Start Your Contribution To Social Equality Movement At FestivalForGood 2018

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Hi Huneybees,

A Social Enterprise is a revenue generating company that reinvest the money it makes to solve a certain social challenge and in today's increasingly widening income gap between the rich and the poor, we need more of them around to help build a world where social equality is respected.

Thanks to the Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise (raiSE), 80 such social enterprises from Singapore and the region are able to setup stalls at FestivalForGood 2018 (FFG2018) to welcome Huneybees from all walks of life to be a part of this growing movement.

Lifestyle products made by the community of crafters from TERRA VILLAGE are for sales at FestivalForGood 2018

Smart art Walking Sticks, such as BOND - the Smart Umbrella Walking Stick, by are available for sales at FestivalForGood 2018

Known as Asia’s biggest pop-up festival featuring fashion, lifestyle and technology from Social
Enterprises, the two-day pop-up marketplace in Marine One, is back for this weekend on the 20th – 21st October from 11am to 7pm.

Experiential capsules such as FOREST CITY by Unpackt promotes waste reduction and recycling by bringing affordable and convenient zero-waste solutions to consumers while providing employment and development opportunities for the marginalised in society, such as low-income individuals, single mothers and senior workers.

Sponsored by the DBS Foundation together M+S, FFG2018 will also showcases hands-on workshops, experiential capsules, talks, retail marketplace, street food and live performances at the festival.

Stop by FFG2018 if you can, everyone deserves an opportunity.


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Don't Miss Out On These Adorable Sanrio “Lock & Go” Containers & Water Bottles At 7-Eleven

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Hi Huneybees,

For those out there who are in love with Hello Kitty, Pom Pom Purin, My Melody and Little Twin Stars, you are in for a treat with the new 7-Eleven collaboration with Sanrio. A collection of 6 “Lock & Go” containers and 2 water bottles are launched for your avid collection till 18th December 2018 (while stocks last)

This range of containers are super adorable to have and to look at, I have the My Melody water bottle and it fits just nice in my handbag and I love that there is the inner container where I can chill and use to keep my drink cold. 

There's also a Pom Pom Purin version and these 430ml bottles are safe to leave in the refrigerator for your chilled drinks! However, do not put these bottles in the oven/microwave/dishwasher.

The other 6 Sanrio “Lock & Go” containers come in various shapes, designs and models. There is the character face containers as well as double layer containers, shown below, where you can "detach" an additional bowl for you to share your snacks/meals.

These soft pastel containers are designed to be anti-slippery and safe for microwaving (except for the lid). They are also BPA Free and airtight, easy for you to bring your lunches around.

Can't wait to get your hands on them eh?
Here’s how you can redeem them...

  • Spend a minimum of $4 in any 7-Eleven store on your first purchase to get a stamp card along with your first stamp. 
  • Every $4 spent during subsequent purchases will earn you another stamp. 
  • Want more stamps? Selected 7-Eleven STAR products will earn you two! *Go to FB link below to find out who they are*
  • With 22 stamps, you can redeem a container. Alternatively, simply collect six stamps and pay an additional $5.90.
  • But for the water bottle, you need 30 stamps or collect six stamps and pay an additional $9.90.

Some Terms & Conditions to note:

  • Stamp issuance will be from 03 Oct to 11 Dec only,  and redemption is available at all stores till 18 Dec 2018. While stocks last.
  • Stamps will not be issued with purchase of Sanrio Characters Lock & Go Container and Bottle figurine redemptions, cigarettes, parking coupons, bill payments, top-up service, electronic gift cards and lottery sales.
  • No combination of receipts or stamp cards is allowed.
  • Only original stamps are accepted.
  • The stock is randomly packed and selection of Containers or Bottles is strictly not allowed.
  • 7-Eleven reserves the right to all final decisions and to amend the terms and conditions without any prior notice.

Ok, I'm off to add more to my collection, I wonder if they will have more coming and include my favourite Gudetama? Well, Happy shopping my Huneybees and for more information, go to:


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A Sweet Deal To Catch Kinky Boots Before They Strut Out This Sunday

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Hi Huneybees,

The night was glaring red when we attended Kinky Boots Media Night, glitz and glitter to celebrate this long-awaited musical to arrive at our island. It was an exceptional musical that was entertaining and uplifting, giving us a contrasting storyline that 'sings' out to me.

Based on the 2005 British film of the same name, Kinky Boots follows Charlie Price (Lance Bordelon) as he inherits ownership over his late father’s shoe factory. But times are hard, and Charlie is forced to either sell the business or find a miracle. So, there comes the fabulous Lola (Jos N. Banks), a larger than life drag queen who just may be the answer to all his problems, as the factory innovates and works to create a new line of boots that are comfortable for drag queens. Racing against the clock as they rush to complete a full collection to show at Milan, both Lola and Charlie are also forced to confront their own personal demons as they’re haunted by memories of their late fathers and pressures at the workplace. All falls into place at the end and the musical ends on a high note.

The stage design and high energy dance choreography, got me immersed in the world of shoemaking and I find myself tapping and dancing to the songs, every scene brought out emotions, tugging our hearts. 

I love the message behind such a fun musical too, being open-minded, accepting those around us without judging and bringing us into the inner world of the LGBTQ is applaudable. With Kinky Boots being such an iconic piece and strong message to bring across, I find this is a musical that everyone has got to watch and the world will just be a much better place with more big hearts acceptance.

My favourite scene has got to the part where everyone gets together to perform “Everybody Say Yeah”, where they celebrate the construction of the very first pair of the red glitter kinky boot. The creative use of the conveyor belt, each Angel and Lola being able to shine and strut their stuffs on the belt. It left us on a high note before heading off to a break for Act 2 and that left us wanting to the break to end quickly and continue with the story-telling...

This has been one of my favourite musical this year and I hate that you will have to miss it when they end the round this Sunday. So, here is a special promotion for you priced at S$200: 

I hope you will enjoy Kinky Boots as much as I did. Kinky Boots plays at the Sands Theatre at Marina Bay Sands from 5th – 14th October. Tickets available from SISTIC and for more information, go to


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GameStart 2018 Is Back Bigger & More Immersive For Gamers

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Hi Huneybees,

GameStart 2018 is back! *Bim! Bam! Bom!* The yearly game expo is now back bigger and stronger with the growing population of gamers. Casual gamers or hardcore gamers will have their fair share of fun and gaming this 13 & 14 October 2018.

This year, GameStart plans to more actively provide opportunities to level up skills and knowledge for aspiring gaming professionals and the local gaming scene. As it marks its 5th anniversary, the convention will be bringing in international gaming stars and experts in its most star-studded lineup to date. there's so much more to experience and share about the gaming sphere, Hubby and I are all set and geared up for GameStart.

The first thing that's got us all hyped up already is the pre-order sale of the Lego DC Super-Villains game. It's available for XONE, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC, set to release on 17th Oct at GameStart. You can pre-order it and it comes with an exclusive Lex Luthor Lego figure dresse
d as Superman all at SGD$74.90.

We've been on Mario and Overcooked 'diet' eversince we got the Nintendo Switch and we can't wait to start on a new game, especially when this time, we are playing as the villains and not the heroes! Something else, that's special about the game is also you can fully customise your main character. I wonder how I will be creating my character!!! 

I tried the gameplay during the press conference and it was very immersive gaming into the Lego-verse. For those who are Lego fans, I think the Lex Luthor Superman is a must-get...

Next, is something new to GameStart. There will be Masterclasses prior to the actual expo dates, where international experts are brought in to conduct specialised seminars and share their work experiences. The classes are suitable for art students and artists looking to level up their skills.

A collaboration with long time content partner, video production company No Average Joe (NAJ), the series aims to bring fun and educational sessions to GameStart, providing visitors with more hands-on activities and learning experiences. 2018’s workshops includes RetroCade, a workshop whereby visitors get to build their own mini arcade machine, as well as a fun animation workshop by local artists Nanimonda and Naoki.

More on GameStart Workshops are available at -

Masterclass by Jax Jocson - 10 October
Character Design: Introduction to Visual Storytelling

Jacqueline Jocson is an Art Director & Concept Artist specializing in design and storytelling. Over the past decade, Jacqueline has worked in film, game, VR/AR, television, advertising, and IP creation for the past decade with clients such as Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment, SyFy Channel, Digital Domain, Super Evil Megacorp, and Psyop.

Learn how to create iconic and memorable characters through effective visual communication from Jacqueline. More info -

Masterclass by Carlo Arellano - 12 October
Archetypes in Advanced Character Design

Carlo has provided concepts, textures and models for many Video Game projects including: World of Warcraft, Ratchet and Clank, Resistance, and God of War.

Pick up essential skills on how to create powerful and provocative characters for film and games from the Art Director of Super Evil Megacorp. By using proportion, form, storytelling, color and focused design creation rather than sprawling ideation, the student is shown the how to create strong archetypes which resonate with the viewer. The student is given tools to communicate important storytelling ideas and skills to create production ready concepts which take into account not only artistic concerns but pipeline, animation and gameplay needs. More info -

As I'm writing this blog post, I'm using a brand new mouse that you can get exclusively at GameStart for S$29.90 and included in all GameStart 2018 VIP goodie bags. This is a special 5th anniversary collaboration of GameStarta nd fellow Singaporean gaming gear brand Armaggeddon.

The Limited Edition GameStart X Armaggeddon Gaming Mouse features high performance tracking speed of up to 160 inches per second, 5 button + 2-way click scroll, 6,000 frame rate and 7-colour lighting with pulsating effects, definitely a colourful addition to the gaming table and do look out for promotions at their booth!

As like previous years, there will also be international Gaming Stars and Heavyweights gracing the Convention. Motohiro Okubo, Producer of hotly-anticipated game SOULCALIBUR VI, will be at GameStart on 13 October to meet fans and share more about the game, which launches just one week after the event. 

Fans of Capcom’s highly popular action role-playing game MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD™ can look forward to meeting and hearing from Kaname Fujioka (Executive Director/Art Director) and Yuya Tokuda(Director) from the game’s development team on 14 October.

Celebrity gamer and New Japan Pro-Wrestling's IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega #KennyOmega will be at GameStart 2018. In addition to being a commentator at Sea Major 2018, Kenny will also hold a Meet & Greet session with fans on October 13.

Fans of Overwatch, Elise Zhang, the voice actor, best known as “Mei” in Overwatch will be doing Meet-and-Greet sessions during the 2 days and also catch her on stage Sunday, 14th October at 5:30pm. Being a Chinese voice actor, she dubbed for Mei in both English an Mandarin version, and Symmetra in Mandarin version. She is also Lily in Heroes of the Storm, and Alleria Windrunner in HearthStone. 
Details of the guests are available at

Lastly, the main event!

SEA Major 2018, Singapore’s longest-running esports tournament, will play host to tournaments for 10 games with a prize pool of USD 50,000 up for grabs. Singapore’s longest-running esports tournament will see more than 200 international competitors in Singapore for the weekend, including top professional esports athletes from Japan, America and Europe.

Star players will also be in town during the GameStart weekend. Eagle-eyed fans are in for a treat to catch some of the world’s most famous professional esports players in Singapore. They include Japan’s legend Daigo Umehara: 梅原大吾 , who will be competing in Street Fighter V at Sea Major 2018, reigning Street Fighter V SEA Major Champion Tokido, top female Tekken 7 player and Red Bull sponsored Athlete Tanukanahomegrown esports hero Ho Kun Xian and America’s renowned competitive fighting game player and multi-game Champion Justin Wong. Please refer to Annex for a list of selected pro gamers at GameStart 2018. 

Renowned tournament commentators include BlessRNG, well-known Australian streamer and personality who has his own emoticon on streaming platform Twitch; and “Tasty Steve” Steve Scott, “Markman” Mark Julio and “Sajam” Stephen Lyon from America.

SEA Major & SEA Mobile Major Tournaments include:
  • Capcom Pro Tour Asia Last Chance Qualifier & Regional Finals - The region’s top 8 players come to compete for USD 30,000 and qualifying points to the Capcom Cup in December 2018.
  • ArcRevo World Tour - The only Asian stop of Arc System Works’ new global league, outside of Japan. Winners get a slot and paid trip to compete in the World Finals.
  • Tekken World Tour Master Event - A key stop in Bandai Namco Entertainment’s global esports league.
  • Dragonball FighterZ SAGA - One of just 7 SAGA events in the world, the winner gets a paid trip to compete in the global finals.
  • Shadowverse SEAO Contenders Cup - The inaugural regional finals of Japan’s #1 digital card game for the Southeast Asia & Oceania (SEAO) region. The winner will get a paid trip to compete for a USD 1 million cash prize in the World Grand Prix in December 2018.

Phew! Ain't that a mouthful of information? Well, there's even more to expect since it's the 5th Anniversary and over the years, the GameStart team has built networks and bridges not just across the local gaming industry, but also internationally. GameStart this year added 2 new partnerships with Korean Indie Game event BIC Fest, and Indonesia’s Game Prime, so their local developers can showcase their games to Singapore & Southeast Asian audiences, and Singapore developers will be able to exhibit in Korea and Indonesia respectively. 

GameStart also renewed its partnership with Taipei Game Show for the 4th year, and will host Taiwanese indie developers at GameStart 2018. The GameStart Indie Award provides winners with a paid trip and booth to exhibit at Taipei Game Show 2019, in addition to a prize of a WACOM interactive pen tablet.

There's so much more to explore and there will also be some special announcements from exhibiors and partners during the weekend, be there to catch them first. I will also be updating more, so stay tuned!

GameStart 2018 will be held on 13 & 14 October 2018 at Suntec Convention Halls 401 - 403. GameStart Masterclasses will be held on 10 and 12 October 2018 at TreeTop @ *SCAPE. More information and the latest updates on GameStart 2018 are available on, and


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