Huney'Z 1st 7th Month Dinner in 2011

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Hi Huneybees,

7th Month is here and like every year, my parents are invited to different places for dinner and I wanted to share my 1st 7th Month dinner with you guys.

What is 7th Month?

It's actually the 7th month of the lunar calendar. The Chinese would call this the ghost month as it's said that the Gates of Hell open to allow ghosts and spirits to access the mortal world to visit their families and some say "holiday" for them as they get to feast on the offerings.

But for me, 7th month means lots of dinner events with family and while we dine, there's a bidding session that lasts all the way till 11pm. Normally these dinners are under HDB blocks and the bidding tends to be noisy, so 11 pm is the curfew for noise control.

Arriving at the event and seeing that the tables were set with pink serviettes makes it so nostalgic.

See, the kitchen is right under the block.

They have to prepare huge quantities of the same dish just for starters. Imagine the number of tables for the night.
Waitresses even had matching uniform with serviettes lor.
Beer anyone?
We found the table under Daddy's company name and settled down.
Checking out the items that are up for bids.

These are the more significant ones, as the items have a meaning and gives blessings to the company or family who wins the bid. The golden pig was brought around to get people to drop their money in and winning bidder gets to take the pig and all the money inside home!
Camwhoring while waiting for the event to officially start.
I camwhore, hubby play Tiny Tower.

Then the dishes were dished out. Let me introduce them one by one....

Cold dish, appetizer came first.

Soup. for once we tot we had shark's fins soup.

End up is just chicken shreds and beansprouts soup.

I went for a break, went out for some photo taking coz there were some inconsiderate people smoking in such an enclosed area. *Choke*

The other dishes were, Mushroom and Vegetables.

Steamed Fish

Cereal Prawns

And dessert was Or Ni, Yam Paste with Ginkgo Nuts.

I shall leave you guys with this interesting video of the host at the bidding session. Not sure why whenever there's a high bid, he will do this chant (this is the first year I experience this) and everyone on the spot will shout in response with him. It's in Hokkien and I'm not so proficient in it. Anyone knows what he said exactly please let me know?

Christina aka Huney

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