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Hi Huneybees,

I know I havn't been very diligent in my blogging, but I'm catching up already....

So a couple of weeks ago, I was invited by William to attend the Tatsumi Gala Premiere. At there, I got to mingle around many people from the media and production houses. Most importantly, I got to see Eric Khoo and Yoshihiro Tatsumi in the flesh! 

They are 2 pretty respectable people in my list. I dare say Eric was one of those who put the signal on the map and the Red Dot then became obvious to the world and Tatsumi-san himself is the Godfather of gekiga (‘dramatic pictures’) style of alternative comics in Japan from the late 50s onwards. He revolutionized the term of comics and proved that comics is no longer a world just for kids....

There was millions of photo moments and I tried to get by with my half past six Japanese, but I was super glad to have Kyoko there, a true blue Japanese. Phew!

My hubby and the bloggers that night.

Glenivet was the official drink for the night.

Left: With Tatsumi-san. Right: With Bessho Tetsuya

With Eric Khoo himself.
And right before the movie, there was a little autograph session and lucky draw. I was superbly happy when Tatsumi-san and Bessho-san signed on my booklet....

The booklet that I was holding.
Tatsumi-san's signature.
Bessho-san's signature.
Movie time!

This film is a tribute to Yoshihiro Tatsumi, based on his own gekiga-form autobigraphy "A Drifting Life", as well as adaptations from 5 of his best short stories: "Goodbye", "Beloved Monkey", "Hell", "Occupied" and "Just A Man". They are all individually sandwiched in between an autobiography of Tatsumi himself, a narration of his struggle from poverty to his big success in the comics industry. Each story depicts his emotional journey at that time of his life, although there might be some blood and nudity, but it was kept to pretty minimum.

I love how to movie kept close to using 2D and upon researching, I found out about the process of having Tatsumi drawing out the scenes, produced in Indonesia under the watch of Eric Khoo and the outcome is one magical Japanese styled movie, made by a true blue Singaporean. *I feel so proud*

I think it is time that we re-awaken gekiga again! It has tremendous influence on the mainstream manga, incorporating its sophisticated storytelling techniques and panel compositions, showing the darker side of human life, making us the readers aware of what is going on around us...

I'm in love with the movie and I'm giving the movie a 5 out of 5 popcorns rating. I know this post might have come too late, but I have checked, GV Cinema Europa is still showing the movie till end of September. Be sure to catch it before it gets pulled out and let me know what you think of the movie ya?

The booklet that I have is in fact a little flip book. Just had to show ya guys, coz I'm still very fascinated with it. Makes me wana go back to drawing animation once again....

Christina aka Huney

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