Finally There Is An "All-In-One" Restaurant That I Have Been Searching For!

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Hi Huneybees,

We all know that planning for a group outing can be such a hassle, don't you agree?
Even in a food paradise like Singapore, it can still be an uphill task when it comes to satisfying everyone's tummies within ONE cafe / restaurant since everybody has their own dietary requirements....

Thanks to my friend Emily, I was introduced to the place - Social Square at Parkway Parade - that might just solve the sticky problem faced by many of us from time to time!

With the addition of Ju Hao into Social Square at the beginning of this month, we can now all have Northern Chinese fare, amidst the tantalizing array of European-Japanese gourmet delights that Social Square is already serving currently!!

The decision to place the cooking counter of Ju Hao near the entrance of Social Square is a smart move as it allows the patron to be quickly introduced to this latest member of the MOF family; And in my case while walking into the spacious restaurant space, I was already welcomed by the aroma of steaming hot Xiao Long Bao-s, that immediately tickles my appetite. Yummy!

For Huneybees who are not familiar with Ju Hao's Northern Chinese offer, a glance at the menu will quickly set you on familiar ground with its widespread of La Mian Noodles, Fried Rice, Stir Fried Vegetables, Soups and even desserts!

For starter, I would highly recommend having the Pork Belly Roll With Crushed Garlic (蒜泥白肉). The slight spiciness matched with the juicy pork belly and the sesame sauce was just enough to tantalize the taste buds and get ready you for the main dishes.

Since Ju Hao's signature is the Xiao Long Bao-s, and there are a few options to the traditional minced meat version, me and my friends decided to switch things up a little by ordering the special 3 classic favourites in 1 basket.

Within the traditional streaming basket, there are two Xiao Long Bao -s of each flavour - Original, Salted Egg and Chilli Crab - that could be easily identified through the coloured tip on the top of the dumplings' skin.

I was trying to learn a skill or two through the open kitchen concept, but sadly, the lady was working so fast, she had no time for me. LOL!
Being a BIG fan of Xiao Long Bao (aka XLB), I have tasted many and I must say the offering by Ju Hao is good. Every soup dumpling is made just right as they can be easily lifted off from the steam basket by chopsticks and yet their skins are not too thick but decent enough to hold the soup and minced meat within.  

My favourite has to be the Chilli Crab ones as I give credits to Ju Hao for adding a little local flavour into this delicacy. Being the "redder" soup dumpling to its relative, you can see the redness from the shredded chilli crab peeking from underneath the skin dough and I couldn't help myself from popping the whole dumpling into my mouth after taking a little bite and sipping the delicious broth. It doesn't even require the dip into the ginger vinegar sauce!

Moving on to the main course, I would suggest trying these two dishes to fill your tummies - Prawn Fried Rice (虾仁蛋炒饭) and the Triple Treasure Signature Noodle (聚豪三宝招牌面).  

In my opinion, the prawn fried rice was so well fried that the sweetness of the fried egg, accompanied by the juicy fresh prawns, were greatly enhanced by the aroma of the fiery wok in every grain that I chewed in my mouth!

To end the meal on a sweet note, we had the Red Bean Chocolate Dumpling. It is like XLB but this time, you get bursting chocolate sauce instead of soup. The sweetness of chocolate, paired with red bean, makes me want to go back for seconds!

Currently Social Square is running a 1-For-1 promotion, so you can also make use of the chance to mix things up and try from their Western-Japanese menu too. I've tried a few with my friends too and here's a little sneak peek...

Sashimi Juu - A platter of sashimi on top of sushi rice.

Mango & Avocado Dragon Roll - Fried prawn wrapped in suhi rice with mango, avocado and fish roe.
Honey Sweet Turnip Premium Pork Ribs with Parmesan Fries and Garden Salad.

John Dees Ribeye with Wedges and Baked Potato - Angus beef, grain fed 180 days, aged 4-6 weeks, super gold marbling with a minimum scored of 3.

All in all, I love the "All-In-One" concept that can satisfy everyone's appetite. 
With the cozy internal deco of Social Square, one tends to forget he/she is in a shopping mall due to the beautiful spacious dining hall with garden setting, tall trees, teak wood tables with comfortable seatings. And not forgetting the open-concept kitchen, that allows you to check out the food in preparation whilst chatting with your friends and families. 

Social Square, with the addition of Ju Hao, is definitely the place I will recommend for next my all-girls gathering!


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Three Groups Of People Will Benefit From This Year's Singapore Coffee Festival.

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Hi Huneybees,

No, no, no! I am not referring to the event organizer The Straits Times, title sponsor DBS, nor the 80+ independent exhibitors spread across two floors at Marina Cruise Centre!!
Rather, the true benefiters at Singapore Coffee Festival (SCF) 2017 can be categorized into 3 (three) groups - Prospective Cafe Entrepreneurs, Coffee Enthusiasts, and Private (Grab / Uber) Drivers!!!

Benefiter #1 - Prospective Cafe Entrepreneurs

While the festival serves as a fantastic opportunity for coffee players and baristas to showcase the coffee industry here, it is a perfect knowledge-gathering ground for any Huneybee who wishes to jump on the cafe bandwagon to becoming a cafe entrepreneur.

One of the most valuable knowledge for any prospective entrepreneurs is to pick up those lessons learnt by others before them and The Straits Times has enabled just that by organizing a string of talks at the ST Lounge with industry players, including successful cafe start-up entrepreneurs, to share their insight of the industry, their experience and the challengers they have had overcame.
This, in my opinion, is far easier and faster way for all prospective entrepreneurs to identify the potential pitfalls of a café start-up, which otherwise would require them to gather through conversion with the like-minded exhibitors, whom may not always be represented by café owners.

Foxhole Café is one of the many new cafes popping up in the heartland of Singapore

Another reason why a prospective cafe entrepreneur will greatly benefits from attending this year's SCF is the number of cafe players represented at the festival, including a sizeable foreign exhibitors.
These local and foreigner exhibitors are not just the potential competitors for the prospective cafe entrepreneur but also serves as a source of idea of the type of coffee products that he/she can replicate and/or further improvise for his future cafe.

Benefiter #2 - Coffee Enthusiasts

While there is no prize for figuring out that the next group of benefiters at Singapore Coffee Festival (SCF) is the Coffee Enthusiast, it is also important to note that not all events or festivals are organized with attendee at heart; more often than not, organizers are targeting what's in the attendees' wallets instead!

Remember to redeem two drink samples that can be found inside your goodie bag when you exchange your ticket for entry

To an occasional coffee drinker like my younger brother, paying SGD 18 (after DBS/POSB or ST subscriber discount) for two sample-sized coffee is simply crazy but NOT to a coffee enthusiasts like yours truly Queenbee!

As a starter, a self-proclaimed coffee enthusiast must be "seen" at all importance coffee related events including SCF. There is a valid reason for it - Bragging Rights! In such a niche consumer event like SCF, exhibitors would certainly take the opportunity to launch their latest product to achieve maximum publicity and to gather consumer reaction and at this year's festival, I have seen many such launches including "DRIP COFFEE FOR A WEEK" - 7 single served coffee drip bags - by Chye Seng Huat Hardware Coffee Bar aka CSHH, Kaya Cream Muffin from Cream Muffin by Hattendo, and Singapore's first cold brewed sparkling Tea (hijacking the coffee festival...) in three different favours by Gryphon Tea Co.. For a coffee enthusiast who is building a credible social media network, this presents a great opportunity not-to-be missed, to be among the first to share these new discoveries on all his/her social media platforms. Snap, hashtag, tweet, etc.

The Kaya Cream Muffin from Cream Muffin by Hattendo is really delicious!

Singapore Coffee Festival also presents a rare opportunity for coffee enthusiasts to sample many difference coffee products under one roof as well as to discovery new indie cafes or coffee joints to hang out. One such discovery for me is the Shiseido Café, located at Takashimaya, that serves very good cheese cake and La Ganache (a delicious nutty pastry!!) on top of its imported Japanese brewed coffee. Contradict to my initial belief, this is a full fledged cafe and not a pop-up cafe or a coffee corner to serve the waiting customers of Shiseido Cosmetic.

Ms Linet Jannink co-found the Arrow Coffee

The other product worth mentioning is a cheaper alternative coffee capsule for existing Nespresso users by Arrow Coffee, a local start-up e-commence company. Packed in a box of 10 out of Netherlands @ 45cents per capsule, the capsules can only be purchased online and will  be delivered to your home in 4 (four) most popular favours.

Ms Sherry is a barista at CSHH 

The biggest benefit, in my opinion, for all coffee enthusiasts is the valuable knowledge they will pick up at SCF through the participation @ The Lab, where presentation on brewing  a perfect cup of coffee to sensory of coffee are shared at scheduled timing.
Another way to learn more about coffee is to speak directly with any barista at the festival. There are many of them around and I was delighted to meet up with Ms January of Cream Muffin by Hattendo and Ms Sherry of CSHH, who otherwise will be too busy for a conversion while they working back at their respective outlet.

Benefiter #3 - Private (Grab / Uber) Drivers

While the new home for Singapore Coffee Festival (SCF) 2017 is definitely bigger and more scenic (sea view), it presents some logistic inconvenience to potential festival goers and hence creates an opportunity for private drivers and taxis!

With 9 out of 10 people who I spoke to have nether heard of Marina Cruise Centre nor have been to the place prior to this event, and the fact that SBS Transit 402 is the only one Bus Service that serve the area starting from either Tanjong Pagar Station (Exit C) or Downtown Station (Exit C), and the nearest MRT (Marina South Pier) to Marine Cruise Centre still require festival goers to travel by foot for  another 600m, private drivers are poise for good business, especially over the weekend where the size of the attendee is expected to peak.

So Huneybees, which group do you fall in?

The second edition of Singapore Coffee Festival is organised by The Straits Times and presented by DBS, at Marina Bay Cruise Centre, from 3rd to 6th August 2017, at SGD 22 or SGD 18 if you are ST subscriber or DBS/POSB cardholder.
For more information, visit .


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Guess Who's Hosting The 2017 MTV Video Music Awards ?

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Hi Huneybees,

The most anticipated music awards show - "MTV Video Music Awards" will be making its way back this August. Every year I'm peeled to the TV watching if my favourite singer/s or bands get awarded, who is best dressed, the best performance and start the whole tweeting process throguhout the day.

This year, it will not be different and I'm even more excited coz one of my favourite female superstar - Katy Perry will be hosting the show live from "Fabulous" Forum in Inglewood, California! I can't wait to see her performance, the clothes changes she will have through the night and also keep and eye out for her makeup looks and try to replicate it. =)

YES!!!! I'm a huge fan of this colourful, always changing and evolving singer!

In advance of the world tour for her most recent, chart-topping album, Witness, Perry will light up the stage as the first performer announced for this year’s show.  She has already secured a spot as one of the top nominees for the 2017 VMAs with nods in five categories, including: Best Pop, Best Direction and Best Visual Effects for “Chained to the Rhythm,” Best Art Direction for “Bon Appetit,” and Best Collaboration for Calvin Harris’ “Feels” featuring Pharrell Williams, Perry and Big Sean. Woohoo! Hope she wins big!

MTV has already announced the nominations for the 2017 “MTV Video Music Awards” exclusively on Instagram Live, with Kendrick Lamar scoring the most of the year with eight nominations for his video “HUMBLE”. Katy Perry and The Weeknd are tied for five nominations each.  Building on the critical acclaim of the non-gendered categories at the 2017 “MTV Movie & TV Awards,” the network also announced the former “Best Female Video” and “Best Male Video” categories have been combined for “Artist of the Year.”  Additionally, “Best Fight Against the System” has been added to celebrate videos that inspire viewers to stand up and fight injustice.  

If you want your favourites to win, you can start voting for them by visiting Additionally, voting for the "Best New Artist" award, presented by Taco Bell®, will remain live through the 2017 “MTV Video Music Awards” Pre-Show airing at 7:00 p.m. ET/PT. The top two artists will be revealed during the pre-show, kicking off a live Twitter hashtag vote with the winner being announced during the live main telecast. Nominees for the socially voted category, “Best Song of Summer,” will be announced at a later date. 

So, get clicking with your votes and mark your calendar for The 2017 “MTV Video Music Awards”. It will air live on Sunday, August 27 AT 8:00 p.m. ET/PT.  

In Asia, the 2017 “MTV Video Music Awards" will premiere live on MTV Asia on Monday, August 28 at 7:00 a.m. (WIB) and 8:00 a.m. (MY/SG/PH).

PHOTO CREDIT: David LaChapelle 
PROMO DIRECTOR: Floria Sigismondi


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Secret's Out : Jay Park & Traveloka To Join AXN's "Asia's Got Talent" Family

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Hi Huneybees,

The record-breaking series - Asia’s Got Talent returns to AXN in October this year with 10 episodes comprising five judges’ auditions, three semi-finals, the finale and the results show where the winner will be revealed, and awarded a cash prize of USD 100,000 from Traveloka. 

Yup, TravelokaSoutheast Asia’s leading app for all hotel and flight needs, has joined in as the new presenting sponsor of the program. With this sponsor on board, one winner with the most vote from audience will receive a major prize from the sponsor - the Traveloka Awards!

Mr Christian Suwarna, Traveloka Senior Vice President of Business Development with Asia's Got Talent Season 2 Judges - David Foster, Anggun and Jay Park

The selection criteria for the Traveloka award will be based on the uniqueness of the participant’s talent and their connection story with family and friends. For each week, during the first five episodes, two acts will be highlighted and their stories will be published online. At the end of episode five, the audience will cast their vote for the most inspiring act.
“Traveloka is excited to partner with ‘Asia’s Got Talent’ where we see a mutual partnership value between Traveloka and the show. Every day, millions of people would open the Traveloka App as the first step of making their travel dreams come true. It offers a user-friendly booking experience and a wide range of flight and accommodation options at great prices, all to assist travelers in reaching any destination they want seamlessly. As the leading app for all hotel and flight needs in Southeast Asia, we are excited to empower the region’s talent as well as their journey to success with the support of their families and friends” --- Christian Suwarna, Traveloka Senior Vice President Business Development.
On top of the new sponsorship by Traveloka, there are a few surprises just like the addition of Tyra Banks as the host on America's Got Talent.

As a starter, the hosts this season are Alan Wong (Actor/Model/Host) and Justin Bratton (TV Host/Actor/Film-maker). They are both great personalities, embodying charisma and being best buddies, I bet this duo will bring fun to the stage hosting.

Another change to this season show is that we will be seeing just 3 judges instead for 4.
While this may sound like we are gonna see less judges drama with the exit of Melanie C and Vanness Wu, leaving David Foster and Anggun as the 2 remaining judges from the first season, I bet the new judge addition of Jay Park will more than fill up that void and bring in more Hallyu flavour to the show.

Jay, an award-winning, multi-platinum recording artist and savvy entrepreneur, CEO and founder of two successful record labels, will take the coveted hot seat alongside the show’s returning judges, the 16-time Grammy Award-winning music producer David Foster and internationally acclaimed singer and World Music Award winner Anggun. Together, they will be judging hundreds of acts from 17 countries across the region.

At the press con, we were also treated to an act by The Cazaubon Sisters (duet by young Singaporean sisters Ariane, aged 12, and Anne-Sophie Cazaubon, aged 10). They are one of the impressive acts during the recent auditions in Singapore and were invited to sing at the media conference, as a sneak peep into what we could expect on the reality show.

Both of them are currently singing with the Singapore Children's Choir and had started singing at the tender age of two, aspiring to be world-class singers since then. I can't wait to see what the the girls will bring on stage soon!

Apart from Traveloka, Great Eastern Life, the market leader in the conventional life insurance business and the largest life insurer in Malaysia by asset size will be the partner sponsor together with Marina Bay Sands, Asia’s leading business, leisure and entertainment destination, as the official venue partner of Asia’s Got Talent.

“The first season of Asia’s Got Talent was one of the biggest productions in the world. The series unveiled a host of talent from across the region and fast became a fan favourite with AXN viewers. Season Two is set to be even bigger and better.” --- Ganesh Rajaram, General Manager, EVP Sales Asia, FremantleMedia International

So be sure to tune in this October and support your favourite act! 
I can't wait for the show to be aired!


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UPDATED! Limited Edition Singapore Exclusive Local Design Series Products By Thermos

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Hi Huneybees,

In celebration of its 113th Anniversary, Thermos Singapore has just launched its Limited Edition Singapore Exclusive Local Design Series Products - a one-push tumbler with Singapore’s iconic landmarks, and a food jar with drawings of traditional local food - with the collaboration from Pathlight School.

(From left to right) Ms Linda Kho (Principal, Pathlight School) and Grace Ong (Student Artist, Artist Development Programme, Pathlight School) as Jonathan Cai (Student Artist, Artist Development Programme, Pathlight School) presents his own artwork as a token of appreciation to Mr Hirokazu Otomo (Managing Director, Thermos Singapore) and Mr Seiichi Itoh (Chairman, Thermos Singapore).

Working for the first time with the Artist Development Programme from Singapore's first autism-focus school has not only resulted in the creation of two very distinct and beautifully designed products for Thermos Singapore, but also contributed to Thermos' corporate social responsibility to the community.

Through the collaboration, Thermos Singapore is able to uncover the talented artists - like Jonathan Cai and Grace Ong - among young people with special need by bringing their arts to the home and hearts of its customer.

During my short interaction with both young artists at the media session, I realised while both share great passion for arts and are very meticulous in their artwork, their styles are very different.
The style of Jonathan Cai is more structured - lines and curves -  as he prefers architecture and takes his inspiration from books and magazines while Grace Ong's style is more free flow and she takes her inspiration from the things she experienced and observed around her. In fact through Grace mum, I got the privilege to see her art portfolio and came to realisation she has great interest in jewellery design and hope one day her designs could be wore by many people!

The two Singapore Exclusive Local Design Thermos X Pathlight School premium product - JNL-400S & JBQ-400S

The Thermos® JNL-400S

Featuring detailed architectural line art of the Marina Skyline, by the hands of the 13 years old Artist, Jonathan Cai, the ultra-light and sleek tumbler showcases iconic landmarks such as Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay Sands.

The Thermos® JBQ-400S

Singapore Exclusive Local Design Food Jar pays tribute to Singapore’s rich heritage of local delights. Grace Ong, who is 15 years old, transforms the food jar into a chic canvas with an assortment of local traditional foods such as Kueh Tutu, Kueh Lapis and Lepat Kacang in gold

Jonathan Cai  and Grace Ong (Both Student Artist, Artist Development Programme, Pathlight School) showing off the one-of-a-kind big size bottle for the charity auction

Jonathan Cai  and Grace Ong (Both Student Artist, Artist Development Programme, Pathlight School) putting their final touches on a one-of-a-kind big size bottle for the charity auction

To extend Thermos Singapore's support for many more young differently-abled aspiring artists, the global manufacturer and the pioneer in developing innovative vacuum-insulated products will be donating two specially designed big size bottles  - The Thermos® FDH-2005, which has a large capacity 2.0L - for a charity auction. 
Each bottle is specially hand-drawn by none other than the talented Jonathan Cai and Grace Ong!

Calling out to all Huneybees, please do your part too by participating in this online auction, which will start from 27 July 2017, 3:00pm till 31 August 2017, 11:59pm at

All proceeds for this charity auction will be donated to Pathlight School's parent charity, Autism Resource Centre (Singapore), a non-for-profit organization that supports individuals with autism.
More details of the auction can be found on the website.


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Have You Tried The POSB/DBS VTMs?

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Hi Huneybees,

Isn't it amazing how much technology helps and progresses through the years? It helps to make chores so faster and easier, saving so much time for us to go ahead with other plans on our list.

For me, I'm always running back and forth between North and South of Singapore, just coz my parents always need help with the electronic problems at home or even just simple banking matters, for fear they might do a little step wrong and lose all their moolahs. But the queue at the bank is always soooooooooooo long, ending up wasting so much time and energy.

Hahahaha! Thankfully there's the new POSB/DBS VTMs that has live-video streaming assistance that can help lead my parents through the step by step of using the machine and going about their banking needs.

Available round the clock at nine locations across Singapore, the VTMs are a first of their kind in Singapore providing services such as the instant dispensing of Internet banking security tokens and debit cards, as well as handling balance inquiries and change of particulars.

For those who need teller assistance, the customer service officers are available via live webcam daily from 8.30am to 12am. See the video below to see the VTM in action...

DBS/POSB VTMs are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 
Say hello to the future of banking.

The VTMs have undergone changes after receiving feedbacks from its launch in April and in response, the latest VTMs now have bigger booth space that is soundproof, with trained bank tellers assisting providing virtual assistance via live-video streaming.

DBS/POSB video teller machines (VTM) are the first of its kind in Singapore which provide round-the-clock branch banking service to customers, with the option of “face-to-face” assistance from bank tellers via live-video streaming. Just press the help button and you can chat with a teller live.

The 24-hour video teller machines can be found at:

  • POSB Rivervale Plaza
  • POSB Bukit Batok West
  • POSB Kampong Ubi
  • POSB Tampines Hub
  • POSB Yishun North
  • POSB Toa Payoh North
  • POSB Bedok North
  • POSB Ang Mo Kio Central
The machines can be accessed by the public at any time of the day. To use the DBS/POSB VTM, you will need a valid ID (identity card or passport) or your ATM/Debit card for verification, as well as your mobile phone for more complex transactions that require SMS one-time password. Customer service officers are available via live webcam daily from 8.30am to 12am.

Hopefully, this piece of news will relief you and your family too, the VTMs has definitely helped me save time, hope it's the same for you too!


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Wana Meet Mamonde's Spokesperson Park Shin Hye?

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Hi Huneybees,

Are you a "victim" of the “Park Shin-Hye lipstick effect” too? If you are snagging those lippies that Mamonde spokesperson Park Shin-Hye is seen using, be ready, as she will be making a special appearance in Singapore on the 21st July, Friday!

Arriving earlier this year in Singapore, Mamonde's range of skincare and makeup products are made available on e-commerce site Lazada and now at Tangs VivoCity! The brand's specialty is that all their products use flower extracts and they smell heavenly when in use. 

Blooms from the hibiscus, camellia, magnolia, honeysuckle, and lotus plants are harvested and hand-picked before they are frozen or heat dried. The active ingredients are then extracted to be used in product development.

I was sent a press kit of their First Energy Firming Mask Set (Honeysuckle) together with their Signature Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense Lipstick and True Color Lip Stick. Everything has a soft floral fragrance to it, I love the products, especially the mask sheets being so hydrating and a great wake-me-up to prep the skin for makeup.

If you are keen to check out Mamonde, come step into Mamonde Garden in the City and discover the secrets of nature's most beautiful floral wonders at VivoCity Singapore, central Court atrium, and experience a world of flowers unlike any other.

Mamonde will be celebrating with plenty of samples to be given away, specially curated sets, attractive gifts, and exciting activities for the beauty aficionado from 17 July to 27 July 2017!

Mamonde's ambassador Park Shin Hye will also make a special appearance on 21 July 2017. Stand a chance to win a pair of VIP passes to catch her upclose and personal with every $50 spent. The top 5 spenders will also get a once in a lifetime group photo opportunity with Park Shin Hye on stage!

Good luck and see you there!


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Julianne Moore & Liv Tyler As The New Faces Of Triumph

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Hi Huneybees,

Triumph has recently announced Julianne Moore as the face of its new premium line - Florale by Triumph. Shot by fashion photographer Rankin, the first global campaign from Florale by Triumph draws on the story of the modern woman, celebrating female confidence and timeless style.

Inspired by feminine florals, Florale by Triumph is made up of four lines (Peony Florale, Iris Florale, Wild Rose Florale & Dahlia Florale), each offering a range of fits and styles, from an innovative 4-section underwired bra and a minimiser to a bodysuit and shaping briefs. More about the collection, click here.

New Florale lines hang on a decorative wall at Triumph’s press day.Photo Credits:

Commenting on the announcement, Julianne Moore said: “Florale by Triumph represents everything I hope for in my style – it is elegant, contemporary, and it makes me feel beautiful.  The collection is stunning and it’s a pleasure to be a part of the Triumph family.”

Rankin adds, “Julianne is a dream! She is funny, she is courageous, she is candid, she’s totally charismatic. A breath of fresh air. What I love about photographing her is she has this inimitable strength. That is a very rare gift. And it makes my job a real pleasure.”
Whilst, Suzanne McKenna, global head of brand at Triumph, added: “After much anticipation, we are proud to introduce Julianne Moore as the face of Florale by Triumph. Julianne is the epitome of a truly sophisticated and stylish modern woman, which makes her the perfect fit for our new collection. We are confident that this special partnership will resonate with women across the world, inspiring them to ‘Find the One’ with Triumph.

This piece of news follows the announcement that Liv Tyler is fronting a campaign for Triumph Essence's global campaign this Autumn Winter 2017.
Celebrating female sensuality and body confidence, the new campaign is also being photographed by Rankin. Triumph Essence is all about chic, elegant and seductive, offering lingerie that makes a statement and works perfectly with every modern woman’s stylish wardrobe. 
This season the premium line takes on the glamourous theme of ‘Opulent Art Nouveau’ and features delicate and intimate styles which Liv will showcase, crafted in velvet embellished mesh, Leavers lace and luxurious silk satin.
“I am so honoured to be working with Triumph, a brand I have known and admired for so many years. It has such history! The Triumph Essence collection is really special and has both a playful, feminine and chic style, which I love. I can’t wait to see it launch later this year.” --- Liv Tyler 
“Liv Tyler encapsulates everything synonymous with Triumph Essence. Beautiful, elegant and exuding female confidence. She truly is a modern woman in every sense, a mother and actress with a fierce sense of femininity that women across the world can relate to. It is her genuine spirit that translates into our new campaign for Triumph Essence and we are thrilled to be working with her.” --- Suzanne McKenna, Global Head of Brand, Triumph

The Triumph Essence campaign will be seen in print, online and in retail from October 2017 following the launch of the recent global Triumph brand campaign, ‘Find the One for Every You’, whilst Florale by Triumph Autumn/Winter collection will be available online and in store from September 2017.

I can't wait to see the full lingerie pieces in display and help myself to some of them. 
Stay tuned ~


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