SingPost Launched Limited Edition Festive Prepaid Mailers For Fuss-Free Gifting

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Hi Huneybees,

With Christmas, New Year and the Lunar New Year at our doorsteps, I bet your schedule must be packed to the max, with little time left for present "delivering". Thankfully there's the SingPost's Limited Edition Prepaid Festive mailers here to help share the load!

The special edition SingPost's Poly M and SmartPac economical poly mailers come decorated in vibrant pink and lime green with colourful icons to delight your friends and loved ones or even leave a good impression on your customers (*especially blogshop owners)!

Each mailer includes prepaid postage at a flat rate, thus saving you the trouble of having to weigh, figure out postage fees and affixing stamps. The Poly M and SmartPac mailers are available for local posting within Singapore only, with Poly M offering postage-paid letterbox delivery and SmartPac offering postage-paid doorstep delivery with 24/7 online tracking.

Size & Price Availability:
Poly M (Small) for items weighing up to 600g - SGD$2
Poly M (Big) for items weighing up to 1.2kg - SGD$2.90
SmartPac (Mini) for items weighing up to 600g - SGD$3.20
SmartPac (Lite) for items weighing up to 1kg - SGD$3.80
SmartPac (Box) for items weighing up to 3kg - SGD$4.70

The SingPost's Limited Edition Festive prepaid mailers are available from now till 28 February 2017 at all Singapore Post Offices whilst stocks last. Promotional pricing are available for bulk orders upon request at For more information, you can also go to

Have a merry time gifting!

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Party Everywhere With Portable Wireless Speakers

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Hi Huneybees,

If you are looking to bring music everywhere you go, Ultimate Ears (UE) range of speakers maybe what you need.

Designed to blast music 360 degree with heart-pounding bass, UE MEGABOOM, the company's new generation of  light weight (only 900 grams!!) grab-and-go wireless speaker, is built for outdoor as it is waterproof - IPX7 certified - and comes with stain resistant acoustic skin.
UE MEGABOOM speakers come in four colours: Lava Red, Electric Blue, Plum and Charcoal Black

With a 20-hour rechargeable battery life and 100-foot wireless Bluetooth range, you can keep your party going anywhere with UE MEGABOOM.

Ultimate Ears PartyUp App allow you to connect more than 50 UE Speakers to create a surround sound system

If this does not impress you, you may want to download Ultimate Ears' latest app called PartyUp that will allow you to connect more than 50 Ultimate Ears speakers within seconds, bring any party to a new level of epic!

You could remotely control the individual speaker using the PartyUp app

What PartyUp provides is the freedom for you to quickly sync, drag and drop available speakers, be it a mix of UE BOOM, UE BOOM2 and UE MEAGABOOM, together to crank up music in places no other sound system can go, sharing music and moments in ways that weren't previously possible.

Have a awesome Christmas!

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Have You Visited The MARVEL'S AVENGERS S.T.A.T.I.O.N. Exhibition Yet?

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Hi Huneybees,

Now that there's a few days break and if you are a Marvels fan or looking for special places to bring your little ones to, hop on over to the Singapore Science Centre!

My nephew was having a school break and I brought him over to meet his favourite Marvel Avengers heroes at the MARVEL'S AVENGERS S.T.A.T.I.O.N. Exhibition. Both he and I went fan crazy as we tested our abilities to see if we have what it takes to be the next Avengers!

There will be examinations based on History, Genetics, Technology, Mission and Personal Profiles of the Avengers Team.

Once you have crossed the gantry, go ahead and pick up an iPhone device or download the app (Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. Mobile Training Device) before heading into the Briefing Room where Commander Maria Hill will address you. The app will guide you through your training by Tony Stark's A.I. - FRIDAY. 

It will give you insights of the exhibition, allows you to take photos and also test your knowledge of the Marvel Avengers, where towards the end of the exhibition, you can use it as your portfolio to print out memorabilia of the exhibition.
  • Personalized ID Cards - $12 each
  • Printed Certificate of completion   - $10 each
  • Photos - $15 each

First to greet us was none other than Captain America himself. My nephew is a huge fan of him, so it was inevitable that we spent more time in this section. You can pose with Cap America's costume, shield, and bike, and also test your strength against him.

Do you have the stamina?
Do you have the strength?

Next, we headed into Dr Bruce Banner's Bio-Lab to meet up with The Hulk. Did you know The Hulk and Captain America were both works of The Super Soldier Serum?

What goes on in Hulk's brain?

See Hulk come alive on the screen.

Oh, my! What big hands he has!

On the way to see Black Widow and Hawkeye, we passed by The Tessaract Portal Device, where we could witness and study the electromagnetic spectrum readings emanating from it as the S.T.A.T.I.O.N. attempts to reopen the portal! 

The next area brought us into the worlds of Black Widow, Hawkeye, Falcon and Ant-Man as we got up close to their suits and gear. Each of them has their special features and secret functions, we got to see how much thought has been put into making these comic characters come alive and made believable that they dwell in our world!

Before you rush through the exhibition, don't forget to try lifting the Mjlรถnir - Thor's hammer! Even with combined forces, it doesn't even budge, can you lift it?

I find this last bit of the exhibition the most interactive and got almost every kid jumping up and down with joy. Welcome to the world of Iron Man! We've gotten so many pictures taken with Iron Man, the War Machine exosuit, Hulkbuster and the array of Iron Man MK 1-7 Suits at the Hall of Armour!

My nephew even tried his hand at being Iron Man for the day in the augmented reality experience. See how cute this mini Iron Man is!

The last part was a combined force, where we joined other recruits to take on the roles of The Avengers to battle villains in the interactive game room. Our weapon? The iPhone/your phone with the app loaded. 

Once we succeeded in clearing all these levels, we were brought to an activity area where the kids could bring home a little piece of Marvel artwork, whilst the adults go to return the iPhone devices and get the memorabilia printed out.

It's the Science Centre after all, so applying a little physics and magnet knowledge, my nephew got his own bottled flying Captain America to bring home! It's nice to see that the kids could learn something new whilst enjoy a little fun.

Of course, the trip to the Science Centre doesn't end there! We got to hop into Snow City for some chilling fun alongside Oki and friends. My nephew had so much fun sliding down the snow hills and playing with snow that we almost forgot it was time for the Omni-Theatre movie!

There's a lot more happening at Snow City on Christmas where you can meet Santa Claus and Santarina. For more information and details, go to

The Omni-Theatre is the first in Southeast Asia's 8K 3D Dome Theatre. The movie we caught was the animated film Natural Selection 3D where it tells an immersive tale of the renowned naturalist Charles Darwin's scientific journeys around the world on the HMS Beagle. 

We got to see the evolution of life on Earth, the creatures that once dwelled on our world and my nephew just couldn't stop exclaiming what's popping out before his eyes!

This is just one of the 6 movies showing in the theatre, for more details, go to

We ended the day having my nephew getting soaking wet at The WaterWorks, a water playground. By the time we got home, we were all happy and tired out already. I'm so happy we took the opportunity to spend time with my nephew this school holiday.

If you are interested to visit the MARVEL'S AVENGERS S.T.A.T.I.O.N. Exhibition too, do get your tickets at SISTIC More information can be found at

The exhibition is located at the Annex Hall and will run from 29th October 2016 till 5th March 2017. It is produced by Victory Hill Exhibitions, proudly presented by Science Centre Singapore, Mediacorp VizPro and SPACElogic Pte Ltd, and powered by M1 Limited (M1). It has been curated around principles of S.T.E.M., done in collaboration with NASA, The Science & Entertainment Exchange, National Academy of Sciences, Neuroverse, Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Gamedesk.

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