What I Like About The New Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+

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Hi Huneybees,

I am very excited to share with you about my thoughts on the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ , which were finally unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on 25th February 2018 and in Singapore on the following day to invited media!

While critics might be crying foul about the insignificant improvement to the hardware specification compare to Galaxy S8 and S8+ ,  many others like myself  applaused the effort by Samsung to explore ways to harvest the power of technology to reimagine the way we communicate tomorrow with some super cool features like Super Slow-mo and AR Emoji!

Although slow motion features are already available in most smartphone today, Samsung up the playing field with its new "Super Slow-mo" feature that allows user of the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ to capture key action moments and transform them into epic videos at a rate of 960 frames per second.
Imagine making an eight-time Olympic gold-medallist Usain Bolt looks slow at his next sprint, user has the option to either choose between auto and manual mode to capture up to 20 such videos on the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ .

One's Avatar can be created by AR Emoji (a built-in app) from the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+

My personal favourite feature was the AR Emoji! Not only could the user create his or her own avatar from the built-in application (no WiFi required!) on the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ by snapping one's imagine from either the front or rear camera of the smartphone, the user could also customize his or her avatar from a choice of hair do, skin tone and cloths!

My newly created avatar wearing a cool aviator spectacles and smart business suit!
While creating one's avatar was cool, it was the ability to do a live presentation using your own avatar, which will mimic your expression while using Samsung native messenger that was really awesome!! With up to 35 quick and easy expression options to choose from, the user could also share his or her avatar in GIF format with friends via popular messenger platform like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

The new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+, priced from SGD1198, come in three (3) colours - Midnight Black, Coral Blue, and Lilac Purple - and will be available for pre-order online (without contact) on 1st March 2018, 12pm at major consumer electronics & IT stores' websites in Singapore or via the Samsung store online.

All consumers who purchase Galaxy S9 or S9+ will be entitled to a complimentary Samsung Concierge Care Pack worth SGD128 and exclusive trade-in value for their eligible device of up to $610 via the Samsung Trade Up (SG) app, upon full payment during collection of their Galaxy S9 or S9+ from 10 March 2018.  What's more, purchasers of Galaxy S9+ (256GB) will also receive a Wireless Charger Stand (Black) worth SGD108 during collection of their Galaxy S9+ (256GB) upon full payment, on a while stocks last basis.


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8 Innovative & Interesting Finds At BeautyAsia 2018

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Hi Huneybees,

BeautyAsia 2018 is back for its 22nd run this year and today I've dropped by to check out on what's new and innovative in the cosmetics, skincare and beauty market globally.  Exhibitors hailing from China, Croatia, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and Taiwan, a total of 124 exhibitors have gathered at Suntec City Singapore, Convention Centre to showcase their products.

Here are a few that I find refreshing and I hope we can see them in the Singapore market soon...

1) Frais Vent (Neosilk Human Collagen I)

Who doesn't want baby smooth skin? But with so many products out there with different chemicals, our sensitive skin might not even be able to take it. Developed using Japan's latest technology, HITO is the world's first collagen to use Type 1 collagen ( a new material extracted from silkworm cocoon which has the same amino acid composition as human skin ) as a cosmetics raw material in skincare.

This range of skincare products named as Frais Vent includes Cleansing Lotion, Facial Wash, Lotion, Essence and Facial Cream. With the Essence highly loved and recommended for it consists of 10 Human Collagen I.

All their products are Fragrance Free, Alcohol Free, Colouring Free, with No Parabens, No Mineral Oil and No Animal Derived Ingredients. They are currently under the distributor Shower trading Singapore and you can go to www.neosilksg.com for more information.

2) Purple 8 Skin Care Drink

Founded by Gorgeous Skin Company in Singapore, comes a skincare drink infused with Cocoa Flavanols, hydrating water, and rich vitamins derived from blueberries and strawberries to give you the daily serving skin care benefits. 1 bottle a day will help give your skin the best rejuvenation and nutrition by stimulating micro-circulation and improving blood flow; your skin is more hydrated, more firm and elasticity is improved, together with protection against excessive UV and sun exposure.

This bottle of purple drink is low in calorie and taste amazing. It feels like drinking Ribena and it's very refreshing for our warm weather. Purple 8 is currently already available at selected local stores and for more information, go to www.purple8.com.sg.

3) Vitastiq

New Year calls for New Goals. If you are looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle , you are making conscious efforts to change your habits and looking to sustain this lifestyle, you can check out the Vitastiq.

Tracking what you lack and targetting which are the vitamins that you need, is what this little pen device can do to aid you. With a simple reference point touch on the fingers combined with EAV methodology based in traditional Chinese acupuncture and smart technology, you can track the levels up to 24 vitamins and minerals like Biotin, Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Zinc, Iodine, Coenzyme Q10, Sodium, Calcium, etc.

All the readings can easily be tracked and stored with the app you can download into your smartphones via Bluetooth. Go to www.vitastiq.com for more information.

4) Venna Beauty and Wellness

Under the FABLife booth, I saw some miracle at work. For those with acne, blemishes, eczema or scar problems, there is a natural and organic way to "cure" and reveal your true smooth skin underneath.

The Venna RICE SPA tea tree powder formula has no artificial coloring, no talc, no raw animal materials, no mineral oil and no artificial fragrant. Made entirely of rice enzyme powder, oatmeal extract, multigrain, aloe vera and tomato extract, together with seaweed extract, tea tree oil, peppermints essential oil, polyphenols; it's literally so natural, you can eat it! This powder can be mixed with water to scrub your face, be used as a mask or even be used to lightly remove makeup.

Seeing the results above before and after the scrub, my skin feels so clean, smooth and bright. They have shown us several testimonies and even Alice, their Singapore distributor has shown us the drastic difference in her skin and she didn't even put on any makeup and her skin looked amazing! So envious ~~~

Of course, beauty also comes from within, from your diet. Venna Indox helps purify the body with the help of Natural Fruits Veggie Enzyme. Taking 1-2 sachet a day, mixing the powder with water, will help detox the body, and thus lead to better skin too. other benefits also include Liver Protection, Regulate Body Functions, Cell Revitalisation, Purify Colon and Boost Immunity.

You can go to www.venna.com.my and https://www.facebook.com/fablifestylealwaysaspire/ for more information.

5) Organic Soap Nuts

Soap suds and water from our laundry can be harmful to the earth for the chemicals found in our laundry. Soap nuts, also called berry shells have Saponin, a type of natural soap that works as surfactant, breaking the surface tension of water to penetrate the fibers of your clothing, lifting stains and dirt.

It is a natural organic way and each load of laundry only requires 4-5 of these nuts in the small pouch provided. Soap Nuts are gentle on both clothes and skin, making them ideal for those with sensitive skin, eczema, allergies and psoriasis.

Under the booth Kayja's Fortune International, they also offer lots of other organic and natural products and they also have a slimming product called BodyLight that is endorsed by Jennifer Lopez. I got myself a box and I'll share the review with you progressively.

For more information on where to get the Soap Nuts and Kayja's Fortune International, go to www.nidomeyer.com.

6) Orchid Skin

Once again, my eyes for packaging has taken over. As I was walking by the booths, The Orchid Skin booth from Korea was the cutest!

The adorable Princess characters on all their products will make such good gifts, ranging from cosmetics to skincare all the products have Orchid Flower extracts. The hand cream especially smells heavenly, the moment I applied it on and my hands felt very moisturising and smooth after that.

Presented by FYT Trading Enterorise, you can visit The Orchis Skin Showroom at Lavender Place to purchase and also test out the products. For more information, go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/369461966846975/about/.

7) SOKY Aminow

As I walked towards the end of the convention, a bathtub caught my eyes. Walking near, I spotted this transparent blob that reminds me of the raindrop cake. Named as the aminow Dew Soap, weighing at 100g, this is a bath bar soap that contains more than 60% of Amino Complex, dermatologist tested, and also free of paraben, benzopenone, triethanolamine, mineral oil, artificial colours, and sulfate surfactant!

Amino Complex is 1/3000 size of collagen, which is much more easier to be absorbed by the skin, keeping your skin moisturized and healthy.

In the series is also a blue water droplet blob that's like jelly, named as the Aqua Jelly Soap. Put together in the pouch given and mixed with water, this jelly foams up and then you can use it to wash your face!

For more information, you can visit their website www.soky.kr. If you are familiar with the Korea online shopping scene, you can also go to www.seedbee.co.kr to purchase the items.

8) Beauty City Gorgeous Diamond

Magnetic patches on acupuncture point are not unheard of, but what about Swarovski sticker patches on your ears that look like you have multiple ear piercings? Isn't it pretty and also health beneficial?

Hailing from Taiwan, this creative product makes use of the different acupuncture points on the ears to help firm your skin, detox, cure migraine, stop constipation and sinuses or even stop irregular menses.

Once pasted on, the stickers can last for about 3 days, the sticker part is porous, so don't worry about water being trapped. As for the colours of the "earrings", there are 48 different colours for you to choose from. You can add them on WeChat, userid beautycity888 to chat and ask for more information.

Ok! So this is what I've found so far. I'll be going back again tomorrow to get some of the products and do look out for my review of them. Hope you will find these beauty products interesting too and hope to see most of them in local stores too...

Held from 26th to 28th February 2018, beauty mavens and industry professionals can drop by to discover the latest beauty and wellness products and services through a series of product demonstrations, educational workshops, and trade talks. 

BeautyAsia 2018 incorporates 4 distinct shows: BeautyAsia, SpaAsia, HealthAsia and NaturalAsia. Open from 11am to 7pm during show days, admission to BeautyAsia 2018 is free and is open only to trade, professionals and business visitors from the beauty and wellness industry. For more information, visit http://www.beautyasia.com.sg/.


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Registration For STAR WARS RUN Singapore 2018 Is Now Open

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Hi Huneybees,

Last year's STAR WARS RUN was exhilarating, so many SW fans gathered for that glorious May the Fourth event. With over 15,000 participants in the inaugural edition last year, I bet this year it will even be more interesting!
Registration is now open for the second edition of STAR WARS RUN Singapore 2018. The night run returns on 5 May 2018, with new elements and a different event venue - the F1 Pit Building and the Marina Bay area. Presented by The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia and local race organizer Esprimo, this popular themed run is definitely something STAR WARS fans and runners can look forward to.  
Along with the STAR WARS festival happening on May the 4thSTAR WARS RUN Singapore 2018 will bring a unique event themed around the iconic storyline and characters from the franchise. Fun activities at the Race Village include STAR WARS themed activities, interactions, food and beverages as well as an outdoor movie screening of STAR WARS movies. 
Participants will be able to pick either route – to join the Rebellion on the Light side, or follow Darth Vader’s footsteps on the Dark side. Both routes will feature engagement zones that will bring the STAR WARS experience to life with music and light projections and fun photo opportunities.
New Flag-Off Format and Run Category for Kids 
Increasing from two to three categories this year, STAR WARS RUN Singapore 2018 aims to cater to fans of all ages and fitness levels. On top of the competitive 10km and non-competitive 5.4km, the inaugural 540m Young Jedi Dash for younger children will be added to this second edition. Runners will also be part of a first-of-its-kind flag-off where the Light and Dark side participants for the non-competitive 5.4km will run in opposite directions.
Loyal Runners (those who registered for STAR WARSRUN Singapore 2017) and early sign-ups can enjoy a special registration price from now till 14 March 2018. Priority registration is also exclusively open to LoyalRunners for the first seven days, with limited slots available. Details of registration prices are as follow:
STAR WARS RUN Singapore 2018 participants can expect to bring home limited edition STAR WARS merchandise exclusive to this year’s race pack. Finishers of the 10km & 5.4km category will also receive a commemorative medal unique to their category and finisher t-shirt. Below are the race pack items...
For registration and more information on STAR WARS RUN Singapore 2018, please visit www.starwarsrun.sg.
All photo credits The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia and Esprimo, unless watermarked.


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Shine Bright Like A STARRR This Valentines' Day

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Hi Huneybees,

YES! YES! YES!!! After waiting for so long, seeing so much intros and reviews online, the M.A.C x Patrick Starrr is finally here in Singapore and I've got them in my arms now.  *My Precious*

Started out being a makeup artist in M.A.C Store and now a top beauty Vlogger, you know you won't go wrong with this collection. Bright and sultry eyes to catch every guy's attention, with soft kissable come-hither lips, it's a collection not to be missed. The collection is not too flashy, very universal for almost all skin tones and ages.

🖤First tutorial using MY own @maccosmetics collection! Make sure to use the hashtag #macpatrickstarrr so I can see your posts! Get my collection NOW at https://m.maccosmetics.com/collections-mac-patrick-starrr 🖤Products Used🖤 ✏️Foundation- @maccosmetics Studio Fox Fluid NC45 ✏️Concealer- @maccosmetics Studio Finish Concealer NW25 ✏️Contour- MAC Dark Deep Mineralize Skinfinish ✏️Powder- "PATRICKS POWDER" #macpatrickstarrr ✏️Eyeshadow- #GLAMAF #macpatrickstarrr eyeshadow palette with NEW "OMIGUAD" on the lid ✏️Eyebrow- MAC spiked brow pencil ✏️Liner- MAC Smolder Eye Kohl ✏️Highlighter- MAC Gold Deposit ✏️Blush- MAC "Peaches" ✏️Lip Liner- #macpatrickstarrr "Mahogany" ✏️Lip Stick- @mamastarrr Lipstick from my collection ✏️Lip Gloss- @mamastarrr LipGlass from my collection 🔥Grab the collection now at www.maccosmetics.com🔥 #MACPATRICKSTARRR #PatrickStarrr #wakeupandmakeup #anastasiabeverlyhills #vegas_nay #hudabeauty #laurag_143 #morphebrushes #ghalichiglam #youtube #instagram
A post shared by patrickstarrr (@patrickstarrr) on

"I literally wanted someone's grandma to be able to walk into a MAC store anywhere in the world and be able to use these products. I made sure it was universal so that anyone who loves makeup, glamour, and sparkle will find something in it."

The hero product of this range has got to be the Patrick's Setting Powder. He's been sharing and teasing us on his social media and you can see that alot of thought as been put into this simple product. He wanted this to be a universal baking powder for you to set your makeup and after using it today, I'm falling in love with it, my skin looks so smooth and almost poreless, with my makeup lasting through the day with no touch-ups.

Next up, are the 2 Eyeshadow Quad palettes - Goalgetter and Glam AF. Both of them are in the earth tones range with Goalgetter on the warm tone and Glam AF on a more cool tone palette. Each consist of 3 mattes eyeshadow and a shimmery shade. 

Goalgetter Eyeshadow Quad

I opted for the Goalgetter palette for the colours are more vibrant and the shimmery shade - Amber Lights was calling out to be the moment I swatched the palettes.

Glam AF Eyeshadow Quad

As for the Glam AF palette, I find the shade Omigaud a little loosely pigmented and hard to get the colour to show, you might need to wet your brush to make the colour pop.

Lastly, we have the matching Lipglasses, Lipsticks and Lip Pencils. I love the names of each product, but the colours were a little too common, something that I might each already have at least 5 of. I was hoping to see a little more glitter or shimmery shades. 

But then again, I'm someone who likes stronger lip colours, something that's out of the norm; for those who are looking for lip colours to wear through the day, from work till night dates, these colours and formulas are amazing. You have literally matching colour sets, you don't have to make your own matches for Lip Pencils or Lipsticks.

Overall, I find the collection a little overhyped, I was hoping to see more colours, more glitz and glamour; it does make a decent collection, but nothing I'll go crazy about, even the packaging was not exciting for me.

Of course, now with Patrick Starrr as M.A.C's Key Artist Collaborator, I'm looking forward to seeing what surprises he have for us. For now, I'll just be waiting for the Jeremy Scott collection to be in my hands...


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