Zac Efron drops a CONDOM on the red carpet!

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Hi Huneybees,

I normally don't write about celebrity gossips but as I was surfing Youtube for Oscars and upcoming movies (like Dr. Seuss' The Lorax), I stumbled upon this video about Zac Efron dropping a condom on the red carpet. WHAT?!

Ok!  Zac is a heartthrob especially when he's sporting this James-Dean style and that pair of mesmerizing eyes, but come on, a little professionalism please? Walking on red carpet = work and you bring a condom along?! At least have the decency of passing it to your manager?!

What kind of message are you passing on to the kids?! Safe sex?! It's good that he is protected but I wouldn't want my kids in future to be so "ever ready". Isn't girls dancing and singing on stage wearing skimpy clothes ugly enough? Now, they need to even have condom on red carpet moments?! I bet my granny would jump from her grave if she had seen this!

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Shimona @ The Merry Men

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Hi Huneybees,

Last week, I was invited by Michelle to join her at Shimona's Debut Album Launch @ The Merry Men. It's been ages since I've met Michelle and it was great to see her again, while getting to listen to sweet Shimona perform the songs from her debut album!

To know more about Shimona, check out Fever Avenue's interview with her here.

Got dolled up, all ready to go for the "jamming session".
I was at the event early and was waiting for the rest of the gang to arrive, so I kinda went around the area - Robertson Quay to snap some photos.

These 2 doggies met when their owners were walking them. They couldn't seperate!

Yipee! Finally Celine and Orianna arrived!

Got tagged and I was already fascinated by this tall ceiling pub with this nicely decorated wall with a tree & bird decal. I've not been to The Merry Men, but this will definitely be a place I wana hang out at more often! Note: It gets super crowded when it gets dark. 

It pays to be early! Not only did we get chocolates each, we also got a Shimona album each!

Well, coz it was ending work time, there was quite a long waiting time. But the wonderful people at The Merry Men provided great food! I stress again, this is definitely a place I would hang out often. Food is great, drinks are great, and the ambience is definitely what bought me over.

The drink below is their signature. Black Forest Mojito. It's berry and minty, so sweet, you won't taste the alcohol at all!!

Yipee! Shimona's performing already! She's so talented, playing several instruments and her voice was so unique, sweet and I would say, she's someone to look out for...

After the performance, friendly Shimona met with her supporters and signed on the CD for me!

There was also a little giveaway sponsored by Savoir Faire Gifts. The gifts were so nicely put together and you can see alot of thoughts and hard work had been put into them.

I was already in love with the boxes the moment I sat down.

Too bad I was a little slow in raising my hands. But congratulations to Silver for winning the Fondue Set and Valentine for winning the Gourmet set.

This was what was in the Gourmet Set. Amazing right?
Before we left, it was group photo time!

With pretty Silver Ang and Celine.


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