Oops! I'm Guilty Of Creating An Instagram Husband Too (;﹏;)

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Hi Huneybees,

Husbands were meant to be there for us, be our lifetime partners in times of need, be it times of sadness or times of happiness; we know we have these guys giving us the support we need.

But admit it! There's definitely ALOT of times we take them for granted (sorry, dear) and start "commanding" them to "help" us. A link to The Mystery Hour's "Instagram Husband" video shocked me, coz this is starting to be a global "phenomenon"...

Though you might laugh while watching this video, but Yup! I'm definitely guilty of creating an Instagram Husband. All of the above that you have seen, I have asked hubby to help me do them (and sometimes worse). My guilty monster is really creeping up on me now...

Hubby and I both were laughing hard while watching this video together but halfway through, I just had to plant a big kiss and hug for this amazing heaven sent. (Thank you Hubby!!! Muahz! Muahz! Muahz!) Stepping in his point of view, I might have just added more stress on top of his work stress.

I'm sharing this little post coz I just hope everyone can have some constraints when getting their photos taken. After all, these are just virtual things that might hurt a relationship in the long run.

So, here's cheers to these hardworking boys and I think every wife (me included) should have an Instagram Husband day just to give hubbies a day off and celebrate all the effort that they have put in. Shall we?

Photo Credits: http://instagramhusband.com/

In the meantime, Instagram Husbands can log on to this website - http://instagramhusband.com/, to vent their anger, share with fellow Instagram Husbands or receive some help... =P

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