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Hi Huneybees,

I am a happy kid whenever there is new nail products to play with. I'm like the kid under the Christmas tree unwrapping gift after gift. In fact, who hates surprises in bright neon shades?

Models Own have recently launched some new products and have sent me 3 lovely shades and textures Artstix Nail Beads (Neon Pink), Wow Nail Art Pen (Yellow) & Ice Neon Collection (Bubblegum)

I used all 3 products to create a nail art theme for my nails and the base colour was using the Ice Neon Collection (Bubblegum). Like its name, the nail polish is a super bright shade of pink, totally screaming my kind of colour! It's difficult to find such a beautiful shade of neon without having it being too thin and watery. I simply had 2 coats of it on each nail and my nails are screaming bright pink.

What's fun about this nail polish is that you have to keep it frozen. Inspired by the trick of keeping a glow stick in a fridge to slow the reaction down and making the stick glow for longer, Models Own apply the same principle to this range of nail polishes.

The frosted bottles will withstand the cold and protect the pigments from fading. Along with keeping your Brights BRIGHTER there are many other benefits of storing polish in the fridge. Keeping it cool helps to slow down the discolouration, separation and pigment cracking that happens to polish as it get older. Ice Neon shades give an amazing matt finish – for a shiny effect apply Models Own 3-in-1 Top Coat.

For nail art addicts like me, you are definitely not a stranger to the nail art pen or brush. Other than the quirky packaging, the Wow Nail Art Pen is a must have for all who loves to doodle on their nails!

As a collaborative effort with WAH Nails again, they have come up with three new pens in primary colours - Pink, Blue and Yellow for you to match your favourite nail polish colours. Each nail pen has a duo application system consisting of a thin nib for intricate art work along with a long thin brush to add strokes and lines.

The tube is so soft, I don't even have to squeeze too hard to get the nail polish out, giving me better control while drawing on my nails.
The stripping brush is so fine and it's so easy to get different strokes easily.

And lastly, my favourite nail "gadget" for now, the Artstix Nail Beads! I got it in Neon Pink to go with the Bubblegum Ice Neon Nail Polish. Nail beads may have been around for awhile, but to get this beuatiful neon shade, I can only find it with Models Own. The beads are slightly smaller than the other brands' out there, but also because of that, it makes it easier to pack the beads together and stack them on my nail polish.

Firstly, you will need a tray to hold your beads when you pour them over your nails, so that you can pour them back into the bottle after. Upon the second layer of your nail polish, quickly pour the beads over, press it down a little and then leave it to dry. You don't even have to apply top coat on it and the nail lasted me a week, without losing a single bead.

So, combining the 3 products, this is the look I came up with for my nails. It's bright, it's funky and it definitely screams for attention. Wana see how to achieve this look? See my video below....

Ice Neon is available in 5 shades: Pukka Purple, Bubblegum, Pink Punch, Luis Lemon, and Toxic Apple
Retail Price: S$14.90

Wow Nail Art Pen is available in Pink, Blue and Yellow.
Retail Price: S$17.90

Artstix Nail Beads is available in 5 shades: Neon Orange, Neon Green, Neon Pink, Gold and Black
Retail Price: S$12.90


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