Camomilla Milano Fashion Showcase x Hello Kitty

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Hi Huneybees,

I was recently at Camomilla Milano's shop at Vivocity and they launched their latest Hello Kitty collaboration bags with a little fashion show in the shop.
Camomilla Milano is an Italian fashion manufacturer that creates bags, wallets, pursesm, shoes, jeweller, hair accessories and more. The branded was founded in Milan in 1983 (Just one year older than me) by Grazia and Maurizio Belloni, a husband and wife duo. 
Camomilla Milano has 3 flagship stores and over 3,000 retail store customers all across Europe and on April 15th 2011, the Italian fashion accessory icon opened its doors for the first time in Asia. 
And being a Camomilla female, it means being defined by her cosmopolitan lifestyle. To compliment her, the brands has a brillant range of products that features up to 15 collections for each season.
It's really tempting to see the new collection. I almost wanted to buy everything. Lucky Hubby was there and I managed to curb my "thirst" to shop. Now's not the best time for us to splurge money, so I could only take photos and hope the bags are still there when I get the "ability" back in the next few months.

But what the heck, let me show you guys the photos I've taken that day. I bet you guys, especially the ladies, will be rushing down to the stores first thing tomorrow!

I dolled up, trying to be a little meow meow with the eyes....

They have a tree in the shop! So cool right?

We were given a cookie goodie bag each, which till today, I still can't bear to eat and also, there was a little chocolate fondue for all to eat and drinks to drink, while waiting for the doors to be opened officially!

From outside, I was already eyeing on this set, wonder what else awaits us....

Doors opened and let's see what else there is ya?

Ok. Time to drool ladies!!!

These ladies were grabbing tight to their bags.

I did my nails that day according to the pictures I found online about the collection. Check out the resemblance!


Then, there was other bags (Non-Hello Kitty) that were so pretty!!

Yipee! Then it's time for the pretty, beautiful models for the fashion show. Showcasing the stores pretty bags and accessories.....

One more pic with the girls (Shu Qing & Joey) before we bid adieu. Anyone gona be popping by the store? 

Christina aka Huney

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