[Get The Look] Transform Into Mavis Dracula & Sadness With Blue Contact Lens

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Hi Huneybees,

It's Friday and this weekend, I bet you will be out dressing up for Halloween! But if you have been a busy Huneybee and haven't had the time to go get your costumes, your Queen Bee here have a tips for those last minute, fast and simple to get ready look for your Halloween party.

I'm wearing the FreshKon Colors Fusion - Glittering Blue Contact Lens

With just a pair of blue contact lens, I have 2 looks all ready for you to wow your friends with ~~~

Look 1 - Sadness From Inside Out

With costumes for Halloween getting sexier and more revealing, it's really a stressful time for the plus size girls like me. Luckily for us and all thanks to Disney and Pixar, we can finally have a character to portray and enjoy a great time out!

Yes, this is non-other than Sadness from Inside Out! 

Working with the blue contact lens in hand, you simply just have to get your makeup done with a blue theme in mind. Then, side sweep a blue bob wig, big round frames, white knitted sweater, jeans and blur bedroom slippers, you are set to go out with your inspired Sadness look.

Just a side note though, it might be too warm in Singapore to wear a sweater. So, be sure to stay in a nice chilled area to party the night away ~

Look 2 - Mavis Dracula From Hotel Transylvania 

This is a character I fell in love with the first time I saw her on screen. I've always had a thing for vampires, so seeing one who is headstrong, independent, curious and always ready to explore and try new things characteristics, I knew I have found a cartoon alter ego of me!

For makeup, you just have to do soft grey smokey eyes and rim them in jet black eyeliner. Lightly sweep some mascara on, give yourself black eyebrows and peach blusher. The most important one is to have the black lipstick, and black nails. That's like Mavis's signature!

The rest is pretty simple then. Put on fake vampire teeth and if you already have short black hair with bangs, you can skip getting a wig. (Good for you!), if not go get a short black wig, make sure there is bangs, if not you would have to give your wig a haircut trim too.

Pair that with black turtle neck short sleeve dress, black gloves, red and black striped stockings together with red high cut Converse-eques sneakers, you are set to go find your very own Jonathan Locker!

That's my very last minute preparation for Halloween, hope that helps and do tag me and share your photos if you do dress up as Sadness or Mavis. I will be updating the makeup tutotrial soon, so stay tuned! Have a great Halloween ~~~~

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Celebrate Audio House's 26th Birthday With $26 OFF Every $100 Spent

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Hi Huneybees,

Have you heard?! Audio House is 26 years old and they are sharing great deals with us on this joyous occasion! Come join me on this special electronic shopping deal!

From now till 7 December 2015, not only will Audio House be matching the all competitors’ prices to guarantee the LOWEST price in Singapore for their electronics, you will also get an additional $26 OFF with every $100 spent! Yes! Example, if you were to spend $500, you will receive $130 in return (voucher form).

Sample of the Audio House $26 Voucher
If you are looking for a new television, I would suggest heading over to their Liang Court branch as it features a 51m longest Ultra High Definition (UHD) Wall in Singapore, you will definitely be spoiled for choice, comparing the price, the size and the brand to your hearts' content.

There are lots of promotions to check out in stores and it's pretty hard to resist, especially together with the additional lucky dip. Actually, it would make a good time to get a change of appliances just in time for the New Year or even Christmas presents for your close ones.

All deals are on first-come, first-served basis, and purchases are limited to one set per customer. So, you have got to be quick, lest be disppointed!

Audio House 26th Anniversary Promotion
Date: 24 October to 7 December 2015
  • Audio House Liang Court
    Address: 177 River Valley Road #04-01/15, Liang Court Shopping Centre, Singapore 179030
  • Audio House Bendemeer
    Address: 72 Bendemeer Road, Singapore 339941

Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm
For more information, go to Audio House Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/audiohousesg.

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I Want To Go To My Little Pony Cafe! Fly Me To Japan Please?

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Hi fellow Pegasisters and Bronies!

A My Little Pony Cafe has popped up in Tokyo, Japan recently!
If only I could ride on Twilight Sparkle's back and fly there now ~~~

Looking at all the photos posted on social media, it seems that for the first time. Equestria has come to life! For a limited time, the Sunday Jam Cafe in the midst of Harajuku has transformed into a My Little Pony themed cafe, with all the lovely, delicious food that Pinkie Pie would have made. Every generation of ponies are gathered here at this themed cafe to meet their fans.

Photos credits: http://nerdist.com/japans-my-little-pony-cafe-looks-magical/
Rainbows, plush ponies splattered all over the cafe, even the dishes served are splattered with My Little Pony traces. Check out the coffee art and prints on the cookie and toast! If only they can have this in every part of the world! Idea? Open 1 here in Singapore? I will surely be reporting there everyday! =X

Photo Credits: http://kotaku.com/
Besides themed dishes, there's also a giant mural, pony plushes scattered around the establishment for you to snap selfies and wefies. Before you leave, don't forget to buy those themed merchandise like notebooks and keychains. 

The My Little Pony Cafe is open until November 29, and then it will revert back to its usual appearance and menu as Sunday Jam. Follow the cafe on Twitter to get more details and if you are Tokyp, be sure to pop on over !!!

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TVB Stars Never Cease To Amaze Us At The StarHub TVB Awards 2015

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Hi Huneybees,

I just got home from an exciting evening at Marina Bay Sands and I'm still jumping up and down, not sure if I can really get to sleep after all the excitement. Have you seen my Instagram feed? TVB celebrities were in town to attend the annual StarHub TVB Awards 2015 (星和无线电视大奖 2015 ) and all our TV favourites were on the special "green carpet" to greet their fans.

YES! 張保仔, 黃娣妹, 十一貝勒, 收規華, 梁芯鯉魚精 & 朱爾旦 were all gathered here for this grand affair. If you are fans of HK dramas like me, you would be familiar with these names as they are character names of Tony Hung 洪永城, Grace Chan  陳凱琳 & Ruco Chan 陳展鵬 in Captain of Destiny 張保仔, Louis Cheng 張繼聰 & Tavia Yeung 楊怡 in Momentary Lapse of Reason 收規華 as well as Eliza Sam 岑麗香 & Wayne Lai 黎耀祥 in Under the Veil 無雙譜

Alongside them, was also several other TVB stars:

  • Linda Chung 鍾嘉欣
  • Kenneth Ma 馬國明
  • Moses Chan 陈豪
  • Carol Cheng 鄭裕玲
  • Nancy Wu 胡定欣
  • Derek Li 李浩林
  • Vincent Wong 王浩信
  • Selena Li 李詩韻
  • Amigo Choi 崔建邦
  • Alfred Hui 許廷鏗
  • Hubert Wu 胡鴻鈞
  • Lam Ha Mei 林夏薇
  • Edwin Siu 萧正楠
  • Priscilla Wong 黃翠如
  • Lawrence Ng 吳啟華
  • Tracy Chu 朱千雪
  • Adam Cheng 鄭少秋
  • Liza Wang 汪明荃

OK, gona leave you with this post and go grab some sleep. Stay tuned as I will be updating with more from the awards ceremony. =)

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Falling In Love With The ESSENCE by Triumph 2015 That Premiered At The Singapore JewelFest 2015

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Hi Huneybees,

During the opening of the second edition of the Singapore JewelFest 2015 (SJF15), Triumph joined forces with the participating exhibiting jewelers to put up a  lingerie runway show. Pairing 38 pieces of the luxurious ESSENCE by Triumph 2015 Collection with unique and iconic jewellery from across the world, accessorized with captivating and fashion-forward headpieces from Eskpade, you can also feel empowered from the boardroom into the bedroom.

This marks the premiere of the luxurious and tantalizing ESSENCE by Triumph 2015 Collection that features the best styles from Triumph's lingerie. Leveling them up by adding Swarovski Crystal pendants on the lingerie to enhance the appearance as well as featuring sensual bra cutting with finest, delicate lace detailing and glossy fabrics to highlight the tenderness and sophistication of modern women.

The runway show was hosted by celebrity Bobby Tonelli
The sexy camisoles and gorgeous French knickers are also all masterfully crafted to accentuate every women’s femininity and materialise a whole new world of intimate enchantment.

Heinz Mayer (Germany)
It was also a celebration of the Crimson and the White, where diamonds, rubies, spinels and other gems of red and white from across the world (Singapore, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Thailand, United Kingdom, Belgium, United States of America, Israel, Lebanon, Switzerland, Taiwan and United Arab Emirates) takes the center stage to bring out the beauty of the ESSENCE by Triumph Collection.

Sunlight Jewelers (Hong Kong)

Leonori Gioielli (Italy)
SJ Solitaire Jewels (U.S.A)
I'm already falling love the moment the first model walked out~~~ The romantic and intricate designs add so much more dimension and contour to the lingerie. I bet you will feel more confident with your body looking so good, wearing them underneath your clothes and paired with the glittering jewellery, you will be able to succeed in whatever deal you are trying to clinch.

Orital (Italy)
The highlight of the night has got to be the 2 specially customised lingerie sets by renowned German jewellery house - Hans D Krieger Fine Jewellery, and emerging designer - Esther Stella Scherer of Esvara Viva. 

Each jeweller took approximately four weeks for conceptualisation of the design and another five weeks to create the bespoke lingeries. Sharing the same German heritage and values, Triumph collaborated with both jewellers in celebration of German excellence and quality craftsmanship.

Inspired by Michael Fabers’ novel ‘The Crimson Petal and the White’ protagonist: a seductress named “Sugar”, the collection Hypnotic Seduction by Hans D. Krieger Fine Jewellery displayed the hallmark of German excellence: concept, engineering, and craftsmanship.

This crimson and white coloured jewellery with the Essence lingerie is made to focus on the most
delicate parts of a female body, hypnotising and bewitching at the same time. The repeating upside-down heart shape jewels, dangling against the back of her French knickers, underlines the dizziness of the tender game of love. Together with the hypnotic pendant chain in hand, who can escape those hypnotic "stunts"?

Featuring 18K Palladium White Gold, with 3181 Brilliant Cut Diamonds worth 99.85 carats and 22 Red and Pink Tourmalines totaling 157.02 carats, The Hypnotic Seduction was retailing at SGD$925,500 at the Jewel Pavilion.

The other piece is a fiery red presentation by German designer Esther Stella Scherer of Esvara Viva. Known for her conceptual jewellery design that draws inspiration from places and sites of heritage, she has designed a bedazzling lingerie - United in Diversity. It is an iconic of German subtle elegance, featuring 16 symbols representing the different cultures of the world in 18K White Gold with 6.4 carats of White Diamonds priced at SGD$35,000.
“Each icon, inspired by their unique historiography, is a tribute to UNESCO heritage sites. The symbols are visual objects used as a metaphor for a deeper, greater truth. By understanding the meaning conveyed by specific symbols we become aware of the two-fold nature of our existence. Each jewellery symbol, consecrated with love, is meant to bestow salutary energy upon the person wearing it and relay a waft of the soul and the magic of these places. My resolution to turn passion for aesthetics and the precious magic of bygone times into a concrete form, add a sensuous attribute to the meaning of “adornment” to the elegant lingerie from Triumph.” --- Esther Stella Scherer

Messerer Juwelier (Switzerland)
Sirus Tanya (Thailand)

Caratell (Singapore)

Rota E Rota (Italy)

House of Fine Gems (Singapore)

Mordechai Collection (U.S.A)
Jaipore by Ritu Aurora (Singapore)

Karen Suen (Hong Kong)

Kavant & Sharart (Thailand)
Malpani (Hong Kong)
Ivy Masterpiece (Singapore)
Infiniti Jewels (Singapore)
Mouawad (U.S.A)
Famosi (Singapore)
Zydo (Italy)
Simone Jewels (Singapore)
The Jewel Box (Singapore)
Yael Sonia (Brazil)
Shree Jewels (Belgium)
Lane Design Jewellery (Hong Kong)
Fook's Jewelry (Hong Kong)
Giovannetti Jewellery (Italy)
Oro Trend (Italy)
Massimo Raiteri (Italy)
Arts & Gems (U.A.E)
Sequins Jewelry (Taiwan)
Renee Jewellers (U.A.E)
Morcha Jewellery (U.S.A)
Gemayel Jewellery (Lebanon)

Do you like the lingerie like me too? If you want a closer look or try on the Essence 2015 collection, visit the Essence counters at Takashimaya, Isetan Scotts, Metro Paragon, Metro CentrePoint, OG Albert, OG People’s Park, Robinsons at Raffles City, Tangs Orchard and Tangs VivoCity. The collection is also available at selected Triumph boutiques.

Have a great weekend and enjoy shopping for these new lingerie! :)

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