[Travelogue] Bonjour France - Visiting Couturier Julien Fournié

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Hi Huneybees,

Hubby and I had a date with a Parisian on Day 4 of our trip. He's a French fashion designer and CEO of his own eponymous haute couture company and have presented his works at FIDé Fashion Week last year. 

Who is he? Haute Couturier - Julien Fournié!

We were at his studio and over a cup of coffee, we previewed his Fall/Winter 2013 collection - “Premières Chimères” (First Chimaera), that was in the making. 

Stepping into his new studio, we were welcomed by a brightly lit spacious workspace and with a beautiful gown in the making. Sequins and chiffon with a bodice was already a statement piece that I can't wait to see its finish.

But before I go on, let me show you a little more of his studio...

A clean resting area at the back of the studio revealed a sense of elegance and simplicity, with mirrors to create spaciousness, it was very cosy to be sitting here with Julien. He also introduced a painting done by his friend - Ambraude, which he had collaborated with in his previous collection. He loves looking at it says it gives him a sense of surreal relaxation.

I love looking at designer's sketches, it gives me an insight into their  visions....

This collection was a little less colourful (than what I remembered of his show last year) and inspired by the dark side of mythology, like Medusa and partly inspired by Catherine de Médicis, Queen of France in the 16th century he chose a palette of rich chocolate browns (paying homage to artist Gustav Klimt) and played with a tone of structures featuring high necklines (which was favored by Catherine de Médicis) an d silhouettes reminiscent of Modigliani.

Julien takes this collection as a darker one as just like he described Paris being Sleeping Beauty, he believes this collection is a new phase for the Fournié woman, all grown up and ready to face challenges.

The collection is all about showing off those deadly lady figure, with chimaera in mind, sharply tailored jackets, corseted upper bodies will put a heavy emphasis on the fullness of the hip, letting skirts flow out from below, exuding sexiness and at the same time, reminding me of the Eiffel Tower...

Experimentation is always the part and parcel of the house and this time he had painted gold fishes on leather (wonder how to dress would look like?) as well as a floor sweeping fur dress made of alternating ribbons of mink and organza, which will wow the audience.

His selection of fabric is also intriguing, laces with digital designs like a computers mother board and a dress chosen with the most exciting fabric of gold and black sequins where you can run your hands along to create different designs, will definitely create a new dress for you everytime you wear it...

So, here's leaving you with his runway show during Paris Couture at Artcurial - Hôtel Marcel Dassault.
Simply big love for him!

Julien Fournié will re-stage his “First Chimaera” collection at FIDé Fashion Week in Singapore on 17 October 2013 in Marina Bay Sands. I can't wait to see the collection in finish mode!


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