80+ New Soft Drink Options Introduced With The All New Coca-Cola Freestyle

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Hi Huneybees,

I'm pretty much adventurous when it comes to teasing my taste buds. In fact, one of my favourite thirst quencher "concoction" is going to 7-Eleven and do a half half with Ice Lemon Tea and Coca-Cola at the Big Gulp machine.

But I've found a new love last week when I was invited to the launch of the all new, first in Asia Coca-Cola Freestyle. Designed by Italian firm Pininfarina (who designs car bodies for Ferarri), this sleek revolutionary fountain dispensing machine is here to revolutionise the way we enjoy our soft drinks.

Within this simple red body with light up streamline strip on the side, houses almost 70 new great tasting beverages (among the 80+ drink options available). All you need is to select your options through the touchscreen to select not only the usual beverages like Coca-Cola, Schweppes or Fanta, you can also opt for low/no calorie drinks, caffeine free beverages or even fruit flavoured beverages. The options and how you created your very own beverage is limitless!

There's even a button for those who can't reach the screens at the top and options can be done the same with the arrows lighted up. It's definitely a first and so considerate of Coca-Cola to incorporate this in the machine design.
My favourite now is Coca-Cola Zero Lime, giving sweetness a little touch of sourness is VERY refreshing in our hot weather!
Thanks to the R&D team, each individual beverage combination that Coca-Cola Freestyle offers is developed based on specially designed recipes so that the machine is able to provide consistently delicious taste. You don't have to go cracking your heads on what percentage to have your drinks combined. Eg: the amount of orange in a Coca-Cola Orange differs from the amount of orange in a Sprite with Orange. In addition, levels of carbonation are also adjusted across different drink combinations.

Well, since everyone is having their own unique combination, will there be "cross contamination" of the drinks? The answer is no and the magic lies in this space shuttle dispensing nozzle that I think George Lucas will agree that it suits the set of Star Wars!

To ensure only high quality ‘perfect serves’ for any of the 80+ beverage selections is the company’s PUREPOUR TECHNOLOGY. Proprietary to Coca-Cola, this technology employs “micro-dosing”, a technique commonly used in medical applications for its high degree of accuracy and precision. As opposed to using syrup, Coca-Cola Freestyle uses concentrated ingredients stored in cartridges inside the machine’s cabinet to dispense and meter fluids via digital technology, so that the ingredients used for each drink remain separate, minimizing chance of any carryover of color, taste or ingredients.

What is even cooler, is the multi-patented air-mix nozzle that mixes the different ingredients of each drink ‘in the air’. All of these components enable Coca-Cola Freestyle to go beyond providing a massive number of beverage choices but also to consistently deliver great tasting beverages taste with each serving.

Judging from the happy faces and huge crowd turn up, I think this machine will be making a huge success in changing the way we ended our usually known beverages. You can find the Coca-Cola Freestyle at the 7-Eleven branches in Orchard Cineleisure and Vista Point

It's my favourite place to go get my drinks every time I'm in town now and it's always better to have more friends joining you so you guys can try out all the other options too!

For more information on Coca-Cola Freestyle and a list of participating outlets, you can visit - http://www.coca-cola.com.sg/freestyle.

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Romeo Tan & Andrea Chong Launched The SK-II Facial Treatment Essence New Phoenix Limited Edition Today

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Hi Huneybees,

I've MIA for awhile coz the virus, the hideous cough and flu bug have gotten to me. Don't you just hate those drowsy meds that knocks you way out, that even the world's most annoying alarm clock could never wake you up?

Everyday, I wake up telling myself I have to write a post after lunch but I just can't bring myself to even turn on the computer after downing the meds. Well, thankful for the ample rest though, I was up and about today just in time for SK-II's very first Chinese New Year Limited Edition - the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence New Phoenix Limited Edition.

The bottle is embellished with the traditional paper cutting "剪纸" design of a beautiful resurrection of a phoenix, which symbolizes auspicious harmony. Tying along with the SK-II #changedestiny campaign, the New Phoenix Limited Edition was designed to "call out" our inner phoenixes, to inspire women and their loved ones to bring in the new spring with hope and confidence, and encourage them to believe in themselves, take hold of their destinies, and join hands with SK-II to embark in a new journey to crystal clear skin and welcome a beautiful new year.

At the launch today, attention was stolen by Duke of Caldecott, Romeo Tan as he joined Andrea Chong on stage for a quick interview on their views of CNY, how they prepare for CNY as well as writing their very own CNY couplets (春联) to decorate their homes.

Romeo stealing some tips whilst Andrea tries her hand at calligraphy.
Romeo as his charming self mentioned that not only using SK-II products helps prep his skin for CNY, he also recommended the 7-glasses-of-water-a-day regime, so that you can "shine" during CNY period with glowing, natural, beautiful skin!

I bet his Juliet-s will be asking for that couplet for their homes.
So, give the gift of everlasting crystal clear skin this Chinese New Year with the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence New Phoenix Limited Edition. It will make great gifts alongside the angbao-s for mummy dearest, so pop on down to the SK-II counters to purchase! 
Here's the deal available at when you purchase SK-II products at TANGS Orchard...

Gong Xi Fa Cai and have an great Monkey Year!

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F&N and Chang Beer Bring In The Chinese New Year Celebrations at River Hongbao 2016

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Hi Huneybees,

Have you been busy preparing and shopping for groceries for the impending Chinese New Year celebrations? I know I am and thankfully for F&N and Chang Beer, here's another drink suggestion for you to get as you party through this Lunar festivity!

Every year, we have the River Hongbao at the Marina Bay floating platform to ring in the celebrations and this year as the 30th edition, it is no exception. There's so much more to do and so much to see, especially with F&N drinks and Chang Beer partnering and providing us with beverages to there to keep us cool and refreshed.
“River Hongbao certainly lives up to its reputation as a huge crowd magnet with its lively atmosphere and numerous programmes to herald in the lunar new year and all things prosperous and auspicious. F&N and Chang Beer are proud to support River Hongbao and its organisers and join families and friends to celebrate the Year of the Monkey. Gong Xi Fa Cai!”  --- Jennifer See, General Manager, F&N Foods Pte Ltd
Fireworks, music and lights on nine consecutive nights will greet visitors to this year’s River Hongbao at the Marina Bay floating platform and ring in the auspicious Year of the Monkey. Promising a unique Chinese cultural experience with larger-than-life lantern displays, intricate cultural handicrafts and culinary extravaganza, River Hongbao 2016 is nothing short of a feast for the senses.

In conjunction of this inaugural partnership and with its 20th anniversary to commemorate this milestone in its rich history, Chang Beer has introduced a revolutionized new packaging too! The special emerald green colour of the new bottle and the gold cap and label make an auspicious and timely entry to the market and during Chinese New Year.

Cheers to an amazing new year and see you at River Hongbao 2016!

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New Year = New Resolutions #changedestiny with SK-II

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Hi Huneybees,

Growing up and  getting into adult world is never an easy path for everyone. Everyday, I'm in the midst of stumbling and learning, there's definitely no short cut or a how-to manual for it. Acknowledging your flaws is often the biggest obstacle and it takes so much personal strength and courage. 

Lanshu Chen, 2014 Asia’s Best Female Chef and owner of one of Asia’s Top 50 Restaurants, Le Moût, is this month's SK-II’s global #changedestiny spotlight story. Watch her tumulous journey to success (involving self-realization of her own shortcomings and setting pride aside to change herself to become a better leader and a better chef) and how she led her French fine-dining restaurant, Le Moût, into Asia’s Top 50 Restaurants through all odds.

“It dawned on me that they were not leaving the company, but leaving me. Then I knew I needed to get out of my own world. A good restaurant cannot rely solely on one good chef. No matter how great the chef is, without a team there is no restaurant.” 

Do share your thoughts on Lanshu’s story here: https://www.facebook.com/skii.singapore/videos/vb.176271589101168/1157771777617806/?type=2&theater and don't forget to give the gift of good skin this Chinese New Year! :)

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Fun New Additions At ALIVE MUSEUM Just In Time For Valentines' Day

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Hi Huneybees,

With the arrival of February, everyone's gearing up for Lunar New Year as well as Valentine's' Day for the lovebirds. And so with new beginnings, the ALIVE MUSEUM have also added new sceneries and brought them to life with 2 new sections - Young @ Heart Zone and Live.Laugh.Love Zone.

I first visited the ALIVE MUSEUM in Jeju and when they came to Singapore, Suntec City, I was the first to jump right in! I've already gone there on several occasions and shared my experiences - http://huneyzworld.blogspot.sg/2014/08/see-art-pieces-come-alive-at-alive.html and http://huneyzworld.blogspot.sg/2014/12/the-penguins-of-madagascar-has-invaded.html

That's why I'm just bringing you on a tour around these 2 new zones and show you what's new. I think these new experiences will be great to go along with your little ones or loved ones. I would suggest that you go in a group of 3 or more, coz for hubby and I to get our shots together, I had to ask the friendly staffs for help... =X

So, let's begin with the Young @ Heart Zone, don't forget to bring you lollipops along ~~~

In the Young @ Heart Zone, there are balloon animals to ride, friends to meet at the circus, be featured on a magazine or buzz amongst butterflies and huge flowers as you get transported to Faerie Tale land as Thumbelina...

Did someone just washed my hubby?!
Our focus was on Live.Laugh.Love Zone that day though as it was not everyday we get to have nice backgrounds for our couple photoshoots eh? It's definitely the place to remind you of your love, live in the moment and laught at all the quirky shots you will get. So be creative!

In fact, for couples who are looking for some quirky wedding photoshoot backgrounds instead of the usual Marina Bay backdrop, you might wana opt for this few spots for some laughs during your wedding day...

Stop getting frisky with another girl!  (;`O´)o
That's better eh? Thinking of a when we get older moment there...
Yup! We add up to LOVE!

See! Told ya! You can make a wedding story here...

He proposed?!
Our wedding night!
Yup! DND, Just married... =X
And for bonus round, there's new additions of the Dreamworks' Penguins Of Madagascar, they are so playful and you can have more fun with the new Penguins X Singapore backdrops! It's always a surprise when I visit the ALIVE MUSEUM...

Oh! Before you go, be sure to print a snapshot of your best photos! It was down for maintenance that day, guess I'll pop up when I'm at Suntec City again. =D

Do check out the Valentines' Day Combo and the Friendship Combo on their website and you stand to win prizes! 

All ALIVE MUSEUM tickets could be purchased at the ticket counters or online at www.alivemuseum.sg.

Adult 13 yrs and above: S$25
Child 3 - 12 yrs: S$20
Package 2 Adults + 1 Child: S$60


Opens daily from 10am to 10pm (last admission at 9pm).Note: ALIVE MUSEUM Singapore will be open throughout Chinese New Year (including 8 and 9 February 2016).


Address: Suntec City Mall #03-372 (between Towers 3 & 4) • By MRT • By Car/ Taxi

Have fun my Huneybees and have a great Chinese New Year and Valentines' Day! =D

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