Falling In Love With The ESSENCE by Triumph 2015 That Premiered At The Singapore JewelFest 2015

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Hi Huneybees,

During the opening of the second edition of the Singapore JewelFest 2015 (SJF15), Triumph joined forces with the participating exhibiting jewelers to put up a  lingerie runway show. Pairing 38 pieces of the luxurious ESSENCE by Triumph 2015 Collection with unique and iconic jewellery from across the world, accessorized with captivating and fashion-forward headpieces from Eskpade, you can also feel empowered from the boardroom into the bedroom.

This marks the premiere of the luxurious and tantalizing ESSENCE by Triumph 2015 Collection that features the best styles from Triumph's lingerie. Leveling them up by adding Swarovski Crystal pendants on the lingerie to enhance the appearance as well as featuring sensual bra cutting with finest, delicate lace detailing and glossy fabrics to highlight the tenderness and sophistication of modern women.

The runway show was hosted by celebrity Bobby Tonelli
The sexy camisoles and gorgeous French knickers are also all masterfully crafted to accentuate every women’s femininity and materialise a whole new world of intimate enchantment.

Heinz Mayer (Germany)
It was also a celebration of the Crimson and the White, where diamonds, rubies, spinels and other gems of red and white from across the world (Singapore, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Thailand, United Kingdom, Belgium, United States of America, Israel, Lebanon, Switzerland, Taiwan and United Arab Emirates) takes the center stage to bring out the beauty of the ESSENCE by Triumph Collection.

Sunlight Jewelers (Hong Kong)

Leonori Gioielli (Italy)
SJ Solitaire Jewels (U.S.A)
I'm already falling love the moment the first model walked out~~~ The romantic and intricate designs add so much more dimension and contour to the lingerie. I bet you will feel more confident with your body looking so good, wearing them underneath your clothes and paired with the glittering jewellery, you will be able to succeed in whatever deal you are trying to clinch.

Orital (Italy)
The highlight of the night has got to be the 2 specially customised lingerie sets by renowned German jewellery house - Hans D Krieger Fine Jewellery, and emerging designer - Esther Stella Scherer of Esvara Viva. 

Each jeweller took approximately four weeks for conceptualisation of the design and another five weeks to create the bespoke lingeries. Sharing the same German heritage and values, Triumph collaborated with both jewellers in celebration of German excellence and quality craftsmanship.

Inspired by Michael Fabers’ novel ‘The Crimson Petal and the White’ protagonist: a seductress named “Sugar”, the collection Hypnotic Seduction by Hans D. Krieger Fine Jewellery displayed the hallmark of German excellence: concept, engineering, and craftsmanship.

This crimson and white coloured jewellery with the Essence lingerie is made to focus on the most
delicate parts of a female body, hypnotising and bewitching at the same time. The repeating upside-down heart shape jewels, dangling against the back of her French knickers, underlines the dizziness of the tender game of love. Together with the hypnotic pendant chain in hand, who can escape those hypnotic "stunts"?

Featuring 18K Palladium White Gold, with 3181 Brilliant Cut Diamonds worth 99.85 carats and 22 Red and Pink Tourmalines totaling 157.02 carats, The Hypnotic Seduction was retailing at SGD$925,500 at the Jewel Pavilion.

The other piece is a fiery red presentation by German designer Esther Stella Scherer of Esvara Viva. Known for her conceptual jewellery design that draws inspiration from places and sites of heritage, she has designed a bedazzling lingerie - United in Diversity. It is an iconic of German subtle elegance, featuring 16 symbols representing the different cultures of the world in 18K White Gold with 6.4 carats of White Diamonds priced at SGD$35,000.
“Each icon, inspired by their unique historiography, is a tribute to UNESCO heritage sites. The symbols are visual objects used as a metaphor for a deeper, greater truth. By understanding the meaning conveyed by specific symbols we become aware of the two-fold nature of our existence. Each jewellery symbol, consecrated with love, is meant to bestow salutary energy upon the person wearing it and relay a waft of the soul and the magic of these places. My resolution to turn passion for aesthetics and the precious magic of bygone times into a concrete form, add a sensuous attribute to the meaning of “adornment” to the elegant lingerie from Triumph.” --- Esther Stella Scherer

Messerer Juwelier (Switzerland)
Sirus Tanya (Thailand)

Caratell (Singapore)

Rota E Rota (Italy)

House of Fine Gems (Singapore)

Mordechai Collection (U.S.A)
Jaipore by Ritu Aurora (Singapore)

Karen Suen (Hong Kong)

Kavant & Sharart (Thailand)
Malpani (Hong Kong)
Ivy Masterpiece (Singapore)
Infiniti Jewels (Singapore)
Mouawad (U.S.A)
Famosi (Singapore)
Zydo (Italy)
Simone Jewels (Singapore)
The Jewel Box (Singapore)
Yael Sonia (Brazil)
Shree Jewels (Belgium)
Lane Design Jewellery (Hong Kong)
Fook's Jewelry (Hong Kong)
Giovannetti Jewellery (Italy)
Oro Trend (Italy)
Massimo Raiteri (Italy)
Arts & Gems (U.A.E)
Sequins Jewelry (Taiwan)
Renee Jewellers (U.A.E)
Morcha Jewellery (U.S.A)
Gemayel Jewellery (Lebanon)

Do you like the lingerie like me too? If you want a closer look or try on the Essence 2015 collection, visit the Essence counters at Takashimaya, Isetan Scotts, Metro Paragon, Metro CentrePoint, OG Albert, OG People’s Park, Robinsons at Raffles City, Tangs Orchard and Tangs VivoCity. The collection is also available at selected Triumph boutiques.

Have a great weekend and enjoy shopping for these new lingerie! :)

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