Shopping At Audio House Using QR Code Is Easy As 1.2.3.

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Hi Huneybees,

While many retailers are starting to promote cashless payment in support of the nation's Smart Nation drive, one home grown electronic and home appliance retailer is definitely ahead of the trend when it started its journey three (3) years earlier.

Audio House has invested around SGD500K to create a whole new ecommerce platform
to improve the overall customer buying experience through its staff productivity, increased stock management efficiency and accuracy and as well as passing on those savings resulted from lower operation costs to its customers.

Coupled with Singapore's first-ever completely cashless electronics showroom at Bendemeer Road, Audio House hope its customers can be better informed of the latest home electronics through feel, demonstration, and consultation from its sales promoters before making the purchase online via scanning the displayed QR code of the product for arrangement of delivery and cashless payment.

All you need is an installed QR code reader on your mobile device to shop at Audio House!

Here is the step-by-step "idiot-proof" procedure on how easy to use QR Code to make product delivery arrangement and cashless payment!
With over 3,000 home electronics products have been digitized for its customers, Audio House is first to challenge the market (both online and offline retailers) with this new shopping concept while at the same time offering products at up to 20% lower than the lowest prices in Singapore. This lowest price guarantee is on top of the extra SGD20 cashback into your eWallet for your next purchase with SGD100 spent store-wide!

From now till 20th November 2017, Audio House will also be giving out free SGD100 eVouchers to all new members who sign up at to help its customers understand and try-out this new onsite-online experience.

With such good deal, let's all make a beeline shopping at Audio House online today!


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URBAN REVIVO Collaborates With Artist Pauline Yau For A Different Shopping Experience

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Hi Huneybees,

There's a new fashion player in town all ready to change our fashion scene - URBAN REVIVO. They are set to take on global competitors such as Spanish clothing retailer Zara, British brand Topshop and Swedish label H&M.

Founded in 2006, URBAN REVIVO officially opened its first store outside of China in Raffles City and Plaza Singapura. Stepping into the store, you are immediately welcomed by the brightly lit, spacious shopping space, where each collection is nicely segregated and arranged for the best shopping experience. You can have your very own private shopping space without having to fight with another browsing customer.

As you walk into every section of the store, there's a showcase of what's new and recommended. Alongside, there's beautiful installations to make the pieces shine even more and its all part of a collaboration with Hong Kong based artist - Pauline Yau to bring her artwork to life in all 180 stores, globally, including Singapore's. 

The new collaboration is in line with the brand’s core concept of Play Fashion and marks the latest installment of the brand’s ongoing passion and support for the Arts. URBAN REVIVO x ART is an ongoing collaborative project with various artists. Previously, the brand worked with artists such as Janine Rewell and Juslin Maunula. 

Entitled as Motion in Flight, we can experience the pairing of Pauline's organic creations with the softness to URBAN REVIVO's Fall collection. The design concept was selected to create, inspire and evoke a sense of nature, ever changing landscapes and the beauty of Fall, much like the ever-changing fashion cycle each year (Fall-Winter and Spring-Summer). 

The artwork will features elements of movement, flashes of colour and pulsing vibrancy of life in nature. You can also find beautiful circular wire-framed structures willing the windows and pillars in stores, with elements of gold butterflies dancing, bringing a pop of vibrancy into the store.

URBAN REVIVO not only carries fashion pieces for the ladies, they have it for the guys and kids as well; with shoes and accessories, this could be your one-stop shop for all your wardrobe needs. Their design are nothing short from the European designs, very in line with what's hot in the fashion scene these days.

For those who are skeptical of a Chinese label, you can throw that behind you as they are very careful with choosing their fabrics, every hem is stitched nicely, you won't find running threads. It's definitely a label that can be on par with those big labels as mentioned above.

The price range is a little steep though, I would say it starts from S$30 and above for each clothing. I would have loved to purchase more, but sadly their range of sizes were not too "big girls" friendly. For those size 14 and above, you might have to try your luck. I really do hope that they cater more sizes, coz I'm pretty in love with their designs.

See! I even picked to wear this adorable suede jumper/dress to attend the Singapore Fashion Week 2017. It's a design you don't see everywhere and it's so vibrant, I definitely stood out from the crowd.

So, if you are interested to check out Urban Revivo, do pop by their stores at Plaza Singapura and Raffles City. More on their website -


Raffles City #02-24/25/26, 252 North Bridge Road (Singapore) 179103
Tel: +65-6264-3838 | Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm daily

Plaza Singapure #01-18 to 22, 68 Orchard Road (Singapore) 238839
Tel: +65-6835-7318 | Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm daily

Instagram: @UrbanRevivo| Facebook: @UrbanRevivoFashion


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Meet Jeno And Jena At Hotel Jen!

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Hi Huneybees,

If you are planning to have a staycation at one of the two Hotel Jen properties in Singapore, a surprise and delight urban adventure awaits you.

Meet Jeno and Jena, the new addition to the already great teams in getting important things done well and delivered in Jen’s distinctive style. These are not your ordinary concierge but two autonomous robots to be deployed by the first brand in the Shangri-La group and also the first international hotel brand in Asia to do so!

Designed and built by Savioke and have been deployed in over 70 dynamic busy environments such as logistics, hotels, office buildings, and high rise apartments for indoor delivery, Jeno and Jena will be stationed at the hotel lobby 24/7 of Hotel Jen Orchardgateway and Tanglin Singapore respectively.

The next time when you placed an order for amenities or local favourites from the in - room dining menu at either of these Hotel Jen in Singapore, you might be served by one of these unmanned and funky Relay robots that can ride elevator, make call to your room upon arrival with your order  and each is equiped with 3D sensitive sensors to avoid obstacle along its path.

Technology simply can't seem to stop amaze me!


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Are You Ready For An Upsized Christmas Wonderland?

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Hi Huneybees,

With year-end school holiday just started, it only means Christmas is fast approaching. If you plan to be in Singapore during this Christmas period, a trip to the forthcoming Christmas Wonderland is going to delight you sweetly.

To upstage the previous editions, Singapore's biggest annual yuletide fair, in its fourth year, has been upsized by enlarging crowd favourites while introducing a wider variety of attractions from all over the world for the whole family to experience a bigger, brighter and more magical moment at Gardens by the Bay.

The Italian luminarie light sculpture has always been the crowd favorite at Christmas Wonderland since 2014 and this year will be better.

Pre-event light up of the first luminarie Christmas tree in Asia during recent media preview

While the introduction of the first luminarie Christmas tree in Asia at 13 meters tall adds to the whole splendor, it is the centerpiece light sculpture at the heart of the fairground that is going to wow the crowds with its taller installation, standing at 22.5m tall or equivalent to 7-stories high, making it South East Asia's tallest ever Spalliera. Not only is the Spalliera going to be taller,  the Blizzard Time that it has been hosting will be increased from three to five sessions daily to cater to overwhelming demand!

Isn't it heartwarming to see young children having a good time as they play to their hearts’ content at  the yuletide fair? This year, the number of carnival rides will be doubled  – the most at Christmas Wonderland - with eight carnival attractions await little ones with usual favourites such as a carousel, ferris wheel, bumper cars, tea cups and a Christmas train within the fairground. The return of traditional carnival store games will allow the young Huneybees to pit their skills at any of the 11 stalls, including Ring Toss, Pyramid Smash, Lobster Pot and Milk Can Toss.

A wider variety of attractions, many for the first time in Singapore, have also been introduced at this year Christmas Wonderland.

Huneybees can look forward to skating under the stars for the very first time on a 240sqm outdoor synthetic skating rink , specially brought in from Switzerland, and framed by stunning luminarie light sculptures, providing the backdrop for one-of-a-kind Instagram-worthy pictures.
Another first is the asian debut of the highly acclaimed Circus Abyssinia from Ethiopia, which will be presenting "Ethiopian Dreams" with a mix of gravity-defying stunts, astounding skills and enchanting adventure that is surely going to wow the audience.

Sample of some offering dishes by SAVOUR: Christmas Wonderland during recent media preview

For food lovers, this year's yuletide fair has enhanced and expanded dining experience with the addition of SAVOUR: Christmas Wonderland. Curated by Savour Events – the team behind Singapore’s premiere gourmet food festival brand SAVOUR – this special edition will feature celebrity chefs from award-winning restaurants such as Shoukouwa (2 Michelin Stars), Saint Pierre (1 Michelin Star) and Monti at Fullerton Pavilion offering dishes starting from as low as S$6.

Admission to Christmas Wonderland starts from S$4, which starts on 1st December all the way to boxing day (26th December), operating from 4pm to 11pm daily, will provide access to a myriad of attractions across the 57,000sqm fairground.
Tickets can be purchased online at starting today, or at the event. Each paying adult can bring in up to three children under 0.9m free of charge. A child above 0.9m requires a ticket. Additional charges for some attractions within the event grounds apply.

See you at the Upsized Christmas Wonderland with doubled the fun!


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Try Out The New Goth Latte By Mellower Coffee Singapore

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Hi Huneybees,

We had a fun time spending Halloween at Mellower Coffee Singapore. Not only were we treated to their latest "brew" - Goth Latte, we also had hands-on lessons on how to make our very own version of coffees with the Mellower Classic Coffee Bags.

First up, the Goth Latte. Being the first in unique coffee brews like Sakura and Cotton Candy, comes a new mesmerizing coffee, that's full of surprises as you stir up your drink.

Served in both hot and cold versions, this new black-ish drink consists of natural edible bamboo charcoal diffused with milk and espresso. The layers of brown, white and black being infused with marble like effects as we stir the drink up, gives the inspiration for the Goth Latte, also makes good talking points.

Thinking that it's charcoal, I thought the drink might be bitter, I even had the syrup bottle ready. But actually, the Goth Latte is nothing short in taste. The bamboo charcoal not only aids in digestion, it also brought out the fragrance of the coffee, with an earthy sweet note.

The cold version would taste better after blending the whipped cream on top, whilst the warm one is just nice as you enjoy the beautiful latte art on top.

If you are a coffee addict like me and would like to have some Mellower Coffee anytime, anywhere, go ahead and get a box of their coffee bags home. And if you are looking to make your coffee cafe-style, you can also sign up for a session of their coffee brewing workshop.

That day, I learnt how to make Iced Lemon Coffee, Iced Milk Coffee and Vietnam Coffee. My favourite is the Iced Lemon Coffee, very refreshing and makes a good tea time refresher before heading back to work. Here's a quick way to prepare the drink.

1. Put a bag of tea bag coffee into cup and pour in 200ml of chilled water, put it for 2 – 2.5 mins.
2. While waiting, slice a piece of lemon about 0.5cm thick and put it into the cup of coffee.
(Tips: Add ice cubes to personal preference and coat lemon slice with sugar, or add a little syrup, if it is too sour).

So, there you have it. With so many updates and happenings at Mellower Coffee Singapore, why not drop by with your friends for a chill out sesh? More information can be found at their Facebook Page and do check out my previous visit to Mellower Coffee Singapore too! 😁


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I Did My First At AJ Hackett Sentosa!

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Hi Huneybees,

Some fifteen years ago at the famous Cyprus beach resort of Ayia Napa, under the influence of some strong drinks and moment of impulse I suggested to do it with my then-girlfriend but she chickened out; and fifteen years fast forward, in absence of Queen Bee, I pick up my courage and I am glad that I finally did it!

Because of so many horrible reports, stories and even videos on Youtube about botched bungy jump and almost all ended badly, most people (including myself) tend to shun away from it.

Mr AJ Hackett speaking at the opening ceremony of AJ Hackett Sentosa

But why now?
Well..because Mr. AJ Hackett, the kiwi entrepreneur who popularized the extreme sport of bungy jumping said so during his speech at the inauguration of AJ Hackett Sentosa that his latest venture in Singapore is the safest bungy jump facility in the world! You might think I'm silly to believe such sales pitch but if you will to rethink about it, why would the conservative (Kiasi) Singapore government even allow such activity to take place on its world famous touristy island if not enough precaution and safety regulation have already been put in place?! That's why the trusty Singaporean mentality in me choose to believe the claim that Mr. AJ Hackett made.

After having my weight measured, my pocket emptied and the indemnity form signed, I was given the ticket to travel up to the 47th floor of the bungy tower to jump!
Honestly I could hear my heart pumping louder and faster as I stepped out of the lift onto the bungy platform that oversee the Siloso Beach.

The jump was harder than I thought. Standing at the edge of bungy tower that is 50m above the ground on Sentosa Island with no support but a bungy rope hooked to the half-harness strapped around my body, with both my arms raised unassisted to each side, was more scary than I first imagined. At the point, many things ran through my mind including those horrified botched jump images but my only option presented in front of me, amid many pairs of eyes staring, was to take a leap forward and I did!

The whole jump lasted just a few seconds but I could vividly remembered my body was flip-flopping, like a fish out of water, in thin air before the tension on my half-harness pulled my body from hitting 3.5m pool below me. Afterward I was just spinning in circles until a voice called out for me to reach out to a safety white rode to be pulled to a nearby mattress for unhook.

While I suffered a bit of giddiness aftermath due to the spinning, I was really glad that I made that choice to jump! I was rewarded with a Tshirt for my first jump as well as an e-certificate!

AJ Hackett, the company responsible for the adrenaline rush of almost four million people around the world is in Singapore! Singapore’s first and only bungy tower stands 50m above the ground on Siloso Beach, Sentosa Island. The site also features the Skybridge, a 40m walkway with see-through sections. On it, the Paulaner Sundowner Deck, Huneybees can capture the best sunset views in Siloso.

For the less adventurous Huneybees, you also have the choice of doing the 42m vertigo-inducing Vertical Skywalk or a drop and swoop on the Giant Swing.

AJ Hackett Sentosa opens daily from Monday to Thursday 11am - 7pm and Friday to Sunday 11am - 10pm. 


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The Surprise Box Is Back for 11.11 Lazada Online Revolution 2017!!!

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Hi Huneybees,

Thanks to 11.11, made famous by the Chinese giant online shopping website Taobao (淘宝), 11 November is now THE DATE all online shoppers are looking forward to and Lazada Singapore has decided to bring back the Surprise Boxes to celebrate the occasion as well as to reward its shopper for their supports!

Similar to the promotion that I posted for the Lazada GSS (Great Singapore Sales) earlier in June this year, Lazada Online Revolution 2017 will once again be surprising us with branded curated boxes at SGD29 each. Each box could be worth SGD100 and above, which is way way wayyyy above their original prices. 

This time round, for all my Huneybees, I have the Lazada x Schwarzkopf (Henkel) Surprise Box for you all!

A big shoutout to the good folks at Lazada Singapore (Thank you SO MUCH!) for noticing my recent new hair colour and delivered a Surprise Box full of numerous hair care products to pamper me!

Henkel Beauty Care holds leading market positions worldwide and Schwarzkopf is one of its leading brand in hair care that I trust.

The Lazada x Schwarzkopf (Henkel) Surprise Box includes (L-R) Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hair Repair Purify & Protect Conditioner,  Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hair Repair Purify & Protect Shampoo, Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hydro Collagen+ Conditioner and  Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hydro Collagen+ Shampoo.

Ever since I was introduced to this brand a few years ago after suffering from damaged and dry hair due to frequent blenching of hair for rainbow colours, there is no turning back when it comes to professional hair care at home.

The Lazada x Schwarzkopf (Henkel) Surprise Box also includes (L-R) Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hair Repair Shampoo, Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hair Repair Conditioner and Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hair Repair Intensive Mask, all for heavily damaged, very dry hair.

I will recommend this box to all Huneybees who constantly dyes their hair, those with rainbow hair, dry or damaged hair. With more than 10 items (HINT, HINT!!) in the box, Lazada x Schwarzkopf (Henkel) Surprise Box is a real steal at only SGD29 as the total value within the box certainly exceed SGD100!

Remember to shop at Lazada Singapore on 11.11 to enjoy more than 90% off on merchandise and 110 Flash Deals including this amazing Lazada x Schwarzkopf (Henkel) Surprise Box @ SGD29!

And to make the deal sweeter, use voucher code LAZOR2017NEW to get an 18% Discount with no minimum purchase required. Do note that the discount will be cap at SGD11 for  first 100 New Customers only and valid from 11th November to 14th December 2017!!

Happy Shopping on 11.11


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