Guess What I'll Do If I Had Thor's Mjölner?

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Hi Huneybees,

The super cute Avenger - Thor is back with Marvel’s “Thor: The Dark World”!

Nothing beats seeing this hunk (played by Chris Hemsworthwaving his mighty Mjölner restoring order across the cosmos, saving us from the vengeful Malekith and his army of dark elves. Right ladies? *wink*

Speaking of Thor's Mjölner, what would you do if you had it for a day?

For me, I would love to use it to whack the lot of baddies, rid the world of them. I'm not talking about being a hero like Thor, but rather more of ridding my life of all the "little people" (打小人). We Chinese believe in whacking these little people, we can be rid of bad luck. A little like stabbing voodoo dolls, but in this, I why whack the little paper made dolls when I can whack the real ones with Thor's Mjölner instead?!

Not only will I be whacking the b-ji-ji-s out of them, I can even send lightning down to strike them too! OMG! That's vicious of me right? But well, that's called good riddance! That's Huney'Z style of getting rid of bad luck eh? LOL!

Thor will be back end of October, so be sure to grab your tickets early!

Catch Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World” in Singapore cinemas this 31 October 2013! For more updates, like the Official Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World Singapore Facebook Page, and subscribe to the Official Marvel Singapore YouTube Channel!

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Come On, Be A Couch Potato With Ben & Jerry's

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Hi Huneybees,

It was pouring that day, but nothing can stop me and my friend - Cindy from having a little fun at Ben & Jerry's ChunkFest 2013. Held at The Promontory @ Marina Bay, I had a media preview of what's the latest ice cream flavours whilst having an enjoyable weekend.

Along with the usual "wacky" flavours of ice cream that they serve, comes the new flavour - Couch Potato. A companion while you enjoy that movie of yours, slink back into your comfy couch and taste this euphoris sweet and salty combo.

Crunchy potato chips encrusted with chocolate matched with vanilla ice cream and salty caramel swirl are simply a combination of both our favourite snacks. Why not have the best of both worlds while we watch the telly?

What's more, you are simply doing some good with every bite as the ingredients used in making this new flavour are all from farmers who received a fair price for their harvest. In return, Fairtrade farmers are able to carry out environmentally sound farming practices and invest in their communities from the Fairtrade premium they earn!

So, back to the Chunk Fest, I also got to taste 2 exclusive flavours from US. They were Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Peaches & Cream. If you are fans of  having chunks of chewy bites in your ice cream, these 2 would be great choices.

Of course, we also got to taste more ice creams - Karamel Sutra, Red Velvet Cake and Chocolate Peppermint Crunch. These were sold by the pint that day, so I was thankful that there were so may people sharing the tub with us. 

My favourite have got to be the Red Velvet Cake. Nothing short of the cake flavour, this is definitely a choice of ice cream for the cake lovers and those who love unique ice cream flavours.

Thank you Ben & Jerry's for the invite that day.
I'm in fact a converted Couch Potato now!

You can get the all new Ben & Jerry's Couch Potato ice cream at major supermarkets, convenience stalls and scoop shops now at recommended retail price of S$13.90!

Visit to get more updates from Ben & Jerry's.

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Loving Japanese Skincare With Felice Towako Cosme (Felice Towako Mist & FTC UV Perfect Premium Cream)

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Hi Huneybees,

During the FIDé Fashion Weeks (Japan Couture Evening), we all brought home a generous memento courtesy of Felice Towako Cosme. They are a popular Japanese skincare and beauty brand (that will soon be made available in Singapore) and in we received their popular Felice Towako Mist and FTC UV Perfect premium cream.

There's been a major hype on Korean beauty products recently, maybe it's time to go back to the Japanese beauty/skincare products that made the Japanese girls' skin all so supple and youthful looking! 

I struggled a little getting to know about the products with what little Japanese I learnt. But all thanks to my love for Jpop and Google Translate, I managed to figure out what each products does. So hopefully, it provides a little more for the non-Japanese speaking beauty lovers.

Felice Towako Mist

Being a mist, it immediately pumps all the essence into your skin and with the use ofullerene, anti-aging ingredients like hyaluronic acid, collagen and marine placenta can be absorbed by our skin much faster and more effectively.

Fullrene is a  molecule of carbon element that is bonded to a soccer ball-shape. They are capable to soak up free radicals and thus also known as “Radical Sponge”, a powerful antioxidant. 


I would pump 5-6 times around my face and quickly pat the solution into my skin. It does leave a slight sticky feeling on my skin, but when paired with my moisturiser, I can feel my skin more moisturised the next day and my makeup goes on much easier too! It works the best so far for when I have dry skin days, especially when menses is round the corner....

FTC UV Perfect Premium Cream

This is the number 1 product under Felice Towako Cosme branding. This was created with the experience of the beautiful Mrs. Kimishima Towako (Felice Towako Cosme Creative Director), with the idea of protecting the skin from UV Rays 365 days a year, protecting the ladies under the strong sun.

With SPF50 PA +++, you can rest assure that you will be protected from the harmful UV rays, while feeling moisturised.


Every morning after cleansing and toning my face, I would apply 5-6 pumps of the sunscreen. With its slight sticky feel, I like having it as my makeup base as well, so that my makeup would last longer throughout the day.

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[Tried & Tested] Are You Ready For Halloween?

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Hi Huneybees,

Halloween weekend is happening in a couple of hours and are you ready for it? I will be in New Zealand by then, but if you are like me, always looking to scare people off with makeup, you have got to check out these amazing creamy lipsticks from SHEENe Cosmetics!

The lovely people from SHEENe Cosmetics have given me the lovely rainbow colours to play with. I was a little skeptical at first, thinking the colours might stain my lips, especially wary of the black one. But when I I tried each colour on my lips, I simply had to wipe my lips off with a tissue, the colours would come off. 

From Top Left: N1, Y1, G1
From Bottom Left: S1, V2, K1
However, that would also mean these are not the long wearing type of lipstick, so be prepared and have the lipstick of your choice in your bags. Also, though the lipsticks were said to be matte, you can see the shine they are giving off on my arm swatch-ing above. Not complaining as I like my lips to have a little shine, there's always a sense of plumped lips with shine. Hehehe.

So, here's me trying out the different lipsticks with a plain nude look. You can already see the effect of each lipstick colour. With the right kind of hair colour or wig and eyeshadows, you are definitely ready to portray the scary figure you want to...

Yellow Y1 is a soft light colour for the psychedelic bananas. You might look a little washed out, so be sure to amp up on the eyes.
Green G1 just simply reminds me of Poison Ivy, don't forget the sexy cat eyes!
Light Blue S1 is so cool, play a sexy little Dr. Freeze this Halloween!
Purple V2 reminds me of a nymph/faerie. Wear more glittery eyeshadows and step out with the light wings and magic wand of yours to play the part!
This has got to be my favourite colour. It's Black K1, I know it''s a little extreme, but if you want to play an evil character or even a mime face, this is definitely a must have.
Of course, these are just some of the colours I picked out which I think are more playful, there are also the more "normal"colours for your everyday lip-wearing. Like this Beige N1 that I have below, you are definitely set to go off for work in this look!


So, have fun and have a great Halloween!
SHEENe Cosmetics available @ BHG, SINMA, Pink Beauty and My CK (nail polish) in Singapore.

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Asian Couture Night At FIDé Fashion Weeks 2013

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Hi Huneybees,

Before Guo Pei was presented that night at FIDé Fashion Weeks, we saw the incredible works of 3 Asian designers - Michael Cinco from Philippines and Vatit Itthi from Thailand. Both designers showcased incredible pieces of art.

Michael Cinco, a Philippines couturier based in Dubai for the last 15 years, is highly sought after by celebrities like Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Sofia Vergara, Brandy, Britney Spears, Fergie, J Lo, Ciara, and Chris Brown.

He reinterpreted the Spanish Flamenco dress in his own magic. Not only were there smart suits for the men (like the suave-y bull fighters), the gowns were exceptionally breath taking, with the romantic music in the background, each piece of work was telling its own stories...


The collection was separated by three key colours – skin nude, lipstick red and gothic black. Where each colour comes with a breath-taking gown in sheer silk tulles, French laces and heavily beaded and crystallised. Every piece comes with intricate details, his workmanship and finishing is second to none. There's no loose threads, no unfinished seams. Simply the work of  a genius!

The highlight had to be the black and maroon gown with a cascading multi-tiered train. 200-metres of tulle were embroidered at the hems and took five helpers to carry it from the changing room to the back of the stage. 

Next to take centre stage was the Thai duo of Vatit Virashpanth and Itthi Metanee, known under the label Vatit Itthi. They started the line in 2002 in Chicago, before relocating back to Bangkok to carry on their line of red-carpet gowns.

Fresh from Bangkok’s Elle Fashion Week, the collection was about an “old school, new world” attitude. Adapting ‘old’ silhouettes from around and after WW2, the duo used draping, sheer overlays and embellishments of handmade delicate silk flowers and strategic beadwork to highlight the 29 ensembles of simple and classic lines. 

It was definitely a I-feel-proud-to-be-Asian moment that night. We have changed so much over the years and I must say we are definitely on par with the internationally acclaimed brands out there.

Sorry, I didn't catch Jeannie at her best moment...
Before I go, I'm gona post a couple of photos of Jeannie Mai interviewing Vatit Virashpanth and Itthi Metanee backstage after their runway show. They were so humble and friendly, good job guys!

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