mining of which is destroying many species’ natural habitats—to boycotting products made from endangered animals. With the right public education and empowerment, we can work together to turn things around for our planet and its wildlife.” --- Mr Mike Barclay, Group CEO of Mandai Park Holdings.

In Singapore, WRS’ community and education programmes continue to grow, and have already
engaged around 340,000 school children since 2016, in programmes including interactive behind-the-scenes tours, experiential programmes which allow children to transform into a keeper for a day, and
wild overnight camps under the stars.

Among them were 500 preschool students from Kinderland who learnt about how plastic pollution is harming otters and other wildlife. Inspired and empowered to take conservation action, these children and their teachers went on to organise their own mini-carnivals and fund-raising events, and subsequently contributed S$10,000 for the adoption of four Asian small-clawed otter pups in Singapore Zoo.

Of course, individuals can also do their part to help throughout this March. An online public awareness campaign by Wildlife Reserves Singapore, #TogetherforWildlife, has been launched to encourage everyone to join together in "turning things around" for wildlife.

Post a picture of yourselves upside down on Instagram together with the hashtag #TogetherforWildlife. In the month of March 2 – 31 March 2018, WRS will pledge S$1 towards wildlife conservation for every photo turned around (upside down). Spread the word and tag your friends to do their part for wildlife too.

Here’s how you can participate:

1.   Select any photo of your choice and rotate image upside down, using the photo editing tools on your phone

2.   Upload it on Instagram with #TogetherforWildlife. You can use the following text to get started:

I’m helping to turn things around for wildlife cuz with every upside down photo I post, @wrs.ig will pledge $1 towards wildlife conservation. @<Friend 1>, @<Friend 2>, and @<Friend 3>, I want to see you upside down too! #TogetherforWildlife

WRS contributes more than S$2 million annually towards wildlife conservation efforts, and among the sources of the funding are corporate sponsorship and adoption, a 50-cent contribution from each park admission ticket sold, collections from animal token feeding and experiential tours in the parks, and sales from non-woven and corn bags from retail and F&B outlets.

A community programme has also been lined up in 2018, in support of the Together for Wildlife
campaign. It will include education and outreach activities both within and outside of the parks, to
share wildlife conservation messages with the community and encourage their involvement.

In addition, as part of its collaboration efforts with zoos around the world, in 2018 WRS will join hands with San Diego Zoo Global to create special edition content for the San Diego Zoo Kids Channel, bringing the healing power of animals to millions of hospitalized children around the world.

Members of the public can visit for more information and to learn more
about the campaign and steps they can take to come to #TogetherForWildlife at home. There's also a series of in-park activities running through March 2018 in support of the Together for Wildlife conservation campaign.

Date: 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, 18 March 2018
Location: Orangutan free-ranging exhibit area, Singapore Zoo
Get to know rainforest animals better and find out what’s happening to their home! Complete fun
activities for exciting prizes and start your very own wildlife-friendly garden with coffee grounds.

Date: Until 31 March 2018
Location: Opposite Babirusa exhibit, Singapore Zoo
Admire our stunning animal portraits by National Geographic photographer of threatened species,
native species and species supported by Wildlife Reserves Singapore Conservation Fund.

Date: 2 March 2018 onwards
Location: Wild Deli, Singapore Zoo
Owa coffee is grown in a wildlife-friendly manner to preserve the rainforest habitats of endangered
Javan gibbons and provides a source of income for the farmers. Save wildlife and benefit the community by purchasing Owa coffee available at The Wild Deli. Enjoy a cup or purchase the coffee beans – 30¢ from every purchase go towards conservation efforts.

Date: Ongoing
Location: Outside the main gift shop, Singapore Zoo
We fund projects in Singapore and the rest of Southeast Asia to protect threatened wildlife. Vote for
your favourite project to show support – Javan Gibbon, King Cobra or Southern River Terrapin.

Date: 2 – 31 March 2018
Location: Main gift shop, Singapore Zoo
Pick up earth-friendly souvenirs at a special eco corner of Singapore Zoo’s main gift shop. Plus, enjoy 20% off refillable water bottles!

Every visitor at our wildlife parks makes a difference too! 50¢ of each paid admission ticket goes
towards conservation efforts in the region and all proceeds from our animal token feedings also go
towards wildlife conservation.

Since it's the March School Holidays, why not bring your kids and family along to the zoo to admire the animals as well as to do your part for the wildlife? My favourite place to hang around is the Giant Panda Forest in River Safari, Jia Jia and Kai Kai are simply too adorable!


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