Luminance! - Singapore's First Youth Light Art Festival

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Hi Huneybees,

 This is gona be a lengthy blog post with heaps of beautiful photos.

I was recently at Luminance! Singapore's first Youth Light Art Festival. *SCAPE is transformed into a light up village when the sky turns dark and it's a joy to enjoy art installations under the moonlight. Here's an introduction to the artworks. You got to be there in person to experience all the beauty and meet like-minded people as well....

You can opt to do:
  • Self Guided Audio Tours - Look out for the "audio experience" QR code on selected art works and scan them. Let the music guide you and give an intuitive interpretation of the artworks.
  • Meet the Artists - Enhance your festival expereince by getting to know the creative brains behind the art works. Scan the Qr codes on the light boxes placed just beside the art works and be instantly acquainted with the artists.
  • Guided Tours - Guided tours are available for the duration of the festival. Approach the festival information booths on the Level 1 Street Market and Level 2 (next to escalator) to enquire about the tour timings and to sign up. It's FREE!
What is Luminance?
"Dreams and Aspirations" is chosen as the theme this year as it resonates well with the youths and young adults today. It is a platform for aspiring Singaporean artists to express their personal aspirations and social views through the whimsical yet dynamic medium of Light Art.

The concepts that precipitated from these emerging artists are an impressive diversity of community engagement, discovery of new technology and awareness about environmental sustainability.

Across a span of 9 days, this inaugural festival will showcase the manu hidden desires, tucked away dreams and aspirations of more than 40 first time youth artists and 5 local established artists. The total of 27 art pieces curated are powerful manifestations of the artists' dreams & aspirations containing messages such as the desire to live in a more sustainable city, the wish to create a less judgmental society, embracing the use of recycled materials and inspiring Singaporeans to have a greater aspiration for art.
Let's get on to the installations....

Pitter Patter - Nanyang Kindergarten and Gardenasia Kids.
You won't miss out this installation right in front on McDonald's.
It's made entirely from plastic bottles and there's even drawings from kindergarden kids in between. The lights changes colours and it send a super strong Save the Earth message...

Pixel Wall - Laurine Fradier, Les Grands Ateliers.

There's 2 parts to this installation.

Thinking Hats - Blank.

What are you thinking? Why not sit under the tree and enjoy the light show?


Or pop your head under a hat and see what colour it will turn?

Dancing Oobleck - Ng Shin Luey and Cheong En Liang.
What's behind the curtains?
Neon paints in a dark room with awesome music. See what sound vibrations will do to the blob in the middle...
With flash light.
Thrive - Khor Tuck Kuan and Christian Outreach To The Handicapped.
Thrive is a very beautiful piece of artwork that's done with the collaboration with the Christian Outreach To The Handicapped and under the help of Khor Tuck Kuan, Meiji bottles were carefully peeled of their labels and cut into shapes of Orchids and Tulips.
Khor showing a clip to my hubby, showing us the process of making this installation. 
Can't believe it's made from milk bottles right? 

Yes, these were the bottles used.
 And Meiji was really nice, they're the official drink for Luminance!
Everyone gets a bottle of milk to drink while enjoying the art pieces...

Closet Artists - Shari Chong.
Wonder what's behind these doors...

Ding Dong....

Ring the bell and look through the peep hole...

C/C (Can't flip the C) - Angela Chong.
You guys might recognise this chair from last year's iLight at Marina Bay, 
Who says sharing conversations are not colourful?
Love the rainbow colour the most!

I would love this for my home...
Nature In A Cube - Ivyone Khoo. 
Wouldn't it be great if human could live in peace with nature?

I've co-existed with Nature. Have you?
Everyday Aspirations - Karen Mitchell.

What are you aspirations?

Can you find yours?

So what are your aspirations? Come find yours here...
100 Dreams, 100 Aspirations - Ang Geok Hoon, Serene Yang & Tim Tang

Installation done with Lego.

OMG! Biscuit tins!!!

Lady L - Sun Yu-Li.
Have a seat, enjoy the view, feel the ambience under the company of these 3 ladies...
Scream Capture - Daniel Kee, Fiona Huang & Lilian Lee.
Go on, this is a must do, go scream all your pent-up stress out....
I did and it feels great! Scream a few more times...

From inside the Scream Capture.
Cardboard Tron - Bartholemew T.
Engage into your world of TRON.

Dare to Aspire! - Dexter Chew, Goh Yi Xian, Raymond Yeong and Saunardi Tay
Join in the dance floor and express yourself! Or simply more, and see what happens!

UP, and Away! - Key Anderson, Vellachi Ganesan, Alma Banuelos, Gautam Bhasin and Mauro Pellegrini.
Cycle hard as the breeze blows against your skin, lighting up the wings and fly
Fly fly fly!
The Luminous Impression Of The Canopy (L'effet Lumineux De Canopee).
Under a huge tree canopy, just sit around this corner and chill...

See how intricate the cuts are?
The Fifth Germination on Planet "Wu" - Philppe Liveneau, Les Grands Ateliers.
A very beautiful piece of work that blings!!!

See the shine from the gems?
Oh no! There's a girl on the roof!
Nope, it's another art installation called Let It Go! by Brian Tan.

Are you ready to let go of your need for plastic bags?
PlaySCAPE - Luther Chan.
Fancy a game of old school snake with your friends?
Simply download the app and you got your own controller.

Can you beat the record?
Serenity - Didier Ng and Simei Care Centre.
Tucked behind Gong Cha is a secret garden that's made entirely from recycled materials...

Can you figure what's it made of?
Ok, closer for you to see...
I just have to indulge the model in me. *pukes*
Well, so here you go, that's the art light-up installations for Luminance! I hve left out 3 other ones as they are animations and performances that you can only see during the weekend. So be sure to head down. They will be at *SCAPE till this Sunday (1st July 2012).

Have fun!


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