I Am Living Towards My Star Wars Childhood Dream With The Progression Such As LG’s AI-Enabled ThinQ Devices!

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Hi Huneybees,

We have certainly came a long way with Artificial Intelligence (AI). I could still vividly recall the excitement of watching R2D2 and C3PO supporting human in their daily activities all over the galaxies, and I never thought (at a tender age of 6 then) I could live to see the realisation of it.

Today, while we are not exactly living in the Star Wars world yet, we do already have a taste of it like the moving Robot Vacuum that many of us owned at home. Whether you like it or not, AI has already made great leap intertwining into our daily life - from our mobile devices that we carry around to the house appliances at home ready to enhance our living experience.

With the rise of Internet Of Things (IoT), smart appliances are abound but companies such as LG Electronics’ (LG) continues to innovate in AI technology and design to realise my childhood (and many Huneybees alike) of living in the Star Wars fantasy. It is this exact determination that have earned the Korean electronic giant the recognition from the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA).

LG’s AI ThinQ-enabled products including LG OLED TV, LG SUPER UHD TV and LG XBOOM were honored for their high competitiveness in categories assessing premium picture quality, artificial intelligence performance and sound excellence.

The LG OLED TV AI ThinQ (model OLED65E8) was named the EISA PREMIUM OLED TV 2018-2019, marking this the seventh consecutive win for the company’s OLED technology. The TV was praised for its picture quality powered by the α (Alpha) 9 processor, which provides true-to-life images with incredibly rich colors, sharpness and depth for more realism and its class-leading artificial intelligence functionality. The EISA jury also praised the Dolby Atmos™ performance and its front firing speakers which produce the most immersive audio-visual experience possible. The picture-on-glass design was also cited for perfectly blending into any environment.

The LG SUPER UHD TV AI ThinQ (model 65SK9500) was recognized as the EISA ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE TV 2018-2019 for producing the ultimate LCD TV picture through the combination of technologies including Nano Cell, Full-Array Local Dimming (FALD) and the α (Alpha) 7 processor, as well as LG’s AI ThinQ plat-form and Google Assistant built in.
With LG’s proprietary AI ThinQ, users can control the  TV,  connect  easily to external  devices, switch picture mode and search for content.

The latest advanced voice assistant technology embedded in the TV is achieved by employing Natural Language Processing (NLP) to deliver intelligent voice-activated control and connectivity based on LG’s exclusive deep learning technology. And with the Google Assistant built in, LG’s AI TVs offer a streamlined experience that allows them to manage different tasks, find answers, or control smart home devices, serving as the center of the smart home.
LG’s SUPER UHD TV offers denser backlighting zones throughout the display and significantly improves black levels and picture dimensions through independent control of LED light zones. This delivers better shadow details and reduces light bleeding for enhanced local contrast, important for viewing HDR content. Thanks to the innovative Nano Cell Display, TV viewers can enjoy superb color accuracy and consistency at wide viewing angles without compromising picture quality.

EISA also named LG’s premium AI speaker, the LG XBOOM AI ThinQ (model WK7), as its EISA ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE LOUDSPEAKER 2018-2019 thanks to extraordinary sound quality combined with intelligence. The technical collaboration with Meridian, the British pioneer of high resolution audio, enables LG XBOOM AI ThinQ’s full audio performance to be unleashed for high-fidelity sound, precise vocal definition and accurate bass.
The LG XBOOM AI ThinQ’s High Resolution Audio is compatible with high quality lossless files, allowing it to faithfully recreate sounds originally recorded in the studio.
With Google Assistant integrated directly into the device for quick setup, LG XBOOM
AI ThinQ responds to a user’s commands without the need for a remote control or
smartphone like “Hey Google, what’s my schedule today?” As a hub, the speaker can
control Google Assistant-enabled smart home devices as well as LG home appliances
compatible with LG ThinQ.

Once again, congratulation to LG for this year's EISA honors. It's innovation such as LG's AI-enabled ThinQ devices that is going to move us a step closer towards living my Star Wars childhood dream!


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We Got Super Soakin' Wet At Hong Kong Disneyland

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Hi Huneybees,

Here is the promised post about the GREAT FUN I have had at "Carnivale of Stars" at Hong Kong Disneyland following my previous post about my planned trip there recently! 

With so much to share with my Huneybees, I have decided to spend some time to create a video (and hence the delay of this post...) that best described my experience instead. In this video, I will share some pre-trip tips, the top (THREE) 3  MUST-SEE highlights that you shouldn't miss as well as the things you should try and buy while you were there!

I hope my Huneybees will like this video that I have created. To complete the magic summer "Carnivale of Stars" experience, I would suggest that you stay in one of the three Hong Kong Disneyland hotels next to the theme park so that you could travel there earlier to beat the queues for the popular rides or the meet-and-greet sessions. It is the same reason why you should avoid the peak hour traffic when you take MTR back to the airport.

With so many cheap flight promotions, from budget airlines like Scoot to full-fledged service carriers like Cathay Pacific, over this summer period, I would highly recommend Huneybees to take some time off next two weekends to visit the "Carnivale of Stars" at Hong Kong Disneyland before it ends on 2nd September 2018.

Have fun with Mickey and Minnie and stay hydrated! 


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Will Chelly Unveil Her True Identity When EGOIST Returns For Their Second Solo Concert In Singapore?

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Hi Huneybees,

Fans of EGOIST will be looking forward to the virtual band's second solo concert in Singapore on 8th September 2018 at Zepp@BIGBOX. 

Not only have the fans been promised of a EGOIST concert with even better effects and technology than previous, everyone is also hoping to see if Chelly, the vocalist of the band under the persona of Inori Yuzuriha, will be showing her face to fans in Singapore!!!

To date, Chelly has yet to unveil her face to fans around the world. Chosen by Ryo (Supercell), the band's composer and producer, amongst 2,000 other candidates who vied for the position of EGOIST’s vocalist back in 2011, the 24 year old Japanese performed live through motion-capture devices that she hooked up to for her fans to track her movement. It is through this way that the audience would hear her voice live but also see a virtual image of Inori singing.

Originally created as a fictional band to produce the theme music for the popular animation: Guilty Crown, EGOIST's great success allowed the pair to continue their music journey by producing for other popular animation series such as: PSYCHO-PASS, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress and Fate/Apocrypha.

Their popularity in Singapore is also high as the VVIP tickets for this coming concert has already been SOLD OUT within 5 minutes since tickets sales. For more information on ticketing for <EGOIST LIVE IN SINGAPORE 2018> , do click on this URL.


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Kenny G Is Coming To Singapore For One Night Only

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Hi Huneybees,

For 1 night only, the world famous saxophonist, Kenny G, will be in Singapore to perform for his fans. Enjoy a night of romantic Jazz in a typical exotic Bossa Nova style as he holds his solo concert "One Night Only – Kenny G Live in Singapore”, this November 8th 2018.

After three years, Kenny G is returning to Singapore and avid jazz and bossa nova fans can look forward to a brand-new interpretation of his latest album, “The Brazilian Nights”, which was released in early 2015. This is the album which helped Kenny G get on to the Billboard 200, at number 86; he was inspired when he was touring and travelling in Brazil, especially in Rio de Janeiro.  Whilst there, he fell in love with the bossa nova genre, the people in Brazil and the nights of dancing and singing. He decided, then, to include the bossa nova sounds into his new album. The album's deluxe edition also contains four live versions of Kenny G's biggest hits, such as "Forever in Love" and "Heart and Soul."

Being one of the most iconic and best-selling instrumental musicians of all time, with global record sales totaling more than 75 million, Kenny G is a winner of several music awards including a Grammy for Best Instrumental Composition for “Forever in Love” and American Music Award for Favourite Adult Contemporary Artist,  as well as other wins in his career of more than three decades. With 23 music albums under his belt and a record sale of more than 75 million albums, he earned himself a solid reputation in the industry as one of the world's best saxophone player.

Kenny G is excited to be back, having held his last concert here in 2015. He is eager to share his love for bossa nova that has inspired him for a long while, with his Singapore fans at the exclusive one-night-only performance.

“I cannot wait to meet all my loyal fans in Singapore to give them a taste of what a romantic and exotic night in Brazil is like, through my music. It will be such a great reunion. I hope to be able to share my love for bossa nova with all my fans in Singapore.” --- Kenny G

Ticket sales start on Monday, 20th August 2018.  Below are the details of the ticket prices:           

For more information about CK Star Entertainment and "One Night Only: Kenny G Live in Singapore" 2018 concert, please visit http://www.ckstarentertainment.com/.
Facebook: CK Star Entertainment 
Instagram: @ckstarentertainment.sg


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Here Are Something About Sony Alpha a9 That I Want You To Know...

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Hi Huneybees,

The Alpha a9 is the latest Full Frame mirrorless camera that Sony hopes to penetrate into the serious photography market, targeting the Prosumer quarter as well as the Professional photographers and videographers.

Equipped with a high speed 20fps (frames per second) continuous shooting with AF/AE tracking on a 24.2 megapixels 35mm full frame CMOS stacked sensor that has a sensitivity of up to 204800 ISO, Alpha a9 certainly does look very cable of giving more established DSLR brands of Nikon and Canon a run for their monies!

Being a regular sports and event photographer, I found weight and size an important consideration on top of the camera features, as I often have to react to the situation on the field and move around quickly to capture that moment. I must admit I was very pleased with what I saw when I received the Alpha a9 (for testing) as it was so much lighter and smaller - weighted at less than 700g, thanks to its small Magnesium alloy body and only measured 5 inches (width) by 4 inches (height) - than the standard DSLR that I was used to handling.

While I did not have any Sony E-mount pro lens (Aperture 2.8 or better) to make any technical comparison with what I have from my regular DSLR collection, I was still impressed with the overall colour (white balance) accuracy and sharpest of images captured in JPEG with the given general-purpose zoom lens of Sony FE 28-70mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS.

Image captured by Sony Alpha a9 with FE 28-70mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS @ 28mm f/3.5, ISO100, 1/230 sec
Image captured by Sony Alpha a9 with FE 28-70mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS @ 41mm f/5.6, ISO2500, 1/100 sec
Image captured by Sony Alpha a9 with FE 28-70mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS @ 2.5x Crop; 28mm f/5, ISO3200, 1/125 sec
The highly accurate eye AF tracking, similar to that of Alpha a7 Mk3 that I have tested before, coupled with the quietness yet amazing 20fps bursting shots, made Alpha a9 an awesome camera for me trying to capture images at sound sensitive area such as a concert or theatre play.

Also I realised I have the tendency to capture almost every image via the LCD display on the Alpha a9 rather than through the electronic viewfinder, which was btw as realistic as a true viewfinder on a DSLR.

Rather, it was all about work flow efficiency that mirrorless camera brings, like the m4/3 system that your truly Queen Bee always carry around, which allowed me to quickly select the right focusing point from any of the 693-point wide area AF on the LCD touch screen without having to meddle with joystick/thumbstick while looking through the viewfinder.

It was also great for photographers like me who has myopia / short sightedness because we no longer need to wipe off the stain on our spectacle lens no more (after using it to see through the viewfinder)!

While I really like the overall package of the Alpha a9 presented by Sony, there were times it did frustrate me while I'm shooting with this full frame mirrorless camera. Maybe because of its small size, guys like me with big palms found the camera less ergonomics.

The EV selector dial, was the number one bane for me as it always got in the way when I moved my finger from LCD touch screen to the shutter button. This often caused the EV setting to change and affected the exposure of my image, and unless I realised early and re-adjusted back the right settings, I would have missed capturing that moment in the right exposure!

Auto white balance was another huge let down for Alpha a9. Not sure why the colour produced from the JPEG image was often way off when shooting indoor. Many a times, I have to manually set the white balance before shooting indoor and that could be time consuming.

Every camera model has its strengths and weaknesses and Alpha a9 is no exception. Undoubtedly, Sony's investment in R&D has yielded dividend in the form of Alpha a9, which itself can mount serious challenge to the juggernauts of today's sport photography - Nikon D5 and Canon EOS-D1X Mark II.

Here is my question to Huneybees, who are looking around for such high-end camera: "How is any of these cameras going to improve your photography?"


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Is The MEG Worth Watching?

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Hi Huneybees,

Going by its movie thrailer, it was inevitable that movie-goers, including myself, entering the cinema hall to catch The Meg (巨齿鲨) for the first time would have compared it with the iconic "Jaws" from 1975.

With the plot of The Meg centered around the attacks of shark, the rescue effects that followed, and the attempt to destroy it (pretty similar to the 1975 blockbuster), I was expecting the thrills to be equal if not better since the shark in this movie was the infamous prehistoric alpha hunter of  ocean - Megalodon - which was at least three times larger than that Great White movie directed by Steven Spielberg; but unfortunately the similes ended here and I was left feeling mixed instead.

As a disclaimer, I have no problem with Hollywood movies co-produced/funded by China companies, as in the case of The Meg was co-produced by Warner Bros from USA and Gravity Pictures from China, since it gave international exposure to Asian talents such as Li BingBing (李冰冰) and Winston Chao (赵文瑄).

Unfortunately, in this case, the scriptwriting for The Meg were plain awful! Clearly written for the China audience in view of their limited English,  I found the scripts for characters in The Meg were rather flat and at times, silly. Also, there were too many "dry" jokes, which I found was rather unnecessary for a thriller. The only two times the audience did laugh was the airing of Thai version of "Mickey" by Pim, during a scene switch to Thailand, as well as the dog named "Pippin" swimming for its life, which I found rather funny but at the same time irrelevant.

The on-screen romance between Suyin (played by Li BingBing) and Jonas Tylor (played by Jason Statham) reminded me of SPG - Sarong Party Girl - as Suyin fall for Jonas Tylor's half-naked but well toned body after he rescued her from the deep.

The power of love had certainly turned Jonas Tylor from a reluctant participant in the rescue mission to someone who became spontaneous in his heroic effects to save everyone, which I found was just unreal especially up against a 23-meter long ferocious shark.

While there no complaint about the acting skills of actors and actresses, it was Meiying, the daughter of Suyin (played by Sophia Cai), who stood out above the rest with her innocent but confident charisma on top of her distinctive Pan-Asian look (fyi: she was born to a Chinese mum and British dad) .

Lastly, the 3D animations in general were realistic but I were looking forward to more actions from the Megalodon through my 3D glass at IMAX but there were not many to wow me, I was waiting for that moment where I'm in the mouth of the beast...

All in all, The Meg is a movie I would give it a miss unless I'm a huge fan of either Li BingBing,  Jason Statham, or liken the idea of swimming near a Megalodon.

Have a Great Weekend, my Huneybees!


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The Merlion Makes A Special Appearance On 'We Bare Bears' This National Day!

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Hi Huneybees,

Get bear-y excited as a new episode of Cartoon Network’s hit series 'We Bare Bears' surprises their Singapore viewers on National Day. Our city’s icon, the Merlion will make an unexpected appearance in the Asian premiere of “Lil’ Squid” on August 9.

Thank you Cartoon Network, We Bare Bears and Daniel Chong for mentioning and celebrating our Nation's big day with us. Our Merlion looks so realistic and majestic in the cartoon as we follow the three baby bear brothers on an adventure. They build a submarine and explore the depths of an aquarium to reunite a lost squid with his family.

The Merlion’s cameo happened because of a recent trip to Singapore by the show’s creator Daniel Chong. The Burbank-based animator, whose parents are Singaporean, visited the country last year to front the Imagination Studios workshop, a local initiative by Cartoon Network to inspire creativity among kids.

Enjoy the little snippet above, can't wait to catch the full episode on National Day. What about you?
Happy Birthday Singapore! Cheers to my fellow Singaporeans!

Cartoon Network is available on SingTel TV CH226 and Starhub TV CH316, as well as on the Cartoon Network Watch and Play app.


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Wella Launches New Hair Color Series - Illumina Color Japan in Singapore

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Hi Huneybees,

For those who love to colour their hair will know that it can be a painful process, leaving our hair dry and "crispy". Wouldn't it be nice if there is a hair dying process that can give us gorgeous hair colour and leave hair smoother and more radiant?

Yes! There is such a solution now! Wella Professionals, a brand under Coty Professional Beauty, the professional division of Coty Inc., known for its portfolio of leading salon brands such as Wella Professionals, System Professional, ghd and OPI has launched its new colour range Illumina Color Japan in Singapore. This is the brand's largest innovation and is uniquely formulated in Japan, designed specifically for the Asian hair and tested on Asian hair.

This revolutionary professional hair colour range leaves hair smoother and more radiant – even after several washes. Through the patented Trilumina Balance Technology, it expresses the translucent colour and by Microlight (EDDS) technology, it keeps hair conditions (virgin-like hair) in pristine quality, reducing hair fall with up to 40% less cuticle damage.

To launch and introduce Illumina Color Japan to Singapore, Wella Professionals also introduced its Wella Dream Team, consisting of the most creative talents across Southeast Asia and Korea with Jaron Lu, of 99 Percent Hair Studio, its creative director and owner of four salons in Singapore. 

The Dream Team will be sharing their ideas, inspiration, and creativity to unleash the full power of the Wella Professionals brand as advocates of the Wella Professionals brand. In Singapore, we will have Jaron sharing his creative expertise with hairstylists across the region, inspiring them on their journey with Wella. 

The brand also launched its repairing hair treatment, Wellaplex to accompany Illumina Color Japan. Done together in the salon, both Wellaplex and Illumina Color Japan provide the most luminous colours and help to retain hair’s natural bounce and vigour.

If you are interested to give the Wellaplex and Illumina Color Japan, you can head over to 99 Percent Hair Studio. Below are their salon details, stay tuned to Huney'Z World as I will be giving the Illumina Color Japan a whirl too...


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A Complete Japanese Entertainment Experience Awaits You At Japan Park Singapore (JPSG)

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Hi Huneybees,

The doors at Suntec Singapore Exhibition & Convention Centre's Halls 403 and 404 open today at 10am this morning, for a TWO days of promised complete Japanese entertainment experience, targeting people of all demography, young and old alike.

This inaugural Japan Park Singapore (JPSG) is an evolution from the highly successful CharaExpo that started in 2015.

Branching out from the already well-received Anime and Japanese TCG, JPSG is bringing other lesser known but popular entertainment from the land of the raising sun to Singapore under one roof.

Get your lucky Takasaki Doruma at The Doruma Exchange Counter using AR technology!

Learn more about travelling within Japan using JR (japan Railway).

Find out the interesting places to visit in each 47 prefectures of Japan!

An example is the Japanese quirky music and entertaining variety shows that have brought many smiles to viewers across the world. There will also be a dedicated sport corner for kids to experience some of the sports that Japanese kids enjoy playing.

Be amazed by the vocal of the 20 year old Okinawa native singer - Kiwako Ashimine - who writes her own songs!

Witness the beauty of traditional Japanese dance by Nishikawa Family of Dancers.

Highlights of the two days' event will be showcased on the Omakase Stage, where a variety of Japanese art demonstrations, talks and performances, from the catchy idol music to the graceful traditional strumming of the Shimasen, will be scheduled on 4th and 5th August 2018.
Huneybees can also rock out with famous personalities, such as Poppin’ Party  from BanG! Dream, and Kuni-Ken,  as they perform ear-pleasing music from across the 47 prefectures of Japan to Singapore. 
Our very own Olympian - Joseph Schooling - will have the privilege to be the first non-Japanese invited guest to be featured (at noon on Saturday!!) at JPSG for a talk show.

To keep pace with the Omakase Stage timetable, which starts from 10am to 8pm daily, Huneybees need not get out of the exhibition halls between schedule, to replenish themselves as there are inexpensive but good food and drinks available at the WA-Shiok Gourmet Festa area that I really like!

Complementary Ramen by Keisuke - Queen on 4th Aug and King on 5th Aug - for the first 500 redemption!
Apart from the complementary ramen by Keisuke that Huneybees are reminded to redeem (limited to 500 bowls a day) on each day of attendance, you can also pay "cashlessly" at many stores/booths by simply spending the accompanied credit and/or topping up for more on the wristband wallet that is issued to every visitors to JPSG.

Here are a list of my recommended food that I have had tried during the media preview and would recommend to my fellow Huneybees:

Roast Beef Don at $13 @ F10 Ginza Lion 

Premium Tonkotsu Ramen $12@ F12 Menya Sakura

Pork Sausage at $2 each @ F07 Teppei Syokudo

Have a complete Japanese entertainment experience at JPSG!

For more information, please visit its website http://www.apactix.com/events/detail/japan-park-singapore today!


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