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Hi Huneybees,

Eversince I turned to being a blogger, I've been hanging out with my blogger friends and have kinda neglected my own friends. So, when my buddy, Nicholas called me up for dinner (and also to return his books), I jumped at it!

He recommended this amazing place called Buddy Hoagies The Cafe. It's located within the Khatib Community Centre and it's not that costly. Nicholas has a flare for good food, so I trust his taste.

Check out the ambience. Lots of people go there for a little fine dining and peaceful quietness for studying.
Our soups and drinks.
Mine was Minestrone.
Every dish is served with a side of vegetables and potato.

And dessert was ice cream!
 It was a super hearty meal, we "bitched " and laughed and enjoyed the good food. Overall, the meal only cost us less than $20 each!

On the side, why I said we laughed was that Nicholas showed me some videos of Japanese learning English with the help of aerobics, called "Zuiikin English". Google that and you will find tons of videos on that! I was laughing pretty loudly that day and I got some stares *Oops*

Let me show ya some of the video.

Crazy right?! Why learn such sentences? And notice they always focus on the boobs?!

And when I was browsing for the videos to tag in this post, I found this other video, which teaches Japanese some sexual English! WHAT?!

If you are having a gloomy day, I guess watching "Zuiikin English" on Youtube would be the best cure!

Christina aka Huney

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