Come Join In Huney'Z World 12 Days Of Christmas Giveaway ~~~~

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Hi Huneybees,

It's time for Huney'Z World's 12 Days Of Christmas Giveaway again!

This year, we have the support of Santa's original 8 reindeers, 1 super popular red nosed reindeer and together with 3 special appearance reindeers, we are giving 1 mysterious present to 1 Huneybee a day!

Each reindeer is on a special Santa mission to carry a unique gift each to be delivered to you, my Huneybees and here's some clues and to what they might be carrying...

Dasher is our smart leader reindeer
Dancer and Prancer is all dancing with joy this festive season
Vixen is one sexy reindeer
Comet will be you closer to the stars
Donner and Blitzen is out legendary Thunder and Lightning reindeers
Cupid brings all the love
Rudolph will have some special and popular just like his name
Thrasher is about that fierce fiery character
Blizzard will be keeping you warm
Mitzi, the mother of Rudolph, will not be disappointing in the surprise department

This giveaway is from 19th December 2015 till 30th December 2015 and all you have to do is follow @huney_84 in Instagram, let me know which reindeer you are "betting" on and Tag 3 friends in the comment of this link - here.

Example: Rudolph @huney_84 @Christina Chung @QueenBee

*If you want to try get multiple gifts, you have to do multiple comment posting of the different reindeer names and tag another 3 more friends. 

Hope you like this mysterious Christmas Giveaway.  
Winners will be contacted on 31st December.

MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR, my darling Huneybees!

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