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*Warning - This is a blog post with heavy loading with tons of photos. If you are a lover of The Wanted, do not read on if you will faint from overexcitement. This blog post might cause racing of heartbeat, anxiety and excitement.*

Hi Huneybees,

I was recently at the 987FM's All Access. It works like the RSVP parties where listeners can win tickets to their exclusive party, but it's for the younger generations as alcoholic drinks will not be served.

And this time, they brought in heartthrob boyband, The Wanted to spend an afternoon with fans at Zouk. If you don't know who they are, shame on you! Their songs are so catchy and I bet you have heard them on radio on repeat mode!


So, as usual, the real show doesn't start until the DJs have played some games with the listeners and gave out some goodies. Here is....
The stage is set.
We got out access....

Brought a big of fan of The Wanted with me. Shu Qing!
The DJs did a little intro video for us...

Desiree Lai was the DJ, spinning great music that day.

Hardcore fans...

Even a shoe was brought on stage?!
Okok. Enough with the teasing, I'm "bringing" out The Wanted already. Hold your breaths ladies!

Fans were screaming and jostling. I almost when out of breath there. the boy next to me was SCREECHING away and by the time I left the place, I was breathless and temporarily deaf. It was adrenaline high that afternoon, but it was sad that I had to leave early. 
Do hope The Wanted do come back to Singapore for another showcase. They are all such eye candy, especially Maximillian "Max" Alberto George!!!!
Who's your fav Wanted boy? Tell me?

Christina aka Huney

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