[Get The Look] Vancouver Hauls - Revlon

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Hi Huneybees,

Here's another part of my haul in Vancouver. This time it's an eyeshadow pot from Revlon and I got it from the local drugstore. It's called Revlon Custom Eyes and I was attracted by this ad which Jessica Biel modelled and I told myself, I must get it!

I know you can still find this in Singapore stores and that's also why I wana share this with you guys! I got the most stunning PARTY POPS set. It is the most colourful set and I simply love the combination they suggested on the back.

Don't the colours just look adorable?! And just when you think, there's too much colours going on, here's my take on it.
I love how the colours compliment each other and I don't look like "Ru Hua".

This is one under white light. You can see it's not too strong, in fact , I love how my eyes pop!
 It's not as party dramatic as Jessica Biel in the ad, but it's definitely something for the summer/spring, something totally different from all the black or brown eyeshadow looks. I think I might just do a look that's inspired by the ad. What you guys think?


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