Lucify Reunion Showcase

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Hi Huneybees,

Last couple of weeks was non stop action for me, all party party party. I had events after events and had no time to blog. So sorry....

Anyway, I won myself tickets to the Lucify showcase at St James Dragonfly (Yeah!) and I met up with several blogger friends there. It was a night of great music, great drinks and wonderful company!!!

Just a little intro on Lucify. The members are Shinya (Vocal), Misaki (Guitarist), Kelvin (Guitarist), Kuek (Bassist) and Vics (Drummer). They were formed in the early Japanese Summer Festival 2005 and became popular when they joined a band competiton that was telecast on local TV called "Channel U Superband". They emerged as the 2nd Runner Up.

Apart from releasing recording albums with Warner Music, the band performed in major events and venues like the Singapore Indoor Stadium and staged along with popular overseas artistes such as Energy, Mayday, Beyond, Jolin Tsai, Zhang Zhen Yue, Tank, Milk and Lee Sheng Jie etc.
Now for photo time!

Got the tickets, let's get ready to rumble!
Whistles and glowing stick were given to us fans to cheer on!

Lucify performed several well known songs, but they stuck pretty much to their rocker style, making the crowd screaming and cheering on for them.

We were privileged to get a table on level 2 to enjoy the show too....

How can you call it a party with no booze right?!
Cheers~ Hubby made me this halo from glowing sticks...
A pic with Joey. 

With Hong Peng and Shu Qing.

Then, Hong Peng, Terence, Jessie and Shu Qing went down for one to one session with the group themselves. I enjoyed my booze, while I lent Hong Peng my camera for shots. The following photos without my watermark is taken by him.

Check out the fans! They even made their own banner for their favourite member of the band. Hardcore right?

At the end of the concert, Lucify each fired a confetti gun into the crowd. It was climax to the max and got the crowd cheering for them...

They had their grand final pic, we bloggers also take a group photo before calling it a day....

Christina aka Huney

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