[Get The Look] 3 Simple Ways To Glitterize Your Countdown To 2016

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Hi Huneybees,

It's crunch time with just a few more hours, we are saying 'HI' to 2016. If you're planning to party the last night of 2015 into the morning of 2016, here's a few suggestions on how you can work abit of the blitz and glitz, as you celebrate!

Champagne and good food are not to be missed, but to be the center of attention, you might need some sparkle and glitter, so you can shine under the moonlight. But with only a few hours to spare, is there enough time? Well, I have 3 simple suggestions that might just help! (And you don't even need to trouble Fairy Godmother!)

1) Rubi Sparkles

For under $30, I got this pair of silver glitter lips shoes to go with my already sparkly tube dress. There are a few other designs to choose from, but these comfy flats can let you dance the night away in comfort, whilst stealing the show on the dance floor!

You can also pair with a few more bling bling accessories and I intend to pull my hair back in this diamonte hairband too, so that I won't be all sweaty and hair everywhere... :)

2) Glitter Nail Art

Simple as ABC, just have a dark base colour nail and pile on those glitter nail polish to give your fingers the attention. You can mix and match a few different colours and shapes of glitter for a gradient feel.

What I have here is DIY gel nails which you can easily purchase the whole set from Etude House, get your nails done within 30 minutes and you are set to have those lasting gorgeous nails! You can also add a few rhinestone to give it the extra bling! :)

3) Bling Makeup

This might need to take just a little bit more time, but adding glitter and sparkles to your makeup can already add to that festive feel. You can choose to have glittery lipgloss on your lips, or glittery eyeliner for just that tinge of shine...

Or go crazy with glittery falsies and stick on some rhinestones around the eye area with eyelash glue! You might just mesmerize that one guy you have been "crushing" on. But just one note, opt only for 1 feature on your face to glitterize, you don't want to be having a disco ball head, unless that's what you are intending to dress up for? =X

So, that's my few ways to glamify your whole look as you countdown on New Year's Eve. What's your plan for night? I'll just be chillaxing and enjoying some good music down at Siloso Beach Party, come say hi if you are there too! =D

Here's wishing ya all, my darling Huneybees, 
all the best in 2016 and keep supporting Huney'Z World! 

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Countdown To A Healthier New Year With MAGNOLIA

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Hi Huneybees,


As we countdown to the New Year 2016 also means it's time for new changes and new looks. F&N's MAGNOLIA has given their fresh milk packaging a brand new look with the best intentions for their fans to kick start a healthier and active lifestyle.

The new packaging breathes of a fresher and cleaner modern look, with the important details easily visible with a glance. You can also appreciate the refreshed design of the side panel, complete with tips on how to drink milk at its freshest and to get the best out of it; and though there is a new look, the taste of the milk remains unchanged and still as tasty and creamy as ever.

Milk is my must-have drink every morning and to consume the nutritional value at its highest to support out heart and bone health, it has to be consumed fresh and enjoyed within 3 days of opening as recommended by Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) of Singapore (http://www.AVA. gov.sg/explore-by-sections/food/food-safety-quality/good-food-safety-practices).

Don't be deceived by the use-by date on the milk cartons as this is just an indication as to when the milk will remain fresh and safe for consumption when it is UNOPENED. But once it is opened, this date is no longer valid as the milk gets exposed to bacteria and loses its quality and freshness rapidly. That's why the one-litre milk pack is recommended as the two-litre milk pack might just be making us keeping the milk for more days and risk exposure to contamination!

There are also many other ways and tips to keeping and consuming milk fresh. You preserve the cold chain from the time the milk leaves the production facility to the stores and then to the home, by picking the milk last when grocery shopping and upon reaching home, refrigerate the milk right away between 2°C to 4°C.

As this is a very important information and habit to have, MAGNOLIA will be having the 'Drink Milk Fresh' campaign to help their consumers appreciate the importance of handling fresh milk safely.

Along with this campaign, you guys can collect these 4 stylish glasses at participating supermarkets and outlets. From 1 January 2016, with every purchase of 2 one-litre packs of MAGNOLIA Fresh Milk, you can collect 1 of these glasses, whilst stocks last.

You can also head on over to their 'Start Fresh, Finish Fresh' Roadshows to exchange any empty 2-litre milk bottles for a free MAGNOLIA 1-litre milk! There's gona be a series of fun activities and quizzes at the roadshows and don't forget to get this limited edition 'Start Fresh. Finish Fresh' Glass too!

It is an exclusive design that will only be available at the roadshows with every purchase of 2 one-litre MAGNOLIA milk packs.

But if you could not make it to the roadshows, lookout for the MAGNOLIA Roving Truck in your neighbourhood! Simply bring an empty two-litre milk bottle with the label still intact to the Roving Truck to redeem a one-litre pack of MAGNOLIA Fresh Milk.

Here are the details to the Roadshows and Roving Truck timings...
In-Store Roadshows (from 11 am)
02 Jan 
FairPrice Xtra NEX
Giant Tampines
Sheng Siong Yishun 845
Sheng Siong Woodlands 6A

09 Jan
FairPrice Xtra AMK Hub (B2)
FairPrice Xtra Jurong Point (New Extension)
FairPrice Sun Plaza
Giant IMM

16 Jan
FairPrice Bedok North Blk 212
FairPrice Bukit Merah Central
Cold Storage Causeway Point

23 Jan
FairPrice Kang Kar Mall

* Exchanges can only be made at MAGNOLIA in-store roadshows and roving milk truck locations listed above. 
* Limited to first 300 customers per in-store roadshow location and the first 100 per roving milk truck location, and to one (1) exchange per customer per day.
* While stocks last.
* Exchange is applicable for any brand or variant of 2L milk, with milk label intact on the bottle.

Roving Milk Truck Locations
09 Jan
Block 454 Clementi Avenue 3 (9 am - 10 am)
Block 609 Clementi West Street 1 (10:30 am - 11:30 am)
Block 717 Clementi West Street 2 (12 pm - 1 pm)

16 Jan
Block 203 Yishun Street 21 (9 am - 10 am)
Block 701 Yishun Avenue 5 (10:30 am - 11:30 am)
Block 935 Yishun Central 1 (12 pm - 1 pm)

23 Jan
Block 256 Serangoon Central Drive (9 am - 10 am)
Block 276 Compassvale Link (10:30 am - 11:30 am)
Block 435 Fernvale Road (12 pm - 1 pm)

* Only valid at in-store roadshow locations
* While stocks last
* Other terms and conditions apply

MAGNOLIA is retailing at all supermarkets, hypermarkets and participating retail outlets. Do note that even their MAGNOLIA Plus Range has also gone through the "beauty-up" and for more details, go to www.magnolia.com.sg or stay updated on MAGNOLIA happenings at www.facebook.com/MAGNOLIASG.


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Chillax & Enjoy Good Food With The Self-Service Ordering System At Fiv五 Square

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Hi Huneybees,

It's time for another mouth watering post in prep for celebration! If you work in the CBD, you might have seen Fiv五 Square as 1 Pickering Street (Great Eastern Building). It is smacked right at the junction opposite Hong Lim Park and what I always thought was a pub seemed to have a little surprise within!

Upping the level of food court fare and marrying it with an affordable drinks bar and technology, this is a must-go place for the after-office crowd to wind down after a stressful day at work. You can find food from local flavours to western, Japanese, Korean to even Spanish dishes, all ready to cater to the CBD working executives with quick-serves and takeaways using a self-service ordering system.

Stepping into this huge food hall which can seat 300, I'm all ready to loosen that tie and chill out in this soft, warm lighting in natural wood. Those wagon chairs are a top favourite with the crowd as it makes a good backdrop for selfies...

So, on to their highlight - the self-service ordering system. It is very easy with 2 machines to each store. One accepts cash whilst the other accepts NETS and credit cards. It reminds me of those Japanese restaurants, except this is food court style.

So, simple as 1,2,3. First, you pick what you want from the menu, finalise the order, then enter your mobile number, make the payment via whichever way suits you, then collect your receipt and wait for the SMS to tell you your food is ready for collection!

Orders are all received on an iPad from the stall side and once received, they will start concentrating on preparing your delicious meals, without having to risk contamination of the food during money collection. Also, that would allow you to spend more time with your colleagues or friends, or when in a big group, it saves the whole waiting time for everyone to decide on what to eat. 

Anyhoo, food time! At the food tasting session, we were served a full table of dishes from all 5 stalls - Grub, Gogibox, Cin.go Tapas, Omnivore and Teppei Syokudo.

Clockwise from top-left: 
  • Kimchi fried rice with spicy chicken $8.50 (Gogibox)
  • Seafood paella $9.50/$12 (Cin.qo Tapas)
  • Beef tacos $6.80 (Gogibox)
  • Teriyaki pizza $15 (Cin.qo Tapas)
  • Beef noodle $8.90 (Grub Noodle)
  • Pork noodle $9.90 (Grub Noodle)
  • Sample platter $24.80 (Omnivore)
  • Kaisendon $16 (Teppei Syokudo)

My top favourite has to be the Kaisendon. It was a just nice serving of rice paired yummylicious Maguro (Tuna), Sake (Salmon) and other sashimi chunks with a generous helping of Ikura (Salmon Roe). It makes a very refreshing dish to go with a mug of cold beer, my best way to wind down after a stress week. =)

The sample platter from Omnivore is also not to be missed. I love the pairing dipping sauces that add a little sweetness to the different meat cuts. I would suggest cutting them into smaller chunks, so that you and your friends can all share and try the different flavours!


All in all, it was a great evening to be hanging out with friends and filling our tummies with scrumptious food. We were even entertained by the live bar as we dined and chilled!

Only thing I wasn't a big fan of was the part where you get to "shout" your order through the noise and telling the auntie "mai hiam" (no chilli). Though the self-service ordering system was efficient, that also seemed to be adding on to the too-much-technology-too-little-social-interaction syndrome. What you think?

Fiv五 Square
Great Eastern Centre @ 1 Pickering Street#01-03, Singapore 048659Tel: +65 87980245Parking available @ Great Eastern Building at the rate of $1.65 per hourOperation Hours: 10am – 12am, Mondays to SaturdaysNearest MRT: Telok Ayer / Chinatown / Clarke Quay (all about 5-minute walk away)Website: http://www.fivebar.sg

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How To DIY Star Wars Christmas Party

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Hi Huneybees,

It was a great weekend spent celebrating Christmas and here's the lowdown of my Christmas Star Wars party. With just a week's notice (Yes, thanks Hubby!), I made this party happen and thanks to the existence of Daiso, I could stay within budget! :)

So, to begin, invites were sent out via Whatsapp to the family members and this was the simple part coz everything was found online and edited using my Photoshop skills. LOL!

Then, comes to the props and decorations. Our theme for the party was the SITHMAS on Planet HOTH, derived from the famous greetings MERRY HOTHIDAYS. That's why, we only had Darth Vadar and Stormtroopers mask with some speech bubbles printed for those selfies. Also not forgetting a couple of lightsabers for the epic battle between the Light and Dark Side...

With the right dressing and makeup, I was Darth Huney, the Dark Princess for the night. 
See the Princess Leia Buns on hubby? Well, that's simply done by combining brown wool threads, tying plaids on with them and stuck on to ear muffs with glue gun. Now ain't that a sexy babe? ROFL!

As for the background design, planet Hoth is all about snow and so, we stuck to blues and whites for the deco, we had wool threads again from Daiso, cut into equals lengths and stuck on the wall strand by strand to make great photo background. 

The DIY Christmas tree was done using 3 x Christmas streamers , 2 x blue LED lights and a whole lot of cut out washi tape for the Christmas ornaments and star right atop the tree. Of course, not missing Santa himself with some gifts!

At the door, we had the standard Merry Christmas sign but I added my very own hand sewn lightsabers at the side. All sewed up with felt that can be found... Yes! You guessed right! DAISO again! :)

And speaking of DAISO, I even bought these 2 jars from there, turned it upside down with a LED candle within, and there you have it! A Hoth scene light globe!

Then comes the food part. Most of it was catered and ordered from Creative Eateries, which hubby took care of. I just did printed and got the labels printed and stuck onto satay sticks to tie the whole SW theme together. Don't forget to get the SW looking fonts here - http://www.fontspace.com/category/star%20wars.

The fun part here is to make localised treats into Star Wars Cantina servings, just by being creative with the names. So like Honeydew Sago was Hoth Snow, Crystal Dumplings was Frozen Leia Buns, Tempura Prawns were Prawnbacca, Pineapple Rice was Sands of Tatooine and we even had drinking water named as Luke Skywater! Fun right? I might just give my dishes names next time. =X

Also, I wanted to make blue eggnogs for there was a Blue Milk drink in SW but hubby was shaking head to blue drinks, so skipped that. Maybe you can try that for your own party?

The catered menu also had Apple Strudels (which we called Snow Strudels), but I also created a few desserts of our own to add to the theme.

It was great joy winning these lot of Ferrero Rocher chocolates at the Casa Ferrero Launch and it was put to good use! Simply wrap each of them with aluminium foils and we got mini Death Stars where every bite comes with a chocolatey delight! =D

I was glad everyone liked what I did with these brown bags. I was Googling for ideas and there was these Chewbacca gift bags gave me the idea to draw my own and fill them with home made popcorns! Salt or Salted Chewbacca for you?

The heavy workload was with these Storm Mallow-s. Each single ones were hand drawn using chocolate syrup and I'm really thankful for these clever Japanese gadgets you can find from Daiso.

 I just had to pour in chocolate syrup into these pens and I can draw on the faces as though markers!

But as the chocolate syrup does not dry fast on the marshmallows, I had to draw, let the syrup stay for 2 minutes, before "stamping" them on tissues to remove the remaining syrup. You have to do this, otherwise it will be sticky business when you try to put and remove them from your containers...

Next, is the Hans Jello. I did a wrong move and bought blueberry flavoured jelly powder to make these Hans Solo in Carbonite jellies, but jello DO NOT HARDEN! you can only have them in cups and scoop out! 

But what I wanted was for them to harden and be able to pop out these moulds (that I got from Carousell). So, lesson learnt, I had to consult my mum and went out to get Konyaku powder, mixed with blue Mountain Dew to get this result.

This was an even faster process! These jellies harden within an hour, compared to jelly which took 4 hours to dry! =X

Phew! So after a week's of shopping and preparation, the Christmas Eve Star Wars party was EPIC! Hubby kept thanking me the whole evening and the night ended with a gift exchange. Psst, here's an A-Star wrapping by hubby's cousin which got everyone curious what was inside. Not a Yamazaki whiskey inside, but just shower gel, best gift wrapping ever eh?!

Celebrations may be over, but I can't wait for New Year's Eve this weekend! 
For now, I'm just gona catch up on my beauty rest. Buh Bye!  -.- zzzZZZZ

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