[What's New] Come Into The Magic Shop For Beauty Tricks...

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Hi Huneybees,

I recently dropped by TW Magic Shop, located in Far East PlazaThose of you who frequents Taiwan would be very familiar with the brand. 

It has been mentioned in tons of magazines, newspapers and shows like Apply Daily, Nu Ren Wo Zui Da (highly recommended by Taiwanese beauty maestro - Kevin Chou), Teenage magazine and U magazineIt stands firm in Taiwan’s skincare industry since 2006 and their products have been working like MAGIC!

Once you step into the shop, you are already greeted by hundreds of nail polishes and lots of pink stuffs, but let me show you their BEST SELLERS!

The WaterProof Eyeliner is very intense. Just one swipe, you can get a solid black eyeline. Moreover, with water and rubbing, it doesn't get removed! It only works when you use a makeup remover and the 2-In-1 Makeup Remover shown below is their shop's best. Just shake and blend the contents, the toughest makeup can easily get removed!

The Lipstainer is my favourite. Simply just a swipe, my lips are in a healthy pink and it doesn't come off even when I drink water (or kiss transfer). I would have it on its own or underneath my lipstick colours, so even if the lipsticks get removed, I still have a pink tinge on my lips. Hehehe...

See how natural the lipstain is...
This one was highly recommended by the boss. The Protective Makeup Base helps you lock in all the moisture immediately. You know how you apply your moisturiser and it still feels "wet" against your skin? You are losing the moisture to the air, but if you apply the makeup base immediately after the moisturiser, you can quickly lock in the moisture and mattify you skin for any makeup...

Applying moisturiser.
The moisturiser is not absorbed immediately...
But once the Protective Makeup Base is applied...
The skin is dried up as the moisture is immediately absorbed and locked in!
These are also some of the other products that are highly raved about...

The UV Expert Serum, works like your foundations, BB Creams and CC Creams, but with the different colours, you can use it to hide the skin redness or the dark circles more. Use the natural shade on its on, or blend in those colour to get the healthy skin glow!

Natural shade on the left and a blend of the purple shade for a healthier glow.
And it repels water!!!
Say goodbye to your blemish problems with the Blemishes No More Cream. It was quick grab amongst the bloggers that day! It is best to apply on the affected area, let the coolness calm the skin and then you remove it before doing your makeup...

There's also a lovely hair mist and body lotion selection. And if you are getting it as a gift, they can wrap it nicely for you too!

And for those who wants to have more elasticity and collagen in their skin, you can try the DNA Replenishing Cream. See how bouncy the cream is? Well, your skin will definitely have the "Boiing Boiing" effect after applying!

Last but not least, check out their falsies corner. They have a wide selection and what makes them special is that they are tilted upwards, so when you wear them, it gives you the wide eyes effect, making your eyes look more awake, more refreshed and wider...

So drop by the Magic Shop for some magical beauty tips!

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(Promotion ends 30th April 2014)

 Magic Shop
14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza, #01-83
Enquirers: 67323137
Whatsapp: 97217789
(Retail Hours: 12pm - 9.30pm)
Website: http://www.twmagicshopsg.com [Free local postage, limited time only]

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Baby-G Launches 2 New Ranges Of Watches In Celebration Of 20th Anniversary

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Hi Huneybees,

Casio Singapore is celebrating their 20th anniversary this year and they have released a couple of new Baby-G watches. 

Launched as a sister brand to G-SHOCK, Casio’s popular line of shock resistant timepieces, the Baby-G inherits the same absolute toughness but in a smaller and more slender form suitable for ladies. Baby-G has gained immense popularity among young ladies since it was first introduced in the early 1990s and blazed a trail for digital watches to become an integral part of women’s fashion with its signature “Tough & Cute” concept and trendy colours. 

The first collection would be for the ardent fans of Baby-G and Korean pop sensation and face of Casio Baby-G brand, Girls GenerationThe limited edition Baby-G BA-111GG range are already available in Singapore at a suggested retail price of SGD199.00.

The range comes in three stylish colours, black (BA-111GGA), green (BA-111GGB) and orange (BA-111GGC), with engraved back plates featuring the signatures of Girls’ Generation stars Yoona, Seohyun, Sooyoung, Tiffany, Yuri, Hyoyeon, Taeyeon, Jessica and Sunny.

The black multi-dimensional watch face of the unique BA-111GG range exudes a sophisticated avant-garde style with a contrasting pop of colour on the hands and dials. The watches are both shock and water resistant and sport resin bands for maximum comfort and durability.

Each watch comes packaged in a unique Girls’ Generation autographed box, together with a custom easel, making it a must-have collectors piece for all Baby-G fans.

The other release is the new Baby-G BGD-500 range sporting a nostalgic design of the classic Baby-G, DW-520. Paying tribute to the world’s first Baby-G, the BGD-500 range incorporates its simple square form, wired watch face protector and Baby-G’s original round “G” logo.

Available in 3 vibrant colours of classic black (BGD-500-1), original turquoise (BGD-500-3) and striking yellow (BGD-500-9), at a suggested retail price of SGD129.00. The watches also come packed in an exclusive 20th anniversary box featuring two stars to signify two successful decades of Baby-G.

To mark this significant milestone, Casio also introduced a fresh new look for Baby-G with plans to further elevate the brand as the sister brand to G-SHOCK. Casio fans and Baby-G collectors can look forward to a new BABY-G logo adopting a refreshed concept of “Tough & Cool” in upcoming timepiece designs.

For more information, head on over to http://world.casio.com

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