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Hi Huneybees,

Ever since becoming a blogger, I have also been reading up and following some bloggers' blogs. Some interest me, some are because I've made friends with them at events and found their blogs pretty interesting. Let me introduce some to you...


Hong Peng aka HP is our president for the G+ group of Nuffnang, how can I not follow right? He has a lot of readers for his blog and I'm in love that he always updates his blog almost everyday of things happening in Singapore and that he also has a "fetish" for Korean songs. Love his recommendations on the blog, even though I don't know what they are singing about, but it's all super catchy songs.


Joey aka iisjong is someone I met during a blogging event and first impression of her is that she's so young and different from all bloggers. Everyone was going jap/korean inspired with their fake lashes and contact lenses, she just hid behind her big ass glasses and looked so hyper and adorable! She's a HUGE fan of Rikkakuma and I love how she incorporates her soft toys in parts of her blog posts. The posts can be seen that she puts in lots of effort while writing and not writing for the sake of writing.....


Being a nail art fanatic myself, of course I must follow back some other nail art bloggers to find out what's new in the nail art market. She's from United States and so she tends to be the first to spread about news of new collection from O.P.I., China Glaze, etc. She's not bias in her posts and she also does a lot of comparison which helps alot when I am buying my nail polishes.


I stumbled upon this blog many moons ago while searching online for ideas for my nail art and I found her! She's from Las Vegas and at that time she was on the 365 days Project, where she created 365 different nail designs almost daily. Her ideas were so creative and almost effortless and I love it! Even though she has finished with the project and doesn't blog as often, I still get excited to read her blog posts everytime she updates as she always surprises me with her nail art designs.


Helga Gabrielle Weber is from Philippines, a web and graphic designer (*like me). Her blog is mainly of her clothing, sense of fashion, but there's also alot of other beautiful photos that she takes. I find her sense of fashion super couture and she tends to mix and match her clothes in ways I never thought of.

She's currently in pink, blond hair with a shaved side parting (how cool is that right?) and maybe coz of the weather I find her clothings very feasible for the us to wear here in Singapore. She doesn't act cute in her posts and keeps them short and sweet, mainly with lots of photos to inspire. I think is amust for all ladies who love to stay in fashion!


Yes! I recommend myself! This blog of mine is new and I adore it like baby, because I get to share my beauty secrets with the world. Who says plus size girls have to be hidden at a corner?! I stepped out confident and not afraid to express myself with colours (makeups and nail arts), why shouldn't you?

I'm not being bias here, but as a blog reader, I would recommend you guys to read this blog  as I only recommend the best and even list out the pros and cons for you guys, so that you guys can consider "deep deep" before "plunging" in to get that product. I strive to inspire all girls out there to be beautiful and confident of themselves, effortlessly. Always check back for updates and more creative ideas!!

Christina aka Huney

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What the bug?!

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Hi Huneybees,

When I came back home with hubby today we spotted this little creature hanging around my wardrobe. It's a like a mosquito, like a fly, but super shiny, shimmery like those Scarab bugs in the "Mummy" movies. I tried Googl-ing it, but no results. If you guys know please let me know?

Upon seeing such a beautiful creature, I immediately pulled out our Nikon DSLR and played with our Macro lens. It's been awhile I used Macro and I was super excited that I took 100 over photos just for this insect. I picked out a few nicer ones to show ya guys....

The little insect dropped from the wardrobe and passed away shortly after, wonder is it coz it has a pretty short life or it was injured?

Christina aka Huney

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[What's New] Beauty Comes From Within - BRAND'S Innershine

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Hi Huneybees,

What is the most important thing to women? Beautiful radiant skin with great elasticity right? Let me introduce the all new BRAND'S® InnerShine® Berry Essence with Grape Seed Extract. And I  was down at the launch event with Miyo and now I'm addicted to the drink. :)

The all new Brands Innershine Berry Essence with Grape Seed Extract is rich in OPCs (Oligomeric Pranthocyanidin Complexes, that improves the skin's elasticity and keeping it firm. Together with 5 premium berries (Blueberry, Blackcurrant, Chokeberry, Acaiberry and Cranberry) specially selected from Europe and America, the drink is "empowered" with Anti-Oxidants and Anthocyanins. This is definitely a super choice for ladies to maintain youthful and glowing skin.

Beauty at a small price. :)
A pic with Miyo before the event started.

When we got there, we were asked to join the mini makeover and at the end of it, there will be a little "pageant" for the Miss Natural Beauty. :)

I'm Number 7.
Introducing Makeup Artist , Stella from HK. She looks amazingly like Kelly Chen!!! Like photostat u know?

Miyo first. She's Number 6.
Stella, enhanced her eye makeup, gave her rosy cheeks and a hint of lip colour.
Dun look at me, see Stella's tattoo? So tempted to get one myself.
My makeup was pretty much done, so she could only touch up the smudging under my eyes.

All done!
Professionally taken photo. :)
Of course must take 1 with Miyo.

Then, they introduced local celebrity stylist, Ms. Karen Ng. But the first time I was staring and fell in love with is the Dsquared2 Skeleton Heels that she was wearing. Super fierce man!

A pic of the heels I found online.
So Karen and Stella gave us live demo on how to achieve the Fall's nude look.
This is the finished look. Effortless pretty right?

Next up, 1/2 of our very local twin blogger, Hayley was model for the makeup demo. She was given a more colourful and bright look as she was heading out later...

So lovely right?
I even bumped into fellow blogger, Shu Qing at the event!
After a short interview with Karen Ng, it was time for the prize ceremony and announcement of the top 3 Miss Natural Beauty.

Credits to Brand's FB page.
Miyo and 2 other ladies got chosen as top 3 ad I was happy too, coz I got a little gift from Brand's for participating.

Some photos for keepsakes before we leave....

See what I got to bring home?! 2 boxes of Brand's Innershine Berry Essence with Grape Seed Extract drinks!!
There's even a perfume refiller to bring around. Now I can look good and smell good!
I'm drinking them everyday now. Chilled is the best way to have it.
Cheers to radiant, beautiful skin!


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*Sponsored Post*

Hi Huneybees,

Last week I was invited by to a event, not to bid but to understand them more, so that I can introduce them to you guys. Let me kick it off by telling you a little about them...

Launched in July 2010, is an entertainment shopping website that allows users the chance to buy items at great discounts via a unique auction model. 1 year into launch it has surpasses all of it's competitors to emerge as the industry's market leader with more than 34,000 joining in the fun!

The sweet people of are constantly updating their lists of products, bringing in a list of brand new, good quality and high standard products, including PS3, iPad 2, iPhone, Wii, digital cameras, TV sets, airline tickets, branded items (yes, I saw Chanel wallet), spa vouchers and many many more at just a fraction of their original prices!

Check out the items that were listed out for us to take photos!
These were the items for bidding when I just logged in. Cool deals right? Can see most of them are at 99% off!
So how it works is that the bidding price starts from $0.00 and each time a user places a bid, the prices increases by 15 cents and with each bid, the timer increases by 20 seconds, so don't think you can go in at the last second to bid and you will win the item ok? Bids are made with tokens and each token costs 75 cents. Below is a more detailed graphical instruction...

Ok, so here's the fun part! has a system called Auto Bidder where it places bids for the user when the price for an item is between the upper and lower limits the user has set earlier on, and it is activated even when the user is not online.

The Auto Bidder will only kick-in when the timer reads between 0-10 seconds, so to ensure as little tokens as used as possible. If the user is the highest bidder at the moment, the Auto Bidder will not kick in regardless of the settings, but it will start again once another user has outbid him/her. More information can be found here --

Something different about is that they have different types of Auctions to cater to different users.

  • Beginner Auctions are limited to users who have never won an auction (including "Free" Token Pack Auctions); leveling the playing field for new users. Beginner auctions are marked with the L-plate.
  • Free Auctions allows our users to participate without using Tokens, no matter how many times the user bid. Note: Auto Bidder is not allowed for this bid.

  • Special Auction is that every bid increase by 1 cent, super saver bid!
  • Pretty obvious right? It means no use of Auto Bidder for this auction, users have to sit by their computers for this auction. 
So that very day, I got the chance to see the crew. Yes, they are all real people (just for those skeptical people out there), they are not bots. And if you still don't believe, you can always drop by their office and meet the crew. They are very open about that, but I think you should still give them a courtesy call before popping down. :)

In fact, they were very nice people answering our doubts and equipped us with the information we need for the post, showed us the items that were up for bids and they even gave us 50 tokens each to try the bids ourselves!

When I was at their office, I already logged into on my mobile and I already had my eye on the Lomography Spinner 360°. So excited that I was already watching it since I got home and I couldn't put my mobile down when I was having dinner with my parents (I'm sorry mum and dad for my bad table manners that day).

My heart keeps beating faster and faster when the timer was counting down to the last 10 seconds and that was when the competition comes in. Everyone had their auto bidders working and my heart was literally pounding as I watched for the winner of the camera. Ask my parent and hubby, they were getting all hyped up just sitting next to me.

But to my disappointment, at the last few minutes, I ran out of tokens! I had to give up on bidding as no one would sponser me their credit cards for me to buy more tokens. Sob Sob! I watched as my camera got bidded away... It was only less than $100 and I was actually scolding myself in the head for wasting so much tokens, not having any strategies and was so excited that I forgot to read the guides!!! (Please read them before you bid, so that you can prepare yourself to win that dream item of yours)

I'll be waiting for my chance to get the camera again and right now, I have to save some money to buy the tokens. Hehehehe.... I love the feeling and adrenaline rush especially when the item is down to the less few seconds. I must say everyone should try at least once to get their awesome deal on and I bet you guys will fall in love with it! Refer your friends to get some free tokens for yourself when you are there!

Christina aka Huney

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