Jeanette Aw Graced OWL Café’s CNY Celebration

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Hi Huneybees,

On 23 Feb 2013, OWL Café celebrated Chinese New Year with good food, great coffee and star appeal. Other than treating us to some of the food from their new and revamped menu, popular regional artiste and OWL ambassador - Jeanette Aw also made a special appearance.

With Hubby and  Sunny Boy - Malcolm.
Other than Jeanette Aw, the OWL Mascot and "Cai Shen Ye" also made a special appearance to join us for photos as well as to "entertain" the crowd. I even got an Ang Bao from "Cai She Ye". Isn't he adorable?!

How can there be no Lion dance at a CNY celebration right?!

Group photo with the Lion Dance...
OWL has been producing Singapore and the region’s favourite time-tested Straits Asian coffee since 1956, winning multiple awards in the process. The OWL brand has become synonymous with being dedicated, passionate and appreciative of the Straits Asian food and beverage heritage and culture. It is with those same values that OWL created its own café, its first foray into the F&B business, with hero dishes like:

1. Roti Bakar Assam Nanas Toast

2. Assam Chicken Wings
3. Soft-shell Crab Salad
4. Assam Mango Chicken with Nasi Kuning

5. Spaghetti Laska with Tiger Prawn

6. Hainanese Chicken Chop with Rice

7. Mixed Seafood Baked Rice
8. Durian Pengat
9. Soya Bean Curd Delight

A selection of handmade tea assortments using OWL Kopi-O Gao as a base flavor.
10. Assorted Tea Platter

100% Authentic Kopi Luwak

There are many other unique dishes created from OWL’s master chefs and they go well with any of the many drinks available, from world-renowned OWL coffee – including Coffee Luwak, which is made from roasting the world’s priciest and most-prized coffee beans – to iced teas and special concoctions such as Iced Gula Melaka Kopi Cham Teh. You can read about the dishes in my previous blog post.

Mr Richmond Te, Business Development Manager (Regional) of OWL International gave a speech after the Lion Dance to welcome us and to begin tasting some of the scrumptious dishes.
"Since 1956, Owl has dedicated ourselves to delivering the region’s favorite coffee. Our passion and appreciation for the region’s culture and heritage has helped us become a renowned household brand name in the hearts of the people and this celebration is a simple way of thanking everyone who has supported us throughout our journey." --- Mr Richmond Te

Cheers to good food and great coffee!

A picture with Jeanette Aw and the media before she left...
OWL’s fresh and contemporary brand persona is embodied in its café’s stylish interiors. The chic-coloured and wood-layered décor – plus the vogue presentation of beverages and dishes - evoke OWL’s brand evolution from its traditional roots to embrace today’s contemporary and modern times.

So do come and experience Straits Asian food and beverage at its best at OWL Café, located at 1 Vista Exchange Green #02-10/11, Star Vista, Singapore 138617 (next to Buona Vista MRT Station).

More photos from the event can be viewed in my album here.

Do look out for upcoming new product launch by OWL Coffee as well...

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GUINNESS® Setting World Record Title For The “LONGEST BAR SLIDE”!

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Hi Huneybees,

GUINNESS® revealed its iconic draught brew - GUINNESS Draught in a Bottle (GDIB), in a sleek new 330ml bottle in Singapore last night, offering consumers a new twist on the legendary brew. Draught GUINNESS® has traditionally been a tap beer served in a pint glass. Singapore will be the 3rd market globally and the first in Southeast Asia to introduce the newly packaged GUINNESS variant, after North America and South Korea. 

History was made by the brand as it celebrated the launch by setting a Guinness World Record of the “Longest Bar Slide”!

“Guinness Draught in a Bottle injects a new feel to a brand that is strongly established in the market. Our all-time favourite Guinness draught now comes straight from a bottle, offering consumers a new and more accessible way of enjoying their favourite product. What better way to launch this bold and smooth new bottle in Singapore than to contest a Guinness World Record of the “Longest Bar Slide”. Guinness aims to bring to our fans ground-breaking experiences and this promises to be an exciting first for the brand here!” --- Mr. Rene de Monchy, Head of Marketing, Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore

The exclusive event was attended by over 350 guests at the House of Timbre and 5 lucky fans picked by GUINNESS attempted to set the world record on behalf of the brand by sliding the new draught bottle down the full length of a 15 metre specially-constructed beer slide, closely watched by an adjudicator from the Guinness World Records. 

The 5 lucky handpicked fans and the Adjudicator (left).
The five fans were handpicked by GUINNESS who had submitted the most creative entries to a contest hosted on the brand’s Facebook page which asked consumers to complete the sentence “Guinness is as smooth as…”.

The Adjudicator who kept super close tabs on the participants.

To successfully establish the record, the opened bottle had to remain on the flat, smooth-surfaced bar which measures slightly wider than your average 30 cm ruler after the attempt, with no spillage allowed. Following the record attempts, guests also had the chance to try their hand at the slide on a custom built Guinness bar, which measured 0.5 by 15 metres.

In the end, Guinness fan Jeffrey Ng, slide the new 330ml GUINNESS Draught in a Bottle 14 metres and 10.4 centimetres down the specially constructed bar slide to establish the world record, emerging as the winner for the night.

“We are thrilled to have secured the Guinness World Records title for the “Longest Bar Slide” which made the launch of the iconic Guinness Draught in a Bottle even more ground-breaking. What an exciting first for Guinness in Singapore! Guests and fans witnessed history today and the achievement marks the launch of Guinness Draught in a Bottle which offers consumers a new way of enjoying the Guinness draught they know and love." --- Mr. Rene de Monchy, Head of Marketing, Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore, who received the official certificate from the Guinness World Records adjudicator on-site.

GUINNESS Draught in a Bottle (GDIB) will retail for approximately $12 per bottle at clubs, restaurants and diner outlets all over Singapore, including areas such as Dempsey Hill, Holland Village, Clarke Quay and Mohamed Sultan Road.

The launch of GDIB in Singapore will be supported with a 360 campaign across advertising, public relations, social media and brand activation.

GUINNESS should always be enjoyed responsibly – for more information visit
For more information about the launch of GDIB in Singapore, please visit

More photos can be viewed in my album here.

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Embarking On A Journey to slimmer Huney with GLOW

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Hi Huneybees,

I accepted a challenge with GLOW  recently and began on my journey to a slimmer me at the beginning of February. Their first round of supplements were sold out and now with the improved formula GLOW™ Ignite 2.0 with Svetol®.

Svetol® is a natural plant extract of decaffeinated green coffee rich in active components. Obtained from unroasted coffee beans of the Robusta variety (Coffea canephora robusta Pierre), Svetol® possesses a unique composition which simultaneously helps to lose weight and improve your figure.

During the first meet-up for the new GLOW™ program, I was given a goodie bag containing the new GLOW Ignite 2.0 supplements (retailing at Watson’s, Guardian and Unity at $128 for 60 capsules) and other items like a program schedule, a sleeveless tee, an introductory booklet, and a GLOW bracelet. 

Other than just depending on the supplements, I will also have to attend the workshops and exercise classes planned for us. But CNY's been a busy period for me, I hvn't got the chance to join the rest of the #GLOWSTERS. But nonetheless, I did my own share own swimming and gym session at home, as well as curbing my diet.

I am currently weighing at 80kg and I really hope at the end of the month's challenge I can shed around 5 kg at least? I'm trying my best, forcing myself to take more veg and fruits and I'm glad I have my hubby to support me too.

Stay tuned as I will be updating more from the challenge...

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WaterSource's Aroma Therapy 9000

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Hi Huneybees,

Lately, I've been having a wonderful time in the shower room.... <3 <3 <3

Hehe! It's nothing too steamy, just that my new showerhead is giving me a new level of relaxation, Introducing WaterSource's Aroma Therapy 9000.

It is a Chlorine Removal Aromatherapy Shower Head that not only removes harmful chlorine, but also provides an aromatic time in the shower room whilst helping to save up on those water bills.

  • Provides Vitamin C equivalent to 3,000 Lemons
  • Antibacterial Functions
  • Generates Negative Ions
  • Saves up to 36,000 litres of water a year
  • Raises water pressure up to 1.5 times

  • Relieves itch and prevents Eczema, Asthma, Atopic Dermatitis, etc
  • Relieves Stress and Improves Concentration
  • Prevents skin damage by creating Collagen
  • Help Restore Damaged Hair
  • Whitening & Moisturizing to our skin 

The whole wonder is what's in the shower head. There's a lot to it and how it works wonder is coz of the Anti-Bacterial Ceramic Ball and of course the Vitamin C Aroma Filter. Everyday, when I step into my shower room, there's a refreshing orange scent welcoming me.

The Anti-Bacterial Ceramic Ball and Vitamin C Aroma Filter.
After using the shower head my itchy scalp and sensitive skin condition improved alot and they have not occurred again. I really have WaterSource to thank for this wonderful gift! :)

ThWaterSource Chlorine Removal Aromatherapy Showerhead is worth SGD$149 and you can find more details at their website --->

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