Loving Japanese Skincare With Felice Towako Cosme (Felice Towako Mist & FTC UV Perfect Premium Cream)

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Hi Huneybees,

During the FIDé Fashion Weeks (Japan Couture Evening), we all brought home a generous memento courtesy of Felice Towako Cosme. They are a popular Japanese skincare and beauty brand (that will soon be made available in Singapore) and in we received their popular Felice Towako Mist and FTC UV Perfect premium cream.

There's been a major hype on Korean beauty products recently, maybe it's time to go back to the Japanese beauty/skincare products that made the Japanese girls' skin all so supple and youthful looking! 

I struggled a little getting to know about the products with what little Japanese I learnt. But all thanks to my love for Jpop and Google Translate, I managed to figure out what each products does. So hopefully, it provides a little more for the non-Japanese speaking beauty lovers.

Felice Towako Mist

Being a mist, it immediately pumps all the essence into your skin and with the use ofullerene, anti-aging ingredients like hyaluronic acid, collagen and marine placenta can be absorbed by our skin much faster and more effectively.

Fullrene is a  molecule of carbon element that is bonded to a soccer ball-shape. They are capable to soak up free radicals and thus also known as “Radical Sponge”, a powerful antioxidant. 


I would pump 5-6 times around my face and quickly pat the solution into my skin. It does leave a slight sticky feeling on my skin, but when paired with my moisturiser, I can feel my skin more moisturised the next day and my makeup goes on much easier too! It works the best so far for when I have dry skin days, especially when menses is round the corner....

FTC UV Perfect Premium Cream

This is the number 1 product under Felice Towako Cosme branding. This was created with the experience of the beautiful Mrs. Kimishima Towako (Felice Towako Cosme Creative Director), with the idea of protecting the skin from UV Rays 365 days a year, protecting the ladies under the strong sun.

With SPF50 PA +++, you can rest assure that you will be protected from the harmful UV rays, while feeling moisturised.


Every morning after cleansing and toning my face, I would apply 5-6 pumps of the sunscreen. With its slight sticky feel, I like having it as my makeup base as well, so that my makeup would last longer throughout the day.


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