[Movie Review] Is Star Wars : The Force Awakens A New Hope Or What?

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Hi Huneybees,

I'm back from catching the most anticipated movie of the year - Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The audience I caught the movie with made the movie very memorable. Everyone clapped the moment the lights were dimmed and everytime our favourite Star Wars character is revealed through the movie, we get the "Yeah!" and "OOooo ~~~" along with claps again. It felt as though we were watching live show!

I've been seeing positive reviews about the movie flooding the internet but in my opinion, what I'm gona say, might just be the opposite.

BB-8 was definitely a cute droid and he stole the show, Rey had the best skin for minimal makeup and that hairstyle might just start making waves amongst the ladies; Han Solo, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker were amazing actors; but other than that, I think George Lucas should take back the reins of Star Wars.

The first scene with the rows of Stormtroopers lined up and geared up for battle was indeed very impressive, but from then on, every scene just seemed to be replicating from the previous 6 episodes. 

I can't pinpoint a signature scene from this episode and I kept shaking my head from seeing multiple dogfight scenes between TIE fighters and X-Wing Fighters aka Death Star battle in in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope; there's even a revamped Cantina scene with a reggae kind of tune! Why are they re-doing signature scenes and not creating more epic scenes to carry on the legacy?!

BUT! My biggest issue is with the portrayal ofor the new era the Dark Side. Now elevating from Republic & Empire to The First Order, it seems that they are now handled by people who rules by the heart - either doubtful and questioning their mission, or in Kylo Ren's case, had daddy issues, anger issues and seem to be psychotic towards the end of the movie. He was like a lightsaber wielding Jason from Friday the 13th. My impression of the high and mighty, villainous Dark Side is totally DESTROYED!

Maybe Kylo Ren should be a female character for a story twist and shine a light on girl power instead of Captain Phasma being a female?

It was also earlier revealed that Andy Serkis is the CG guy behind the Supreme Leader Snoke (Snooki?), who is Darth Plageius - The Muun Sith Lord. 

But when his character came to onto the screen, my mind was screaming "Precious! My Precious!". How did a Golem x Lord Voldemort character become a Sith Lord?! Shouldn't he look more like how he was drawn in the comics?! What's this? Recycled 3D model to save time????

Oh! The horror, the horror. I don't want to go on too much and start writing spoilers, but all in all, I love how the movie used the same cut scene effects together with the filter and colour treatment to be in line with all the Star Wars movies. 

For those who were on the Easter Egg hunt, we did see the Boba Fett flat hung up high, but we didn't spot any trace of him in the film.

Do share if you spot him or even heard the "Jub, Jub" interjection.  I think I was too pissed with the movie to remember about my hunt.

Also, I would love to have seen more of Han Solo and Princess Leia interaction and the storyline should really be improved as it is simply too predictable, too replicated from previous movies. It made me feel that Disney/Lucasfilm didn't put in too much heart into making the film and just wanted to rely on the fame of Star Wars to make a success.

It was painful to watch this YouTube-esque Star Wars parody with impressions from Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, Harry Potter and guest appearances from Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker, etc coming back as a big reunion celebration for Star Wars anniversary.

I think this acapella video might just make a better Episode 7...

I felt like I have wasted 2 hours of my sleep time and I don't even want to rate the movie. But for first time Star Wars moviegoers, this might just impress you. 

So, did you catch the Star Wars: The Force Awakens too? 
What do you think of it?
Agree or disagree with me?

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