New Tea Cappuccinos by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

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Hi Huneybees,

Woohoo! Tea lovers can look forward to some NEW concoctions by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®.

They will be introducing Tea Cappuccinos at all its outlets on 8 April in celebration of their 50th anniversaryBe prepared to enjoy freshly brewed tea concoctions layered with silky milk foam and drizzled with delicious vanilla bean sauce. Available in three charming flavors – Chai, Scottish Breakfast and Anniversary Blend Tea, the trio of tea perfection adds a new twist to your tea experience.

Celebrated for decades as a passionate innovator of delectable beverages, including the world-famous Original Ice Blended® beverage, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® aims to create another mini revolution with its new Tea Cappuccinos. The perfect balance of boldness in flavor and lightness in body, each cup offers urbanites a respite from every day hustle and bustle.

Customers can choose from the tasty Scottish Breakfast to perk up a dull morning, the soothingly spicy Chai to relax their day, or the Anniversary Blend Tea combining white, green, oolong and black premium tea infused with all natural Acai Berry to take in a long heritage of tea drinking in a sip.

The trio of Tea Cappuccinos is available at all outlets, only from 8 April 2013 to 25 May 2013, at S$6.00 each for all three flavors (Chai, Scottish Breakfast and Anniversary Blend Tea).

I know what I will be doing on 8th April's morning. You?

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PANASONIC Ultimate Navi Race

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Hi Huneybees,

On 22 March, I was at Panasonic's Ultimate Navi Race. Through a series of challenges, Intelligent Eco technology came to life. Contestants from 7 countries arrived in Singapore to vie for the grand prize at The Ultimate Navi Race, presented by Panasonic Asia Pacific, for their ECONAVI range of intelligent, environmentally friendly products.

The Ultimate Navi Race is based on five Sensory elements that form the crux of ECONAVI technology, namely Human Activity, Memory, Temperature, Light and Load, testing contestants’ skills on mimicking these sensors.

The journey to The Ultimate Navi Race began with a Facebook competition, in which participants competed in a series of fun mini-games played on the social media platform. The top two contestants with the highest scores from each of the seven participating countries - Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines and India - were then selected for the grand finale of The Ultimate Navi Race in Singapore.

On-event, finalists ran the gauntlet of five games, requiring them, among other things, to memorise and act out a set of recorded poses, overcome obstacles, run against the pull of a bungee cord, fill a receptacle with a set amount of water while in a state dizziness, and push their reflexes to the limit.

In the end, Team Malaysia, represented by Danny Shiek Harn Heng, 27 and Hiew Khee Chun, 27, beat 12 other contestants from the region to take home the final prize worth S$10,000 in cash and Panasonic vouchers. In addition, each also received a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ30 Super Zoom camera.

The race is aimed at creating awareness about Panasonic’s intelligent, eco-friendly ECONAVI technology in a range of home appliances. Each appliance in the range utilises sophisticated sensors and program control technologies to achieve optimal energy saving performance. 

About ECONAVI Technology
Panasonic’s line-up of ECONAVI electronics and home appliances, ranging from air conditioners, refrigerators and washers, is designed specifically to maximise energy savings and reduce water consumption in one’s household. The ECONAVI technology concept applies high precision human sensor and control program technologies to optimise appliances operations according to environmental conditions without ever compromising the comfortable lifestyle of its owner.

Utilising the same principles in formulating intelligent technologies, Panasonic’s ECONAVI line-up delivers the most Earth-friendly, high performance electronics and home appliances available in the market today. ECONAVI turns the consumer household into a technological realisation of green convenience and comfort, saving both money and the environment.

“Panasonic has always been committed to addressing environmental issues and this endeavour has been integrated into the very fabric of all our business activities. ECONAVI is one huge step in reinforcing our goals and The Ultimate Navi Race was a regional initiative to create awareness among the consumers. The game as a whole was an attempt to showcase this groundbreaking technology, through a tangible and simplified platform and we are delighted with the overwhelming response. The unparalleled benefits offered through ECONAVI technology, not just economically but also ecologically in the long run, are truly noteworthy.” --- Mr. Katsuhisa Sato, Deputy Managing Director, Panasonic Consumer Marketing Asia Pacific
Here's a little more about the ECONAVI products...

ECONAVI-Optimised Air Conditioners
• Features: Utilises high-precision Human Activity Sensor to moderate the temperature according to room usage. This smart technology senses human existence and how much activity is occurring, then automatically adjusts the temperature accordingly so that less energy is used. The Sunlight Sensor detects changes in sunlight intensity in the room and makes adjustments to temperature according to the time and weather conditions of the day.
• Energy Savings: These sensors result in reduced electricity usage for cooling by up to 35% .
• Models available: N series (Econavi)
• Price: starting from S$ 1299

ECONAVI-Optimised Refrigerators
• Features: The technology incorporated in an ECONAVI Refrigerator uses four sensors –1) light, 2) door opening, 3) room temperature and 4) internal temperature sensor - to analyse total energy use. It adapts to the user's lifestyle and save energy through efficient cooling. ECONAVI detects the level of lighting in the room, when and how often the fridge door is opened, as well as internal and external temperature levels. Based on this, it controls the refrigerator’s internal temperature for greater energy saving, taking into account the user's living environment and how they use the refrigerator.
• Energy Savings: Through its sensors, ECONAVI helps reduce power consumption by up to 40%, as compared to a conventional model .
• Models available: BW-X series (415, 465), BY-X series (602), F series (555,602)
• Price (RCP): starting from S$ 1,099

ECONAVI-Optimised Washers
• Features: With the innovative 3D sensor, ECONAVI-optimised washers can precisely measure the amount of clothing inside the drum and adapt the energy and water needed for each wash, reducing the total water used. The Inverter technology also receives information from the 3D sensor to determine the amount of drum rotations needed.
• Energy Savings: For the front-loading washers, ECONAVI delivers up to 45% shorter wash time, up to 45% less power usage and up to 40% less water usage .
• Models available: G Series (9 / 10kg), Front Load X series (8 / 10kg)
• Price (RCP): starting from S$ 649 (Top), 1499 (Front)

Panasonic Econavi products are sold at all good retailers.

For more information on ECONAVI, please visit:
Please visit the Panasonic ECONAVI Facebook Page for additional information:

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[Tried & Tested] Philosophy's Launch of B.B. Cream and Lip Shines

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Hi Huneybees,

I received some new products from Philosophy to try out and being the BB Cream fanatic, I'm so excited to share my experience using them. Here's a my review video and more will be in details below.

At Philosophy, they believe that great-looking skin is the cornerstone of beauty and that makeup should be
an option, never a requirement. Their approach towards beauty is from a skin care point of view by delivering visible results at home. Skin should be perfect-looking, and makeup barely-there.

That's why they have launched their Be Your Best B.B. Cream that's a versatile multitasking tool for the busy ladies these days. Whilst delivering flawless skin, you can also be protected from the harmful sun rays with SPF30 and PA +++. Other benefits include a zero default finish (told ya it covers my blemishes and red spots), skin brightening (formulated with glycyrrhiza glabra root extract and vitamin c derivate), anti-aging (contains ascorbic acid derivate, a vitamin c derivate), anti dark spots and 24 hours hydration.

I have been using the product for 2 weeks and I'm loving how perfect my makeup looks and stay longer. It does not sting my skin even though I had the rashes, however my skin is protected and aid in healing my skin.

Here's some FAQ answered...

What skin types is it for?
Be your best is suitable to all skin types. But in extreme conditions don’t hesitate to get extra help! If you have very dry skin you may want to use our famous hope in a jar moisturizer underneath it.

Can I wear a foundation on top of be your best cream?
Yes. Philosophy bb cream acts as a perfect primer and can be applied under your natural tone foundation. but it can also be used alone in replacement of your foundation as it leaves the skin smoother, perfected, more luminous and is long lasting.

With 2 shades to choose from, the Be Your Best B.B. Cream is definitely suitable for the asian skin colour and if you are "playful" like me, you can also use them together to create contours on your face for a skinnier looking you.

Philosophy Be Your Best Skin Perfecting BB Cream is retailing at S$68 for 30ml. I would say go get it for the lightweight, flawless, effortless look.

Here's a closer look at Philosophy's six high-gloss and high shine lip glosses in gourmand scents which were inspired by their famous bath series.  Packed with sunflower oil and vitamin E to pamper and nurture your lips, these lip shines guarantee to provide runway glossy lips with the benefits of a lip balm.
There are six gorgeous flavours to choose from:
  • Melon Daiquiri
  • Cinnamon Buns
  • Coconut Frosting
  • Senorita Margarita
  • Vanilla Birthday Cake
  • Raspberry Sorbet
These lip shines are great when paired with your favourite lipstick for a hydrating yet high shine polished look or wear it alone for a sheer hint of colour that brightens your look for the day.

It's pretty sheer on lips and so do not fear the colours, they are just very light tinge. But what I love is the intensity of shimmer on each gloss, yet not feeling gritty on the lips.If you are on a date, choose a flavour your man love and I bet there will be non stop action. *Oops*

The lips shines are retailing at S$18. Have fun pampering youselves. :)


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Invasion of 7-Eleven Hello Kitty x Tokidoki Figurines!

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Hi Huneybees,

I am super excited and happy to write this post! My favourite artist - Simone Legno has teamed up with Hello Kitty to come up with a series of Hello Kitty x Tokidoki figurines! They have teamed up before but this time, the figurines are for sale in all 7-Eleven stores across the island!

It was available in Hong Kong and I was asking my friends to help me get. Can you imagine how happy I was when I heard that they are all now available in Singapore! Ciao Ciao, Adios, Moofia, Unicorno and their friends are all now out to play with Hello Kitty

So, I was at the launch party at 7-Eleven (UE Square) and what greeted me was this huge media board full of images of the figurines as well as a huge Hello Kitty balloon. Everyone was pretty much a Hello Kitty fan, I was kinda the odd one out, being the humongous Tokidoki fan. I literally wore Tokidoki and brought my favourite collectibles along.

TKDK cap, t-shirt and necklace.
Together with a TKDK bag, charm, recycle bag full of collectibles as well as my most adored Swarovski Crystal-ed Adios figurine, autographed by Simone Legno wishing me Happy Birthday!

When I arrived at the event venue, everywhere was filled with Hello Kitty and Tokidoki. Cameras were snapping away and seriously, I wished I had live in that corner of 7-Eleven! Tables, benches, walls are all fully decorated. Woohoo!

One more picture with the rest of the bloggers and we were off to tour 7-Eleven.

A pic with Chris from NN. Not only are we fans of TKDK, our names are pretty similar too! :)

Hehe, tempt you a bit first, don't reveal the figurines yet. Let me bring you around the convenience store that everyone is familiar with.

7-Eleven is really a store & more. Being a 24/7 store, they cater to everyone's needs. It's not just food, they have necessities, you can also pay your bills, top up cashcards and buy you parking coupons.

These travel sized products are not only perfect for tourists, they are also good for anyone who wana try a new product.

Being a convenient store, food to go is their best sellers. 7-Eleven also has their own food products from the QuickBites & Signature Selection range that are newly improved and can be heated up by a microwave within minutes. You can enjoy Teriyaki Chicken Rice or Pizzas even late at night!

We had the Teriyaki Chicken Rice and Butter Chicken Rice. It's like any homecooked food, you would never have guessed that it's microwaved.

There's also a wide range of tidbits and at selected 7-Eleven stores, there's even Oden (Japanese Yong Tau Foo) and Waffles!

The pastries were really underdogs. I never knew they tasted so delicious. And did you know, they have fresh fruits too!

Fancy a drink? There's also red wine available or you can find the economically priced 7-Eleven bottled water and Slurpies too!!

And not forgetting a little something to end your meal with. DESSERTS!!!

 Ready for the big reveal?!

There's 10 figurines to collect and here they are!

Super cute right? How to get them you ask?

From 27 Mar – 4 Jun 2013, each figurine will be sold in a blind pack at all 7-Eleven stores. They are  limited edition, exclusively sold at 7-Eleven. You may need a little LUCK with that though. Here's how you can purchase them.

Seriously, even the stamps are a collectible!
Spend $4 = 1 Stamp
6 stamps + $3.90 -  1 Figurine
18 stamps - 1 FREE Figurine

***Star Products***
Maximum of 2 stamps issued for every $3 purchased

27 Mar – 23 Apr 2013
1. The Straits Times / The New Paper
2. H-TWO-O Sparkling Original (500ml)

24 Apr – 21 May 2013
1. Giant Slurpee (22oz)
2. 100 Plus Original (500ml)

There's also a sweet deal going on...
1. Present the original Hello Kitty Tokidoki box to enjoy 10%* off standard tickets at Sanrio Hello Kitty Town (Puteri Harbour, Malaysia)

2. Win 2D/1N stay at Tune Hotel (Danga Bay) & Standard Tickets to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town (Puteri Harbour, Malaysia) for 4 with min. spend of $5* (12 prizes to be won) 

*T&Cs apply
Each set of prize comprises of 2 Double rooms + 4 tickets

At the end of the event, both me and Tricia won a limited edition Sol Republic x Tokidoki headphones for being the Best Collectible and Best Dressed respectively. 

More details of the Hello Kitty x Tokidoki campaign can be found on their website

Thank you 7-Eleven for the wonderful event!

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