Mega Combat 2011

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Hi Huneybees,

Do you guys love kickboxing, exercising, sweating it out to fast beat music? I was recently invited by Valentine to attend the Mega Combat 2011. It was held by True Fitness and it was a great afternoon of workout. I didn't do the routine, coz of back ache, but the running around snapping shots under the hot sun was enough of workout for me already. LOL!

Here's a little snippet of the routine, please ignore my ranting... LOL!

So amongst the athletes, there was also some celebrities. There was Denise Keller, Paul Foster and the Hunks from Manhunt 2011. Total ice-cream for my eyes! Let me share the photos here....

It was at Suntec, right in the middle of the Fountain of Wealth.

There were 4 stages at each direction and 2 coaches on each stage. Everyone was body fit and energetic.

Denise Keller

Paul Foster.

The Hunks! O-La-La~

Even Valentine got hooked, she joined in the routine too.

Cool right? I was so in the mood that I almost forgot about my backache and wanted to drop my camera and start working out too... :)

We ran upstairs for some pix and camwhore Huney couldn't stop snapping.

Denise got a little helper.
Good times end fast. 2 hours was up and everyone was into the cooling down routine already.

Great chest there eh?
Straight after the exercising, everyone took a bow and Paul Foster jumped on stage to host for the prize giving ceremony.

Cheeky little "drawer"

I grabbed my chance to have a shot with the celebs and CEO, Mr Patrick Wee.

Not forgetting our goodie bags before we left.

Is really goodie bag right? So much healthy and useful stuffs!
I think I might sign up with them soon... Hopefully my back ache heals fast. Anyone wana join me?  :X

This is part of the gym.

Christina aka Huney

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