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Hi Huneybees,

Since young I always wonder what goes on in the kitchen of fast food restaurants. Are there busy little "elves" running around preparing food?  Maybe the clown and his magical friends does some magic tricks hidden at the back of the kitchen? It's amazing how tasty food appears before my eyes within minutes!

So, imagine my excitement when I was invited to attend the McDonald's Open Doors tour last weekend! I met up with other bloggers and we had a blast of a time touring the kitchen, asking questions and becoming Mr/Mrs Know-It-All-About-McD's-Kitchen....

McDonald's Open Doors first started in 2009. It is a free guided tour into selected McDonald's restaurants, where we get to learn about the food from "farm to fork" including things like how raw ingredients are sourced from a global supply chain with world-class standards for quality, value and sustainability; how food is prepared and served to customers hot and fresh with their revolutionary "Made-For-You" kitchen system, etc...
We have never been more proud to welcome customers into our kitchens, where they can see for themselves exactly what goes on behind the scenes. From using only the best ingredients to leading the way in sustainable sourcing, McDonald's is always looking for new ways to make things better. We hope these tours will allow customers to rediscover a different side to McDonald's, and learn more about what goes into their favourite food."   -------------  Miss Judy Harman (Managing Director of McDonald's Restaurants Singapore)
Our friendly tour guides....
Going down the steps and we were greeted by the buns!
First stop, the storeroom.

The food are put on racks above ground and away from walls for ventilation and everything is dated so that the "First In First Out" rules can be applied. Everything is kept speck and clean for hygiene....

Then, it was on to the fridge. It's a 2 layer fridge. First door leads to the Chiller which is kept at 1° - 4° C and the second door leads to the Freezer where temperatures is kept at -18° C - -23° C. Super cold on there, but that's how they keep the beef patty, fries, fish fillets, etc, fresh.

All staff of McDonald's restaurants practice the "QSCV". Q for quality food served hot in customers hand, S for good service, C for cleanliness and V is for value food...

We were showed the Crew's Room. The staff can rest, have their meals of have a meeting here. TV screens the rules and regulations for the staff to take note and even the boards are pinned with instructions on how to package and arrange the food when serving.
Yipee! Next on to kitchen!

Very busy little "bees".
The burger making process.

First, orders were taken at the front counter, then showed on the screen in the middle of kitchen. The staff then prepares the required food.

This is the patty cooking machine. Put in the patty, press the button as to what you are cooking and it will lift it lids automatically when it's ready.
This one keeps the food warm and different tongs for different food for hygiene purposes.
Bun toaster. Drop them from the top and out comes the warm buns. =P
This is the amazing fries dispenser. All the staff got to do is the staff the basket at the basket of the tray and fries comes tumbling down for frying.
Press "Fries" / "Pies' and the timer will sound when it's time to pick them up.

Labels for the burgers....
Then, I went behind the counters...
This is what is on their screens.
See behind the counter!
Condiments and toys nicely packed.
After everything, we were treated to a nice meal all thanks to McDonald's. We got to try the new Cheese Shaker Fries and Horlicks Crunch McFlurry. Super yummy food and I can't stop eating. LOL!

Left: Steven and Right: Hong Peng
Lastly, a big thank you to the friendly staff of McDonald's and for the invitation. Visit their website for more information:

Christina aka Huney

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