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Hi Huneybees,

Just a few more hours to the closing of the Singapore Invites campaign -, where STB will be making 25 wishes come true by flying their loved ones to visit this beautiful garden city! Better get those entries posted!

This will be the best time to have them over, as Singapore is sprinkled with glitter powder and shimmering lights for the Christmas, just look at this view I got at the Christmas Wonderland @ Gardens by the Bay.

So, whilst waiting for the entries to be uploaded or the results to be announced, why not check out this special interview I had with our homegrown multi talented singer-songwriter - Tan Han Jin (陳奐仁).


I've been a fan of your music creations and I love your character - Mucci in TVB's "衝綫"! Will we be seeing you more in the acting industry?
If there any suitable characters for me to play and I am available for it, I'm definitely open to the opportunities!

So back to the #SingaporeInvites campaign, what do you miss the most about Singapore when you were in Hong Kong?
Not matter where I am, be it Hong Kong, China, Japan or even Taiwan, I will always be missing home, my friends and family. I'm most worried about my grandmother, though she is pretty healthy, I'm still worried about her health and vice versa, she is always worried about me. That's why I will try to make time to visit her.

Where's that one spot in Singapore that we might likely to "bump" into you?
I'm really a "home boy". To really bump into me, you can only try it at my front door, as I will be having tea with my mum and grandmother.

I don't get out much, so even if you are in Hong Kong, you can only try "bumping" into me at my studio's carpark. But for these 3 months, you can find me at the Guangzhou TV station's entrance as I have to work there almost every week.

But in April 2016, you will be able to find me in China as I will be doing a performance tour then. :)

After setting shop in Hong Kong, will you also be coming back to Singapore to do so?
Oh! I'm not sure about the future plans yet, but actually, I did have a recording studio in Newton Circus, Singapore 10 years ago, but sadly due to lack of manpower it had to be closed. It was a great place to enjoy meals with friends when they dropped by the studio though.

You have worked with several big names like Jacky Cheung, Eason Chan & Sammi Cheng , who would you want to work with next?
Well, in this industry, collaborations come about only when my style of music matches the singers. I won't specifically choose 1 to work with and I'm open all opportunities. For 2015, I'm very happy to have been working pretty closely with singers from China like Li Wei, Li Yu Chun as well as the competitors from "I Am A Singer", etc.

What are your views for the future Singaporean musicians? Should they follow your footsteps and strike a career overseas?
Well, Singapore market is pretty small and dense. I'm very envious of those who can strike a success right here in Singapore without having to leave their family behind, but it's a pity not all can do it, so I guess to succeed, we might have to do it overseas.

For those Singaporeans. like you, who are striving a success overseas, any inspirational words for them to "Jia You"?
It may seem scary and challenging to have a career overseas, but it can be very fun. Singapore has been producing amazing and accomplished singers, musicians and actors, for those who are looking to succeed, you can look up to them for motivation. 

"Jia You" is a must but don't be afraid, believe and stay true to yourself and your work, be good to yourself and others, give your utmost best and it will be all good.

Any upcoming projects that you are currently embarking on?
I'm hoping that in 2016 I will be able to produce lots of multi-genre albums, with touring performances in China and should there be any acting opportunities, I am open to it too! And if there are music, concert and acting opportunities in Singapore, I would definitely love to be back to see my Singaporean fans too!

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