Weekends Are For Monkey Business

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Hi Huneybees,

New Year calls for new resolutions. With my surgery last year, I had to list "a healthier lifestyle" on top priority and start walking off those sitting-and-lying-down-too-much fats. But I had to start slow for minimal walking is only allowed...

Which is why last weekend (in the spirit of ushering in the Year of the Monkey for Chinese New Year as well), hubby brought me back to one of our dating place - Upper Pierce Reservoir for a little strolling and monkey sight seeing!

You can walk, jog, ride a bicycle or drive up the hill to the reservoir park and we chose to have a quiet little drive up whilst enjoying the air con under the sweltering hot sun. It's quite a few winding bends on the way up and you definitely have to drive slow, look out as wild monkeys might just make an appearance along the road (and sometimes they do lay PRETTY LOW)!

And it pays to go slow as there are lots of photo moments from these natural models and you can even stop by the roadside to get pictures. Normally they do not attack, but of course, do not feed them or do anything to agitate them. I got out of the car and took pictures of them from a distance, they even posed for me. Just be careful of safety and oncoming traffic!

I could spend all day standing there, watching those monkeys, but I wouldn't want to be hogging the road and there's some more beautiful if you go further up! :)

Monkeys aside for now coz turn into this gate and cross the mini bridge across the drain, you will reach the reservoir park. This is my pick for a place to chill, let down your hair, soak up the sun while spending some social media free time with hubby. 

It is very important to rest our eyes from the eyes strains from staring at computer and mobile screens as day. We are seeing more and more young kids having to wear glasses these days, so some greenery a day is good for those beautiful eyes of yours!

Welcome To Upper Pierce Reservoir ~
And despite having said that the sun was pretty hot that day, we still saw couples strolling, jogging or even chillaxing under the tree shade or even families out for some natural air and quality time with their kids.

Monkeys might make special appearances at the park too! :)

Psst, if you want to capture the moments, the natural sunlight and greenery makes great backdrop. #OOTD Time!

I find that work and city life seems to be too hectic already and ever since my trip back from Tasmania, I've been trying to take things slow and HEY! Life goes on beyond that 4:3 ratio screens! Save your eyes to appreciate the beautiful things in nature! :)

But do observe the rules & regulations, so that others to follow can enjoy the wonderful beauty of nature too!:)

Shall we make a date this weekend again for another nature walk? 

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