5 Star Wars Christmas Gift For The Han Solo-s

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Hi Huneybees,

Months before the release of the new Star Wars movie The Force Awakens, Star Wars franchise could already be seen everywhere in the shopping malls from home electronics to food to cosmetics and cloths, just to serve the appetite of the millions of Star Wars fans worldwide.
With Christmas just round the corner, here are my Top Five Star Wars Christmas Gift Picks for the Star Wars fanatics inside your boys, be it your son, brother, boyfriend, husband or even father.

1. Remote Control BB-8 Droid by Hasbro - SGD$99.90 @ ToyRUs

This is my TOP pick simply because it is so cute! Not only does it look more real - bigger and creates its own sound - as compare to the the app-enabled sphero BB-8, it is 40% cheaper too. 

Apart from having to standby a lots of AA and AAA batteries and a limited range, your boy will not be disappointed with this droid come this Christmas!

2. Remote Control Millennium Falcon Quadcopter Drone  by Air Hogs - SGD$180.00+ @ Carousell / AirFrov

With a superb print job and authentic sound and LEDs added on the front and the back of the remote control Millennium Falcon, mimicking the most iconic ship in the Star Wars universe, this is currently one of the most talked about Star Wars toys online.

Unfortunately as rugged as it is built for crash landing, this indoor flyer is actually under powered and has a short battery life... Nevertheless, the thought of been able to fly the Millennium Falcon like Han Solo did in the movies is enough to convince any Star Wars fanatics to part their money for this drone.

3. Kylo Ren Ultimate FX Lightsaber (SGD$169.95 @ ToyRUs) and Black Series Mask with Voice Changer (SGD$129.90 @ ToyRUs) by Hasbro

We all know by now who is the coolest villain in the new Star Wars : The Force Awakens and I bet there are many who secretly adores this new Sith character, like many of us to his maternal grandfather, Darth Vader!

With the battle-clash lights and sounds from the 58cm long Crossguard red lightsaber and a well finished, full front and back helmet that is movie-accurate and allow one to sound like Kylo Ren himself, I predict we will see more Kylo Ren in Comic Con, Cosplay events and even many Halloweens to come! 
The only sticky points for me is the high price tags and the muffled sound produced by the built-in voice changer.

4. Death Star by LEGO - USD$399.99 @ Lego.com or SGD$780+ @ Carousell 


With the appearance and then the destruction of the deadly Death Star-like planet in Star Wars : The Force Awakens, interest for the Ultimate Weapon of the then Empire and now the First Order is certain to rise; hence LEGO quick U-turn decision to resurrect this iconic set from retirement, days before the world wide screening of the new Star Wars movie.

Measured 41cm tall by 42cm wide, with 3803 pieces of LEGO bricks, the Death Star playset is not suitable for anyone other than a die-hard LEGO + Star Wars fan as a lot of patience (time consuming) is needed to piece all these together to recreate the scenes of the Original Trilogy where Princess Leia (now General Leia), Han Solo and Luke Skywalker were at their prime.

5. Stormtrooper / Darth Vader printed Shirt by Clio - SGD$49.90 @ Celio 

Toys aside, fashion is another avenue where more sophisticated Star Wars fanatics could brag about.
Unlike those T-shirt prints that almost all mass-market appeal brands - from Bossini (local) to Uniqlo (Japanese) to Forever 21 Men (USA), are currently selling, few actually makes decent Star Wars Shirts that is actually wearable for work, unlike Celio.

Celio, the French Men's fashion retailer actually designed what I considered the best design so far and I am impressed by both its cutting as well as its quality cotton. Priced at SGD$49.90, its the most affordable yet most visible gift a Star Wars fan can have for this Christmas!

Everyone can claim to be a Star Wars fan but only the true blue fans, whom I called the Star Wars fanatics, actually buys Star Wars merchandise or memento, and lots of them!
If you think you have one at home and you really wanted to impress for him during this Christmas, you would go wrong with my Top 5 picks for Star Wars fanatics.

Feel free to drop me a comment if you have any cool Star Wars theme gifts that you would like to share with all Huneybees. 
For now, May The Force Be With You!

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